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Gorgon's Gaze (medusa online dating)

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  1. >*click*... She looks old enough to be your grandmother
  2. >*click*... Pretty sure she's been in a few rape cases recently
  3. >*click*... Cute, but she lives two states over
  5. >'Ugh, how hard can this be?'
  6. >Your buddy assured you these monster girl  dating sites were guaranteed scores
  7. >He signed up for one & was fucking a cute Werewolf within a week
  8. >Maybe it was because you were searching for a specific kind of girl?
  9. >Your friend was cool with whatever girl would spread her legs (or lack of them) for him
  10. >You had a bit of a thing for scales, so you had decided to try some sites specializing in reptilian girls
  11. >Dragons seemed a bit too haughty for your tastes, and you would have preferred to be able to hold a conversation with the girl, so Wurms were out
  12. >Eventually you settled on trying to find a Lamia to date (those hips & very intimate embraces definitely seemed attractive)
  13. >This site though, SnakeCharmers.com, was proving far more of a hassle
  14. >You barely saw any replies to your profile, & a lot of them were... questionable
  15. >You were about to say fuck it & give up on the whole thing when...
  17. >You have nothing to lose right? You give it a look over
  18. >Profile Name: StoneCold_ManKiller
  19. >Oh, this will be great...
  20. >...So far, it's not too bad
  21. >Says she's a bit of an introvert, but is open to new experiences
  22. >Enjoys being on her computer, reading, working on various crafts
  23. >Looking to meet someone new
  24. >And she lives nearby
  25. >But no profile picture, though. Weird
  27. >Probably some troll account, but what the hell? Wouldn't be the first one
  28. >Besides, she's been the only one that hasn't crushed your hopes so far
  29. >YES
  30. ...
  31. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: No way, it's totally better than the previous games!
  32. >[You]: Maybe if you hate variety. :P
  33. >It's been about two weeks since you got in contact with StoneCold_ManKiller
  34. >Lucky for you, there is an actual girl behind the profile, or at least you think so
  35. >She says her name is Mileena , but that's all you have to go on so far
  36. >The two of you have been sticking mostly to web chats so far, and you still haven't seen any sort of picture of her
  37. >It's not so bad, though
  38. >The two of you have some common interests in video games & entertainment
  39. >If this does end up being a troll, maybe you could at least have a new partner for game nights
  40. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: Every weapon transforms & is completely unique. There's plenty of variety.
  41. >[You]: No magic
  42. >[You]: 12 weapons
  43. >[You]: Generic armors
  44. >[You]: Yeah, soooo much variety
  45. >[You]: The setting & atmosphere were pretty cool, though.
  46. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: At least we can agree on that. ^-^
  47. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: Anyway, it's getting late & I have some stuff to work on tomorrow. Talk later.
  48. >[You]: Wait up.
  49. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: What's up?
  50. >Best get it out now while the relationship is fresh
  51. >[You]: Can I get a picture of you?
  52. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: Why?
  53. >You try to be polite, but there's no way this won't sound at least a little rude
  54. >[You]: I just need to know that I'm actually talking to an actual lamia.
  55. >[You]: You don't have any pictures of yourself, and I've been jerked around before.
  56. >[You]:You seem really nice, like, even if you were a dude I'd probably be willing to hang out with you.
  57. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: Gee, thanks...
  58. >[You]: Sorry. I just don't want to get my hopes up for nothing here, you know?
  59. >There's an awkwardly long pause between messages. Maybe you creeped her out?
  60. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: Hold on for a sec
  61. >There's another long pause before-
  63. >You open the link, and hot damn
  64. >Framed in the image is the naked torso of a lamia
  65. >Toned stomach, just a bit of the muscle visible under the skin
  66. >Incredible hips holding up her skirt (You can just barely make out the edge of her panties)
  67. >Deep, sapphire blue scales
  68. >Modest, perky breasts that you could palm in each hand
  69. >Next to her stomach, a delicate hand holds a note
  70. >She made a goddamn timestamp for the image with both your profile names
  71. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: Satisfied?
  72. >You have to take a moment to gather yourself up from that surprise
  73. >[You]: Very.
  74. >[You]: Though I'd like to see the face of the cutie that body belongs to.
  75. >[StoneCold_ManKiller]: Ahh, ahh, ahh. That's only for good boys who don't doubt people. <3
  76. >StoneCold_ManKiller HAS LEFT THE CHAT
  77. >Well, at least you have something to look forward to now
  78. ...
  79. >It's definitely been an interesting few months so far
  80. >You and Mileena have... Actually, you really can't say what you have
  81. >You've gotten to know each other pretty well, for sure
  82. >You play games together, chat all the time, & she shares all sorts of pictures of her projects with you
  83. >She even talked you into trying a webcam 'play date' with her
  84. >And yet, any sort of relationship feels incomplete
  85. >Everything's been separated by a computer screen so far
  86. >Hell, you still haven't seen your girlfriend(?)'s face yet
  87. >She says she's just teasing you (and can usually play it off like that pretty well), but it just feels... wrong
  88. >You decide to try & talk to her about it tonight
  90. >'Hey, babe. What's going on?'
  91. >'Nothing much. What are you doing?'
  92. >'Oh, just putting the finishing touches on a piece for one of my customers before calling it quits for the night.'
  93. >'You mean that weird sculpture for the tanuki lady?'
  94. >'That's the one. How about you?'
  95. >'Oh, just the same old stuff.'
  96. >'I see. So, you looking forward to our little 'play date' tomorrow?'
