Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. “Remember that one time you two accidently ate the chocolates laced with aphrodisiacs?”
  2. >Hexferry chokes a bit on the cup of tea she’s drinking while blushing furiously
  3. >”This I’ve got to hear”
  4. >Caramel looks at Hexferry with a smirk and then turns to you
  5. “It was nothing much, we just had a bit of fun, didn’t we Hexie?”
  6. >Hexferry Now blushes redder than you have ever seen and glares at Caramel with a furious blush
  7. “S-s-shut up!”
  8. >Virgo now leers at the two
  9. “Wait wait, something actually happened?”
  10. >Hexferry just stares at her cup in her hooves with droopy ears and antennae as Caramel lets out a little laugh
  11. “No, just teasing adorableferry as usual”
  12. >You can’t help but to smile at the cute Squeak Hexferry gives Caramel when she calls her adorableferry
  13. >You give a little poke to Virgo who’s sitting next to you and he turns towards you as Caramel pats Hexferry on the back and apologizes for making her embarrassed
  14. >”Psst Virgo, you think those two know...”
  15. >Virgo grins before whispering back to you while Hexferry gives a few last squeaks to Caramel
  16. “Definitely~”
  17. >You give Virgo a little thumb up under the table
  18. “So Anonymous, how have you liked living with Virgo so far?”
  19. >Hexferry sets her cup down now with her blush mostly gone
  20. “I’m kind of interested too, I can only imagine how exhausting it is...”
  21. >Virgo fakes being offended now
  22. “Hey, I’ll let you know I’m a pretty great stallion to live with, though if you’d live with me I’d leave you exhausted~”
  23. >Virgo does his eyebrow thing at Hexferry who rolls her eyes while looking a bit grumpy
  24. >”It’s been pretty good, me and Virgo go together like a hand and glove”
  25. >Virgo pats you on the shoulder
  26. “Yeah, Anon here is top bro”
  27. >Caramel raises one of her hoofs in front of her mouth mischievously
  28. “You two sure that’s all there is to it? You’ve been awfully close lately...”
  29. >You and Virgo glance at each other and exchange smirks
  31. >”Oh Caramel, what are you implying”
  32. “Such a dirty imagination, whatever will we do with you...”
  33. >Caramel smirks now
  34. “It was not me who came up with that thought”
  35. >Hexferry suddenly goes beet red
  36. >Virgo let’s out a fake shocked gasp
  37. “Hexferry! I would have never known you’re that twisted of an individual...”
  38. >Hexferry gives Virgo and Caramel a glare
  39. “S-shut up you two, it’s not funny... I was not g-getting any lewd thoughts, I was j-just keeping every p-possibility in mind...”
  40. >Hexferry turns to glare at Virgo now
  41. “B-besides I know you think similar stuff about mares!”
  42. >You just sip your tea while Virgo rubs the back of his head with his hoof
  43. >This seems to satisfy Hexferry enough as she collects herself and takes another sip
  44. >”You’re always so cute when you’re acting tsundere Hexferry”
  45. >And she once again almost chokes on her tea
  46. “Yeah, Hexferry just looks so cute when she’s embarrassed”
  47. >Hexferry lifts her gaze now while blushing once again furiously, looking like she’s unsure if she should glare at you or at Virgo, before shaking her head as her blush lessens
  48. “I am not going to fall for this again you two”
  49. >Caramel seems pretty amused at this
  50. “So Anon, is Virgo as much of a charmer he lets on?”
  51. >Virgo points at himself with his hoof
  52. “Of course I am Cara-“
  53. >You interrupt him
  54. >”I’ve never seen him bring a mare home”
  55. >Virgo looks at you with mild shock as Caramel starts to laugh
  56. >Even Hexferry seems to hold back a light giggle
  57. “I knew it, you’re such a cute kid Virgo~”
  58. >Caramel gives Virgo a doting look which makes him look uncomfortable
  59. “Gee thanks a lot man”
  61. >You smirk at Virgo now
  62. >”That’s for that little prank you pulled on me”
  63. >Suddenly Hexferry places her hoof on Virgos own that is on the table
  64. “Virgo... I’m sorry....”
  65. >Everyone at the table now raises their eyebrows, except Hexferry
  66. “Uh... what?”
  67. >You glance at Caramel and she just shrugs her shoulders
  68. >Hexferry seems a bit sad now
  69. “I’ve been horrible to you... when all you did was act tough to hide your insecurity...”
  70. >You are about to say something to Hexferry how she’s gotten this wrong but then suddenly Virgo grasps Hexferrys hoof, making her squeak in surprise
  71. “Yes, I am, and I need your help to be cured. I need some of your sensual healing~”
  72. >Virgo winks at Hexferry while holding her hoof over the table in his own
  73. >Hexferry looks at Virgo in surprise before going beet red yet again and pulling her hoof away form Virgo quite fast
  74. >Then she settles on just staring at the table angrily while blushing as all of you laugh
  75. >Caramel gives Hexerry a little pat on her back
  76. “Not exactly Meisa level insight there yet Hexy honey~”
  77. >You take another sip of your tea
  78. >It’s always fun to have tea with these three
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