Chapter 2: Once upon a time in Russian-occupied Russia

Dec 28th, 2018
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  1. -Weekly news, shortly about most important: new main shareholder of OilProm held press-conference. Trixie Lulamoon, female alien of 26 years old, considers her acquisition “good luck” and hopes to use her new business for not only profit and influence, but for establishing Russian-Equestrian trade in interest of peace between two nations.
  2. -Another news: negotiations between Novorossiya and-*another channel*-
  3. -”You understand that if she used opportunity to escape ceasefire would be broken?”
  4. -Minister of IA: “As our collegues in Equestrian Embassy understood that too, we believe that they wouldn’t allow her to do so if she ever dared.”
  5. -“And what makes you believe---”*Another channel*
  6. -It is “Right to vote”, as we return after ad, our expert has something to say. Georgiy, what it means for Russia?
  7. -“Well, firstly, I believe… no, it proves that leftists were wrong in stigmatizing “alien package” as “Legalization of slavery”. I don’t remember any slave that owned one of the major companies of any country.”
  8. -But what about, for example, Savva Morozov? He fas owner of textile company even before he bought himself out of presc---
  10. >As TV turned off, chair turned back to me, with my coordinator in it, gazing at me through his glasses.
  11. >”We will buy out Company in a week, thanks to your leak of staff’s personal data.”
  12. >He knows. He definitely knows.
  13. “I *gulp* I am happy to hear that.”
  14. >”And when the second part of merger will go through?”
  15. “I think… in a month?”
  16. >”A lot of stuff can happen in a month.”
  17. >He definitely knows.
  18. >”You are working not only for profit, but also for good of your country. For peace. And that is admirable. I hope you will continue this path.”
  19. “W-what do you mean?”
  20. >”When we get major in OilProm and merge, no American politic would dare to push against country, in which Exile has such huge presence, don’t you think so?”
  21. So, that is how it is?
  22. “It is reasonable to assume so.”
  23. >I guess that is why they gave me so much freedom of actions.
  24. >Because there is no. Because it is simply unreasonable to disobey them.
  25. >”But thst ltgend you pushed to other participants… It is interesting one. I assume some major forces would work for that legend to actually come true.”
  26. “Oh, there sure are some!”
  27. >”I believe you already dealt with them personally?”
  28. “Yes, but… I don’t believe they are stupid. They should understand too that integrating magic in industry and military will take too much time and resources.”
  29. >”Good point, but some consider these portals as emergency exits for worst case scenario. With that in mind, those forces have much less to lose.”
  30. >And you will make sure that for not succeeding everyone will pat, too?
  31. >”I hope we understand each other.”
  32. >High demand of oil, military contracts… Opportunity of monopolization major field in our region is the only thing that holds them from lobbying start of world war. War we have no chance of winning.
  33. >Yes, we understand each other.
  34. “So, let me clear this out. I just wanted to change the workplace, and now from it depends-“
  35. >”Future of the world? Yes.”
  36. >I laughed. I couldn’t hold it. I couldn’t get how long it was. I just couldn’t accept the reality.
  37. >Because it wasn’t looking as reality. Why I am always so deep in shit?
  38. >And more importantly - can it be any lower?
  39. >”So, you have your project. And you have six weeks to finish it.”
  40. >World has six weeks. Or, at least, Russia.
  41. >Thanks, ponies. You are welcome. And thanks me.
  43. >As I was driving The Ring in circles, considering my options, suicide including, morning slowly freed its place for a noon.
  44. >Casino always wins. And for me, the game was rigged from the start.
  45. *I am an alien. Nobody wanna-*
  46. “Yes, Trixie?”
  47. >”Shithead, where are you? Narrow eyed fucks are already wai- Oh, looks like they heard me saying it. Vasya, how do you say “sorry” on their language?”
  48. >At least she is racist to all humans, not just Asians. But I don’t think such explanation would do any better.
  49. “So, any updates?”
  50. >”Well, since you warned me about how much OilProm is involved in ukrani-“
  51. “Without sarcasm, please.”
  52. >“Long story short, we have three days to decide what to do with their debt to us, or it will simply be cancelled.”
  53. “Wait, they cannot just cancel their… Ugh, I will be there soon.”
  54. >”Don’t forget equestrian campaign too.”
  55. >How could I? I mean, it is not like it was shadow topic of conversation that will not let me sleep at least a week.
  57. >As I levitated glass from my mouth, I had to clear this out.
  58. “So, Anon, you say that ponies leaking information and working with OCGs, as well as just being as slave labor, or some other grey scheme - all of his was probably plan of the military?
  59. >”Well, they aren’t idiots, and you noticed how much power they have, so… yes.”
  60. >I refilled glass with whiskey.
  61. “I don’t get it.”
  62. >”Well, they kinda stage a coup half of year before by leaks and toying with big companies…”
  63. ”Okay, but that is the past. What would they get from such radical measures nowadays?”
  64. >”Who knows. Maybe they just wanted to save their money and get some more?”
  65. “Yeah, you, humans, could do anything for your bank account… But they hold most important captives, right?”
  66. >”Of course. How could it be else?”
  67. >I took a sip.
  68. “So I was not important to them.”
  69. >”Are you jelaous?”
