(10) Heat (Lewd)

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  1. The cacophonous shriek of the Echo Creek Academy bell tore Marco Diaz from the brink of sleep as he shot up in his chair, his spine rigid as he darted his eyes around in panic. Students on either side of him were already packing their bags for the next class as he cringed, Skullnick's seething glare boring into him from the front of the class. Star giggled as she walked beside his desk, trailing the tip of her tail playfully across his arm as she headed for the hallway, her fifth limb beckoning him. He hurriedly shoved his notebook into his school bag and scrambled to catch up, cursing as he clipped his hip against the door on the way out.
  3. "I told you not to stay up so late," Star chided as he finally came up beside her.
  5. "Yeah, yeah, I get it, Mom," he shot back as he checked his watch.  "You just want your heater with you at 11:00 every night."
  7. "I don't remember you saying no to bunking together," Star replied, taking ahold of his hand with a smirk. "Especially with your hands finding my thighs in the middle of the night." Marco turned his head away with a blush that made her laugh. They'd been no strangers to close contact for months now,  but it was still adorable to see him react.
  9. "Hey Star!"
  11. Star turned her head to see Sabrina waving at her from about five meters down, grabbing her next book from her locker. She smiled and gave a small wave back, strolling over alongside Marco to greet her.
  13. "Have you guys picked out your clubs yet?" Sabrina asked as she shut her locker. Marco and Star gave her almost matching looks of confusion. "You know, the new clubs they're setting up?"
  15. "First I've heard of it," Marco replied. "I didn't think we'd have the budget for anything other than a few sports teams."
  17. "Yeah, a lot of it's part of some new grant program we got in on. The carpentry club's gonna set up a lot of the bigger stuff, but they've got a lot already available. You should check it out!" Sabrina said before turning for her next class and tripping, falling flat with a dull thud. Star put a hand to her head in exasperation as she offered the other, pulling the clumsy girl to her feet. Sabrina let out a sheepish smile before scampering off, her books still on the floor.
  19. "Uh, does she realize-"
  21. "Give her a minute or two," Star cut him off. "She does this a lot. More importantly, let's see if these clubs have anything good going on. This could be a lot of fun!" She briskly turned past the locker row and headed for the offices, Marco shrugging and following. They didn't have to walk far before Star saw the giant cork board the staff had mounted near the principal's office, plastered with all manner of sign-up sheets, each their own jarring pastel color. Star blinked a bit as she processed the array of hues, her fingers trailing in search of an empty sheet. Behind her, Marco stood in silence, his eyes having almost immediately locked on to one particular offer.
  23. "Partnered Dancing."
  25. The words had barely left his mouth before Star looked up and found it, her smile widening at the sight of three empty spots at the bottom. She looked at Marco with one brow cocked, the boy blushing slightly.
  27. "Uh, Star, you sure? I mean, can you even dance without your tail getting in the way?" he asked.
  29. "It's not a problem. Come on, you know you want to~!" she sang at him, slinking over and stopping mere inches from his face. Marco gulped audibly as he felt sweat begin to form on his forehead. "Just think of it as another excuse to get touchy with me."
  31. "You're never gonna let that beach trip go, are you?" he deadpanned. Star giggled again and took a pencil from her bag, scribbling in their names. Marco rolled his eyes at her grin and adjusted his bag.
  33. "The first session starts on Thursday. Oh, get that look off your face, you know it'll be fun!" she teased, leaning in and kissing him lightly. She found herself suddenly pulled against him with a gasp as he pressed back hard, tapping her exposed fangs with his tongue as she moaned, leaning into him. He pulled away, taking in air audibly.
  35. "You're not the only one who can tease," Marco smugly replied. Star found herself suppressing an eye roll of her own as she straightened her hairband.
  37. "Whatever, just don't be late," she said, rounding the corner for her next class. Marco chuckled and put his hands in his hoodie pocket, looking back up at the bright green sheet Star had tacked his name on.
