MagiReco Main Story 6.5

Jan 9th, 2018
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  1. Yachiyo's Declaration
  3. 6.5.1
  4. [by the riverbank in the evening]
  5. Momoko: "Have you calmed down, Rena?"
  6. Rena: "Yeah... Sorry... just had to cry a bit there..."
  7. Momoko: "Well, that's perfectly understandable."
  8. "Even I couldn't accept it at first, either..."
  9. Rena: "...Momoko, how did you come to accept the fact that you'll become a witch?"
  10. Momoko: "If it happens that someone I care about is around me when I become a witch..."
  11. "I'm sure they'll kill me before I become a witch."
  12. "By thinking that, I was able to ease my feelings."
  13. "After all, other than that, nothing really had changed."
  14. Rena: "So if it comes down to it, would you really stop me before..."
  15. Momoko: "Yeah..."
  16. Kaede: "Don't... say... that... sob..."
  17. Momoko: "Kaede..."
  18. Kaede: "I don't want to think about it..."
  19. "I don't like it..."
  20. "I don't want either of you to leave me..."
  21. Momoko: "Of course I'm not going to disappear on my own. I'm not going to die and leave you two behind."
  22. Kaede: "Really?"
  23. Momoko: "Obviously."
  24. Kaede: "..."
  25. Rena: "Hey, Momoko..."
  26. Momoko: "Hm? What is it?"
  27. Rena: "So what happened with everyone after that?"
  28. "Instead of just helping us out..."
  29. "That was about the time when we officially formed a team, right?"
  30. "And you suddenly stopped getting along with Yachiyo. What happened?"
  31. [battle]
  32. [in a gray fog]
  33. Mifuyu: "Yacchan, I'll ask you once more. Won't you join the Wings of Magius?"
  34. "After seeing my memories, have you remembered back to a year ago?"
  35. Yachiyo: "Yes, I have... It's enough to make me feel sick..."
  36. "However, I won't join."
  37. Mifuyu: "Why?"
  38. "The Wings of Magius should share their goal with you."
  39. "There are no soft feelings of friendship here."
  40. "Everyone is here for themselves. We're only connected by a common interest."
  41. "Don't you think they would understand your worries?"
  42. Yachiyo: "That's not it, Mifuyu."
  43. "I don't like those Magius..."
  44. Touka: "Do you mean me?"
  45. Yachiyo: "Yes, you, Satomi Touka."
  46. "Just thinking of how you led everyone into the *Memory Museum*..."
  47. "Clearly, showing me the same thing has been your goal from the start..."
  48. "I mustn't let my guard down..."
  49. Touka: "I don't have the memories of my outside self..."
  50. "But given me, that's probably the case."
  51. "But is that really the reason not to join us?"
  52. Yachiyo: "No, that's only one small reason."
  53. Touka: "Then, what is it?"
  54. Yachiyo: "That thing that hasn't been around for half a year... You resemble them."
  55. Touka: "Thing that hasn't been around?"
  56. Yachiyo: "Kyubey."
  57. "Like how it takes advantage of people's weaknesses and gives birth to magical girls..."
  58. "You too take advantage of people's weaknesses and are trying to create some large organization."
  59. "The way you don't say how this 'releasing' of yours works is exactly the same."
  60. Touka: "As Kyubey..."
  61. "I'd never have expected that. So it's a question of trust..."
  62. Yachiyo: "Yes, trust."
  63. Touka: "I see. Too bad."
  64. Yachiyo: "Then please give up."
  66. 6.5.2
  67. [on the riverbank again]
  68. Momoko: "We didn't exactly separate immediately after Meru turned into a witch."
  69. "For a while, all of us still fought alongside one another..."
  70. "But something had clearly become off about Mifuyu-san."
  71. "Yachiyo-san almost never smiled after that..."
  72. Rena: "Because they saw a witch?"
  73. Momoko: "Who knows. Even I don't know..."
  74. "But at least, Yachiyo-san was going out alone more and more."
  75. "She started helping other magical girls hunt..."
  76. "By that time, she had already broken."
  77. "My ideal senpai was slowly crumbling..."