  97. >It's now or never
  98. >'Uhh, actually, I was wondering if you might want to do something else.'
  99. >'Something else?'
  100. >'You know, maybe get together, go see a movie?'
  101. >'What could be better than spending a night with a cute girl-'
  102. >She makes a good poi- No, you committed to figuring this out
  103. >'Having her whispering into your ear-'
  104. >She was a bit of a temptress with her dirty ta- keep it together
  105. >'Watching her play with herself-'
  106. >She did put on quite a- STAY FOCUSED!
  107. >'Stroking yourself as you watch, climbing higher and higher-'
  108. >OUT WITH IT, MAN!
  109. >'Mileena! What aren't you telling me?!?'
  110. >Aaaand you're shouting. Smooth...
  111. >'...What do you mean?'
  112. >You got this train rolling, may as well ride it out now
  113. >'I mean, why forego actually spending time with me to just do more stuff over the computer?'
  114. >'What's wrong with that?'
  115. >'It's been over three months, and I've never actually met you in person.'
  116. >'I-I just don't like having people over to my place is all. It's a total mess.'
  117. >'And what about always hiding your face from me, huh?'
  118. >'What's wrong with a little mystery in a relationship?'
  119. >'That's bullshit and you know it, Mileena.'
  120. >'Now, hold on-'
  121. >'Do you actually care about us?'
  122. >'What?!?'
  123. >'You said when we first started talking you weren't jerking me around. But every time I try to get closer to you, you deflect me.'
  124. >'Maybe I have a good reason to!'
  125. >Well, that was unexpected
  126. >'What do you mean, you have a good reason?'
  127. >'I mean, that I do care about you. I was really only looking for a guy to fool around with at first, but I want more now, too. But... I can't do that. Not without risking hurting you.'
  128. >'Hurting me? What could you do that would hurt me?'
  129. >'Just... just come over tomorrow. I'm not working on anything. I'll explain once you get here.'
  130. >StoneCold_ManKiller HAS LEFT THE CHAT
  131. >The silence weighs heavily on you as you try to collect yourself
  132. >'You haven't even met the girl yet & you're already arguing. Smooth move, jackass...'
  133. ...
  134. >you pull up to Mileena's house around noon the next day
  135. >She messaged you to come over around 1, but you figured being a little early wouldn't hurt
  136. >It's a relatively modest house in a rather wooded area. You can barely make out the next house over
  137. >You walk up to the door and notice that it's already open
  138. >Seems a little rude to just walk in, but she's probably just waiting around for you
  139. >The interior of the house is... interesting. Not messy, but very eclectic
  140. >There's all sorts of weird art pieces on the walls & odd sculptures acting as furniture
  141. >Through a large glass door in the back, you can see some of her current commissions
  142. >There's also a kiln on one side of the yard, & on the other is some kind of little hut
  143. >It's hard to make out, but you're pretty sure that's an anvil there. She does her own metalwork?
  144. >You look around for Mileena. Hopefully she's not too put off that you let yourself in
  145. >There's a hallway with a few doors to it
  146. >One of the rooms seems to have been converted into a studio of some sort; paintings in various stages of completion litter it
  147. >At the end of the hall there's a light on in a room, probably her bedroom
  148. >'Mileena, are you in there?'
  149. >'Sorry, I'm not seeing clients today. Come back tomorrow.'
  150. >'It's not a client. It's me.'
  151. >'Whaa-? W-Why are you here already?!?' She seems to have finally put your voice to a face
  152. >'I came by a little early. Is that alright?'
  153. >'No! I mean, yes... I mean, I'm not ready yet!'
  154. >You suddenly hear her frantically scrambling around her room
  155. >'C'mon, I'm sure you look fine.' You begin walking towards the door
  156. >'No! You can't look at me like this!'
  157. >'I've seen you naked, what more could I see?' Your hand grips the doorknob
  158. >'That's not what I'm talking about!'
  159. >You throw open the door to confront her. 'What are tal-'
  160. >Suddenly your entire body locks up
  161. >You try to move your arm, but it doesn't respond
  162. >It almost feels like your body's made of stone
  163. >Wait, your body actually IS turning to stone!
  164. >Everything is going dark as you become the world's dumbest statue
  165. >You can hear a voice, but it's hard to make out
  166. >Something floods your vision. A face, maybe
  167. >The last thing you can remember is the sensation of something cool going down your throat before blackness...
  168. ...
  169. >You shoot up, grabbing at your chest & hyperventilating
  170. >You frantically look your body over
  171. >Everything seems to be back to its fleshy self
  172. >You take a calming breath at not being turned into a lawn ornament
  173. >*CRACK* A fist connects with the back of your head & you see stars
  174. >'Ow!! The hell-'
  175. >'You idiot! Why'd you come barging in like that?!'
  176. >You finally notice Mileena seated on a stool next to you, a mixture of fear & and anger on her face
  177. >You nurse the small welt on your head as you try to process what's happened to you so far
  178. >'Sorry. The door was open, so I just let myself in. And did I turn to-'
  179. >'To stone? Yeah. You're lucky I found my elixir in time, otherwise you'd be a goner!'
  180. >You now register the visor that Mileena's wearing; It's completely opaque, wrapping around her head
  181. >A writhing mass over her shoulder also catches your eye
  182. >The ponytail she has her hair tied back in turns into snakes around halfway down
  183. >'You're a gorgon?'
  184. >'Yes. Why do you think I never wanted you around?'
