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  2. >just moved across the country for a new job
  3. >left the girlfriend at home to finish packing and moving out, I had to arrive early to start work
  4. >we decided that it would be a good idea to save up as much as possible so we could afford a home in our new city, so we rented an apartment in the "bad" part of town
  5. >well, not bad per se, but not entirely human. Plenty of people are still pretty prejudiced, but it means the rent here is great so I'm not complaining too much
  6. >The apartment is in an old brick building, only a few stories tall and in good condition all things considered.
  7. >I enter and see a bear of a man - quite literally - slumped against the wall waiting for me
  8. >As I enter he stands tall and approaches, paw outstretched for a handshake
  9. >"Hello, new friend, I am landlord Alexei! Velcome to new home! I hev key right here."
  10. >He looks around expectantly and his smile begins to fade
  11. >"vait, you said it vas two, you and girlfriend, is wrong?"
  12. >"Oh, sorry, I must've forgot to mention. She's still across the country getting everything ready for the move. I had to come early for my job."
  13. >Alexei frowns deeply
  14. >"Is...is that a problem?"
  15. >"No, is no problem, except...Ve hev girls here who live alone and are in that time of year."
  16. >I don't understand what he means and the look on my face must make that plain
  17. >"Heat, my friend, heat. If you hev girlfriend here she has scent on you and is no trouble, but if you are alone..."
  18. >Alexei holds his finger up to say "one moment" and disappears into a small room that looks to be a storage closet of some kind
  19. >When he returns he's carrying a spray bottle with what looks like a large green apple on it
  20. >"Here, I give this to you. You spray around door every day. EVERY day. No trouble. I must go now, wife does not like me to be at property for long time."
  21. >He shoves the bottle and key into my hands and quickly walks out the door, shouting "GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND"
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