  39. "I guess it might be nice." His thoughts failed to match his voice as he mulled over his actions. He'd grabbed ahold of Star almost instinctually, his hands traveling across her exposed shoulders and slipping down with a practiced, almost natural eagerness, pressing himself against her greedily. He gulped as he felt a tightness in his pants, closing his eyes and counting to 20 in an attempt to calm himself. His exercise was cut short at the sound of the warning bell, and he took off running towards his next class. He could ask himself such questions later, but Skullnick's rants over tardiness were a far more pressing matter than getting physical with his girlfriend.
  41. ---
  43. As the tardy bell rang out over the hallways of a Thursday school afternoon, Marco and Star sat nervously in a pair of metal folding chairs, the cleared classroom devoid of life apart from them. Marco brought the cuff of his hoodie to his forehead and wiped the thin sheen of sweat from his brow.
  45. "We got the right room number, right?" he asked Star with an uneasy smile.
  47. "I think so. They cleared out these rooms just to have club space, so I don't think they'd split it into two sections," she replied, her eyes transfixed on an unfolded sheet of paper in her hands. Marco gulped audibly at the thought of his attendance streak being broken before he darted his gaze towards a shadow outside the door.
  49. "So sorry I'm late! We all got the wrong room num..." the teacher's words trailed off even as he bursted through the door at the sight of only two students, a line of disgruntled teenagers following behind him, Star noting the crumpled direction pamphlets they held in their fists. Filing into the room and grabbing chairs, the class gradually took on a loose sense of order, with two dozen chairs facing the only desk in the room.
  51. "Alright, welcome to Partnered Dancing, everyone! I'm Mr. Rivers, and I'll be your instructor for this club. I want everyone to take a syllabus from the desk and spend a moment reading it over." Rivers punctuated his sentence with a sharp nod towards the stack of papers on the edge of his desk. Marco briskly walked over and took two forms from the top, passing one to Star as he retook his seat. Star flipped through the papers nonchalantly, looking over several footwork patterns both simple and complex.
  53. "By the end of this semester, each and every one of you will be able to flawlessly execute every dance in this syllabus," Rivers began. "I'd like to get into it quickly since we started late, so I need everyone to find a partner." Star stood and grabbed Marco from his hunched position, the boy rising up with a surprised blush. He set the syllabus in his seat as Rivers took a remote out of his shirt pocket and clicked a button, the ceiling-mounted projector whirring to life overhead with a hum and a puff of dust from its fan, displaying a duo dancing stance against the whiteboard.
  55. "Alright, everyone get into position," Rivers called out. Star and Marco both chuckled as they realized every pair in the class was in some kind of relationship, with students displaying varying levels of confidence at a public display of affection. Marco took Star's hand and let his other one come to rest upon the small of her back, giving her a weak smile as her other hand alighted on his shoulder.
  57. "No worries, right?" he whispered. Star giggled and rolled her eyes.
  59. "I know how to dance, Marco. Just focus on your steps, and I'll follow," she replied. Her words only served to unnerve him more, his eyes darting to the pattern on the whiteboard. Rivers motioned to begin with a wave as he pressed the play button on a small boombox on his desk, and he tentatively took his first steps to the rhythm of a soft violin piece while blocking out certain thoughts, Star suppressing a giggle at his overly focused expression, unaware of the biology hard at work inside him.
  61. "Loosen up. Just let yourself move naturally," she whispered to him.
  63. 'That's not the problem!' he screamed inside his head as he felt a low heat spring up in the back of his mind. He looked back into her eyes, and she softly leaned forward and kissed him, drawing away with a blush as she felt his muscle slacken under her palm. He let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding, and locked eyes with her, letting himself slip into the timing of the music. He and Star gently swayed back and fro, turning in a winding circle as they forgot where they were in the moment, time seeming to stand still.
  65. 'This is... nice. I guess this was a good idea,' Marco thought to himself. 'Getting to just spend time with Star like this, holding each other, feeling each other...'
  67. His gentle thoughts were shattered with a cold sense of dread as he felt his pants tighten again, a bullet of sweat popping out on his forehead as the music began climbing to a crescendo. He looked around to find the rest of the class staring at the two of them, Rivers sporting a grin as he stood with his hands clasped. Star hugged him, and panic shot through his brain, his mouth struggling to form words as he broke away from Star suddenly.