  70. >As I performed my famous nervous laugh, Vasya stormed in, grabbing bottle from my levitational field and drinking right out of it.
  71. “Maybe you will knock before running into my office?”
  72. >He took a quick breath.
  73. >”Shut up, I bought you.”
  74. “And I employ you.”
  75. >But he didn’t hear , he continued to drink. Anon got worried.
  76. >”Vasya, what the fuck is wrong?”
  77. >Vasya loudly stomped almost empty bottle back on the table.
  78. >”Well, I just was reminded on how I love living in country ready to face at least two wars, each of which can end with our total annihilation.”
  79. >”Vasya, relax. You never liked politics, why you suddenly-“
  80. >”Have you looked out of the window?”
  81. >Now, I moved to one nearby and took a glance out of it.
  82. “What, Center? Look, even I already used to this sight.”
  83. >”No, idiots, there!”
  84. >Vasya pointed somewhere near Frunzenskaya.
  85. >”Do you see troops?”
  86. >”Well, I heard about lefties having another protest there, so what?”
  87. > Vasya widened his eyes.
  88. >”So what? It is first time in six months militaary drive tanks to protests.”
  89. > And how could we, or he for that matter, see it at such distance?
  90. “Wait, you drove nearby this place?”
  91. >”Eureka, Scherlock fucking Holmes! And guess what lefties protest about?”
  92. >For some reason, I knew where this is going.
  93. ”Us?”
  94. >”Bingo. Now, that is good public image for company to start with - ponies got tired of stealing Russian lives and started stealing Russian jobs and companies.”
  95. “Fuck you too, Anon, it was your idea.”
  96. >”I know, right?”
  97. ”Wait, does it mean that officials… support our actions?”
  98. >Two monkeys gave me strange glance.
  99. “I mean, they kinda drove tanks against those who protest against us, so-“
  100. >”She has a point.”
  101. >As Anon approved my idea, Vasya looked at both of us, shook his head and suddenly finished the bottle.
  102. >”Also, I dealt with Chinese. Thanks to Trixie, it was pretty hard to do.
  103. >I let out gasp.
  104. ”Okay, so, with that talked through, did we get any new ponies?”
  105. >Two monkey again strangely glanced at me.
  106. >”Right… Who is going to ride to Marinovsky?”
  107. >”I believe the one who worked with him the longest.”
  109. >Being a good vassal, I followed all formalities before coming to Marinovsky, such as collecting monthly “taxes” and buying his favorite sort of coffee. So, now, when I was in his home, breathing his air and using his time, I wanted to go straight to business.
  110. >Yet, Marinovsky had personal time, so that meant no one could hold him from simple joys of life.
  111. >I joined him in kitchen, while he was preparing some meal. He never lets any servant to cook his Saturday dinner, only allowing them to help with minor stuff. So, while some pony rolled meatballs on panirole, Marinovsky was watching for soba.
  112. >He wasn’t used to complex dishes, so it was never pain in the ass for him. I, meanwhile, decided to help with the salad.
  113. “So, about that offer-“
  114. >”Anon, what you ask me for is not something I can be sure of.”
  115. “So since when you are not sure in me?”
  116. >Marinovsky took meatballs from pony and swiftly placed them on heated pan.
  117. >”Since Trixie got some scars. Not all of them are old enough to not connect them with you.”
  118. “Look, I thought we already went through it. She agreed herself.”
  119. >After rotating meatballs, some heated oil flew on his arms, for Marinovsky to drop the heading of the pan with anger.
  120. >”If you offer freedom, she would even agree to blew you off or anything you name. Out of all people, you know this for sure.”
  121. >That is a good point. Or would be, at least, if Marinovsky hadn’t sexually abused ponies himself.
  122. >I, meanwhile, just made her lose some- No, it was Vasya, not me.
  123. >Thinking about it, I should get my washed carpets on my way back.
  124. “So, you don’t want them neither free nor succeeding?”
  125. >”I don’t want them to be hurt. And you want slave labor.”
  126. “A paid one, at least. And goal they can be proud of.”
  127. >”Why would they need payment if I already grant them whatever they need?
  128. >I don’t think they need your dick. but… Why I became vassal of horsefucker in first place?
  129. >As I finished with salad, meatballs were ready. He took pan aside, pulled out turka and coffee I brought, as well as blazer. Marinovsky poured coffee beans in it and few moments later it was hard to hear anything.
  130. >Even if his dishes were average at best, he treated them himself as some art, and no one would dare to say otherwise. Me including.
  131. “Well, what about their opinion?”
  132. >”What?”
  133. >Pony, that was pretending all this time to not hear us, gave me worried glance as she put food on dishes.
  134. >Blazer stopped.
  135. “I say, what about their opinion?”
  136. >Marynovsky froze for a second, looking at milk in the fridge he opened, and proceed, moving it to the table and pouring grinded beans in turka.
  137. >”You know what? Let’s check it. Dust!
  138. >Green pegasus with lightning tattoed on her butt turned to us, standing sharp as string.
  139. >”How can I serve you, Master?”
  140. >Is it her words, or Marinovsky “taught” her to act like that?
  141. >Thinking about it, I don’t want to know the answer.As well as which answer is worse.
  142. >”I sell you to this guy.”
  143. >Her face suddenly changed.
