an imprecise roadmap of refactoring for 0cc-famitracker

HertzDevil Dec 15th, 2015 (edited) 97 Never
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  1. separate ftm save/load methods from cfamitrackerdoc
  2. decouple cinstrument from cfamitrackerdoc
  3. create a bookmark manager class
  4. create a sequence manager class
  5. create a sound chip class (holds cchannelhandler)
  6. decouple cchannelhandler from soundgen
  7. remove delegations from cfamitrackerdoc to cpatterndata where possible
  8. bring back cfamitrackerdocinterface?
  9. decouple cchannelhandler from cfamitrackerdoc
  11. remove chan_id_t except in cchannelhandler ctor
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