Nayamashi Yamashiro [Typeset]

Sep 24th, 2015
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  1. Nayamashi Yamashiro Translation
  2. From
  4. >[Well then, this time around it's a doujin starring Yamashiro. I'll be quite happy if you can get a laugh out of it.]
  6. >Near the Naval District Dorms
  7. >Gunfire?! Could the Naval District be under attack?
  8. >Shimakaze leads the way-!
  9. >Don't look at me Fusou nee-sama--
  10. >You're safe now, Yamashiro!
  11. >Uwaahhh--our room's been--
  13. >In order to understand what happened in the Naval District Today
  14. >Let us try to recount those events.
  15. >That morning
  16. >Yamashiro? That should be the plan for today. Yamashiro?
  17. >Yesterday I was gripped by nightmares. What misfortune. Today while getting up, I fell off the bed because my right foot seized up, how unfortunate. Turns out the egg I had for breakfast this morning was fertilized, I didn't find out until I cracked it. Such misfortune. The girl I just brushed shoulders with in the hallway...
  19. >Really now! Just writing misfortunes in your diary again!
  20. >Ah, Fusou nee-sama!
  21. >I'm going to hold onto this dairy for all of today!
  22. >Ahh...nee-sama, we agreed to go out today...
  23. >Uh, well...about that...
  24. >Ufufuffufufufufufufufu....
  25. >Aaauu?!
  27. >Yamashiro, you look even gloomier than usual.
  28. >Shimakaze-chan? Ufufu...listen to me.
  29. >Today was meant to be a day off, and I promised with nee-sama to go to town together...
  30. >[sorry]
  31. >[sorry about that, Yamashiro]
  32. >But the Admiral said that since he had extra blueprints that he was going to take Fusou nee-sama to be remodeled today...
  33. >It just had to be today! What misfortune!!
  34. >Aaaoooh?!
  35. >Even though I'd like to write this extreme misfortune into my diary, I can't write in my diary today either....
  36. >[fukou da]x2
  37. >Oh?
  38. >Me too, today Akagi, she...
  39. >[These children are going in for maintenance today!] said that I should be playing with my other friends today and took the Rensouhou-chan away!
  40. >[She cares too much!]
  42. >Mm, Yamashiro's the same as me. Mm! even though Yamashiro's a little gloomy, you're no different!
  43. >Haaoh...?
  44. >Thinking about it, this child's clearly a destroyer, so why is she just saying my name and speaking to me as an equal...what misfortune.
  45. >Well today, I shall play with Yamashiro!
  46. >Eh?
  47. >Hold on....don't...
  48. >Even as a battleship, Shimakaze is su~per fast!
  49. >I've always wanted to try this out once!
  50. >Umm....Shimakaze-chan....?
  51. >Alright! Let me see, Yamashiro!
  53. >Um...t-to be dressed like this as a Battleship....
  54. 򢰪>Ahahahahah! It suits you! It suits you, Yamashiro!
  55. >Fukou da x3
  56. >What am I doing...if another shipgirl were to see me like this...
  57. >
  58. >Ah֎clothes£שضnot𝛻this
  59. >Ah, Shimakaze-chan, there you are.
  60. >Eh? What is it, Ooyodo?
  62. >I saw Akashi at the factory.
  63. >[She seems to be making wierd modifications to the Rensouhou-chan in repair.]
  64. >[It'll--be--fine, Shimakaze will like it too]
  65. >[She didn't listen to my remonstrations at all, so I wanted to give you a heads-up.]
  66. >Hold onnnnnnn!!!!
  67. >Akashi that idiot!!!
  68. >Eh, hold on
  69. >Eh.....I'm still in this getup, what am I going to do?
  70. >It's fine, I won't tell anyone, okay?
  72. >She's got dirt on me...!
  73. >This woman....!
  74. >What misfortune!
  75. >Well then, I'm heading over to the Admiral's.
  76. >I can't go out in this getup.
  77. >In this room where people might be coming in, how am I going to wait until Shimakaze gets back?
  78. >That's....
  79. >Fusou nee-sama!
  81. >Yamashiro--!
  82. >Nee-sama--
  83. >Yamashiro, look! I'm Kai II!
  84. >I wanted to show Yamashiro, so I got permission from the Admiral to come over with my equipment!
  85. >Ahh, Onee-sama is my only salvation after all...
  86. >By the way, Yamashiro, my remodeling finished ahead of schedule. Let's go to Mamiya's and get something to eat later, shall we?
  88. >Mamiya-san said that it'll be okay to eat while wearing my equipment!
  89. >Ahh...umm...Nee-sama...