  185. >'Why didn't you just tell me what you were? Why all the secrecy?'
  186. >She shifts uncomfortably in her seat. 'Most people are scared off once they see being around me has a risk of turning into a tacky sculpture. Just like you almost did!'
  187. >She swings at you again, though much light-hearted than last time
  188. >'Hey! I said I was sorry!'
  189. >You take a few more lumps before she seems satisfied
  190. >'Whatever. At least you're okay now.'
  191. >'Are you hungry at all? Those potions tend to leave people pretty worn out.'
  192. >Your stomach seems to agree with her. 'Something to eat would be nice.'
  193. ...
  194. >Despite your hunger, you can't do much but mull over the sandwich Mileena brought you
  195. >She looks up from her own and is curious. 'Something wrong?'
  196. >'Well, the whole near-death by statue thing is still in my head, but I was just thinking about some other stuff.'
  197. >'You mean us?'
  198. >She catches on quick. 'Yeah. I mean, did you really think that I'd reject you for being a gorgon?'
  199. >Mileena takes a moment to think over her response. 'It's... complicated.'
  200. >'Try me.'
  201. >'Alright, alright. A part of it was like you said, I was scared you'd reject me. Gorgons are some of the few monsters whose powers can actually kill people, and we can't actively control it. It makes it hard to really get close to someone when one wrong look leaves me cuddling a boulder.'
  202. >'But why all the secrecy? Why not tell people up front that you're a gorgon? Let them accept you at face value.'
  203. >'You mean, why'd I hide it on my profile instead of posting a picture of me with these?' She gestures to her hidden eyes & snake-hair
  204. >'Yeah. Why leave it only until you've gotten to this point?'
  205. >'You must not be too familiar with magic.'
  206. >Admittedly, your experience with monsters, let alone any with real magic, is lacking
  207. >'Rule 1 of magical monsters: magic must stop magic.'
  208. >That minor reference to your childhood aside, you're still lost on her meaning
  209. >'Okay, look at it this way: A succubus writes an e-mail to try and seduce a guy. That e-mail carries a part of her seductive powers with it. The same thing applies to the magic in my eyes. A photo or other sort of image of my eyes still carries the power to petrify people.'
  210. >'Well, what about the mirror from the story of Perseus?'
  211. >'How many mirrors created by the gods do you have laying around?' she replies flatly
  212. >'Point taken.'
  213. >'Long story short: my magic is dangerous. That's why the government is so wary about gorgons.'
  214. >'Really?'     
  215. >'Yep. There are all sorts of special sanctions that I have to follow: No living within a specific distance of other people, having to give advance notice if I visit a public place, not being able to leave without my visor & an emergency elixir. They can even lock me up if too many people are injured by my magic.'
  216. >'Damn, that's brutal... Just out of morbid curiosity, has anyone been hurt because of your magic?'
  217. >'Only a few people. One of them even shattered. The courts pardoned me since I had a record of responsible behavior & because he attacked me, but I'm still a liability for it...'
  218. >'But hey, it's not all bad! The government gives us a decent bit of aid to accommodate ourselves, so I get to use my art to support myself. Plus, who's going to rob a gorgon? I never have to lock up.'
  219. >Despite her trying to end on a positive note, the mood has darkened considerably
  220. >'All this stuff you live with... they treat you like a pariah. No wonder you reached out on a dating site for some company.'
  221. >'I'll be honest, you're the first guy in a long while who wasn't just looking for a quick fuck or got turned off by my, uh, quirks.'
  222. >'A lot of guys looking to just hit and run?'
  223. >'It was a dating site meant for monsters. what do you think?'
  224. >You laugh a little at that. 'I guess that's true.'
  225. >'At first, I was kind of looking just looking for someone to talk to, maybe fool around a bit like we did. Make this place feel a bit less lonely. But now...'
  226. >'Now what?'
  227. >'Now I kind of want this to be more than just a friends with benefits thing. You were so determined to make this into a real relationship, that I want to try, too.'
  228. >'Guess you found the one guy who was hard-headed enough to not give up, eh?'
  229. >'And I almost lost him by having him become too hard-headed.' She knocks you on the head again
  230. >'I'm willing to make this work if you are. we'll just take things slowly for now. At least until we figure everything out. Right?'
  231. >Se cracks a small smile. 'Deal.'
  232. >The two of you have a quick hug, happy to have sorted this all out
  233. >'So, I know you said something about going out, but what do you say we just stay here? Maybe watch a few movies? I've got a huge library.'
  234. >'Sounds like a plan.'
  235. >It's well into the night before you start heading to your car
  236. >Mileena walks you out to the door, but doesn't let you leave quite yet
  237. >'Hey. I had a great time tonight. It's been so long since I got close to anyone, I've kinda forgotten what having someone to just sit with felt like... It's was really nice.'
  238. >She rears up a bit & gives you a quick kiss
  239. >'Let's do it again soon, okay?'
  240. >'For sure.'
  241. >Her visored face lingers in the door for a bit before closing it behind you
  242. >This won't be easy, but you want this to work. For the both of you
  243. ...