  144. >”Have I wronged you, Master?”
  145. >Marinovsky gave a snark.
  146. >”You see?”
  147. >Of course, you fuck brainwashed them! Or hooked on drugs! Or… Oh, who am I kidding.
  148. “Dust, Right?”
  149. >She turned to me.
  150. >”Yes, master?”
  151. “No “masters” please. Do you want to serve or do you want to get honest work for a living?”
  152. >She thought for a moment.
  153. >”Well, if there will be not too much clients, then yes.”
  154. “What are- Oh, no, not prostitution. Weather control. Moving clouds, forcing them to dissasamble, all your pony stuff. You see, such things can save us tons of money.”
  155. >”I will… fly?”
  156. “Yes, you will.”
  157. >”Thank you, Master.”
  158. “I said, no-“
  159. >I noticed she wasn’t talking with me.
  160. >”Thank you for selling me, Master! But what about others?”
  161. >Marinovsky had little of good traits. One of them was loyalty to his own word.
  162. >”I think we can find a common terms on each individual. Except my shining star Rarity, of course.”
  164. >So, minus Rarity, minus disabled ones, since we had no use for them, it was 11 ponies. And four of them were in my car.
  165. > As they whispered some horselanguage, I was calling number of Trixie.
  166. >”Hello”
  167. >Yet it was someone else to answer.
  168. “Vasya, is that you? Where is Trixie?”
  169. >Ponies shut up. Looks like they remembered this name.
  170. >”Well, she… We are at vet clinic. She lost consciousness.”
  171. >Just the right time.
  172. ”The same one?”
  173. >”Yes. Don’t worry, e-“
  174. >As I hanged, I turned to backseats.
  175. “Now, if I remember correctly, one of you is medic. Which one of you?”
  176. >”I. I medic.”
  177. >Just what I wanted. White earthpony hardly knew Russian.
  178. “Okay, someone explain to her that she gets to the job the moment I stop the car.”
  179. >_____________________<
  180. >As we got to place, i and my newly acquired ponies stormed in vet clinic, searching for Vasya. He and Trixie stood in hall, talking to vet and clarifying some documents. When she turned to us, anger disfigered her face, even more than newly acquired scar nearby ear.
  181. >"Why the fuck you bought defectors, Anon?"
  182. >I honestly didn't know what to answer.
  183. "And how much of them are... "defectors"?"
  184. >"Every one of them except Derpy."
  185. >Now she means-
  186. >"Gray pegasus."
  187. >Vasya, as he signed something, turned from vet, who quickly get back in his office, adressed Trixie.
  188. >"If I remember correctly from what Anon said, in Embassy you yourself-"
  189. >"I just used opportunity to badmouth high command. I didn't really mean it."
  190. >Meanwhile, normal clients with their children looked in awe on us.
  191. "Wait, is this- Trixie, what happened? I heard you just fell uncincious."
  192. >Unicorn eased up, changing angerr for uncertainity.
  193. >"It was sudden weakness. I guess human painkillers give random side effects if you use magic during their effect."
  194. "Painkillers? I thought all your wounds are treated and healing already."
  195. >"Well, i performed an unlucky stretch of muscles, and Vasya made wound kinda- we restiched it already, so don't worry."
  196. >As Vasya took most of new ponies back in car, there in hall only me, Trixie and Red Heart were left.
  197. >"So, what i work here?"
  198. >Trixie snarked at Red Heart andsaid retorted with something in Equestrian, as Red Heart frowned. Though it looks like unicorn got used to russian, since in between words she said "Ebannaya pacifistka".
  199. "So, since we are here, let's get something going."
  200. >"What do you mean?"
  201. >Before she could ask again, i already stormed in vet's office. There was one thing Vasya wanted to do in case we find pony medic. Some woman sat inside, with dog on her lap, and vet behind the desk looked at me with irritation.
  202. >"Wait in line! And Trixie, i thought we cleared the documents."
  203. >Without flinching, Unicorn played along from the get-go.
  204. >"I am here with bussiness offer, but i can leave any moment you want."
  205. >My school. Vet glanced at Trixie only to turn back to woman and pleasantly ask her to wait outside. As door closed, he raised his voice.
  206. >"So what is the offer?"
  207. >"Anon, speak."
  208. "Gladly. From now on you work for OilProm."
  209. >Vet obiously had not unlimited patience.
  210. >"What the fu-"
  211. "Do you want a Nobel Prize?"
  212. >He shut up. So i quickly pointed at Red Heart.
  213. "Here I have one. On alien medical treatment."
  214. >Now he wondered.
  215. >"Can you start from the beginning?"
  216. "Khem-khem. We will found daughter charity programm on helping veterans. Catch is, not only human ones. Any pony own- caretaker would be able to take it to us for provision of medical or psychological care. You will be one of the workers."
  217. >As vet started consulting with his contious on the offer, Trixie gave me a sign, as i bend to her, she whispered.
  218. >"This is stupid. I mean, how this business going to be profitable? Who gonna take ponies to us?"
  219. >I whispered back.
  220. "Well, firstly, not all humans are shitty. Second, who cares if it will give us tax cuts?"
  221. >As she stumbled for a moment, Unicorn decided to speak up.
  222. >"And if that bitch will be of no use, you will be allowed to make autopsy of her."
