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  1. I have a little free time, so I want to tell people the Ajay Bruno story.
  3. My name is Cromstar, and I've been around since day one, so I know everything that's happened. For those of you who siding with him because 'he's changed' or 'he's really trying to be better' or 'he's not a problem,' I'm afraid to say this, but you are being naive. You've been had. Now I'll show you why that's so:
  5. Over two years ago, in March of 2009, I was serving as ex-officio elections officer for the CvP, as our PP at the time was horribly AWOL (that's another story). While I was assisting candidates and trying to arrange for some voters, I helped along an individual named 'Pizza the Hut' in his ill-conceived run in...Utah? Nevada? It doesn't really matter. Needless to say, he was an ebabe and we let him run, though we couldn't afford to provide any support (we had less than 10 votes at the time).
  7. A few weeks later, our PP stepped down and Mattoze5 took over, appointing me as his party VP. During this time period, I took a small leave from my eRep duties because I graduated from college and was in the process of moving out. When I returned, I was surprised to discover I had an assistant VP by the name of Ajay Bruno. I was marginally amused by the antics of this newb player, but he had an enthusiasm our party lacked, so I tolerated it.
  9. After serving as my assistant for about a week or two, I began to receive disturbing reports. Whenever the high ranking members of our party weren't online, I learned, Ajay Bruno would make racist and sexist comments. He would mock people and make hateful statements. I was unsure what to do, as I couldn't verify them myself.
  11. This was when we started the primary for the May '09 POTUS election. Ajay asked to be included, so we did so. I added him onto the ballot. As the person in charge of the primary, I was highly suspicious when over 200 members voted in a primary...especially since many of the voters were dying citizens. I told Mattoze, but he refused to believe Ajay or someone else was tampering with the results unless there was clear evidence.
  13. So, I messaged each and every one of the people who voted to confirm their votes. I finally received a few replies stating that those people hadn't voted. Incidentally, all the suspicious votes were cast for, you guess it, Ajay Bruno. I informed Mattoze, who canceled the primary and endorsed Kyle321n for POTUS. Ajay Bruno then showed my his true face in IRC, so I fired him from his position in the party and banned him from my IRC channel.
  15. In May, he ran for PP of the CvP. We managed to soundly trounce him, and in a huff, he left to form the Conservative Victory Party (CvVP) and took his multis/followers with him. He ran for CP with his party's banner. During this time period, Ajay wrote an open letter to PEACE, asking them to support him in his election in exchange for his support of them over ATLANTIS. Thus, he attempted to sell us out for his own political gain. Therefore, we had no choice but to act once again. I'm not entirely sure who ended up doing it, but in June he lost his own PP election in his own party and, in another huff, stormed off to SAf with a few dozen followers.
  17. Once in South Africa, Ajay Bruno declared himself a representative of the eUSA government participating in an ATO. I myself had moved to eAustralia temporarily and was helping them out with the ATO, as eAus was orchestrating the effort to remove him from eSAf. Ajay impersonated an eUS official and attempted to PTO an allied nation. We defeated him from gaining a majority, but he managed to keep his party alive and managed to take seats in Congress for a number of months.
  19. Then the special project established to seek out and report multis, botfarms, etc, moved against Ajay. After painstakingly collecting tons of data, the reports were given to the admins. On the 18th of whatever month it was, Banhammer Day happened. Ajay Bruno and his multis were eliminated by the admins. His few living, remaining followers languished in SAf, eventually dying off. We had finally won the war against the traitor.
  21. Then, much to all our amusements, a character named Winston Churchill suchandsuch, appeared in the eUK. Easily confirmed as Ajay, we watched with bemused smiles as he attempted to rule the UK. During this time, he was avowedly anti-American, calling for our invasion, destruction, etc. Needless to say, we were not amused by that. Eventually however, the Ajay saga played out as it would and the banhammer came down again, crushing his multi legions in the UK.
