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GBG Pilot Corrin: Session 1

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  1. <Darkling> A few hours after your episode in the gym, you've been led away from the other pilots by Weaving to a small office with leather chairs, real wooden shelves covered in a variety of books, and it smells faintly of cigars. Weaving left you in the room and told you to touch nothing.
  2. <Darkling> It's been nearly an hour since that happened.
  3. Corrin stands in place, following Agent Weaving's instructions. Uneasily, he shifts from foot to foot again, looking around quickly again before going back to standing still.
  4. <Darkling> The clock on the wall continues to tick with the passing time.
  5. Corrin fidgets, looking at the clock again, then goes back to standing in place.
  6. <Darkling> That chair beside you looks mighty comfortable.
  7. <Corrin> Agent Weaving gave orders not to touch anything. But...
  8. Corrin drops into a crouch, still facing the wall.
  9. <Darkling> The door clicks open shortly after you crouch down, a middle aged man stepping in with a briefcase under his arm. "I apologize for my tardiness Mister Sahn. Please, have a seat." He points to the chair as he enters the room, closing the door beside him, and taking a seat behind the desk.
  10. <Corrin> "Yes, sir!" Corrin replies, confused, hastily scrambling back to his feet. Gingerly, he sits on the edge of one of the leather chairs. Hovering on the edge, he looks and waits, still unsure what's going on.
  11. <Darkling> "Relax, relax. There is no need for 'sir' here. I am Dr. Kaiser." He sits back, setting his briefcase down and moving a few papers around his desk purposefully.
  12. Corrin stays in place, gaze moving to the shuffling papers, then back to the Doctor. "Yes, Doctor." he replies after a moment.
  13. <Darkling> The doctor looks at him over the rims of his circular glasses, then goes back to sorting out his papers.
  14. <Darkling> He picks up a pen, signing a document before setting it aside.
  15. Corrin is sitting properly now, posture straight-backed as he waits, uneasy.
  16. <Darkling> The doctor sets the papers down. "You do not relax easily, do you?"
  17. <Corrin> "Doctor?" Corrin replies, not quite sure how to respond.
  18. <Darkling> "It's a yes or no question."
  19. Corrin hestitates. "No."
  20. <Darkling> "Well you need to learn to. The stress you put on your body is not healthy. Now, try to relax."
  21. <Darkling> His hands clasp together and he stares you down, a warm stare but still a stare, and waits.
  22. Corrin opens his mouth, doubtless to give his usual response, then closes it again and nods, still looking ahead. He sits back in the seat, posture loosening somewhat.
  23. <Darkling> "Good." He smiles. "Now I'll tell you why you're here, since you are no doubt anxious to hear the answer."
  24. <Darkling> "It has been noted by several NERV employees that your attitude and behavior are sometimes quite erratic, impulsive, and fanatical. As such, your commanding officer has arranged this meeting so we can talk about some issues or concerns you may have."
  25. Corrin takes this information in, unconsciously tensing and his brow furrowing as it sinks in.
  26. <Darkling> "With that, let us get started." He leans back in his chair, obviously at ease.
  27. <Darkling> "How have you been feeling lately?"
  28. <Corrin> "Good, Doctor." Corrin replies almost at once, too quickly. "Things are good."
  29. <Darkling> "Good? Oh.. well then I suppose you didn't punch one of your co-pilots in the eye the other day, or attempt to fight him again earlier today?"
  30. Corrin tries to suppress a wince. "Yes, Doctor. Pilot Wilhelm."
  31. <Darkling> "So, how good did that work out for you?"
  32. <Corrin> "Not well, Doctor."
  33. <Darkling> "So things are not so good after all then?"
  34. Corrin looks up at that, protest already on his lips, but just nods after a moment.
  35. <Darkling> "Corrin, I am your friend and here to help you. There is no need to lie to me or yourself in this room about anything. Things will move along much faster if you tell the truth."
  36. <Corrin> "Yes, Doctor. Understood."
  37. <Darkling> "Good. So, why are you and Wilhelm having conflicts like this?"
  38. <Corrin> "Pilot Wilhelm suggested that I was happy about the damage done to the geodome during the last attack. He then blamed NERV for allowing it to happen. I overreacted." Corrin's tone is almost detached, as though he's giving a report.
  39. <Darkling> "But why did you overreact? He was not blaming you."
  40. <Corrin> "He was wrong." Corrin insists.
  41. <Darkling> "Was he?"
  42. <Corrin> "Yes!"
  43. <Darkling> "But how do you know that?"
  44. <Corrin> "Without NERV, humanity would have no way to defend itself against the Jotun." Corrin replies, still leaning forwards. It's another of those replies that doesn't seem quite right coming from his mouth. "He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for NERV. I wouldn't."
  45. <Darkling> "But you failed to answer my question."
  46. <Corrin> "Doctor?" Corrin blinks.
  47. <Darkling> "How do you know Wilhelm is wrong that it was not NERV's fault the dome was breached? If NERV is responsible for the safety of the dome and it's inhabitants, and the dome was breached and people lost their lives, is that not a failure on their part?"
  48. Corrin listens, jaw clenched, before responding. "We killed the enemy outside before before they could cause more damage. The Pilot assigned to clear the dome did so quickly and efficiently."
  49. <Darkling> "And yet the dome was breached and many people died."
  50. <Corrin> "Yes, Doctor."
  51. <Darkling> "And NERV was in charge of protecting them, correct?"
  52. <Corrin> "Yes."
  53. <Darkling> "Then who else is there to blame for not protecting them well enough?"
  54. Corrin is gripping the sides of the chair. He doesn't respond.
  55. <Corrin> "I don't know, Doctor."
  56. <Darkling> "There is only one answer. All the superiors in this building know it, and accept it, and are working to fix it in the future."
  57. <Corrin> "But it wasn't his place to-" Corrin begins, then abruptly stops.
  58. <Darkling> "Yes?" The doctor encourages him to continue.
  59. Corrin does so, reluctantly. "It wasn't his place to second-guess his superiors."
  60. <Darkling> The doctor takes out a pad of paper and begins writing down some notes.
  61. <Darkling> "We will have to cut this current session short. Next time, I would like to try hypnosis with you and try to get to the root of your problems."
  62. <Corrin> "Yes, Doctor." Corrin nods, obviously holding back his first response.
  63. <Darkling> "I'd like you to spend some tim thinking about what I've asked you, and your answers."
  64. <Corrin> "Yes, Doctor." Corrin responds after a longer pause. "Will do."
  65. <Darkling> "Very well, you are free to go, an Agent is waiting ouside to escort you back to your room."
  66. Corrin stands and quickly leaves. Is it Agent Weaving?
  67. <Darkling> It is. She is leaning against the wall outside the office.
  68. Corrin is almost used to seeing the Agent by now. He straightens, stopping once he's outside and looking to her.
  69. <Darkling> "Done already?" She asks.
  70. <Corrin> "Yes, ma'am." Corrin answers, without elaborating. "Doctor Kaiser said the session had to be cut short."
  71. <Darkling> "Let's go then." She starts down the hall, escorting you back.
  72. Corrin follows a step behind, frowning.
  73. <Darkling> "He didn't prescribe you anything?" She asks as they walk.
  74. <Corrin> "No. Ma'am."
  75. <Darkling> "That's good at least. I'm sure you'll be speding plenty of time with him though."
  76. Corrin doesn't look overjoyed at this prospect, but nods and continues to follow.
  77. <Darkling> You arrive shortly enough at the bunk room you've been staying in. "I'll be back later. The Vice-comm has something arranged for all of you. A group photo of some sort."
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