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  2. Dallas: hey
  3. Dallas: i will buy ur backpack
  4. Mirror: hI?
  5. Mirror: oh?
  6. Mirror: how much?
  7. Dallas: i saw on sourceop
  8. Dallas: ill pay 13 on paypal
  9. Dallas: usd
  10. Mirror: meh
  11. Dallas: why are uq uittin
  12. Dallas: quttin
  13. Mirror: i think i'll wait a bit
  14. Mirror: i dunno
  15. Mirror: not that fun any more with all the FTPs
  16. Dallas: well how much do u want
  17. Dallas: oh
  18. Dallas: name ur price
  19. Dallas: im flexible
  20. Mirror: i dunno, let me skim around for prices and such, try and get a good estimate
  21. Dallas: o
  22. Dallas: how long do u think
  23. Dallas: ?
  24. Mirror: hmu
  25. Mirror: *hum
  26. Dallas: u got some non tradables
  27. Mirror: yeah, just like my Schadenfreude and v crossbow
  28. Mirror: pretty sure that's it
  29. Dallas: some hats
  30. Dallas: how much do u want? name a price i dont care if its high
  31. Dallas: just wanna see how much
  32. Mirror: ehhh
  33. Mirror: 20?
  34. Dallas: o
  35. Dallas: 20
  36. Dallas: i c
  37. Dallas: can u do
  38. Dallas: a little lower than 20
  39. Dallas: like 17
  40. Dallas: 18
  41. Dallas: ?
  42. Dallas: 1850
  43. Dallas: lol
  44. Mirror: lol
  45. Mirror: hang on me check my paypal
  46. Mirror: pretty sure i'll do it
  47. Dallas: k
  48. Mirror: alright, sure, why not
  49. Mirror: so how we gonna do this?
  50. Dallas: um
  51. Dallas: i havent done much buyin only trading
  52. Dallas: so i dont feel comfortable going first but im sure u dont as well
  53. Dallas: so i guess a middleman?
  54. Mirror: hmm
  55. Mirror: do you know where to find middlemen and such? because i have no idea
  56. Dallas: cause if i send money first i cant dispute it
  57. Mirror: :P
  58. Dallas: since its a gift
  59. Dallas: haha i dont know either since i never buy
  60. Dallas: stuff
  61. Mirror: lol
  62. Dallas: only trade items
  63. Mirror: yeah i once sent 12.50 to a guy i already traded
  64. Mirror: he was nice enough to send it back though
  65. Dallas: oh
  66. Dallas: maybe we can trade little by little then to gain trust
  67. Mirror: alright well
  68. Mirror: let's do some math here
  69. Mirror: lol
  70. Dallas: o
  71. Mirror: wanna leave out the crates?
  72. Mirror: or no
  73. Dallas: if u want
  74. Dallas: i dont really need them
  75. Mirror: it'd be easier without them lol
  76. Dallas: kk
  77. Mirror: okay, so i have 41 items
  78. Mirror: and you're paying 18.50
  79. Mirror: would you mind if I kept the Eternal Reward?
  80. Dallas: sure
  81. Mirror: it's an old item of mine, lol :P
  82. Dallas: oh
  83. Mirror: had it since the day i started playing
  84. Dallas: o ok
  85. Dallas: thats cool
  86. Mirror: so we'll have to make 6 trades
  87. Mirror: so you pay three dollars with each trade
  88. Dallas: do u have steam beta tradew
  89. Dallas: trade
  90. Mirror: yeah
  91. Dallas did not respond to the trade request.
  92. Dallas: eh its kinda weird to do 3 dollar trades
  93. Dallas: especially on paypal
  94. Mirror: lol
  95. Dallas: 3 dollar gifts
  96. Dallas: 8 times?
  97. Dallas: o_O
  98. Mirror: 6 times, lol
  99. Mirror: but um
  100. Dallas: oh
  101. Dallas: i mean 6
  102. Mirror: we could just do it the full-on way
  103. Dallas: yea thats what i want
  104. Dallas: just 1 time
  105. Dallas: so its eaiser
  106. Dallas: easier
  107. Mirror: i'd have to trade you loads of times though :P
  108. Mirror: here's an idea
  109. Dallas: well either way
  110. Dallas: u have to trade me like many times
  111. Mirror: I trade you all the weapons first, as a sign of trust
  112. Dallas: since its only 8 items
  113. Mirror: then you send the money
  114. Mirror: then i trade all the hats
  115. Mirror: or wait
  116. Mirror: lol i suck at this
  117. Dallas: yea but
  118. Dallas: the thing is
  119. Dallas: u can just run away after i get the weapons
  120. Dallas: and i mostly need hats
  121. Mirror: yeah
  122. Mirror: so
  123. Dallas: either way
  124. Dallas: eh
  125. Mirror: how about i send half the hats first
  126. Dallas: just mix it up then
  127. Mirror: and weapons
  128. Mirror: yeah
  129. Mirror: okay
  130. Dallas: k
  131. Dallas: thats fair
  132. Dallas: for me
  133. Dallas: 10 hats 10 weps
  134. Dallas: money
  135. Dallas: 10 hats 10 weps
  136. Dallas: is that right?
  137. Mirror: sure, yeah
  138. Dallas did not respond to the trade request.
  139. Dallas: k
  140. Dallas: do u want to use steam beta trade or go ingame?
  141. Dallas: i would have to restart
  142. Dallas: steam
  143. Dallas: for beta
  144. Mirror: oh we could just go ingame
  145. Dallas: alright
  146. Dallas: im there
  147. Dallas: r u doin 4 more?
  148. Mirror: yeah
  149. Dallas: 20/20
  150. Dallas: o ok
  151. Mirror: yeyaey
  152. Mirror: one more weapon trade and then you send, k?
  153. Dallas: k
  154. Dallas: ok how many items do u have left?
  155. Dallas: just to califry
  156. Dallas: claifiy
  157. Dallas: clarify
  158. Mirror: i have 10 weapons left
  159. Dallas: ok so i got 31 then right?
  160. Mirror: yep
  161. Dallas: can u just finish the rest then? so i can send money
  162. Dallas: immediately
  163. Mirror: send to
  164. Mirror: okay, sure
  165. Dallas: i dont wanna restart tf2
  166. Dallas: sorry
  167. Dallas: ok thats final right?
  168. Dallas: lost count
  169. Mirror: yep
  170. Mirror: that's all
  171. Dallas: kk
  172. Dallas: 41
  173. Dallas: o
  174. Dallas: ok
  175. Dallas: paypal is
  176. Dallas: right?
  177. Dallas:
  178. Mirror:
  179. Mirror: yes
  180. Dallas: yes
  181. Dallas: kk
  182. Dallas: give me 1 second please
  183. Dallas: will tell u when i sent
  184. Mirror: alrighty
  185. Dallas: ok sent please check it
  186. Dallas: will brb steam
  187. Dallas: dont leave
  188. Dallas is now Offline.
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