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Jun 1st, 2015
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  1. Okay gamers here's some freakin' good addons
  3. - 800+ addon pack.
  4. - A nice repository of Vanilla and TBC addons.
  5. - Mangos website's addon section, found a few here that I couldn't find in other places.
  6. - Similar to the first link, only you can browse the addons in the pack before you download.
  8. Here are two addons people always ask about, I'll throw these in here too:
  9. - LunaUnitFrames, a good unit frame bar.
  10. - Questie, a questhelper for Vanilla
  12. If all else fails, try google or search the Feenix forums. There are plenty of recent addons made for vanilla by people playing on private servers.
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