  223. >For some reason, it became deciding factor.
  224. >"It is the deal! I agree, but next time don't scare my clients."
  225. >As I gave him adress and number, we went out. Some little girl in hall saw us and turned to her mother.
  226. >"Is that unicorn from TV?"
  227. >"It looks so, my honey."
  228. >"Can i ride her?"
  229. >Of course, Trixie got irritated that girl didn't consider her own consent to take into account.
  230. >"No you fucking don't!"
  231. >Before Unicorn even finished her sentance, mother covered ears of her naive daughter, so we proceeded out of the clinic in silence. Only for Red Heart to wonder.
  232. >"What is... autopsy?"
  234. >Three days later, we had 12 aliens. Magic compartment was directly under Trixie, composed of two unicorns and some engineers. Weather compartment, composed of three pegases and other engineers and ecologists, was placed on the same floor.
  235. >Still, we had no idea on what to do with earthponies. As well as with others, since any idea those compartments came up with haven’t even got to final presentation. It was management issue, and it is obvious who it was up to solve it. Like overseeing Far Eastern projects wasn’t enough for me.
  236. >I honestly don’t understand these aliens. Neither grants, nor promises of additional days off, nor new coffee machine have changed their productivity. And deadline is this week.
  237. >After another sleepless night, I compiled all documents needed for today for our projects with chinese, while pouring energy drink down the throat and warming it up by cup of coffee. As my heart rushed to final stop, Trixie went in without knocking.
  238. >“Bad day, isn’t it?”
  239. “Oh no, fucking perfect one. Ponies do nothing, engineers can’t understand shit they explain about magic, we are near deadline, and, by the way, I bet no one cared enough to solve Ukrainian problem.”
  240. >“Actually, I cared. We sold their debt to ICB. Half-price, but at least we got something out of it.”
  241. >Now, I haven’t misheard it?
  242. “Wait, is that- you did it yourself?”
  243. >”Well, Maria made most of the talking.”
  244. >Since cup of coffee wasn’t empty, I quickly fixed it, despite complaints of my circulatory system. Looks like Ukraine became total bitch of ICB. They cannot dodge debt to them, unlike to us, especially considering how much they owed them before. Still, since there is big possibility world is going to end anyway, if I go with our plan, for example, I think it will not make it any worse for them.
  245. “Okay, but what about these lazy fucks?
  246. >”Mind your language! They are my kind! They are my… lazy fucks.”
  247. “Thinking about it, what differs you from them?”
  248. >She smirked.
  249. >“Well, I am not traitor pacifist, for a start.”
  250. “Trixie, enough of that. How can we get them to work?”
  251. >Trixie stumbled for a moment.
  252. >”You still haven’t promised them freedom because you cannot guarantee it?”
  253. “Well, yeah. In your situation I had ability to be honest, with them… I don’t think they will take excuses, and I like keeping on promises.”
  254. >”Maybe… I know this is strange coming from me, but who fucking cares? They are slaves, you can quickly shut their badmouthing about you if they figure lies out. Plus, we can make them work by force…”
  255. >Is it her thoughts about those ponies or about human treatment in general?
  256. >“So, what should I offer them?”
  257. >”Promise them freedom. That what made me tick and that what will make them as well.”
  258. “And why would they believe us?”
  259. >”Well, I somehow believed you.”
  260. >So she already does not believe this idea?
  261. >“But seriously, haven’t they watched the news about us?”
  262. “Well, no, but I told them about that.”
  263. >Trixie glanced at me.
  264. >“Are you serious? I mean, they don’t need best knowledge of Russian to be exposed to the power of TV influence. They get money for brainwashing, after all.”
  265. >Considering that most of our ponies are collaborators, they will buy “Peaceful Russia” agenda. Thinking about it, we should revive old slogan. “Oilprom. Dreams come true.”
  266. >Also, we should think about target audience. Of course, we don’t need coverage to affect those who actually buys oil and gas, but what we can do is to affect those who has aliens. We can make them come to us instead of us searching for them.
  267. >And a lot of ponies have been bought out cheap at first wave by soldiers and officers. Yet they were not the only one.
  268. --
  269. >Usually I was the one making commands to ponies, yet this one I was asked to act merely as translator of speeches.
  270. >Meeting is coming to the end, so I levitated the mouse, changing slides in accordance to my…well, not mine… speech.
  271. “My friends, I gathered you since time is pressing, and our progress is of utmost need. We work here for common goal. Could anyone tell me what it is?”
  272. >“Your profits.”
  273. >That lame remark belonged to polamore, that Manehattan bitch.
  274. >“Peace?”
  275. >That one belonged to Red Heart.
  276. “Yes, my friends, but…”
  277. >Okay, fuck this prewritten shit. I am owner of this fucking company, so I can do whatever I want.
  278. “No, actually all of this is bullshit. We work here for our freedom.”
  279. >Polamore gave a quick laugh.
  280. >“And how you imagine that?”
  281. “Well, if you paid at least little attention to human conversations and knew Russian, you would know that this is one of the biggest Russian companies, and that we work closely both with human officials and Equestrian Embassy. Of course I plan leaving this forsaken world with tons of money, but without freedom they are of no use, right?”
  282. >Suddenly, Derpy raised the voice.
