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  2. Unknown: Hello. I was wondering if you are the person that I am suppsed to talk to about a thing with pac I would like to do.
  3. Colin Götze: Depends what.
  4. Colin Götze: I am the person to talk too.
  5. Unknown: Alright.
  6. Unknown: I was wanting to start up a little thing my character could do while I have spare time. I thought, that I could possibly make in game money off of pac3's that I would make, and sell to people
  7. Colin Götze: Your a "Pac3 Pro?"
  8. Unknown: Not pro, yet I see myself as alright at it
  9. Colin Götze: Not meaning to make that sound offensive if it does.
  10. Colin Götze: Ah.
  11. Unknown: No, some of the complex parts still confuse me, but I enjoy the addon
  12. Colin Götze: That would be fine as long as it is all ICly done. /me's and such.
  13. Colin Götze: I approve.
  14. Unknown: Indeed it would be
  15. Unknown: However
  16. Colin Götze: Just don't take it too far is all I ask. If it has kevlar, gasmask, etc. it all has to be ICly gotten from a BMD.
  17. Colin Götze: Mhm?
  18. Unknown: Yes, I understand
  19. Unknown: I am requesting that, for sake of ease, and realism, that I gain the ability to use the pac editor in the server
  20. Unknown: As of current, I would have to go into singleplayer to even open the interface.
  21. Unknown: I was wondering if this would be possible.
  22. Unknown: As be, I could work on a project un inturrupted, and finish it with ease
  23. Unknown: If, per say, MPF raided the area I was at, I would have to stop my current progress, pick it up, and defend/evacuate
  24. Colin Götze: I can give you it later on, as if now I am unable to join the server. Or give me time to think about this all.
  25. Colin Götze: Currently I am halfway accross the world in isolation, so this makes my job a lot harder sadly.
  26. Unknown: Alright, wasn't expecting instant access, heh. Thank you for your time, oh..
  27. Colin Götze: If any admin+'s are on the server tell them I said to give you Pac3 flags.
  28. Unknown: Alright
  29. Colin Götze: Other than that, have a good day.
  30. Unknown: You too.
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