  69. "B-Bathroom!" he shouted as he weaved himself through the class and out the door, making a mad dash for the commode as the rest of the club stood in awkward silence. Star felt a seed of worry sprout in her mind as she clutched her hands together, the room feeling suddenly cold.
  71. ---
  73. "Marco?" Star asked a silent room as she stepped through the door of Marco's room, dropping her schoolbag as she closed the door behind her. The boy sat on the bed, his head in his hands as his vision bored into the floor. Star huffed and hopped over the mattress, landing beside him with a bounce that shook the boy from his thoughts with a yelp. He scurried over to the far end of the bed, his body almost curling up as he his his face from her.
  75. "Hey! What gives, Marco? First you run out of club, and then I don't get any response from you? I know you have your phone on you," she said, her frustration twisting her face into a glare. Marco turned his head away from her.
  77. "I don't really wanna talk about it," he muttered.
  79. "Marco, please, don't keep your problems from me. I want to help," she replied. "Whatever it is, I'm not gonna judge you for it."
  81. Marco turned towards her after a moment's pause, his face a deep red as he forced himself to look at her. "Are you really sure?"
  83. "Yes. What kind of girlfriend doesn't listen to her boyfriend's problems?" she said, taking one of his hands in hers. "After all the advice you've given me, the least I can do is give you an ear."
  85. Marco sighed, summoning up as much courage as he could before he spoke.
  87. "You... You're hot, okay? You're sexy! There, I said it!" he blurted out. Star visibly blinked a few times as the gears in her head whirred.
  89. "...Okay? How is that a problem? I mean, i-it's not that I mind that, but..." she trailed off as her mind connected the dots. "Oh." Marco ducked his head down, hunching over, his ears a bright red that poked out from his hair.
  91. "Ever since that beach trip it's been impossible to focus when I'm around you. I have to wear thicker and thicker pants when we go to bed, and with you now just teleporting with the wand, I don't really have much guaranteed privacy," he said. "The dance club just made that public."
  93. "Why didn't you say anything-"
  95. "How am I supposed to just tell someone they give me erections?" Marco asked, cutting her off. Star sighed and put a hand on his shoulder.
  97. "You don't have to feel embarrassed, Marco. I'm not mad at you for just being a guy," she replied, gently stroking his shoulder as she scooted closer to him.
  99. "...That is some relief," Marco half-whispered, his blush not receding whatsoever. "But I still have all these thoughts and other stuff in my head that just get in the way."
  101. "Like what?"
  103. Marco bolted up and looked over in shock to see Star's quizzical expression.
  105. "What fantasies do you have?" she continued. "It's okay, you can tell me. Maybe talking about it will help."
  107. "I-I-I don't think that's a good idea-"
  109. "Marco, look at me." The boy found himself cut off now as he turned his head back to look at her. "I don't want us to be uncomfortable around each other because of this."
  111. Marco let out a long sigh and leaned back against the headboard, running one hand through the front of his hair as he closed his eyes.
  113. "...Fine. I can't believe I'm talking about this with you," he muttered. "T-The most common one is helping you out of your dress, and us cuddling nude." He took his hand away from his face as Star got up from the bed and turned away from him.
  115. 'I hope this helps him. Maybe he'll get that he's not the only one with urges,' Star thought to herself as memories of their changing booth kisses fluttered through her head, a soft warmth flooding her cheeks.
  117. "Go ahead." The words felt almost forbidden as she let them slip, hearing the gasp behind her as Marco stumbled to his feet. "I don't mind letting you see me."
  119. "S-Star, wait a sec. Don't do this just because I get excited sometimes-"
  121. "Do you think I haven't felt something like that too?" she interrupted, her patience beginning to waver. "I love you, Marco. I want to share everything with you, and that includes your sexual side." She backed up a few steps and stopped just shy of bumping into him, his breathing heavy and audible, dusting the back of he neck. Marco darted his eyes around, Star's forward attitude and use of 'love' scattering his mind to the winds. He carefully reached up and put his hands on her shoulders, and she lightly shuddered at the feeling.