  78. Rena: "Surely she wasn't stealing witches from others, right?"
  79. Momoko: "Now at least, I understand.
  80. "Iroha-chan was almost run out of town by her..."
  81. "And then when she was investigating *rumors*..."
  82. "I was involved several times, so I understand."
  83. "She played the villain role to try to save them."
  84. "But at the time, I didn't understand..."
  85. Rena: "Is that the reason why you avoided Yachiyo-san's house?
  86. Momoko: "No, that's not why..."
  87. [battle]
  88. [in the library-like area]
  89. [Yachiyo is breathing lightly]
  90. Yachiyo: "Huh? This is..."
  91. Iroha: "Ah, Yachiyo-san! Thank goodness you woke up!"
  92. Yachiyo: "!?"
  93. "Tamaki-san..."
  94. Iroha: "Nobody else is here, and you weren't waking up..."
  95. "I didn't know what to do..."
  96. "Let's hurry and get out of here!"
  97. Yachiyo: "..."
  98. "Are you a Wing of Magius?"
  99. Iroha: "Huh? Me?"
  100. "Uh..."
  101. "Ah, I'm not! I turned down their invitation inside my dream!"
  102. Yachiyo: "I see. Then that means, you saw the truth as well..."
  103. Iroha: "...Yes."
  104. "I saw Kanae-san, and I also saw Meru-chan..."
  105. "Or more precisely, they really made me experience the same things..."
  106. Yachiyo: "I see..."
  107. Iroha: "But, thanks to that, I finally realized..."
  108. "Both why you said that doppels are dangerous..."
  109. "And why you were so frantically protecting me at the Kuchiyose Shrine."
  110. "I was a bit surprised to see you collapsed there when I woke up, though."
  111. Yachiyo: "I was seeing the same thing you were, so of course I was."
  112. Iroha: "Thank you for coming to save us."
  113. Yachiyo: "Make no mistake, I didn't come here to save you."
  114. Iroha: "Wha?"
  115. Yachiyo: "I came to see Mifuyu's memory and reevaluate myself."
  116. "And now I've been able to return to myself of a year ago."
  117. Iroha: "What do you mean by that?"
  118. [now on the riverbank]
  119. Rena: "I thought you left the team on your own."
  120. Momoko: "No, I didn't."
  121. "Even if she had fallen low, she was still the role model I looked up to."
  122. "I didn't leave, believing that she would one day go back to normal."
  123. "However, one day Yachiyo suddenly said this..."
  124. [back to the library-like area]
  125. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san..."
  126. [back to the riverbank]
  127. Momoko: "To Tsuruno and me..."
  128. [back to the library]
  129. Yachiyo: "The team is dissolved..."
  130. [back to the riverbank]
  131. Momoko: "Even now, I still don't understand why..."
  133. 6.5.3
  134. [in the library area]
  135. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san... The team is dissolved..."
  136. Iroha: "..."
  137. "Um, what? Dissolved?"
  138. Yachiyo: "Yes, that's right."
  139. Iroha: "Wait just a minute... do you mean..."
  140. mini-Kyubey: "She has something in mind" or "Ask her again." I'll pick the second.
  141. Iroha: (B-but, if I didn't hear incorrectly...)
  142. "Ah..."
  143. (I see, we weren't influenced by Mifuyu's memory...)
  144. (She's putting on an act so that we don't have to fight the rumor...)
  145. (What should I do... I went ahead and said that I refused...)
  146. "..."
  147. (Well, for now...)
  148. "A-alright, we'll dissolve the team."
  149. Yachiyo: "!?"
  150. "...I see, you understand."
  151. Iroha: "Of course I do, after seeing that memory."
  152. Yachiyo: "Well then, I'm heading outside."
  153. [she leaves]
  154. Iroha: "I see, I happened to about to leave the *rumor* as well."
  155. Yachiyo: "..."
  156. Iroha: "I wonder if Tsuruno-chan and the others went outside already..."
  157. Yachiyo: "I'm sure they have."
  158. "They've been influenced by Mifuyu's memories, so they've left already."