  244. >It has been a rough couple of months, but the two of you have finally settled into what could be called a real relationship
  245. >Mileena wasn't lying when she was talking about all the sanctions gorgons have to deal with
  246. >Reading up on just the bare minimum took you the better part of a week
  247. >Setting up any sort of night out for the two of you is tricky as well
  248. >Unless she's just quickly stopping in, you have to give at least 12 hours advance notice that she'll be there
  249. >Most places are accommodating, if a bit on edge, but there have been a few times where people refuse to allow the two of you to enter
  250. >Constantly having to triple-check that she's got her elixir on hand in case something goes wrong
  251. >Knowing that the cops could take her away if something goes wrong
  252. >And the threat of petrifaction makes most attempts at intimacy a game of Russian Roulette
  253. >But it's coming along
  254. >The two of you spend a lot of time at each other's houses, just hanging out & enjoying each other's company
  255. >She's also been having you help her with some of her various commissions, though 'help' could be a strong word
  256. >She'd been called to make a set of decorative vases for a client, but...
  257. >'Is it supposed to look like a butt?'
  258. >'Hey! I told you I wasn't very good at this.'
  259. >'Hehehe, sorry. Anyway, this one at least looks passable.'
  260. >You had attempted five different times to make a decent vase, with little success
  261. >'So now we dry them out for a few days, then we bake them in the kiln, & finally we glaze them'
  262. >She moves her projects, along with your own 'vase', to a dry room
  263. >'Whew... Jeez, we're both a mess. What do you say we shower up, order some food, and just relax for the night?'
  264. >You look over your clay-slathered arms. 'A shower would be nice, though maybe hold off on ordering the food.'
  265. >'Huh? Why?'
  266. >You'd been doing a lot of planning for this night. Time to see if it pays off
  267. >'Well, I've been doing a lot of reading around, and I found this really nice restaurant in town that caters specifically to monster couples.'
  268. >'Really?'     
  269. >'And I managed to get us a private balcony for that play you wanted to see.'
  270. >'You actually got tickets? They've been sold out for weeks, and their prices were crazy.'
  271. >'Don't remind me...'
  272. >'And you already called ahead?'
  273. >'Everything's been arranged. So how about it? Feel like going out for a night on the town?'
  274. >Mileena throws herself around you in a messy hug. Guess that's a yes
  275. ...
  276. >You pull up to the restaurant, a rather up-scale affair in the middle of the city
  277. >You almost feel underdressed for what it looks like
  278. >Though Mileena certainly seems to know how to dress
  279. >She's wearing a white cocktail dress & has her hair done up. Even the snakes are cooperating with her
  280. >It's such a shame that her visor looks so out of place
  281. >You pass your keys off to the valet before heading inside
  282. >The interior is even more elegant than you had expected. You really did underdress for this
  283. >You are greeted by the hostess, an older kitsune with glossy black fur
  284. >'Good evening. A table for two?'
  285. >'Uhh, yes. I had actually called ahead about special arrangements?'
  286. >'Ahh, so you're the young couple I had been told about! And so cute, too. Please, right this way.'
  287. >'I must say, we don't get to cater to many gorgons here, but I assure you we shall try to do everything in our power to make your experience a pleasurable one.'
  288. >She seats the two of you at a booth in one of the more private areas of the restaurant
  289. >'Now then, please make yourselves comfortable. A waitress will be with you soon.'
  290. >After a moment your waitress, an anubis a little older than you, arrives at your table, a small case held in her paw
  291. >'Good evening, my name is Elisa & I'll be your server for the night. Now before we begin with any orders, I have been instructed to present these to the young missus.'
  292. >You're completely lost as she hands over the case to Mileena
  293. >'What is it?'
  294. >From the case, Mileena removes what looks like a pair of glasses, with a simple, yet somewhat elegant design
  295. >'Our owner believes that all customers should be able to enjoy their experience in as much comfort as possible, so we had these frames specially prepared for your visit.'
  296. >You have a bit of an inkling as to what they're for, but you ask anyway
  297. >'We've had the lenses specially enchanted so as to block the missus' magic. While you are wearing them, you'll have no need for any sort of protective eyewear. It's not a permanent effect, but it should last you for the night.'
  298. >Mileena's face lights up at the thought. 'You mean... I don't have to hide them?'
  299. >Elisa smiles at her. 'We would never dream of making our customers hide themselves from the world.'
  300. >Mileena turns to you. 'Did you know about this?'
  301. >'I honestly was in the dark. Though it explains why this place was so expensive.'
  302. >Mileena removes the visor & replaces them with the glasses
  303. >Slowly, almost fearfully, she opens her eyes
  304. >The first thing you note is that you haven't been petrified. Guess they work
  305. >The second thing you notice is her eyes
  306. >They are a deep, beautiful golden color & seem to have their own radiance to them
  307. >It's a shame that she has to hide them from the world. From you...
  308. >Mileena's face is turning bright pink from all the staring
  309. >'This is the first time anyone's been able to look at me without turning to stone. Do I look good?'
  310. >'Like an angel.'
  311. >Her cheeks go from pink to scarlet, an embarrassed smile on her lips
  312. >Elisa smiles at the reaction the glasses are getting. 'I'll give you two a moment, then. Just call for me whenever you're ready.'
  313. >The night was spectacular, or at least you think it was
  314. >All you could do was keep looking at Mileena
  315. >Watching her expressions throughout the night; the bliss on her face as she enjoyed a gourmet meal, the giggling and coy stares she gave you as you talked, the wonder as you two watched the play
  316. >Just being able to look into her eyes has stirred up all sorts of emotions in you
  317. >Sadly, reality had to intervene & take it all away
  318. >'Oh!'
  319. >The two of you were driving back to Mileena's house when she spoke up, startled
  320. >'What is it?'
  321. >You look over and see that the lenses of the glasses have gone opaque
  322. >'The enchantment must have worn off. The lenses darkened as a safety precaution.'
