Apr 13th, 2019
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  1. Tanya
  3. ARM 1 MUT 0 ENH 1
  5. Special Skill:
  6. Iron Curtain [Action/1/Self] You are immune to damage, hinder moves, and moves for the next 2 count. This can only be used once per round. You cannot use damage timing maneuvers with range other than self while under the effect.
  7. -------
  9. Chronoshift [Rapid/1/Self] When you declare this maneuver, go back to the zone you started the round in. This does not count as a move maneuver.
  11. Rhino Rush [Auto/None/Self] Once per round, you can increase the value of your own move maneuver by 1; or make an unarmed attack 3 at an enemy in the destination of your move maneuver. The attack occurs at the same timing as your move maneuver.
  13. Grinder [Auto/None/Self] When you move into, out of, or through a zone, reduce the size of all legions in the zone by 2+the value of the maneuver that moved you.
  15. Green Crystals [Damage/1/Self] Defend 2, for the next 5 count, the attacker suffers -1 to their attack checks. If the attack is beyond range 1, they do not suffer a penalty.
  17. Tesla Coil [Rapid/1/0-1] Ranged Attack 2 + Explosive, +1 to the attack check. This can only be used when you are the target of an attack maneuver or someone moves into your zone.
  19. Stealth Mirage [Auto/None/Self] At the start of the battle phase, you cannot be targeted by legions or Horrors until you either make an attack, move maneuver, or are hit by an attack maneuver. If you make an attack while this effect is active, gain +2 to damage for that attack only. If there are no enemies in the same zone as you when the round ends, you get the effect again at the start of the round.
  21. Power Sabotage [Damage/1/Self] This can only be used when your attack maneuver deals damage. If this attack deals damage, the target cannot declare check or damage timing maneuvers until their next action timing. Parts that negate stagger also negate this effect.
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