  159. Iroha: "But they're irrelevant, now that we've broken up the team."
  160. Yachiyo: "..."
  161. Iroha: (What if they really all have been brainwashed...)
  162. (That would be my fault...)
  163. (I'm so naive, believing that they didn't want to fight...)
  164. (Because I didn't listen to Yachiyo-san when she tried to stop me...)
  165. "..."
  166. [the background changes as the rumor attacks!]
  167. small rumor: |KAKKATA]
  168. Iroha: "The rumor..."
  169. (Was there no point in our act?)
  170. Yachiyo: "In the end, it's in our way..."
  171. small rumor: |a,.ynth|
  172. [Yachiyo transforms]
  173. Yachiyo: "Out of my way!"
  174. [battle]
  175. [by the riverbank]
  176. Rena: "You don't know why she dissolved the team? Did you not ask her?"
  177. Momoko: "I asked, of course, and tried to be really persistent..."
  178. "But she wouldn't answer no matter what."
  179. "'I have no reason to answer,' she said, and that was it."
  180. "And after that, Kyubey disappeared from the city."
  181. "The number of witches in Kamihama started going up, and there simply was no more time to ask."
  182. "Kaede and..."
  183. Kaede: "Nn..."
  184. "Rena, I had the big job of protecting you two."
  185. Rena: "It was tough up until Mitama-san appeared..."
  186. Momoko: "People with experience like me aside..."
  187. "I'm sure a lot of newbies got done in during that time..."
  188. Rena: "If you hadn't been there, Momoko, Kaede would have been in a lot of trouble."
  189. Kaede: "..."
  190. Rena: "Jeez, you're always so dependent on Momoko..."
  191. Momoko: "Don't worry, it's fine..."
  192. "Well, from there, you know the rest, Rena."
  193. Rena: "..."
  194. "And Yachiyo started interfering with magical girls who come to Kamihama?"
  195. Momoko: "Yes, that's right."
  196. "And then I flipped out on her and we became totally opposed."
  197. "Just like I said before."
  198. "But when Iroha-chan came, I finally figured out her true intentions."
  199. "Why do you think Yachiyo-san returned to normal after Iroha came?"
  200. Momoko: "I dunno..."
  201. "I don't think there's any particular reason."
  202. "Maybe they just got along well?"
  203. Rena: "Just like that!?"
  204. Momoko: "That's reason enough."
  205. "So I started thinking..."
  206. "Maybe Iroha-chan would be able to ask her..."
  207. "The reason why she dissolved our team..."
  208. [in the barrier]
  209. [they beat the small rumor]
  210. Iroha: "Ya-Yachiyo-san!"
  211. "Please don't go on your own!"
  212. Yachiyo: "This has nothing to do with you. We were only just working together."
  213. Iroha: "That's why we should combine our strength and go together..."
  214. (The rumor's here already, she shouldn't need to put on an act anymore...)
  215. Yachiyo: "..."
  216. Iroha: "Huh?"
  217. "Why are you stopping all of a sudden?"
  218. "!?"
  219. [Touka appears in costume]
  220. Touka: "Ehe, you've finally arrived, Tamaki Iroha and veteran-san."
  221. Iroha: "Touka-chan..."
  223. 6.5.4
  224. [in the exhibit area]
  225. Touka: "Ehe, you've finally arrived, Tamaki Iroha and veteran-san."
  226. Iroha: "Touka-chan..."
  227. Touka: "I've been waiting quite a while for you to wake up."
  228. [we see Alina and Mifuyu also in costume]
  229. Alina: "You've really had us waiting for a long time. What a waste it was for the world, you know."
  230. Mifuyu: "Well, it was a necessary process..."
  231. Yachiyo: "Alina and Mifuyu too..."
  232. Mifuyu: "How did you find my memories, you two?"
  233. Yachiyo: "You asked me that in the dream as well... How did I find them? I feel awful..."
  234. Iroha: "Yeah... Even Touka-chan showed up..."
  235. Touka: "I appeared in the dream?"
  236. "The *rumor* might have done that in order to better brainwash you..."