  323. >'Wonder why they didn't just make it permanent.'
  324. >Mileena shakes her head as she swaps out to her old visor. 'It's not that easy. Undoing the petrifying curse on someone is tricky, but manageable.'
  325. >'You mean that elixir?'
  326. >'Yeah. Actively stopping the magic is much harder. Most spells are only temporary & only block the curse instead of preventing it.'
  327. >'Like the glasses... Is there any way to make someone immune forever?'
  328. >Mileena sighs rather dejectedly. 'Supposedly, there's a potion that can do it, but it's supposed to be insanely expensive. Other than that, the only real safety is to be blind.'
  329. >'Damn. would have been nice.'
  330. >She lays a hand on you & gives a reassuring smile
  331. >'Hey, don't worry about it. I had an amazing time tonight. The fact that I got to look at you, eye to eye, even if only for the night, was more than worth it.'
  332. >You pull up to Mileena's house
  333. >'I guess you're right. It was nice, even if it didn't last forever.'
  334. >She leans over & gives you a kiss
  335. >A kiss that lingers for quite a while
  336. >She pulls away, and you can see a bit of that blush in her cheels again
  337. >'You know, just because the glasses are gone, it doesn't mean our night has to be over.'
  338. >'Mileena?'
  339. >'You did so much for me tonight... I thought that it's only fair that I repay you somehow.'
  340. ...
  341. >'Is this really necessary?'
  342. >'Do you want your entire body going hard, or just certain parts?'
  343. >Guess that's a fair point
  344. >'Okay, I at least get the blindfold. But what's with the handcuffs?'
  345. >You are currently shackled to the frame of Mileena's rather spacious bed, half-naked & at the mercy of whatever this kinky beast has planned
  346. >'Can you just indulge me? Or maybe you don't want this to happen.'
  347. >'Alright, alright. I'll play along.'
  348. >'Good boy. Now then, I want you to breathe deeply and relax.'
  349. >You take a deep breath & slowly exhale, letting a wave of relaxation wash over you
  350. >'Good. Now, again.'
  351. >Another deep breath & you sink deeper into yourself
  352. >'One more.'
  353. >A third breath,  third wave of comfort crashes down on you
  354. >'Now, I want you to forget about your eyes. Don't think about what you can't see. Open your senses to the world around you.'
  355. >With your sight gone, your other senses begin to perk up a bit more
  356. >You can hear some crickets chirping out the window, smell a faint bit of perfume from Mileena getting dressed up, feel the warm air of her house washing over you
  357. >'From here on out, let your other senses paint the picture that your eyes cannot. Be aware of every single detail and sensation.'
  358. >Her voice has been changing, you realize now, slowly become deeper and more sultry as she's gone
  359. >You feel a weight gently pressing down on you. She seems to have draped herself over you
  360. >You feel her hands on your chest & sides, gently stroking your skin
  361. >Her mouth wanders across your body, gently kissing, nipping, blowing, licking her way up your body
  362. >her hands continue to gently massage their way up your torso with her mouth not far behind
  363. >Your skin is absolutely electric, hyper-aware of every sensation she teases it with
  364. >As she works her way up, you can feel more and more of her body on you
  365. >Her skin is silky smooth and still warm from the day's activities
  366. >You feel her breasts pressed into your body, the nipples becoming ever harder
  367. >Her toned stomach rests on yours, the taut muscles rippling under her skin
  368. >Her hands begin to slowly make their way up your arms, eventually intertwining with your own
  369. >Her mouth begins to explore your nape, teasing you with gentle caresses
  370. >She nibbles at the lobe of your ear, sending the sensitive nerves into a frenzy
  371. >Finally her lips find yours & pull you into a deep kiss
  372. >Her long tongue pokes into your mouth, aggressively exploring it
  373. >It massages your gums, tickles your palette, & plays with your own tongue
  374. >You feel like you're about to gag on her tongue when she pulls back
  375. >You take in a deep breath, strands of saliva running from your lips to hers
  376. >Slowly she pulls off of you, leaving your body cold, desperate for the feeling of hers again
  377. >There's a tugging around your waist & clinking of metal
  378. >She pulls away your pants & boxers, exposing your crotch to the open air
  379. >You shudder from the sudden change as the air flows over the revealed flesh
  380. >A hand grips your shaft. Your loins are practically burning from a touch, begging for more
  381. >But she won't give you want you want. Her grip is dainty, almost teasing
  382. >Stroke
  383. >It is almost painfully slow, drawn out for an eternity
  384. >Stroke
  385. >You want more, need more
  386. >Stroke
  387. >You feel yourself growing harder & harder in her grip
  388. >Stroke
  389. >You feel her other hand caress your sac
  390. >Stroke
  391. >She gingerly massages them, urging you to build up more & more
  392. >Stroke
  393. >Mileena continues for what seems like ages, never giving you too much
  394. >You're cock is throbbing in at this point, almost painfully hard
  395. >You can feel it slick with precum, juiced from you by her cruel torture
  396. >Your hips are almost in spasms, begging for something in this black void to thrust into
  397. >Her hand pulls away, and you think she's given up for a second
  398. >Suddenly, something warm & wet is on your shaft
  399. >It caresses you from base to tip several times, sending lightning through your body
  400. >It coils around you before you are engulfed in warmth
  401. >The lewdest sucking noises you've ever heard reach your ears as she begins to move
  402. >Her tongue plays along the shaft as her cheeks & throat close in, the moist vacuum wreaking havoc on your frayed nerves
  403. >Your hips begin to buck, finally finding a way to sweet release
