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  1. Story by Discretionassured
  2. This is canon to Family Matters.
  4. > 15. That was the number of children that had been born to this household.
  5. > 11 from Rita and Lynn senior, and the other 4 from the eldest four of their daughters.
  6. > At only 16, Lynn Jr was about to deliver the 16th child from the household.
  7. > Unlike all those before her though, she'd be the first one to actually give birth in the house.
  8. > A number of factors led to this situation:
  9. > The fact Lynn had mistaken her water breaking for pissing herself in her sleep again and not waking anyone at first till the pain became too much to bare.
  10. >That the old and rusty Vanzilla seemed to finally be in its death throws and wouldn't start.
  11. > That Lisa was repairing everyone's phones after shorting them out with a experiment two days prior.
  12. > And the surprise from the fact she was three weeks early and things seemed to be moving extremely fast.
  13. > So she decided screw it, and yelled at her bickering family that they'd just do it here.
  14. > Lisa had volunteered to handle proceedings, and was probably more qualified then anyone at the hospital would've been.
  15. > Sadly, and painfully, for Lynn though, this was not something that could be rushed.
  16. > "How long is this going to take." She ground out through clenched teeth.
  17. > She'd gotten moved down to the living room while they'd tried to get the van started and call someone to come watch the house while they took her to the hospital.
  18. > Now she was laying on the couch, which Lisa had hastily thrown a sheet over. Odds were it'd still need to be replaced anyway.
  19. > "The contractions are getting longer. I predict it'll still be up to half an hour." Lisa lisped factually. Lynn growled in frustration.
  20. > "I know, I know." Her mother reassured from beside her. Lynn Sr was keeping the rest of the family upstairs. Luan was there too for moral support, seeing she'd been in the exact same situation just over half a year ago.
  21. > And, unusually, was Lincoln. The boy was on his knees at the end of the couch where his sister's head lay, somewhere he could still be there but not see the action.
  22. > Rita had initially told her 14 year son to stay with the rest of the family; this was women's business. But caved to letting him stay at her daughter's insistance.
  23. > Lynn was already squeezing his hand for pain relief when they decided to do things here and she was NOT giving it up.
  24. > Lincoln was, for the most part, baring the pain with a forced smile even as he'd lost feeling in his hand.
  25. > There was a moment when it was just the teenagers; Rita had gone to check on the rest of the family and Lisa had hurried to her room for something.
  26. > With the opportunity present, Lynn grabbed her brother's pajama shirt with her free hand and pull him down so his face was over hers.
  27. > "Once I can move again." She growled. "I. Will. Kill. You."
  28. > "I know." He smiled down at her. "Smash both my heads in with a bat and bribe Lucy to bury me in the back yard."
  29. > She'd made the exact same threats eight months ago when she found out she was knocked up although they'd been delivered while he was pinned to a wall.
  30. > "Damn it!" She shouted and resigned just to lay there in pain. It was pretty pointless; he'd been getting threatened by pregnant girls for nearly 4 years now.
  31. > "How's she doing?" Rita asked her second youngest but still vastly intelligent daughter once they were all around again.
  32. > "Nearly fully dilated. It'll only be a few more minutes. This entire procedure will have gone faster than average."
  33. > "Fucking finally." Lynn said in relief. Her mother let the profanity slide. Her daughter was lucky, really; two hours was a short time to spend, although it could still be a while yet even while pushing.
  34. > "Hey dudes, am I- woah!" Luna came in through the front door minutes later carrying her toddler. She was the only one still living in town, so obviously she'd been called.
  35. > Lisa calmly explained the circumstances while Rita carried Lyra upstairs to the rest of the family. "Nearly there."
  36. > Lynn dragged her brother down to face her again, only this time her expression was fearful.
  37. > "It's fine." He whispered, and while Lisa's eyes were focused elsewhere he gave her a peck on the forehead.
  38. > "Yeah, dude. Nothing to worry about." From the other side of the couch, Luna grabbed Lynn's free hand. Luan gravitated that way too and added.
  39. > "You won't even remember it after it's done." She wasn't making any jokes about the situation.
  40. > It was nearly time.
  41. > Lynn was not ready at all for how painful the final stages were.
  42. > In fact, she was so unprepared that she reacted violently.
  43. > When she contracted again, she screamed and jerked her arms.
  44. > Luan and Luna expected it and stayed on their feet with their combined strength.
  45. > Lincoln was pulled over the end of the couch and slammed into the table beside it, but Lynn's grip didn't loosen at all.
  46. > "Time to push!" Lisa called over her older sister's screaming.
  47. > Lincoln was seeing stars and missed the action. His back was probably bruised and his arm was twisted, but despite his head hitting the edge of the table he was still barely awake.
  48. > It was a shame; he'd been thrilled to be around for once to see one of his kids born, instead of only getting to see them after the fact.
  49. > His next coherent recollection was his mother standing over him and realizing just how bad his arm and hand hurt. And that the room was filled with shrill crying.
  50. > It was done. Lynn had, after nearly 2 and a half hours, delivered a baby girl into the world.
  51. > Things didn't end there, obviously. They had to go to the hospital, get both Lynn and the baby checked.
  52. > Lincoln needed medical care too.
  53. > Everyone involved were too tired or happy to even mope that this was the 5th Loud girl to be registered with 'father unknown' on the certificate.
  54. > "I'm not sorry at all." Lynn was defiant once she was coherent. "You deserved that."
  55. > Lincoln had an ice pack to his head, his hand in a cast, and his arm in a sling.
  56. > "I guess I did." He didn't argue. It was just them; One parent had to stay home with the family since PopPop hadn't been available on such short notice, and the other was getting coffee.
  57. > "What'd you put on the certificate?" He asked, looking at the sleeping baby in her arms. His sister gave him a tired smile.
  58. > "Lacy." She told him, and he beamed.
  59. > That'd been his suggestion. Lynn Loud III had been the obvious choice and the one Lynn Jr. had had on mind.
  60. > Lincoln had suggested Lacy during some pillow talk a few months back.
  61. > He knew Lynn was a family name. But he wanted to at least give one thing to his daughter, just because he knew he wouldn't be able to give her what he wanted to for her entire life.
  62. > "You owe me for this." She joked.
  63. > Despite how risky it was with a parent still in the hospital, Lincoln laid down on the hospital bed next to her, lifting a hand to gently touch the infant's back.
  64. > "Hey Lacy." He said softly. "I won't get to say this later on, but I love you."
  65. > The baby slept peacefully beneath his touch.
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