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  1. Qualifications & Experience
  3. MS from a top-tier institution or globally recognized program in Computer Science or PhD in computer science/Maths/statistics or related fields Knowledge and good hands-on experience of common machine learning frameworks. Beside knowledge extraction, you have experience in one or more of the following AI areas:
  5. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  6. Natural Language Processing
  7. Image Processing and image recognition
  8. Experience with technologies for information indexing and retrieval
  9. 3+ years of professional hands-on experience as an AI engineer/Machine Learning specialist and architect Experience working with large volumes of structured and unstructured data
  11. Technical Skills
  12. 5 plus years of experience in software development is required
  13. A strong knowledge of functional, OOP, and logical programming paradigms
  14. Fluency in scripting languages, Python is a big plus
  15. Experience in Git version control systems is preferred
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