  283. >“Wait, but if we go to Equestria, we still will be slaves?”
  284. >Feels strange hearing from her sensible question.
  285. “No, but then leaving this world in first place would be illegal, and more than that – international incident, and to plus it would make Russian money useless for us. So, you can be stubborn assholes or join my efforts in leaving this world with human technologies and money.”
  286. >Lightning Bolt raised her hoof.
  287. >“This sounds good, but what it means on practice?”
  288. “Another good question. What it means on practice is that we have less than three weeks to obliterate human markets by using our own specialties Weather control, magic, anything that gives us edge over competitors.”
  289. >Sweety Drops intervened.
  290. >“B-but what about earthponies?”
  291. >Good question. One I seek answer for myself. Yet I cannot allow to show my not-knowingness.
  292. “Those who have needed specialties, like Red Heart, already get what they need to do. For other we have spare jobs of maintance.”
  293. >Lyra raised her hoof.
  294. >“But what about magic? Most of us know nothing about it, we just levitate and do some other stuff.”
  295. >Whispering grew in room.
  296. “We don’t need complex spells, just simple enchantments. Plus, we will get artifacts to help us.”
  297. >“And do we have scriptures of those enchantments?”
  298. >No, and I have no idea where to get them.
  299. “Right now Embassy is selecting scriptures to provide us.”
  300. >Again, Lightning Bolt had a question.
  301. >“And weather control we are capable of without system like Cloudsdale is really small.”
  302. “We just need move clouds for now.”
  303. >Polomare yet again gave a snark.
  304. >“So, we should follow that unprepared plan?”
  305. >At that moment, I completely lost it.
  306. “I. Am Your. Employer! I gave you goal, I gave you deadline and I give you resourses. You slacked off week already, so either do your job for better future or I will sell you back to prostitution.”
  307. >Whispering finally stopped.
  308. “If I could do everything myself I wouldn’t gather you, would not spend any rouble for your asses. So prove your worth or spread your legs!”
  309. >Lightning Bolt Shyingly raised her leg.
  310. “What?”
  311. >“I… I have some ideas, but we will need these things humans told me about… Lazers, or something like that.”
  312. “Okay, from now on you lead weather department. All other pegases are your subordinates from now on. You have two days to prepare project, then you present it to Norilsk customers. You, next!”
  313. >Lyra was not ready to be pointed at.
  314. >“A-as I said, we cannot do any significant enchantments without scriptures. Yet for now we can train to read them if you have any examples.”
  315. “Since I oversee magic department myself, it will be my headache. What else?”
  316. >Polomare raised her hoof.
  317. >“I can run utility department.”
  318. “That would be great if we hadn’t tons of humans for it. Though you are right, somepony should be responsible for ponies’ live conditions. Fogr everything, starting with clean toilets finishing with meals.”
  319. >As that, in ten minutes everyone quickly found how they can become useful. I felt like I was natural born leader at that moment.
  320. >After all of that done, what was left was just one thing.
  321. “Oh, and next morning prepare your looks. We will record each of you for promo and ads. You will be given text, make sure to learn it and play accordingly to it.”
  322. >Finally, I have put my problems on others shoulders like good leader should. I used to give orders three months ago as well, but tactics were developed solely by me. And now I just introduced strategy and let others to work it out.
  323. ///
  324. >As we drove in van , Vasya suddenly pushed gas mask on my and Rarity’s face. Then van stopped.
  325. >“We have got there.”
  326. >As door opened, I saw Arbat.
  327. “Wait, this isn’t Equestria.”
  328. >“Of course, ceasefire ended after all.”
  329. >This could not be true.
  330. “But you promised-”
  331. >“Look, here is the deal. Arbat land costs very little now. We buy it, wait for a year or so for Center to be reclaimed and repaired, then we rent rebuilt housing and live like a kings.”
  332. >My breath slowed down.
  333. “Well, that is a good offer, but let’s hurry to Equestria. Sugarcube Corner closes in two hours after all.”
  334. >Anon gasped and refuted:
  335. >“Look, we are not going to sacrifice our lives for you. Human borderguards are dealt with, but yours… After usage of chemical weapons, I don’t think they will be interested to know whether we are civilians or military.”
  336. >Suddenly Rarity shouted:
  337. >“These humans are lying! They try to scam us again!”
  338. “No, they are not. They would not sell out to Exile and tried to make fortune on magic books and artifacts themselves instead.”
  339. There was no way. Except one. Out.
  340. >When I put off mask, my lungs started itching a little. As I walked towards Pushkin Statue, Anon shouted:
  341. >“Chemicals didn’t disperse yet! Come back!”
  342. >But I wasn’t listening. So much sacrifices, efforts – all for nothing. Soon, white unicorn stood nearby me.
  343. “Rarity, come back. You are Element of harmony, after all, sooner or later they will rescue you.”
  344. >Unicorn coughed and smiled at me.
  345. >“No, there is no place for Generocity in Russia.”
  346. >As world started to blur, I noticed Vasya nearby.
  347. >“Trixie, for once, put off the act. Why you didn’t ran off in embassy during ceasefire? What do you want? Glory? Respect? Money?”
