Kisaeng Bubu - 04

May 4th, 2020
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~ Kisaeng Bubu / Parasitic Couple ~

(T/N: "기생부부" => "Kisaeng Bubu" with "Kisaeng" meaning either Geisha / Slave or Parasitic with "Bubu" meaning "Married Couple")

기생부부 --- Publisher Link

By 데빌메이크라이 --- 현림 --- Sukwoo Studio

TAGS: #Wife #Girlfriend #Married_Woman #Secret_Relationship #NTR #Conglomerate #Drama

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Relationship Description
Park Hana / 하나 (FMC) Married Ji-Ho's wife, a woman with a chilly personality
Jun Young / 준영 (MC) Iseul's BF An ordinary office worker who's been fired because of a failed trade.
Iseul / 이슬 (FMC² => GF) Jun Young's GF A charming girlfriend who cares a lot about Jun Young.
Park Ji-Ho / 지호 (MC²) Married Jun Young's high school best friend, a successful man. Husband of Hana.
Min Kyung / 민경 (Maid) Single Ji-Ho's maid, has an amazing figure.

Synopsis: Jun Young, whose life has been ruined by the lost of his job due to a failed trade (Not really because he failed a trade but his behavior at work changed because of this betting addiction, when he lost his investment he focused solely on stock market neglecting his own work). He's now the driver of his best friend Ji-Ho.. One day he met Hana, his friend's wife. The first time he saw her he started to feel some strange desire...

Chapter - 04

MC is amazed by Maid's look and praises her body shape in his mind, MC² notices his dumb expression and makes fun of him in his mind (in a friendly way). He looks at MC and asks him if he's liking how Maid is looking, MC is surprised by such a sudden question and strongly denies this fact.
MC² stares at him while smiling..

Maid bring some snacks and asks MC² since how many years he didn't bring a friend here and asks him if MC isn't the most handsome man he brought home. MC² busts into laughter and asks MC if he's happy to learn Maid is interested in him, he keeps laughing telling Maid to hold her horses since MC already has a lover. MC just rubs his while thanking Maid for her praise and Maid can't let but look away saying how MC² is so mean to her.

MC looks at them thinking it's a good thing for the Maid to have such a close relationship with her employer, how they look more like a family.. FMC shows up for the first time, she enters in her house and give a glance to MC², MC stands up and introduces himself, she doesn't pay him any attention and just nods her head before heading towards her bedroom.
MC looks at her departing figure thinking she's a really cold woman..

Time flies when you're having fun.. MC wakes up, surprised to have fallen asleep inside MC²'s living room, he stands up thinking he must take a piss before leaving the place.
He opens a door wondering if it's the bathroom, and bumps into MC² fucking his wife, FMC.

MC² is shown taking out his dick from FMC's pussy telling her he almost came inside a slut like her.. How it would have been bad if she was to get pregnant from him, he orders her to finish with her mouth.
She goes on her knees and starts blowing him without uttering a single word of discomfort being treated this way. He tells her how she's so good at this and to swallow everything, he notices MC and gives him a wing while smiling.
MC surprised by what he just witnessed run away.. While putting his shoes on he hears MC² trash-talking FMC and Maid shouting at them to be quiet.

After running for a while, MC recalls what just happened and wonders if he misinterprets MC²'s expression since he was too drunk. How if he didn't make a mistake he really saw MC² winking at him.. He thinks how this world is crazy and too many things happened tonight.. Borrowing money, Maid amazing figure and his meeting with FMC..

Few days later

MC² is paying a visit to MC, asking why he moved in such a place and how is going his betting.. MC apologizes saying it'll take him a bit more time to pay back 4 times what he's owing him and tells him to not worry because he'll pay back every cents he borrowed.

MC² notices MC's attitude and asks him if it's not going well.. He then makes him a proposition, to be his bodyguard and chauffeur.
He tells him how he knows he is a good fighter and says he wanted to hire someone since something bad happened with the last bodyguard he hired. He tells him he'll pay him 3.000.000,00 KRW (2.500,00 USD) more than is previous job and asks him to write down a journal for him at the same time..

MC² is now introducing FMC to MC, telling her MC will be her new bodyguard and says to MC to stop acting like a stranger since he'll work for him and live in the house for awhile.
FMC and MC formally introduces themselves to each other and asks him if it's okay for him to move some boxes inside the warehouse..

After moving the said boxes inside the warehouse, MC² apologizes on behalf of FMC's attitude and asks MC to understand, MC tells him everything is okay and to not worry.

MC² brings MC to his new room apologizing for giving such a small room and will try to find a better solution for him later on.. MC tells him to not worry and how it's big enough for him.
MC² leaves MC alone.. MC sits down on his bed thinking FMC is really a beautiful woman.. He remembers seeing her naked giving a BJ to MC² and wonders if it's because he saw her during such an intimate moment that he doesn't find her cold..

Then.. He's worried about what he will do if something like this happen once again tonight..

To be continued..
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