Chiming Bell Partial Translation (38-END)

Jun 21st, 2018
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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Chapter 38
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. Yachiyo attacks Corbeau, who seems to be enjoying the pain at first. She quickly loses her composure after Yachiyo continues to attack her. Riz joins in and attacks Corbeau from the shadows, creating an opening for Tart to enter Orleans.
  7. Yachiyo tells Iroha to go with her. Corbeau doesn't intend to let them go that easily and summons knight familiars to block their way. Iroha asks if Tart can't just defeat them all at once with her magic. She can't because her attacks will also harm the people of Orleans. Iroha wonders how they'll be able to make it through. Just then, Melissa shows up.
  9. >Melissa: Tart!
  10. >La Hire: Leave the monsters to us!
  11. >Tart: Melissa, and La Hire-sama!
  13. Gilles is there too. He says their forces will group together and break through the surrounding enemies. Corbeau is displeased by their appearance and summons even more enemies.
  14. Yachiyo's surprised that the enemies keep multiplying and Cube explains that the barrier forming the dream itself is creating them. Thus, Corbeau can keep summoning them without using any magic herself.
  16. >"Don't give up!"
  18. >Iroha: Eh...?
  19. >Charles: The "maiden" and her allies! We shall assist you!
  20. >Tart: ...The crown prince Charles!?
  21. >Melissa: The crown prince himself is going to the front lines?
  22. >Corbeau: You're just a human, don't underestimate me!
  23. >Charles: Guhh! I won't move! I am one who has been saved by the "maiden"...! If I don't repay my debts to her here, when will I ever be able to!? Onward, let's open a way through!
  25. >Soldiers: Oooooohhh!
  27. >Familiars: rRrRRRR!? RRR!?
  29. Riz and Corbeau are both stunned that they managed to break through the enemy front. Gilles orders La Hire to take his men and secure the way inside. La Hire consents and tells Melissa to stay by his side. Melissa agrees and as she leaves, she tells everyone to win, no matter what. Tart thanks her. Gilles orders all remaining armies to protect La Hire's group. He informs Charles that he'll borrow his men.
  30. Charles allows him to do so and tells them to fight to the end. Seeing this, Corbeau tells them not to get carried away. She can easily handle small fry like them by herself. Tart tells her that she knows and that they can't just ignore her. The magical girls will all defeat Corbeau together. She asks Iroha, Yachiyo and Riz to lend her their strength. They all agree to do so.
  32. >Tart: I won't be overcome with despair anymore. So... let's fight together. For the sake of a future with light!
  34. The girls team up against Corbeau.
  36. >Iroha: Eeeeeeiiiya!
  37. >Yachiyo: Haaaaah!
  38. >Corbeau: GU...GUHaaaAAAa!
  39. >Riz: Holding back against this opponent won't work...
  40. >Corbeau: What's with...this shadow!? ...My body won't, move!?
  41. >Riz: Now, Tart! Everyone, move away!
  42. >Tart: Yes... here I go! LA LUMIERE!
  44. >Corbeau: ----!?
  45. >Iroha: We did it...!
  46. >Melissa: Tart, Iroha-san! Over here! Now you can enter the city of Orleans!
  47. >Tart: Iroha-san...!
  48. >Riz: Iroha, I'm leaving Tart to you!
  49. >Iroha: Understood!
  50. >Melissa: Please come with me and my father...!
  52. After the girls and La Hire leave, Riz and Yachiyo are the only ones left in front of Orleans.
  54. >Corbeau: ...huff...huff...Sorry, but I'm still...alive, you know?
  55. >Riz: ...We knew. Since it seemed like you avoided a direct hit.
  56. >Yachiyo: Tart left, Corbeau. The "dream" is coming to an end.
  57. >Riz: Although I'm sure you're going to say that you'll fight us anyway.
  58. >Corbeau: Kuku...hahahaha! YOU GET IT, DON'T YOU!? BLACK ONE!
  60. Meanwhile, inside Orleans...
  62. >La Hire: Haaaaaah!
  63. >Familiar: rRRRRrrrrrrrR!!?
  64. >Melissa: The obstacles are gone now!
  65. >Iroha: Tart-san! The bellhouse is over there!
  66. >Tart: Let's go...!
  69. >Cube: If she rings the bell, the Tart in the real world will start to wake up. When she completely wakes up, "dream France" will disappear and our memories of this dream will probably gradually fade away.
  70. >Melissa: Yes...Angel-sama. Iroha-san... Thank you for saving Tart.
  73. >Iroha: We've finally arrived at the bellhouse.
  74. >Tart: Yes... Iroha-san, I
  75. >Iroha: Yes...?
  76. >Tart: In this dream I've been through a lot but...I also think I'm very glad to have met you, Iroha-san!
  77. >Iroha: T, That's!
  78. >Tart: I'm certain. Since I've watched you fight so hard for the sake of the future, Iroha-san, there's no mistake...!
  81. >"I lost my beloved younger sister after my hometown was attacked."
  82. >"I didn't want anyone to experience this sadness anymore..."