  348. As my chest burned, I wanted to answer, but couldn’t find any words. Yet shout from the van came.
  349. >“Vasya, I don’t care, I am getting them back in homeworld.”
  350. >“Anon, are you ou-”
  351. >“And I will give them antidote we prepared for ourselves just in case.”
  352. >As that, Vasya put gas masks back on us and walked us back in van.
  353. >As antidote was given, blur increased, becoming something of itself new vision, oly to suddenly be shaken off who knows how much time later. As blur cycled back to normal picture, doors opened.
  354. >There was Empire’s main square right in front of us. Crystal houses, crystal floor, crystal ponies taking my former owners somewhere. As we went out, Cadence greeted us.
  355. >“Welcome back. It is nice to see you in good shape.”
  356. >Still, it is not Equestria yet.
  357. “Mind if I ask, what are you going to do to them?”
  358. >“Reintegration, of course.”
  359. >I am not sure what this ominous word means in current context, but it is surely not most humane procedure.
  360. “Maybe you let those two back? They saved us, after all.”
  361. >“They are humans, Trixie. Trixie should be taught lessons of friendship.”
  362. “Well, maybe we ask them first whether they need those lessons?”
  363. >“It is not for them to decide.”
  364. “And for who then? Purple bitch? Celestia? Princess Luna?”
  365. >“Who called me?”
  366. >That sudden line belonged to Her Highness. My supreme commander. The whole world dissapeared. Just me and she.
  367. “Wait, how I did not notice- oh. Your highness, each time my dreams become more realistic and more prophetic, it is disturbing as Tartarus. What can I do about it?”
  368. >“First, you can stop watching so much human media, especially movies. How is your progress, Trixie?”
  369. >So, even in dreams I cannot rest from work.
  370. “Did you lie to me about being first contacted unicorn form human world? Rarity is without restriction as well, and I don’t believe she came up with enchantments herself.”
  371. >Her Highness smiled at me.
  372. >“The less you know-”
  373. “-the less I could tell to interrogator, right. Yet, Your Highness, can I ask for similar service?”
  374. >Princess frowned.
  375. >“For sure, my dear one. But not by me. Come, my little, grab my hoof.”
  376. >I obeyed before I understood it, and we suddenly happened somewhere else.
  377. >Thousands of human shapes stood in shadows, indistinguishable one from another. And between them, Starlight ran.
  378. >As she tried to reach any of them, light dropped on them one by one, as they dropped dead. She rushed, becoming more desperate each touch, each fallen.
  379. >After fall of at least twelve, she gave up and sat on ground, only for light to drop on whole place. Suddenly, standing shapes became pile of dead bodies. Yet some of them were still alive, heavily breathing and screaming in agony. Agony Starlight shared with them.
  380. >Climbing over this pile, I walked to my crying friend and placed hoof on her shoulder.
  381. “It is not only you who cannot rest, my dear, dear friend.”
  382. >“I… I just did what I was ordered. It is not my fault, right?”
  383. “Hush, Starlight, relax, it is just a bad dream.”
  384. >Finally, she turned to me.
  385. >“Trixie? What are you doing here?”
  386. “Sadly, I am here for work matters. I need your help.”
  387. >She brushed away here tears.
  388. >“What are you doing, Trixie? Why you were so mean in Embassy?”
  389. “Because in these harsh times we have no time for sentiments. Had, at least. Here, in dreams, I believe we have all time in the world.”
  390. >She jumped on me and hugged.
  391. >“I was so worried. I feared you were tortured.”
  392. “Don’t worry, Starlight, I was.”
  393. >Maybe my smile and bitter sarcasm was out of place at this moment.
  394. >“Then… why you cooperate with humans?”
  395. “Because they are just as interested in peace as we are.”
  396. >Starlight released me from hug.
  397. “Look, don’t punish yourself for these soldiers. War is war.”
  398. >“No, these are not who I killed. Not directly, at least.”
  399. >So, at least, it is not PTSD. Good enough already.
  400. >“Captured humans… they run off to Everfree. For some reason, our nice attitude is scarier for them than ancient monsters.”
  401. “By chance, do you perform brainwashing with them?”
  402. >“No! I mean… only a little. We just pacify them! For our and their safety!”
  403. “And you wonder why they run off?”
  404. >“Is that so much of a deal for them to practically kill themselves?”
  405. >Turns out that yes.
  406. “That was one of the reasons why exchange didn’t happen, right? You are simply lacking POW you got and don’t want to admit it?”
  407. >She nodded.
  408. >“It is… insanity. I am glad other ponies are in charge of it and I work at embassy now.”
  409. “So, about helping me…”
  410. >“What do you need?”
  411. “Enchantments. Spell scriptures. Artifacts.”
  412. >Starlight frowned.
  413. >“You too? Look, creating one drug already is more than enough for-”
  414. “No, it is for excavation. I run oil company, after all.”
  415. >My friend laughed.
  416. >“So you really decided to become billionaire?”
  417. “Technically, I already am, so… Wait, so can you assist me?”
  418. >“Of course, what would you do without me.”
  420. >“… But for that enchantments are not enough, you would need to direct spell 8 km deep, and that is possible with only something like Alicorn Amulet.”
  421. >Ah shit, here we go again.
  422. “Can you get it for me next time we meet?”
  423. >Starlight frowned.