  90. >I do have to make up for today, so it'll be your big sister's treat!
  91. >I'm going to let Nee-sama see this getup?
  92. >Can't do it can't do it can't do it! No way no way no way, this embarassing uniform!
  93. >Ummm...I'm alright for today.
  94. >? Nee-sama?
  95. >Is that so...I suppose that's fair.
  96. >For nee-san to be hated by you would be reasonable...
  98. >After all, I stood you up today and then confiscated your diary...and then nee-san went off to get her Kai II on her own and then come back all happy....
  99. >Hold
  100. >it's not like that, Nee-sama!
  101. >How could I hate nee-sama?
  102. >I'll definitely head to Mamiya's in a bit. Please go on ahead, Nee-sama!
  103. >
  105. >Are you being held hostage?!
  106. >Ehhhhhh?!
  107. >W-what's the situation, Fusou-san?
  108. >You heard, Yukikaze-chan?
  109. >[Right now there's somebody holding Yamashiro at gunpoint!]
  110. >Just say whatever to get her away.
  111. >[Nee-sama....]
  112. >[The other's definitely an abyssal spy!]
  113. >Eh? Hold on?! Nee-sama?!
  114. >I won't let you get away with this, whoever's behind her!
  115. >You just wait there, Yamashiro! I'll come over and save you now!
  116. >D-don't, don't commeeeeeeeee!
  118. >What's that sound?
  119. >[Triple Combination Self-propelled Bipedal Artillery Model]
  120. >What is that coming--
  121. >Really, so ridiculous! Akashi made this kind of wierd remodel on her own! [She said it was some kind of power armor!]
  122. >But don't you look rather happy about it, Shimakaze-chan?
  123. >? WHat are those two doing?
  124. >S-shimakaze!
  125. >Bad news!
  126. >It seems like there's an abyssal spy holding hostage Yamashiro-san at gunpoint behind her, and now we're at a standoff!
  128. >What now--that's easy!
  129. >I just need to kill the abyssal spy, faster than that gun!
  130. >Eh, SHimakaze-chan...
  131. >Nooooooooooo
  132. >Yamashiro--
  133. >[And now we're back to where we started]
  135. >That night
  136. >[S....sorry, Yamashiro]
  137. >[Fukou da]x4
  138. >[Hi, I'm abua. This is the Postface, as always. Thank you for patiently reading up to here. This is about how it feels. Since the rest of this is just to fill up empty space, I'll just be saying whatever. Although this is the first time Yamashiro will be the main character, I've been drawing Yamashiro pretty commonly, since she would regularly appear in other shipgirls' doujins. Since I rather like her, I've always felt that it'd be nice if I could put out a Yamashiro-centered doujin, but I kept on forgetting, so this really has a "finally" kid of feeling. In terms of her character htis time around, that feeling of misfortune intensified a lot more htan what was expected. She has a feeling of a gloomy self-fulfilling prophecy. In reality, while this doujin's Yamashiro constantly talks about misfortune, in reality her level of misfortune is not much different from the other shipgirls. in reality it's due to her mindset and hopes that she constantly finds herself in misfortune. The misfortune diary is a reflection of that. As an older sister, Fusou seems to be more collected, but has a kind of codependence with her sister. While i feel that this is present in all versions, I wonder if htat's the case. THen again, dependent or codependent sisters are pretty common. Having other shipgirls wearing Shimakaze's uniform was a given. Speaking of which where did the hair ornament go? I'm quite happy with the Rensouhou power armor design. It's nice that those two Rensouhou on the arms can be seen as fingers. Because I started drawing without completing the design, however, there are some wierd parts...well, that's that. We'll meet again.]
  140. >[Murakumo - starter ship Murakumo. I like her Kai II design as well, so I might draw her someday.]
  141. >[single drawings that I drew. I just kind of put them in.]
  142. >[Cat - an exagerrated cat that lives on the naval district. She seems fine now, but in the past she used to be a rather scary sign....since she's easy to draw in single pictures, she's often drawn.]
  143. >[Ikazuchi - a child I surprisingly haven't drawn much of. I love her fang.]
  144. >[Shimakaze = for some reason this girl is also very easy to draw, so it was fun drawing this single picture.]
  146. >[Hiyou - I keep feeling like she'd suit a sushi chef well, so I drew this. Since there are sushi shops that use the Shinkaisen, I feel like a carrier plane sushi delivery would be cool. Someone please draw it. And Akagi was also fun to draw, whether in sketches or in the main story.]
  147. >[This alone isn't a single picture, but the circle report form]
  148. >[A normal Shimakaze and Q-version Shimakaze. This might be the first time I've drawn standard Shimakaze]
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