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  1. OctaviasCello: Hello, Vinyl.
  2. OctaviasCello: How's business?
  3. VinylScratch: hey, its good of course :)
  5. FlutterShy.-.: h-hi.. -blush-
  6. PinkiePie,-: Fluttershy!
  7. PinkiePie,-: :D
  8. FlutterShy.-.: c: H-hi
  9. OctaviasCello: Hello, Fluttershy.
  10. FlutterShy.-.: h-hi -blushes-
  11. OctaviasCello: I supect the animals are doing well
  12. FlutterShy.-.: y-yes..they are doing good..
  13. PinkamenaD.Pie: Hi!
  14. FlutterShy.-.: H-hi _blush-
  15. OctaviasCello: Hello, Pinkie 2
  16. PinkiePie,-: :D
  17. PinkamenaD.Pie: Ooh, two of me?
  18. PinkiePie,-: Hi me!
  19. PinkamenaD.Pie: WE MUST BE WORSHIPED.
  20. FlutterShy.-.:
  21. PinkamenaD.Pie: Yeah, In was about to ask you!
  22. FlutterShy.-.: -blushes- yeah...
  23. PinkamenaD.Pie: How's Buttecup? Enjoying her new home?
  24. FlutterShy.-.: Y-yeah..she's inside right now...eating..
  25. PinkamenaD.Pie: Ah, good! I brought you a muffin, by the way! -hands muffin- it's chocolate!
  26. OctaviasCello: Ahh, I have to go. Good luck, Vinyl...
  27. VinylScratch: flutter shy are the tail extentions true...
  28. FlutterShy.-.: -smiles andlooks down- t-thanks pinkie...-takes it and eats it- c:
  29. VinylScratch: aww thanks octavian cello
  30. FlutterShy.-.: W-what? -looks at vinyl- t-tail extintions? -frowns and rage comes over her- NO!!
  31. FlutterShy.-.: i mean...-looks down- no...
  32. PinkamenaD.Pie: Flutters! Calm down! Pinkie 1, help me calm her!
  33. PinkamenaD.Pie: Darn, was I slow or what??
  34. PinkamenaD.Pie: -rattles-
  35. VinylScratch: -rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles--rattles-
  36. FlutterShy.-.: hehe..-giggles and rddles them-
  37. PinkamenaD.Pie: -rattles and pushes-
  38. PinkamenaD.Pie: YAY
  39. ricesnot: Okay I don't think you understand the object of the game is to not rattle me bones
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