Zephyr Part 9

Aug 8th, 2012
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  1. For a moment his lips are still against yours, seemingly shocked to find you there, but soon Master offers a tender return. You're sure it only lasts a few seconds, but if feels like an eternity from your end.
  3. Eventually your impulsiveness is overtaken by doubt. You're kissing him! And from the second you hit his chest up to now, you meant it!
  5. You were a straight man, and now you're kissing him!
  7. ... Sure, up to now you'd sort of already fellated him twice and had his fingers inside you, but this is somehow more intimate. This is butterflies in your stomach and natural impulse, not just lust.
  9. He's... done terrible things. To you, to many others. Even Autumn is his victim. You fret and fret and fret but you're ultimately powerless to affect change on your situation. You are a pet, and he is your Master, regardless of how you feel. Is it really so wrong to enjoy it?
  11. You break the kiss and as soon as his eyes flutter open you're looking away. You've never been this embarrassed and it must be showing even through your fur, because your face feels like it's on fire right now.
  13. "Hey. Look at me."
  15. You reluctantly force yourself to meet his eyes.
  17. "Who are you?"
  19. "I'm Zephyr."
  21. "And who am I?"
  23. "My Master."
  25. "Kiss me again."
  27. And you do. It's just as quick as the first, but this time he's leaning in to you, and something about being leaned back by his kiss makes your heart melt. Your heart and mind are racing and there's a fire in your loins kindled by the exertion and euphoria of flight and stoked by the electric feeling of the kiss.
  29. Finally he breaks off, looking down at you and smiling.
  31. "You're going to make a wonderful pet, Zephyr."
  33. He says it with such sincerity and happiness that it's not so much what he says that makes you feel good, it's the tone of his voice. What he said... If it keeps you flying, you can deal.
  35. Master puts you down onto the grass, and your legs feel like they're going to give out as soon as you put weight on them. All the sprinting to get in the air really took a lot out of you, you guess. Thankfully they don't have to support you for long, as Autumn throws herself at you for a hug. Before you fully understand what's happened you're beneath Autumn in the grass. The two of you share a long laugh before she calms down enough to form words.
  37. "That was amazing, Zephyr! All of a sudden you were just up, it didn't even make sense!"
  39. She rolls closer and her volume decreases.
  41. "And you finally love Master the way I do. I'm so proud of you! Oooh, I hope you never get sold."
  43. So now you're... like Autumn? That would have scared the hell out of you not more than one week ago, and while it was still slightly unsettling, the notion was not out of the realm of possibility.
  45. Autumn interrupts your thoughts will a spirited kiss before getting up, and soon you've followed her back onto your hooves.
  47. Master only needs to start walking, and without command the two of you are instantly trotting after him into the house.
  49. You have to force yourself to keep pace with Master and Autumn as you trot behind them toward the house. Every muscle you have was utterly worn out by the effort of getting off the ground, and your wings are so sore it feels like they're going to fall off if you ever move them again.
  51. But you can fly! An impossible dream realized right here in the front yard. You'll admit there were definitely some close calls during your brief adventure upwards, not least of which being the turn you had to take to get back to Master. Your wings are big, yes, but without tail feathers and with a body shape that wasn't meant to fly you'll have one hell of a time figuring out how to control yourself mid-air. How often will Master let you practice?
  53. All that will have to come later, though. Once indoors, Master sets down a very large bowl of water in front of you, and you realize that you're parched after putting yourself through more physical exertion in a couple of hours than you had since becoming a p0ny. You begin to drink as though you'd just marched through the desert, feeling the coolness of the water work its way down your throat. You let yourself slump onto the kitchen tiles, and somewhere above you Master chuckles before speaking.
  55. "All tuckered out, I take it? You can relax with Autumn while I go upstairs and get some work done. Will the two of you be alright for a few hours?"
  57. Your exhausted groan doesn't harmonize well with Autumn's ever-chipper tone, but a dual assent of "Yes, Master." seems to satisfy him enough that he starts toward the stairs. He offers a final thought before ascending.
  59. "I'm very, very proud of you, Zephyr. You should be proud, too."
  61. Even as you rest your head on the floor, his praise douses you in satisfaction, and a smile dominates your face.
  63. Oh yeah. Definitely worth the effort.
  65. You could pass out then and there, but Autumn keeps poking you with a hoof and suggesting that you move to the couch. You'll admit that the notions of soft cushions and pillow for your head sound very, very enticing, but that's all the way in the living room!
  67. "Come on Zephyr, you'll only be more sore if you sleep there! It's only a few feet around the corner."
  69. You can only groan in reply, but her persistent jabbing eventually forces you onto your feet. You drag yourself into the living room, at one point leaning on Autumn for support because it turns out lazy shuffling is tricky with four legs. You do eventually manage to clamber up onto the couch, and the cushions are exactly as heavenly as you'd hoped. You're about to nod off as Autumn somehow manages to work a remote control with her hooves when a realization hits you. Master said he was going up to do work. Does that mean he's planning to abduct more people? Is that's how it's going to be, then? You'll either get sold to someone or join Autumn as one of Master's personal mares while other people end up in the basement? He seemed so bothered by the incident with your would-be-buyer that you'd dared to hope he would stop.
  71. Do you try to talk him out of it? That kind of behavior might not go so well with him, but it would at least be doing something on behalf of whoever gets plushed next. You can't just play nice and let it happen, right? Master would certainly be pleased if you helped the newcomers adjust like Autumn seems to, and you would certainly be pleased if it earned you some more, ah, intimacy. No! You can't let yourself think like that. You remember how it felt to wake up in the wrong body in a dark hole. You owe it to yourself... or at least to your past life... to try.
  73. It's time to see if Autumn will let some useful information slip. Your voice is still soft and slow with exhaustion, but now you're committed to soldiering through. Autumn seems to be a bit surprised at the sound of your voice, it's pretty clear she thought you'd be asleep by now.
  75. "Master said he wanted to get some work done, right? What does that mean exactly?"
  77. Autumn looks suspicious of you for about a third of a second, but by now she seems certain you wouldn't betray your shared Master, and gives you the reply you were looking for.
  79. "Upstairs? He does research on people who've made up ponies for his files, talks to people who want one of us, he even hand-sews all the plushies he sends!"
  81. "Really? So how often does he actually bring in new p0nies?"
  83. "Mmmm, Only about once a month, two or three new friends at a time. Master used to only bring back one of us at a time, but there are so many people who want a p0ny to love that he has to bring back more."
  85. Interesting. So Gizmo and Evergreen must have been brought in with you. There's no way the three of you lived anywhere near one another when you were human. Is it possible that Master seriously goes on one enormous road trip a month to kidnap a few people and bring them all back here? That's ludicrous. None of that helps you come to any kind of conclusion about what you should say or do about the situation, though. You're about to ask another question when you feel Autumn settle herself next to you.
  87. "Now now, sweetheart. You've simply got to relax after all that hard work. Why don't you let me help you?"
  89. She immediately moves in for a kiss, and despite your misgivings about what's happening upstairs the warmth of Autumn's tongue dancing with yours is enough for you to put it aside for now. For a few minutes the two of you engage in a positively fierce make-out session, gradually pulling one another closer, holding one another tighter. Eventually she breaks the kiss, and breathing heavily lowers herself down to your nethers and attends to you in earnest. She works you slowly this round, every flick of the tongue and rub of the hoof slow and deliberate.
  91. P0ny or no, you most certainly enjoy being a girl.
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