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  1. Michael,
  3. My name is Paul Judge, I'm a black entrepreneur. I've built two Internet security companies that were successfully acquired and I just cofounded my third*. My first company was CipherTrust. I was CTO and it was acquired by Secure Computing for $270M in 2006. I also served as CTO of Nasdaq-traded Valley-based Secure Computing before it was acquired by McAfee. My second company was Purewire. I was cofounder and CTO and it was acquired by Barracuda Networks in 2009. I also serve as Chief Research Officer of Barracuda Networks, a well-known technology company based in the Valley with over 150,000 customers. My third company is Pindrop Security. I am a cofounder and Executive Chairman. We are actively discussing our series A raise with top tier VCs. I read your website and respect your work. I just wanted to introduce myself so you can tell your buddies that you now know a black entrepreneur. :) I would also appreciate the opportunity to pitch you and Crunchfund about Pindrop Security. We have a great team solving a big problem and good customer traction.
  5. Best,
  6. Paul
  8. Paul Judge, PhD
  9. pjudge@pjudge.com
  11. *http://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-paul-judge
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