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  1. fuzzyizmitToday at 12:23 PM
  2. I have a suspicion it is  just randomly assigning people stuff
  3. shrug
  5. 👁👁D̕ ̡̛́ ̨o҉ ͘͠ ̕ ͟G̡👁👁Today at 12:25 PM
  6. Let's find out
  7. Block of text
  8. "His mind was exaggerating, of course. There weren't THAT many skywalks, but it did mean that if he migrated towards the areas with lots of them, he'd probably find more foot traffic - and more active stores, and more people.
  10. But something else caught his eye.
  12. It was a wall, in the obscure, foggy distance - a wall that stood taller than any but the tallest of the towers. This wall was made of, similar to the rest, stone blocks - but these blocks were just so much larger, each one the size of a small cottage on its own. Strange reddish metal reinforced all of these blocks in an uncomfortably organic pattern that he felt emulated...
  14. "A spiderweb," he whispered, a smile smile touching the corners of his lips.
  16. Once he saw the similiarity, it was less uncomfortable to him and more beautiful. Spiders, he knew, were industrious little friends that worked hard to control insect populations. They were nice little professionals and never really MEANT to harm people... and...
  18. His face fell."
  19. Submitting in a private browsing window with all tracking blocked and no cookies allowed.
  20. First submission: Stephen King
  21. Second Submission: Stephen King
  22. Third submission: Stephen King
  23. Fourth submission: Stephen King
  24. Attempting to add three paragraphs to the start
  25. First modified submission: Dan brown
  26. Dan Brown.
  27. Pasting the entire document if itll let me
  28. First complete submission: agatha christie
  29. Second complete submission: Agatha Christie
  30. Removing a single word from a random paragraph now, with each following submission.
  31. Sub 1: Aggy
  33. fuzzyizmitToday at 12:29 PM
  34. You should submit a passage from Stephen King etc to see if it spits out the right author
  36. 👁👁D̕ ̡̛́ ̨o҉ ͘͠ ̕ ͟G̡👁👁Today at 12:29 PM
  37. Sub 2: Aggy
  38. I will in a moment
  39. Sub 3: Aggy
  40. Sub4 : aggy.
  41. Attempting pargraph pasting from author
  42. Excerpt from Stephen King's Cell pasted
  43. Result
  44. Sub 1 Stephen King
  45. Sub 2 Stephen King
  46. Sub 3: Stephen king
  47. Sub 4: Stephen king
  48. Removing one line with each following submission
  49. 1: stephen king
  50. 2: Stephen King
  51. 3: David Foster Wallace
  52. 4: David Foster Wallace
  53. This was a three paragraph submission.
  54. It appears with a large enough sample size that the algorithm at work is approximately congruent submission to submission given that the submissions are the same. This could be for a lot of reasons, but the least paranoid reason is that it's actually employing an algorithm.
  55. Ultimately, one should note this is a statistical analysis based on word usage, and not on structure, grammar competency, paragraph length, writing style or anything else. '
  56. It does, in fact, seem to require a large sample size for high accuracy. Removal of lines from the final test resulted in congruency failure in the final two submissions due to inadequate length.
  57. So, as far as my small test goes
  58. I'd say it isn't random, it's making use specifically of an algorithm that counts the times each word used is used, and forms a list of all words used. IT then compares this matrix to the matrix of a famous author based on analysis done by other people (it was a thing for a bit to do stuff like form a word density map and number of different words used for authors, songs, etc and is now quite easy with digital sources and google's own tools) in order to determine a level of congruency. Once it compares YOUR matrix to the matrices of all of the authors in its database
  59. It spits out the author whose matrix is most congruent to your own.
  60. exhales
  61. I hope that was interesting.
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