  23. We thought it was finally over. Admins were moving quicker against him. Then a few weeks ago, Pizza the Hut moved to Australia, got citizenship and attempted to PTO our Brolliance allies this time. Luckily, our friends down under were more than prepared and throughly crushed his attempt. This was the second time he'd attempted to take over an allied nation, and it was quite disturbing.
  25. Unfortunately, he didn't take the hint. A few weeks later, he returns from Australia, demanding citizenship. IES immediately blacklisted him as a traitor, security risk, multi-cheater, and all around bad person (see: racism, sexism, bad sportsmanship). But an unknown someone tricked one of our Senators into approving him.
  27. Pizza then managed to sneak onto a Congress ballot and get into Congress. He was barred from the forums and threw a fit. He proceeded to use his citizenships for his old cronies and questionable others who suspiciously resembled Hungarians. The next month, he was completely cut off from Congress again. After sneaking some allies onto the ballot, he finally ran off to Montenegro to try and take over that country. Once again, we thought it was over.
  29. But no. Apparently Montenegro wasn't to his liking. Or perhaps they weren't compliant enough with his wishes. For whatever reason, he came back here. He was STILL blacklisted. But a rogue Senator, throwing a fit over having been fired for failing to do his job, approved his citizenship. And back to square one. Pizza the Hut is an illegal immigrant, and as such, he has no legal right to shite in this nation. His citizenship has been obtained through unscrupulous and underhanded means.
  31. Since then he has attempted to worm his way into classified areas. He has attempted to gain access to sensitive areas that he has no right to, and I don't mean just the Congressional boards. For those of you who have spoken to him, and say he's trying to change: You. Have. Been. Had.
  32. He's playing you for saps and you are giving right into his little charade. At the time of this writing, he hasn't been in power for a week yet, and he's already attempting to finagle his way higher up the chain. He's a traitor. He's a cheater. He's here illegally. He's a racist, sexist, bigoted, power-hungry, manipulative, lying, back-stabbing bunghole. I'd give Zoli and Owner access to these areas before I'd give Ajay Bruno access, if it were up to me. When things don't go his way, he asks our enemy to give him help. He's a known PEACE and PHOENIX collaborator. He likes Serbs.
  34. This is not just a 'rant,' as some think. This is a call to keep the 2nd-biggest threat to our security OUT of our government and politics. I've already given Ajay multiple chances, but when things don't go his way even a tiny bit, he lashes out and does irreparable harm. He's driven more people away from the eUS and eRepublik than the lack of hospitals in the wasteland did.
  36. If he doesn't do will this next election, he'll blame all of it on the 'elites' and on the 'people who wish to silence the masses', trust me. He's done it before. I'm still being blamed for 'cheating' him out of his CP run under the CvP after he or his followers cheated to try and win it. Given the chance, Ajay Bruno in whatever form he takes would gladly approve ONE citizenships in exchange for the tiniest hint of power.
  38. And anyone who believes in giving Ajay a 7th chance (for it IS his seventh), he won't change. He can't. Things aren't going to go his way. And that's going to make him revert right to his old habits.
  40. You have been warned. Again.
  42. Footnote: Most of this was originally written many, many months ago after Pizza returned from Australia. As witnesses can testify, my predictions about what would happen were correct to a T. When he got beaten, he flipped a lid, got a bunch of Serbs and Huns US citizenship and eventually ran off. The cycle has started again.
  44. Oh, and if you don't really think all these issues are bad enough, Ajay cannot separate eRepublik from reality. He's actually stalked people in real-life over the shit that happens in this game. One prominent person in my younger days of eRep once told me she was terrified to walk around on campus because of him. There may have been a restraining order involved eventually.
  46. I personally know of at least one other person who quit the game because of threats Ajay made on IRC. Ajay knew where this person lived IRL and could probably have gotten into serious criminal charges over the incidents in question.
  48. He's, quite frankly, delusional and possibly psychotic. Even if he's not, he's crazy enough to actually threaten another human being's health over this retarded game.
  50. You have been warned.
  51. ____
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