  424. “Don’t look that way at me, I used it already, I know the precautions.”
  425. >“I will try. Now, can you help me in return?”
  426. “You name it.”
  427. >“As you remember, our common friend disappeared six month ago, and Fluttershy worries a lot about him. You know who am I talking about, right?”
  428. >Wait, common friend… Fluttershy…
  429. “Look, if get who you mean correctly, I wouldn’t call him a friend, but yes, I met him. And he became Russian official. Looks like he has great time in this world.”
  430. >“Why am I not surprised?”
  431. >After some laugh, we continued.
  432. >“Can you tell him that there are those who wait him back in Ponyville. Could he at least write a letter to her?”
  433. “Okay. Speaking of common friends, I could use help of professional geologist from our world. Is it possible to get Mod in human world?”
  434. >While I smiled, Starlight did not.
  435. >“You see, she is in human world already.”
  436. ________________________
  437. (Post from here)
  438. >All cogs rotate as they should.
  439. >Trixie got magic scriptures somehow (to be exact she rashly wrote down at least twenty of them as she woke up today) and gave directions to unicorns, as well as served as translator for pegases.
  440. >That being said, meeting was still in progress. I, Anon, Maria and Trixie sat next to big plasma, as head of PR department started another video.
  441. -Narrator with deep voice: “Nearly thirty years of success, grand projects that united people around Russia… And time has come for breaking new boundaries.”-
  442. -Trixie in construction-worker clothes: With new challenges new possibilities come and I am here to use them. For me, for my company, for both human- and ponykind.-
  443. -Lyra in similar clothes: “While others of my kind pity their fate, I look in future, making place for myself in this world. By making it better for everyone.”
  444. -Maria in her usual dress: “We are happy to employ aliens and will be happy to employ more. For those who provides us them we grant share in our daughter companies, allowing them to become part of tomorrow we build.”
  445. -Narrator: “New time for Russia has come. New hope. OilProm. Dreams come true.”
  446. >While narrator spoke, video shown footage of oil rigs, nature, and smiling workers. As video stopped, Trixie started:
  447. “Well, second one was better.”
  448. >Head of PR smiled.
  449. >“Multiple would be broadcasted. After all, we need variability to not become sore in eye.”
  450. >“Yeah, all minus last one. This one is too… fluffy? Hard Russian. I mean, it stands out too much.”
  451. >I get what she means.
  452. “Other ones actually were more informative and less propaganda-like. Plus, Shot with Trixie wasn’t that lucky, to be honest. Anyhow, what is predicable cost?”
  453. >“Well, if we buy prime-time ad space, plus in Youtube… Somewhat 3 million.”
  454. “Of what?”
  455. >“Dollars, of course.”
  456. Now, this is hefty sum of money. Not for our company, but problem is that fiscal month has not ended, meaning all our funds are already rotating. And with how often owners of our company changed, TV channels require payment upfront.
  457. “Could we then-”
  458. >“It is already cut to shortest.”
  459. >I turned to Anon. He understood what I wanted without me even asking.
  460. >“Okay, you can take it from money I launder. I still don’t get you doing so much effort for PR. It aint gonna rise our production, nor stocks.”
  461. “Well, how else do we reach the masses with message that we have good offer for their ponies?”
  462. >“Just usual ad would work. And you devised whole re-re-re-who knows how much re-rebranding or whatever.”
  463. “If you start to build your image, it is hard to stop, you see.”
  464. >Trixie smirked.
  465. >“Well, if we go on all cylinders, maybe we make one special video for Equestra? To promote us there as well, for opposite. I mean, buying humans.”
  466. >This topic has never risen before and stumbled Maria and head of PR.
  467. >Most of us knew that ponies did something similar with our captives, yet no one never wanted to even think about that. If I remember correctly, head of PR has his brother MIA.
  468. >“Ehm, what?”
  469. >“We already organized daughter company there, so it would be fine to assist it in our efforts as-”
  470. >“You have it same?”
  471. >“Well, not quite. Yes, PoWs are provided in care of civilians, which worked out fine, since due to no one fixing old laws, we still officially allow slavery. I remember there was one incident in court last year which actually made it known.”
  472. >Head of PR frowned at Trixie. She wondered of his feelings.
  473. >“What? We don’t usually trade slaves, so no one cared about these laws. No one even remembered they existed until somepony was almost traded as equipment for training dangerous animal. As I heard of it, at least. Plus, unlike you, we are not hypocritical in devising new juducual state for new sentient species just to not call them “slaves”.”
  474. >“So you are slave then?”
  475. >“Well duh, good morning! These two gentlemen own me! It is just that they trust me they allow me to act freely.”
  476. >I couldn’t watch it any longer.
  477. “Valera, do you think Trixie is treated alright?”
  478. >He scratched his head.
  479. >“Well, she owns major stock of Oilprom, so…”
  480. “Than if your brother is alive, he is probably okay as well. Don’t worry. We will order to buy him out if found.”
  481. >He obviously wasn’t shocked, neither sad. If I would call emotions he showed with his face, it would be “refusal to understand how stupid joke become reality”.
  482. >“Okay, we will make another ad for Equestria. You do it, I… just have no idea what to put in it. As well as how we will broadcast it there if aliens don’t have TV.”