  237. Yachiyo: "Brainwashing, huh..."
  238. Iroha: "You said you didn't want to fight... and I believed you..."
  239. "And now you've forced us to become involved in this *rumor*..."
  240. Touka: "I did mean it when I said I didn't want to fight unnecessarily."
  241. "Rather than fighting, this method of turning you to our side..."
  242. "I think it's far more peaceful, since nobody would get hurt."
  243. "Ehehe"
  244. Alina: "However, something's unexpected happened."
  245. "Once you thought you were being brainwashed, you were fine."
  246. Mifuyu: "That's right..."
  247. "Yacchan, you won't come to our side either."
  248. Yachiyo: "Obviously."
  249. "Even though when I saw your memories, I returned to how I was a year ago..."
  250. "That doesn't mean that I'm going to cooperate with the Wings of Magius."
  251. Iroha: "That's right."
  252. "Neither Yachiyo-san nor I will go over to your side."
  253. "So please let us leave."
  254. "We need to find everyone and undo their brainwashing..."
  255. Touka: "Hm? There's no need to search, you know."
  256. "Thanks to the lecture and our hands-on learning, they're all with us now."
  257. Iroha: "All?"
  258. Touka: "All of them."
  259. [screen wipe; we see Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana]
  260. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan... Felicia-chan... Sana-chan..."
  261. Touka: "Ehehe"
  262. "Today, all of them have decided to join us."
  263. "You all understood what it means to release magical girls, haven't you?"
  264. Tsuruno: "Yeah..."
  265. "If I can protect everyone, with the Wings of Magius I can accomplish great things, like I've always aimed for."
  266. Felicia: "Me too... I thought that if I became a Wing of Magius I could erase my sins..."
  267. Sana: "Here, I thought that I would be able to use my wish to help the people who are suffering."
  268. Tsuruno: "I feel like I've had a revelation."
  269. Felicia: "It feels like I was told by God to become a Wing."
  270. Sana: "Yes, it feels like the world has become a little brighter now."
  271. Iroha: "What... are you saying..."
  272. Touka: "Didn't you hear what they said?"
  273. "It's no longer brainwashing, they've all made up their minds now."
  274. Alina: "Welcome to the Wings of Magius."
  275. Iroha: "No way..."
  276. Yachiyo: "..."
  277. Alina: "Well then, your emotional reunion is over now."
  278. "Touka, you should take them outside soon, I think."
  279. "You don't need to bother yourself with these two who didn't change."
  280. Iroha: "Please stop..."
  281. Mifuyu: "That's right. Touka, it's about time we go."
  282. "They need to be explained our rules."
  283. Iroha: "No..."
  284. Touka: "Yes, that's right..."
  285. "Well then..."
  286. Iroha: "Please, Touka-chan! Don't take them away!"
  287. Touka: "Huuuh?"
  288. "Noooo way!"
  289. "Ehehe"
  290. "See ya, Tamaki Iroha and veteran-san."
  291. "The Strongest here and the others, come with Mifuyu and me."
  292. Tsuruno: "Okay..."
  293. Felicia: "Got it..."
  294. Sana: "I'm going now..."
  295. Iroha: "No... Don't go!"
  296. Touka: "Ah, I have one last thing to say."
  297. "It seems like I'm different from how Tamaki Iroha remembers me."
  298. "Maybe it's Tamaki Iroha, not me, who's wrong?"
  299. Iroha: "!?"
  300. Touka: "Ehe, that's all."
  301. "Bye bye!"
  303. 6.5.5
  304. [in the exhibit area]
  305. Iroha: (They're leaving...)
  306. (Everyone's being taken away...)
  307. [flashback to one of the Mizuna streets at night]
  308. Tsuruno: "So let's investigate the Kuchiyose Shrine together!"
  309. Iroha: "Together... Are you fine with me?"
  310. Tsuruno: "Yep! I'll help search for it!"
  311. [flashback to the street corner where Iroha met Felicia]
  312. Felicia: "Food!"
  313. "Seriously!? Yay!"
  314. "I'll go, I'll go! The contract is complete!"
  315. [flashback to Ai's labyrinth]
  316. Sana: "Iroha-san..."
  317. "Please come fight Magius with me..."
