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  1. I just went on a coder binge listening to the last 3 episodes today, and I like how the show fluctuates between the fun and the serious aspects of work and business. I also appreciate how Mike lays out his opinions in and unapologetic but respectful way. Keep up the good work.
  3. My dilemma is this:
  5. My 10-year-old son has a strong interest in coding and computers. He's worked with Scratch on a Raspberry Pi, but he quickly became bored with the limitations of that system. I've tried to introduce him to Python since it has a reputation of being beginner friendly. However, I simply don't know enough about coding to teach him anything useful. It's a classic example of the blind leading the blind.
  7. What he really wants is an IDE and language with a visual interface and syntax similar to the Scratch IDE, but with a bit more versatility. The elementary school keeps recommending Swift, but my son has had a legit hatred for Apple because he, "can't open up their machines to see how they work." He would prefer to continue using Linux, but he's not opposed Windows either. What are your thoughts/recommendations?
  9. Thanks for the great show and for all the love y'all have shown to my home state of Texas recently. You're always welcome here, and we hope to see more of the JB crew down here in the future.
  11. Sincerely,
  13. Doug
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