  404. >And that release isn't far off
  405. >You unload into the back of her throat, firing strand after strand into her waiting stomach
  406. >The rush is so intense that you almost black out
  407. >Your final burst eventually comes & you collapse in a heap
  408. >Mileena isn't done though, as you hear & feel that moist prison begin to churn around your cock again
  409. >The sensations are almost too much, but she refuses to let you go limp
  410. >You eventually achieve full mast again, & finally her assault stops
  411. >You're released to the air, a gentle breeze almost burning on the soaked, throbbing flesh
  412. >You feel the bed shift & soft, powerful muscles begin to creep under your legs
  413. >Again & again they wrap around, forming an inescapable cage
  414. >She Drapes her body across yours once again, her modest chest pressed to yours
  415. >You also feel a wet, burning warmth against your crotch
  416. >Her hand gently glides over your body, coming to rest around your member
  417. >Effortlessly she guides you to the source of the heat
  418. >The folds of her entrance brush across you, toying with you
  419. >And finally, slowly, she lowers herself down onto you
  420. >Her arms wrapped around your chest, she moans into you
  421. >Your bodies are pressed tightly against one another, joined at the crotch
  422. >And now, she begins to satisfy her own desires
  423. >Her hips slowly rise, pulling off of you by millimeters, before they quickly crash back into your own
  424. >A slow gentle rise, followed by a harsh, deep plunge
  425. >With each induced thrust, she grinds her hips into yours more & more, desperate to have you reach as deeply as possible
  426. >You lie helpless as Mileena goes to work on you, picking up the pace
  427. >Your cock is practically on fire now, pleasure coursing through your body as her pussy milks you
  428. >Her lustful moans begin to reach your ears as she smashes your pelvises together
  429. >The wet slapping of your crotches is almost too much to bear
  430. >You're pulling at your restraints, begging for some way to interact with the erotic show playing out before your blind eyes
  431. >'Do you want out?'
  432. >All you can do is weakly nod
  433. >'Alright, you naughty boy. I'll let you join in.'
  434. >You her a clanking of metal as your hands fall free
  435. >Your arms aren't even out of the cuff before you bolt upright, pulling the gorgon into you
  436. >One hand is around her hips helping to thrust as hard & deep as possible
  437. >The other has pulled her head to yours, embracing her with a passionate kiss
  438. >The taste is salty from her previous work, but you don't care
  439. >All you want, all you need, is to feel her on you
  440. >You pump into her harder & harder, she's moaning almost continuously into your kiss now
  441. >Your mind id begging you to pull away the blindfold, to reveal the lewd display before you, but you have to resist
  442. >Finally the display reaches its crescendo and your hips clash together one last time
  443. >Your mind almost goes blank from the rush as you plaster her womb with your seed
  444. >The two of you collapse onto the bed, finally satisfied
  445. >The coils around your leg loosen as Mileena rests in your arms, a content sigh escaping her
  446. >What you wouldn't give to have been able to see this sight with her, though if not being able to look at each other leads to that, it might be worth the trade-off
  447. >You pull a cover over the two of you & drift off to sleep, Mileena cuddled into your chest
  448. ...
  449. >'Are you almost done out there?'
  450. >'Yeah, I'm nearly done. You know I'm doing this for you, right?'
  451. >Yeah, yeah. I just don't like being alone when it's this cold.'
  452. >'You'll be fine. I promise I'll be back soon.'
  453. >You hang up your phone & continue on your way
  454. >Mileena's gotten really clingy with winter setting in
  455. >She's always cuddling in as close as possible to you & insisting that you stay the night with her
  456. >There have been mornings where she refuses to let you out of her coils
  457. >Not that you mind all too much
  458. >You finally managed to convince her to let you go out today
  459. >Today is the one year anniversary of when you two first met up on that dating site
  460. >You wanted to do something special for her
  461. >You thought about taking her to that special restaurant you took her to a few months back, but travel is really uncomfortable for her right now
  462. >Instead, you've settled on making her a nice dinner & dug up a few obscure movies that she's fond of
  463. >Would it be greedy of you to buy something for the bedroom? Really, you're doing this for her, and getting something dirty like that kind of cheapens the whole night
  464. >Then again, Mileena does like to go all-out when the two of you do get in the mood...
  465. >Fuck it, why not?
  466. >You know there's a shop somewhere around- there!
  467. >The Viper's Pit: Adult Toys, Supplements, & Accessories
  468. >A small bell chimes as you enter the shop. it reeks of latex, incense, and some stuff your pretty sure comes from a body
  469. >'My, my. I can't remember seeing you around here before.'
  470. >You turn towards the register and see an apophis leaning on it, looking you over
  471. >She seems to be about your age, with several piercings on her ears & face. A two-sizes-too-small t-shirt for some punk band covers her chest
  472. >'Uhh, yeah. I was just looking around for something.'
  473. >'Perhaps I can help you find this special 'something'. Talk to me, honey.'
  474. >You can't help but shake the feeling that she's sizing you up for something
  475. >'Well, it's our anniversary tonight, so I was hoping for something a little bit more- intimate.'
  476. >'So no toys or props? You're no fun.' She seems to deflate a little, but is undeterred. 'I take it you'll be looking for some of our supplements, then. Tell me, who's the lucky girl?'
  477. >'She's a gorgon.'