  318. Iroha: "Okay, I'll fight alongside you."
  319. [back to the exhibit area]
  320. Iroha: "...!!"
  321. "I won't let them go..."
  322. Alina: "Aha"
  323. "You're still going to fight? You really are no more than a fool."
  324. Iroha: "I can't let them be taken away like this."
  325. "Yachiyo-san, let's work together and..."
  326. Yachiyo: "..."
  327. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san?"
  328. Alina: "Ahhahahaha!"
  329. Iroha: "!?"
  330. Alina: "You won't be able to follow so easily."
  331. [a witch barrier shows up in the back]
  332. Iroha: "This is... your..."
  333. [Alina holds her hands out and the witch barrier changes to a pendulum with runes saying Teresa]
  334. Alina: "Hah"
  335. [the witch appears in a flash]
  336. witch: "BON BO BON"
  337. Iroha: "The barrier broke... and the witch...!?"
  338. Alina: "Ahh, this is so beautiful I can't help but sigh."
  339. "Unfortunately, Alina can only give you one of the works she has raised up."
  340. Iroha: "Why... Aren't witches important for you?"
  341. Alina: "I want to beat both of you up, though."
  342. "If I can do that, you won't be able to fight the rumor..."
  343. "And this *rumor* will become your prison."
  344. Iroha: "But, you shouldn't be able to get out so easily either..."
  345. Alina: "But we didn't look at any of the books."
  346. "So the only ones who can't get out are you two."
  347. "Eventually we'll come back to check on you."
  348. "Then, I'll take your death mask back with me."
  349. "Ahhaha!"
  350. Yachiyo: "She's always doing one unpleasant thing after another."
  351. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san... Everyone's leaving! We have to do this quickly!"
  352. Yachiyo: "They have nothing to do with me..."
  353. Iroha: "Eh?"
  354. Yachiyo: "Right now, my priority is to get out of here."
  355. witch: GIGI!!
  356. Iroha: "...That's right."
  357. "Once we're outside, we can go save everyone..."
  358. "Right now we need to take care of only what's in front of us, one thing at a time..."
  359. "Then, let's..."
  360. Yachiyo: "No, I'll be fine by myself. Don't interfere."
  361. Iroha: "Why!?"
  362. Yachiyo: "I have no reason to answer..."
  363. Iroha: "No way..."
  364. "You've been acting strange since before, Yachiyo-san!"
  365. witch: "BOBOBON GIGI!"
  366. Yachiyo: "There's no time to stand around and chat!"
  367. [battle]
  368. [in battle]
  369. Yachiyo: "HaaaaAAAH!"
  370. witch: "Gi GIGI BOBON"
  371. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, let me..."
  372. Yachiyo: "I told you to stay away!"
  373. Iroha: "Why..."
  374. "Yachiyo-san, what are you thinking!?"
  375. [after battle]
  376. witch: "GIGIGO GI BON BON!"
  377. Yachiyo: "With that..."
  378. "Ha YAAAAAAH!"
  379. witch: ""
  380. Yachiyo: "pant... pant... pant..."
  381. "Kuh..."
  382. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san! Why did you fight all by yourself!?"
  383. "You won't be able to fight in that condition..."
  384. Yachiyo: "Get away from me."
  385. "You have no reason to be worried about me."
  386. Iroha: "I do!"
  387. "We're on the same team... We're friends!"
  388. Yachiyo: "You're wrong..."
  389. Iroha: "Are you still keeping up the act?"
  390. "We've already been found out by the rumor, there's no need anymore..."
  391. "If you have a reason, then please let me know."
  392. Yachiyo: "You're mistaken."
  393. Iroha: "About what?"
  394. Yachiyo: "I'm saying that you're mistaken that this is an act."
  395. Iroha: "What? Doesn't that mean, it's like..."
  396. Yachiyo: "I'll tell you once again..."
  397. "The team is dissolved."
  398. "We're not cooperating or anything anymore. So I don't need any assistance."
  399. "And I won't help you either."
  400. "I'm alone."
  401. Iroha: "...Why..."
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