Jul 26th, 2017
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  1. [ F I V E M E A L S A D A Y ]
  2. ♡ username : @crybabyjoon
  4. ♡ name : Hong Jiwon
  6. ♡ nicknames :
  7. - chi chi ; her family & close friends, she was in a deep phase where she would rather watch anime series DRAGON BALL Z than eat actual meals or go out with friends, so they nicknamed her after a character
  8. - won ; family & close friends (& acquaintances), because she's such a helpful person a heart, she'll help people around her neighborhood unintentionally with house work and she'll get payed for it, nicknamed after korean money since she tends to guve her family needed money or always has money on her
  9. - hong kong ; close friends & acquaintances, she's a real international fan and likes music from around the world, because she likes chinese music just as korean or american or any other countries music, she was nicknamed so because hong kong is located in china
  10. - genie ; close friends, when ANYONE is in deep need (or any need tbh) of help, she'll appear and be that person's right hand, trying to help in whatever way she can
  11. - bobby ; close friends & acquaintances, because she has the same name as well known rapper from iKON, she was nicknamed BOBBY because it's his stage name
  13. ♡ birthday : April 30, 2001
  15. ♡ ethnicity : asian
  16. ♡ nationality : korean
  18. ♡ birth place : incheon, south korea
  19. ♡ hometown : seoul, south korea
  21. ♡ family :
  22. - Hong Dongwon / 38 / father / police officer / 90%
  23. - Hong Minji / 36 / mother / market owner / 90%
  24. - Hong Joowon / 18 / older brother / high school student / 98%
  25. - Hong Jisub / 15 / twin brother / high school student / 100%
  27. ♡ occupation : high school student
  29. ♡ dating history : if they’ve dated one of the boys before ( e.g yerim, our matchmaker, used to have a crush on park woojin, but it ended badly ) and how many people they’ve dated, if none, why?
  30. - dated bae jinyoung, ended it because she accepted his request to be his girlfriend without actually knowing him and wasn't completely alright with the fact of dating a ' stranger ' (hopefully adding this was alright?)
  31. - has dated like a normal girl, about four guys in her whole life, though they weren't serious relationships and didn't get to far stages in her relationships
  34. [ P I G L E T O N V L I V E ]
  35. ♡ slot : boy in luv
  37. ♡ backup slot : i know you know
  39. ♡ face claim : Oh My Girl's Binnie
  41. ♡ backup face claim : GFriend's Umji
  44. [ H E L I T E R A L L Y L I V E D M Y L I F E T W I C E ]
  45. ♡ appearance :
  46. - height ; 160 cm / 5'2
  47. - weight ; 50 kg
  48. - has stretch marks on her hips, semicolon tattoo on her wrist and the infinity sign in the back of her neck
  50. ♡ personality :
  51. jiwon is someone who unintentionally tends to be very helpful and generous, though she can come off as shy first, she'll do anything to help a hopeless bystander. these days, many are rude and acceptable because of how ugly their personalities can get, but jiwon is one of those people that doesn't let much get to her. she's always sure to be nice and equal with everyone, making sure to have a reason why if she would ever act the opposite with any, which never actually happened if she thinks back to it. of course people do take her for granted, who wouldn't? she's extra nice than everyone, does what she's asked for if asked for kindly, always has a neutral personality, and never causes any type of trouble. though she's nice and shy, jiwon doesn't let people walk over her, she doesn't let people walk over her as if she's a park and the person saw the day as sunny and decided to walk their dog. she's not a push over but she definitely won't say "fucking leave me alone" like many would, she has her dignity and she doesn't want to cause a scene, nor embarrassing the other person is something she'd like to do. jiwon knows when someone plans to use her as their maid and pull her around like a dog on a leash, so she'll kindly reject the person and giving them an excuse onto why she simply can't help them out. she doesn't like using people like many plan to do with her because of her nice and generous nature, she's true and stick with those she wants in her life and she'll simply leave off who she doesn't see the need to have them in her days. though she has her days where she can be extra helpful, chatting like there is no tomorrow, and just being a people person, there are days where she's completely shy, doesn't see the need to interact, wants to be in her own bubble, and would just rather go through her day in a dash with no trouble. jiwon will have breakouts where she's very unsocial, but it's mainly on the other people if they decide to talk to her or not. yes, she'll try her best not to talk to anyone while she's in the shy mood, but she's still completely helpful and kind to everyone as usual, just less 'out there'.
  53. ♡ background : min. 8 points (sentences or bullet points) expand more on the reason why your slot haven’t dated for a while or why she broke up with her ex, how she was raised up and her current lifestyle.
