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  1. <Nell> Is this like it for the chapter...I’m disappointed not a lot of us knew about having to sign up and I’d like to be a part of the next piece.
  2. <IS-ST>
  3. <IS-ST> So this is what I posted about that, and then in the description of the game we listed what slots where open
  4. <Nell> Yes. I see that now. When the link was posted, someone posted the info also in ooc so I paid attention to what was posted in the ooc following your link. That is on me.
  5. <Nell> I don’t see the desc on my app
  6. <IS-ST> you have to click into it
  7. <Nell> I’m telling you, I don’t get that option on mine, on Apple.
  8. <Nell> It’s my fault for not seeing the forum post
  9. <Nell> But I just asked Alia
  10. <IS-ST> Can you not go into the forums?
  11. <Nell> Had I known it’s quite obvious Sage would want to be a part of it
  12. <Nell> Again.
  13. <Nell> 4:39 PM <Nell> It’s my fault for not seeing the forum post
  14. <Nell> I know what happened
  15. <IS-ST> ok, glad we got it sorted
  16. <Nell> You posted the link, someone couldn’t see something or whatever and Lauren posted the date and time and channel for this scene
  17. <Nell> Ergo I didn’t go to the forum.
  18. <Nell> So.
  19. <Nell> It’s not sorted.
  20. <Nell> Is this, tonight, the last of this SL
  21. <Nell> Or can I sign up for the next
  22. <IS-ST> I'm sure there will be more games in the Shadowlands, yes
  23. <Nell>’re not answering my question
  24. <Nell> Is this the -last- of this SL
  25. <IS-ST> this is supposed to be a one shot, yes
  26. <Nell> :/
  27. <Nell> Sorely disappointed.
  28. <Nell> Ok.
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