  478. >The cashier's eyes seem to light up a little at the thought. 'Ooh, how exotic. Give me a moment.'
  479. >She ducks back behind the counter & returns with various vials
  480. >'So this one is one that you can both share. It will keep you both going all night. Pretty simple, but definitely a popular choice.'
  481. >The thought is enticing, but at the same time it feels like it'd make the night a little too trashy. 'Pass.'
  482. >'Alright then, how about this? Gorgons love to play with their partners' senses to make up for the lack of eye contact. This will multiply the sensations you have tenfold.'
  483. >You think back to the night you first slept with Mileena. If she did that again with this, you might break. 'No thanks.'
  484. >'You're not leaving me with too many options... How about  little boost for yourself? This one will give you the strength and vigor of a stallion. With the equipment to match, of course.'
  485. >Now it feels like you're having one of those porn site ads narrated at you. 'No.'
  486. >The apophis seems a little irritated with you. 'Darling, you're not giving me much to work with. Try and think back to the last time you to ere together. What stood out?'
  487. >You think back to the night you to first had sex together
  488. >The dinner out, the play you saw, all the things she did to you
  489. >And yet, there's only one thing that really stands out
  490. >It was when she first put on those special glasses
  491. >You got to be the first person to truly look into her eyes. The emotions that hit you two that night...
  492. >'Anything?'
  493. >'Well the first time we did it-'
  494. >'Yes?'
  495. >'She'd gotten a gift that let us look at each other without turning me to stone, and that feeling just... overwhelmed us.'
  496. >A coy smile crosses the apophis' lips. 'Ahh, the sentimental type, I see. Let me see what I can do.'
  497. >...She's been in that back room for almost an hour now
  498. >While she's been gone, all manner of colored smokes & several repulsive smells had come from behind the curtain she'd gone through
  499. >Finally, though, she returns & sets a flask of clear fluid on the counter
  500. >'This wasn't easy to make, darling. This is probably one of the most obscure recipes I have.'
  501. >You're pretty sure you know what this potion does, and you can hardly believe it's in front of you. 'I'll take it.'
  502. >You reach for the flask, but she stays your hand. 'Before I give you this, I will ask you a question, and you must answer honestly: Do you love this girl?'
  503. >'What?'
  504. >'Would you be willing to spend the rest of eternity with her?'
  505. >You have to seriously weigh your answer. You've only known Mileena for a year, and you met her through some crappy dating website
  506. >But on the same hand, you've never really had the same feelings for another girl that you do for her.
  507. >And did Mileena even have those same kind of feelings for you?
  508. >Did she see you as someone she'd stay with, or would she move on if she met someone better?
  509. >'Yes, I would.'
  510. >The apophis releases your hand
  511. >'Very well. This is a special potion for the two of you to share. It will bond the two of you together, protecting you from any ill effects of her magic.'
  512. >'You mean, she'd never have to worry about petrifying me again?'
  513. >'Correct.'
  514. >You grab the flask without hesitation
  515. >'However! There is a price to be paid. Should your heart ever stray from her, the magic will rebound. All the curses the potion protected you from will hit you at once. Can you live with that kind of omen over you?'
  516. >All at once? A simple glance could turn you to stone. What would months, or even years, of that kind of exposure do? would you turn to dust on the spot?
  517. >Suddenly, the flask in your hand feels very heavy
  518. >'Yes.'
  519. >She smiles at your words, a bit more genuine this time
  520. >'Very good. That will be $2150, then.'
  521. >That price tag slams you back to reality hard. 'What!?!'
  522. >'Do you know how hard it is to find the ingredients for that kind of potion? Not to mention how tricky it is to make? $2150.'
  523. >Well, there go your savings for that new car...
  524. ...
  525. >The night's gone pretty well so far
  526. >You're no five star chef, but you managed put together a good meal of steak, boiled red potatoes, & steamed asparagus
  527. >You also whipped up some eggs for Mileena that she loved
  528. >The movies were some obscure, foreign indy films that Mileena had mentioned to you
  529. >They were okay, but definitely not your thing
  530. >Though getting to cuddle on the couch with Mileena, sneaking an occasional kiss, was a nice trade-off
  531. >Now you're sitting on the bed alone while Mileena is showering
  532. >You're turning the potion over in your hands
  533. >Using this would be such a commitment on both your ends
  534. >You admitted that you loved her, but could you guarantee that something won't happen
  535. >'Ready for bed?'
  536. >Mileena comes into the bedroom
  537. >Her hair hangs loose around her shoulders, the snakes lethargic from the day
  538. >She's wearing a lacy sleeping top, just see-through enough to tease you
  539. >'Oh, what's that you have there?'
  540. >She sidles up onto the bed next to you, leaning on your arm with feigned interest in the flask. She certainly seems raring to go
  541. >'Thinking of trying out a little enhancement with me tonight?' She plants a small kiss on your cheek
  542. >'Well, sort of... Do you remember the first time we had sex together?'
  543. >'How could I forget? It was incredible.' She pulls you down onto the bed with her, peppering you with a few more kisses
  544. >'Mileena, I'm trying to be at least a little serious here.'
  545. >She pouts at you a bit. 'Killjoy.'
  546. >'Do you remember what was so special about that night?'
  547. >It takes her a moment to recall the details. 'I got that pair of glasses. The ones that let me see you without my visor for the night. And-'
  548. >'And you said that I was the first person to ever see you like that. I got to see you without any masks, and you were the happiest, most beautiful woman I'd ever known that night.'