  54. honestly speaking, jiwon doesn't really see a point in dating. she doesn't really understand it, which is weird since she tends to understand many things. she isn't sure what to do when in a relationship, if she should do this or that first or if she should allow her significant other to do so. she doesn't understand what feelings to display at certain times or situations, though she does usually understand how people feel at times, when in a relationship, she just CAN'T put her finger on how her significant other is feeling. dating makes her feel weird and confused, speaking onto why she hasn't really dated as seriously as her other friends, but when she does date, the way she acts mkes her significant other think "does she really like me or?" That being said, Jiwon decided being a solo would be better, rather than dating someone and worrying about almost every little thing. One of the reason why she decided to end it was because she didn't know the boy all too well, if she's been wary of dating someone she's known for more than five years, what's makes you think she's going to be alright with the idea of dating someone she hasn't known for at least five months? Jiwon broke up with her ex, Jinyoung, because she accepted being his girlfriend without actually knowing him. it bothered her that she accepted without trying to get to know him more, and while they were in a relationship, they weren't really ever together physically. she would run off, leaving him curious about how she truly felt while she just didn't want to make things awkward. she had a thing for feeling awkward when in relationships when it gets serious. Though she's not a really awkward person, she's very out there because she's kind and helpful. She grew up with both of her busy parents, older brother, and twin brother in incheon, south korea for a couple of years till her father was moved to a different city in general. her personality and point of view in things didn't change, only her scenery and friends. she easily adjusted to her new life, even if she was only five years older. meanwhile, though Jiwon is less out there than when she was a little girl, she's still friendly and generous. her parents are always busy with work and her older brother never seems to be home because of his age, the want to be freee and excitement run through your veins. her best friend at home is her house dog, Clay, and her twin brother Jisub. she's okay with it though, knowing her parents are trying their best to make a living and her older brother is just living through a phase.
  56. ♡ likes :
  57. - late night walks
  58. - holding her dogs face between both of her hands, making a funny face out of it
  59. - strawberry flavored candies
  60. - being useful
  61. - when she's treated the way she treats others, kindly
  62. - when her whole family is gathered together
  63. - helping her mother out with the market
  64. - taking short lessons on how to work a gun by the help of her father
  65. - (also) taking short lessons on self defense if ever needed by the help of her father and older brother
  66. - going out for late dinner with her twin brother
  67. - snatching clothes from her brothers
  68. - sweet smelling perfume
  69. - peaches
  70. - hip hop and indie
  71. - parks with ducks and beautiful flowers
  73. ♡ dislikes :
  74. - sunny to the point where her skin feels like it's gonna peel off
  75. - suddenly feeling threatened by her dog when he starts barking at her for no known reason
  76. - drinking too much milk
  77. - others thinking they can push her around
  78. - when her kindness is taken advantage of
  79. - when her older brother starts bickering with their parents for no exact reason, just for the heck of it
  80. - little kids running around and speaking loudly in the market
  81. - teaser guns, finds them as threatening as a real gun but probably scarier
  82. - being ' kidnapped ' by her twin brother because her strength doesn't match his
  83. - when her twin brother actually has plans and she doesn't
  84. - the clothes she worked so hard on to snatch from her brothers being taken away by themselves
  85. - someone smelling her neck / chest, then telling her she smells good
  86. - green apples
  87. - screamo, threatens her sanity
  88. - trash being leftist around on the grass at parks
  90. ♡ hobbies :
  91. - binge watching anime series
  92. - working at her mothers market to help when she can / has the time to
  94. ♡ trivia :
  95. - is easily phased by the sun, her skin gets itchy easily and quickly, reason into why wears long sleeves almost all the time when going out
  96. - low key curses ungrateful people
  97. - is lactose and tolerant
  98. - really likes the numbers 5 and 7, for some odd reason
  99. - isn't an awkward person, but can't really be in a relationship unless she knows the other person very clearly or an actual connection clicks
  100. - really likes playing otome romance games
  101. - tends to take three hour+ naps everyday in the middle of the day
  102. - all of her social media is @/jiwhong
  103. - her facial skin is very sensitive, one thing happens to make it red or pink
  104. - having her hair short makes her feel much more free and believes it's easier to handle
  105. - enjoys knowing great international songs because then she can recommend to people
  106. - though she can't drink dairy as much as other people, she enjoys dairy products such as ice cream or flavored milk, the outcome is horrible though
  107. - is a pretty strong girl physically, her appearance may seem thin but she has a little bit of muscle that has helped her in the past
  108. - though she knows how to defend herself, she's only used it once on the bus because a man was touching a high school student from her school and helped
  109. - she knows how to handle guns but believes that she'll truly never need to use a gun
  110. - at home, wears socks and sandals, resulting in her almost falling all the time
  111. - her best friend, as she states, is her dog because everything he sees her, he's extra happy and energetic
  112. - is somewhat the blunt type, but she lays stuff on people nicely but bluntly
  116. [ I W A N T T O B E A C E O ]
  117. ♡ preferred love interest : omg daehwi (':
  119. ♡ occupation : high school student
  121. ♡ dating history :
  122. - dated super hot, but broke up because he saw how she never took many of her relationships seriously, so he believed she didn't take their relationship seriously either.
  123. - dated like your average boy, did get a lot of confessions and love letters from many, but he would just thank them for having such feelings towards them.
  124. - dated around three girls his whole life, because those three girls were people he genuinely liked and wanted to be with. he doesn't play around when it comes to his and the others feelings, he doesn't take relationships as a game.
  127. [ S W A G G Y R A P P E R ]
  128. ♡ personality : he's sweet and caring
  130. ♡ background :
  132. ♡ family :
  134. ♡ likes :
  136. ♡ dislikes :
  138. ♡ hobbies :
  140. ♡ trivia :
  145. [ S E X Y B A N D I T ]
  148. ♡ first date status : do they have an existing relationship ( e.g ex boyfriend ) or are they complete strangers
  150. ♡ first date location and activity :
  152. ♡ first impression of her : if they’ve met each other before, what are their impression then.
  154. ♡ first impression of him :
  156. ♡ relationship development : past > first date > future
  158. ♡ couple trivia :
  160. ♡ scenarios : anything you want to happen (romantic scenes or just conflict)
  162. ♡ ending : do you want them to have a happy ending or a break up?
  165. [ H A Z A A A A A A A A A A A ]
  168. ♡ anything you want to say :
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