  83. >"That's why I became a magical girl."
  84. >"Wishing for the power to bring light to France...!"
  87. >Tart: Even after I wake up from this dream, I want to keep fighting to bring light to this country, while believing in the wish...the vow I made back then!
  88. >Iroha: Yes!
  89. >Tart: And...I'm certain I won't forget Iroha-san and Yachiyo-san!
  90. >Iroha: Me too, Tart-san!
  91. >Tart: Thank you...! Now, let's ring the bell together.
  92. >Iroha: Together...? Is that okay?
  93. >Tart: Please, I insist!
  95. They ring the bell together.
  97. >Melissa: Oh, this sound...
  98. >Cube: Tart is ringing the bell.
  99. >Melissa: ...Angel-sama. I'm...sleepy............
  101. >Yachiyo: The nightmare...ends here!
  102. >Corbeau: Guh. Not yet, not yet, I won't let it en... Ugghh!
  103. >Riz: You might be my enemy, but I'm impressed by your persistence.
  104. >Yachiyo: Iroha, you're not done yet? Even we can't hold out much longer... This sound!
  105. >Riz: Looks like Tart and Iroha succeeded in entering!
  106. >Corbeau: Tch...I have to leave the stage now? Let's finish this, at the real fort Tourelles!
  108. >Yachiyo: ...This is goodbye for us too.
  109. >Riz: Yes. The next time we wake up, this dream will be over. Although I'm sure that even after you wake up from your dream, your fight will go on.
  110. >Yachiyo: Best of luck, Riz.
  111. >Riz: Thank you, Yachiyo. I'm glad I met you both.
  114. >Iroha: Oh, this feeling...! Looks like it's time to say good-bye already!
  115. >Tart: It's sad, but let's part ways with a smile. For the sake of each of our futures...!
  116. >Iroha: Yes!
  118. There's a bright light.
  120. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  123. Chapter 39
  124. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  126. Iroha: ......? Is this...dream...France? ...Wait...what was that...? ...Oh!
  129. Yachiyo: ...Are you awake?
  130. Iroha: Yachiyo-san! Um...what about the candles? Tart-san...
  131. Yachiyo: Candles...Tart? What are you talking about?
  132. Iroha: Eh...! Did you forget?
  133. Yachiyo: It's a joke. I remember it clearly.
  134. Iroha: That's a relief...
  136. Felicia: Oh, Iroha, you woke up! Over here everything's gone back to normal!
  137. Sana: The sun's come out too, like it's supposed to...!
  138. Iroha: I'm glad...
  139. Felicia: Okay, now let's go!
  140. Yachiyo: Go where?
  141. Felicia: Meat! Let's go buy some thick meat!
  142. Yachiyo: Okay, we get it already. In the evening let's go together.
  143. Felicia: Yessss---! I'm gonna be happy tonight--!
  146. Iroha: Yachiyo-san.
  147. Yachiyo: What is it?
  148. Iroha: After Tart-san woke up from her dream, did they win the battle at that fort...?
  149. Yachiyo: Shall we look it up in a history book? Before our memories disappear...
  150. Iroha: ...Yes!
  153. <1429 May 7th
  154. Outskirts of Orleans, Fort Tourelles>
  156. <These are the records of the "real world" emancipation of Orleans, where Jeanne D'arc[1] fought, after waking up from "dream France"...>
  157. <Jeanne has already entered Orleans through the gates of Burgundy...>
  158. <And as a matter of fact, Fort Tourelles was the opposing England forces' only foothold left...>
  161. Gilles: "Now, go! Men of valor, gathered under the colors of the saint! If the enemies at this fort Tourelles surrenders, then our dearest wish to free Orleans will come true!"
  163. Soldiers: UOOOOOOOHHHH--!
  164. Soldiers: GUH!
  166. Gilles: What the... that's!
  167. Riz: She's here.
  168. Tart: England's magical girl...
  169. Corbeau: Fufufu... I'm Corbeau. To put it simply... I'M YOUR ENEMY!
  172. Corbeau: one. Seems like I'll have more fun with you than the spineless Saint-sama.
  175. Riz: Guh...!
  176. Tart: Riz! Uwaaah!!
  177. Riz: Tart...
  178. Corbeau: Be a good little girl and watch from there. First, I'll turn the Saint-sama into a bloodbath before your very eyes.
  179. Riz: You bastard! My body... won't move...
  180. Corbeau: Now, Saint-sama. I'll finish you off right n...
  181. La Hire: As if I'd let you!!
  182. Corbeau: YOU MERE HUMAN! You keep out of this!!
  183. La Hire: Guh...haaa!
  184. Melissa: Father! Fatherr!!
  185. Riz: Oh no! Melissa!!
  186. Melissa: Eh?
  188. Melissa: T...Tart.
  189. Tart: I'm relieved. You'
  192. <At that moment, light...>
  193. <"Hope" was defeated>
  195. "Tart! Tart!!"
  196. "At this rate, Tart and Father will both...!!"