  483. >“We still have cinema.”
  484. >“Oh, so we now need to find tape recorde- just fuck it, go to my secretary, I am done.”
  485. >As recently sudden days off to get drunk to endure new bizarre concept needed to be taken seriously became normal in OilProm, no one stopped him nor fined. After all, it is only normal to feel frustration at workplace owned by slave.
  486. >“Wait, so we have to be recorded again?”
  487. >Trixie answered.
  488. >“Yes, Maria, and you will have to speak our language.”
  489. >As that, Maria followed Valera’s example.
  490. ____
  491. >Having foreign currency in huge amount in itself is not a bad thing. Having currency of country your country is still at war with is.
  492. >Yet, Trixie found a way to get use of it. We were going to Embassy to buy artifacts.
  493. >Since areal survaillence is good in Center, for us to succeed in this deal we should transport Equestrian cash underground, as well as artifacts, since borderguards are instructed to take all of them if found for clearing up their nature. Then it would be up to officials to decide whether to return them or nationalize, and we have no time to deal with so much trouble.
  494. >Sadly, Marinovsky refused to sell stolen subway train. Gladly, I have Techie.
  495. >He waited me and Trixie near dead station. Here, next to hole in wall, stood a truck.
  496. >“All as ordered. One debt I returned, one left, Anonymous.”
  497. “Thanks, Techie.”
  498. >“Boss, are you seriously going to… come clean?”
  499. “Yes, but not for now.”
  500. >We went inside cargo. Here, waited a car. What was special about it is that railroad wheels were installed on it, while overall it looked cheap. After all, it was needed to used just one day, so techie obviously decided to not waste money. It sat on inside railway, for it to able to start off itself from cargo.
  501. >We sat inside a car and started the engine. There were also map and transmitter, while backseats were removed for all Equestrian gold to fit in. I hope Techie also moved engine to the back, or else car will not move.
  502. >So far so good, now, what time is it? Wait, Trixie looks at me.
  503. >“No fluff no feather, aye?”
  504. >I smile back to her. Did Casya taught her this phraze?
  505. “To hell with it.”
  506. >Whistling came to me to be followed up by explosions. Truck drove through breech over railroad. As that, I push the pedal. As we drive out of cargo, we have meter of falling to direct our wheels over railroad. Thankfully, Trixie is unicorn with training, and she levitates us in right placement. As that, we drive inside the subway, watching fireworks painting skies, as well as road ad panels being hacked and broadcasting porn for even more distraction. So, we drive.
  507. >“So, what is our plan to be precise?”
  508. >As I turn on internal lights, I look at Trixie.
  509. “Well, we just drive. I would I ask you to cast invisibility, but you once said it tires out a lot, and there are cameras all over subway.”
  510. >“So we will be sure spotted?”
  511. “Well, when they came up with how to react on us we already will be at Center, so no problem. Though we will need magic while above the ground.”
  512. >As we passed some working station, to amazement of commoers waiting for train, we just laughed, as she continued.
  513. >“But we could not get back same way. What is… you contacted that changeling, didn’t you?”
  514. “Sometimes it worries me how much you get my way of thinking.”
  515. >As we drove, I imagined amount of YouTube videos our ride is going to produce. I guess if we get caught we could try to soften the blow by pretending we did it for memes or some shit.
  516. >As such, we somewhat nervously got to Center, specifically at former Lenin’s library station. This is the place where we should meet.
  517. >After that deal with vomitface done, he ordered some more stuff, yet they used our money this time. Overall it looked like he infiltrates our underground opposition organizations from all political spectrum, coordinating them for something huge. I also wonder who he works for or he plays his own game.
  518. >So, we went out, Trixie levitated boxes of gold on the floor, everything was fine.
  519. >Except that vomitface should have been already there.
  520. >"What are we waiting for?"
  521. "Our contact, obviously."
  522. >"Look, do I get it correctly that since Embassy won't allow itself to openly trade artifacts they would be given to us by him as well."
  523. >That little one learned how Russia works.
  524. "So you want to go make a deal with Embassy first?"
  525. >"Yeah. It is you who contact him, so you could stay here."
  526. >As that, i helped to take goods on surface. while we got up, still on station, she grabbed with magic cloud all crates and went out. As such, she dissapeared as soon as she went out.
  527. >... Is she going to return?
  528. >No, she is honest alien, so much ties us together. Such memmories as cutting her, making her hostage of worst criminal of Moscow...
  529. >I am an idiot, aren't I?
  530. >How could i trust someone Vasya bought in first place?
  531. >No, relax, everything is fine.
  532. >As i went out of the station, to check out the surroundings, i suddenly overheard some voices and stopped.
  533. >"I tell you - intendant is in. He gets booze for capitan anyway, he will just grab some extra for us and him."
  534. >Two soldiers in full gerar came out of the corner. As they planned their evening they didn't notice me, so i silently rushed back at station.
  535. >I ran down to the car, hoping that vomitface finally got there. As I ran, I heard these two soldiers walking down as well, discussing some other nonsence.
  536. >Why do they come here? And what i have to do?
  537. >But, as i stood on station, my thoughts were interupted. More so, they were sent to garbage by what i witnessed.
  538. >Light came out of the tunnel, horn, and few seconds later railcar was obliterated by train
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