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  1. <dirtslingreka> Hey
  2. <Nikita> sap
  3. <dirtslingreka> I'm writing an article about the current state of wibbles, and since you are a local mod there, would you mind if I ask you a few questions?
  4. <Nikita> eh, yea just a minute
  5. <Nikita> k
  6. <Eureka> ALRIGHT
  7. <Eureka> So
  8. <Eureka> firstly
  9. <Eureka> What do you think of the rules that are currently being enforced at the moment?
  10. <Eureka> redundency
  11. <Eureka> etc
  12. <Eureka> also shit spelling.
  13. <Nikita> You are saying that the rules are no longer working?
  14. <Nikita> I agree with you to an extent
  15. <Eureka> No,
  16. <Eureka> or
  17. <Eureka> well
  18. <Nikita> well you did say redundency
  19. <Nikita> point is, nobody ever reads them
  20. <Nikita> So it's up to us to jam it into their skulls
  21. <Eureka>  currently being enforced at the moment?
  22. <Eureka> :v
  23. <Eureka> Well
  24. <Eureka> I was asking what you yourself thought of said rules
  25. <Nikita> I think they are all perfectly understandable/reasonable and should continue to be enforced
  26. <Eureka> What do you think about the people who disagree with these rules?
  27. <Eureka> Such as facepalm saying he would like "the old wibbles back"?
  28. <Nikita> They just want wibbles to be in a state of anarchy again, either that or they feel too pressured by change
  29. <Nikita> Seeing as how, alot of threads get closed everyday now
  30. <Eureka> Does all of this mindless spam bother you, aside possibly from the fact that you have to clean it all up?
  31. <Nikita> It actually bothers me alot, I usually have to take breaks from doing my job for a few hours to cool down
  32. <Nikita> The amoutns of ignorance and idiocracy
  33. <Nikita> make me rage so hard
  34. <Nikita> I don't want to sound like a dickhead
  35. <Nikita> But it's the truth
  36. <Nikita> I do enjoy doing my job alot though
  37. <Nikita> I love it
  38. <Eureka> If you were in a higher position of power, say SMOD, how would you handle all of this nonsense, considering that most wibblers don't really abide by the rules in place?
  39. <Nikita> Lot's of bans would take place, either that or I would quit my job
  40. <Nikita> wibbles is hard enough to handle alone
  41. <Eureka> :v
  42. <Eureka> Don't you think flatout bans sounds a bit extreme?
  43. <Nikita> Not if they are only for likea  day
  44. <Nikita> after infraction warnings etc
  45. <Nikita> if they continue to misbehave again after the infraction
  46. <Nikita> Some people are just ignorant and don't care or try to follow the rules
  47. <Eureka> Do you appreciate your fellow local mods throwing in helping hands?
  48. <Nikita> I love it
  49. <Nikita> so much
  50. <Nikita> They are a HUGGEE help
  51. <Nikita> It's really a huge stress reliever knowing they are there
  52. <Eureka> One more question: would you be willing to submit to a debate with Zayex regarding this topic?
  53. <Eureka> To be included in said article
  54. <Nikita> Yes sir
  55. <Eureka> fuck yeah
  56. <Eureka> hold on
  57. <Nikita> lol
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