  198. Riz: defending...Melissa, she...
  199. Corbeau: There's nothing to be sad about. I'll send you right after her soon too...
  201. <Then, a miracle happened>
  202. <Along with the birth of the third magical girl Melissa...>
  204. Riz: Tart!
  205. Tart: My wounds...have healed?
  206. Riz: Did Melissa's wish...heal you? She managed to heal both of your fatal wounds... Melissa...why?
  207. Melissa: Because I thought that the path that Tart is taking...will become the light of hope for everyone in this country!
  208. Tart: Melissa, Riz. The enemy is still...!
  209. Riz: You're right.
  210. Melissa: Yes...!
  214. Melissa: No matter what fate awaits us from here on...I will also fight alongside you as a magical girl!
  217. <1429 May 7th
  218. Fort Tourelles fell>
  220. <The next day, England abandoned Orleans.
  221. Here, Jeanne D'arc's efforts became the emancipation of Orleans>
  223. <The poet from the same era, Christine de Pisan [2] wrote in his poem, "Ditie de Jehanne d'Arc" >
  224. < "Now in 1429 the sun began to shine..." >
  227. Iroha: I'm glad...! Tart-san brought light back to France...just as she wished for!
  228. Yachiyo: Yes, that's right. If what Cube said is true, then it seems like we'll slowly forget about Tart and the others but...that's a bit sad, isn't it?
  229. Iroha: ...You're right. Huh...? Yachiyo-san...the art of the "maiden" in this old book!
  231. Yachiyo: Wha, this is...! The ones standing next to Jeanne d'arc
  232. Iroha: Yes, I think these are our magical girl forms...
  233. Yachiyo: I'm certain...that event was the cause of this.
  236. "Don't fear, soldiers!"
  237. "The will of heaven has once again come down to us!"
  238. "Together with the "maiden" acknowledged by God and..."
  239. "The new two saints!"
  242. Yachiyo: I'm sure Tart remembered what happened in the dream
  243. Iroha: And told someone, right?
  246. Tart: I'm certain I won't forget Iroha-san and Yachiyo-san!
  247. Iroha: Me too, Tart-san!
  248. Tart: Thank you...!
  251. Yachiyo: Well, I don't think anyone else will realize that it's us, but...
  252. Iroha: It is a bit embarrassing, huh.
  253. Yachiyo: Not "a bit".
  256. Yachiyo: ...So, well, for a while humanity came dangerously close to becoming extinct.
  257. Mitama: ...I'm sorry. I'll take responsibility and dispose of this book and the candles! ...I've taught you two such a terrible charm.
  258. Iroha: Ah, no. The ones with the shady circumstances were the antique candles.
  259. Yachiyo: It seemed like the charm itself was harmless.
  260. Mitama: Oh that's a relief! Just what I expected from an ancient charm that was popular in France around Jeanne d'Arc's era!
  261. Yachiyo: Eh...!?
  262. Iroha: Jeanne d'Arc?
  263. Mitama: That's right.
  264. Yachiyo: Hey, does that mean we taught Melissa the charm inside the dream, and that even after she woke up, she vaguely remembered it and spread it around to everyone...?
  265. Iroha: Eeeh? But... you might be right... Since our forms were also left in the art.
  266. Yachiyo: The part about using red and blue candles is a bit too specific too.
  267. Iroha: So then, it's just like you thought and we really did make it popular?
  268. Yachiyo: Seems that way...
  269. Iroha: Ah, but...huh? Wait a second, I'm getting confused...!
  270. Yachiyo: What's wrong?
  271. Iroha: see... the charm we mentioned became popular in Tart-san's era...and Mitama-san learned about the charm and then taught us...then the ones who learned the charm --us-- told Melissa-san about it...Doesn't it go right back to the beginning?
  272. Yachiyo: True.
  273. Iroha: Then, who thought of this charm? Everyone who appeared was just playing a game of telephone[3], right?
  274. Yachiyo: True...also, that book didn't have anything written in it about how to line up the candles. Everyone just told each other what they heard...A charm that no one really came up with themselves went around in circles.................Could it be...We were running around in a panic over history potentially changing, but I wonder if it was all determined from the beginning, including the fact that everything would turn out okay?
  275. Iroha: Now that you mention it, I get that feeling too...
  276. Yachiyo: Cube said it too...
  279. Cube: Actually you two could be the ones tasked with saving France?
  282. Iroha: Ah, but... what about the art in that book? Wasn't the art with us drawn in it because we changed the past?
  283. Yachiyo: ...Who knows? It could be that the art was there, even before we lit the candles, and we just didn't know about it...?
  284. Iroha: ...................
  285. Yachiyo: .......................Let's stop thinking about things we don't understand...
  286. Mitama: ......?
  290. La Fin (THE END)
  293. ~*
  295. [1]= Should've made this point sooner, but Jeanne d'Arc = Joan of Arc. I blame Fate.
  296. [2]= Full poem can be found here:
  297. [3]= Telephone, grapevine, etc, see here if you don't know what she's talking about:
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