  549. >She's starting to blush a bit from your words. 'So, what? you managed to find a potion to protect yourself for the night?'
  550. >'Even better. I found one that can protect me forever.'
  551. >Even with her visor on, you can tell that her eyes bulged at that. 'Really? Well, what are you waiting for? Drink it & I'll never have to worry about hurting you again!'
  552. >'There's a catch with it, though. It's a potion that we share. It links our hearts together & protects me. If one of us should ever stray, it'll break the spell & I'll turn to stone on the spot.'
  553. >You can see some of the excitement leave her. 'What do you mean by 'stray'? Like, if one of us cheated on the other?'
  554. >'Or if you fall for someone else.'
  555. >'Why would you think something like that?'
  556. >'Because I want you to be happy!'
  557. >Aaaand the shouting again...
  558. >'It's been the best year of my life being with you, but I'm just some loser you met on the internet! If you drink this and we don't end up working out, you'd either be stuck with someone you don't care for, or get arrested when the magic rebounds on me.'
  559. >Mileena just stares at you for a moment
  560. >'I love you. I don't know when it changed from just liking you, but ever since that night when I saw your eyes, I've known that I loved you.'
  561. >You reach out and gently stroke her cheek. 'I want to be with you, without anything between us, not even these-' You gesture to her visor. 'But I won't force you to do it if you aren't sure about it.'
  562. >Well, you've said your piece. Now it's up to her
  563. >'So that's how it is?... You're afraid that I might not love you?'
  564. >Of course that's not how you meant it, but that's certainly how it came out, isn't it? Nice one...
  565. >'IDIOT!'
  566. >She cracks you in the head & you're seeing stars again
  567. >You throw up your arms to shield yourself as she swings at you again & again
  568. >'You're the only guy who never tried to use me! The only one who didn't get scared off by me! I opened up to you like nobody else! You think that you're the only one that thought that night was special? I finally got to have someone look at me without dying, and the only thing he has to say about it was that I was beautiful!'
  569. >'And now that the guy I love finds a one-in-a-million way for us to be able to be happy together, he gets cold feet! Why would you think that I'd turn on you? How could you think that about me...'
  570. >Her blows ease up to half-hearted taps before stopping altogether
  571. >You lower your arms & see a stream of tears coming from behind her visor
  572. >You pull her in close to you, determined to never let her go
  573. >'I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.'
  574. >You can feel your own eyes starting to tear up
  575. >'I never thought that you'd turn on me. I was just scared that I was never good enough for you, and that one day you'd realize that.'
  576. >You feel her arms wrap around you to return the embrace
  577. >'Stupid. I decide what's good enough for me. And I say that you're more than good enough.'
  578. >You don't know how long the two of you sat there, just holding each other
  579. >Eventually, the two of you manage to pull away
  580. >You reach for the flask, which was knocked onto the side of the bed
  581. >Miraculously, it didn't open or crack during all that
  582. >'You ready to do this?'
  583. >She gives you a small nod
  584. >You pop out the stopper & down your half of the potion
  585. >It's spicy, yet vaguely sweet
  586. >You pass the other half to Mileena, who quickly downs it
  587. >As soon as she swallows it, you feel a weird force in your body
  588. >It feels like your insides just jumped about 100 degrees & tripled your weight
  589. >But as soon as it comes, it passes
  590. >It seems that Mileena had the same experience. She looks a little winded from it
  591. >'Do you think it worked?'
  592. >'There's only one way to know for sure.'
  593. >Slowly you reach for her visor. Your heart's pounding like a jackhammer
  594. >You carefully remove it from her face, but she has her eyes closed
  595. >You hold her hand, trying to reassure her that you'll be alright
  596. >Slowly, her beautiful golden eyes open and meet yours
  597. >Your body doesn't seem to be locking up or turning to granite
  598. >Holy shit, it actually worked
  599. >No more tricks, no more hiding. Nothing has to come between you two anymore
  600. >The silence is eating away at Mileena. 'Well? Say something.'
  601. >'You're even more beautiful than the first time I saw you.'
  602. >Mileena's eyes well up again, this time with joy
  603. >She throws herself on you, holding you close & coiling around you as she kisses you
  604. >'That was a really sappy thing to say, you know.'
  605. >'I couldn't help it.'
  606. >She gives you another kiss
  607. >'Too bad for me, it worked.'
  608. >The night's romp is less carnal than your past forays
  609. >Mileena is content with being a more romantic, settling for sweet love-making
  610. >She's adamant that you never look away from her & keep telling her how beautiful she is
  611. >You're all too happy to oblige, gently riding the night away in her & her coils
  612. >As the years rode on, the two of you settle into a comfortable life together
  613. >It isn't a flawless relationship, and Mileena still had to use her visor in public, but it was a happy one
  614. >The two of you decide to forego a traditional wedding. The bond that links the two of you is far stronger than any symbolic ring could portray
  615. >Eventually, the two of you were blessed with a little hatchling gorgon, Cassandra
  616. >Mileena insists on calling her 'Cassie' or 'Cass'. Apparently, it's video game joke
  617. >She has the same golden eyes as he mother, but picked up your hair color
  618. >The potion's effects seem to extend to her, as well, meaning you get to dote on her like a real overly-loving father without the risk of a lethal game of peek-a-boo
  619. >And to think that this all came about from some cheesy online matchmaking website
  620. >Well, it can't be completely shit, right
  621. >You found an amazing girl, & Mileena found a guy that she'd never have to hide herself from
  622. END
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