  123. "You're really okay with this?" he asked one final time, his shame paling before the onslaught of teenage hormones.
  125. "Yes."
  127. His hands greedily moved at her reply, taking the zipper at the nape of her neck and pulling down slowly, his blush growing ever hotter at the sight of smooth gray skin beneath the fabric. Star let another shudder move through her at the air greeting her skin, sliding the dress sleeves off and letting it fall to the ground. She turned around and frowned at his eyes as they closed in recoil, reaching up and cupping his face in her hands. She kissed him and smiled against his mouth as his arms wound around her, fingers curiously trailing over her spine and shoulder blades.
  129. "Please, look at me," she crooned in his ear. "I want you to." She parted from him as he let his eyelids recede, taking in her slender form fully, clad only in black lace and her school heels.
  131. "...You look good," he finally said. Star giggled and kissed him again, their blushes now matching colors as she gently reached for his hoodie zipped and pulled it down.
  133. "Your turn," she sang lowly as he complied, pulling off the red garment and casually tossing it to the side. His shirt was next, a splash of white cotton landing on his floor as he revealed his torso to her.
  135. "I know I'm not much to look at..." he began. Star cut him off with a kiss as her smile widened.
  137. "Neither am I, but I don't care."
  139. "I beg to differ," he bluntly shot back before putting a hand to his mouth in embarrassment at his own words. Star let out a loud laugh and reached out again, pulling him down onto the bed with her. "Sorry."
  141. "Just take the pants off, dummy," she giggled out, her own bluntness surprising both of them. Marco tucked his thumbs into his waistline and let his pants slump around his ankles, kicking them off to the side. The two looked at each other, both faces red as they stared at the half-naked form opposite them.
  143. "So, feel any better?" Star asked, examining his upper body. Marco nervously laughed as he tucked his legs up into the bed.
  145. "Yeah, this was a good idea, i guess," he said, his legs tight against his body. Star pulled her lips into a thin line, the look of someone who had smelled something rotten, and reached down, yanking one of his legs out. Her blush fired up again as the limb moved to reveal his erection standing tall, straining against the navy fabric of his boxers. "H-Hey! Wait a minute!"
  147. Star pulled away with a huff, her anger rising as Marco tucked his legs back. "Please don't lie to me, Marco."
  149. "Why do you care so much about this, anyway?" Marco asked, his voice wavering. "I can deal with it myself." Star sighed and took his hand in hers, bringing it up to her wing after a moment.
  151. "Touch it."
  153. Marco raised a brow at her request, but took her wing in his hand and rubbed it softly. Star shifted and let out a small moan as she felt her nerves come to life under his fingers.
  155. "Ever since I got these wings, every time you touch them or my tail, I get excited. I'd already had some... urges before, but now I have kind of the same problem as you, and I know how cramped and pent up you must feel." Marco took a moment of process her words, his hand almost automatically ministering to her wing.
  157. "So you're not nervous or anything? You've been the one pushing so far," he replied.
  159. "Well, yeah, I am. But I want to explore that heat you start in me. I'm not asking for sex right now, but after everything else we've shared, I don't want to miss this kind of experience." Her voice tightened as she forced herself to admit her own desires, and she felt herself receding now, her body subconsciously curling inwards.
  161. "...Do you want to see it?" Marco finally asked. Star looked back up at him to see him hooking one finger into the waistband of his boxers. "I... I want to go further with you too."
  163. "Feeling honest all of a sudden?" she replied.
  165. Marco chuckled. "I guess I'm more comfortable knowing you're nervous too." Star smiled softly and reached behind her, unhooking her bra clasps one by one. Letting the straps fall, she pushed the cups against her chest, pinning the fabric while her other hand slipped into her own waistband.
  167. "Together," she whispered, her face a glowing crimson. Marco smiled and nodded, and the two closed their eyes as clothing fell to the floor again. They opened their eyes carefully, remaining silent as they observed each other's form. Star blushed as she felt her nipples hardening, the heat resurgent in her mind. Marco said nothing, but brought one hand to her shoulder, pulling her close to him.
  169. "It's kinda cold in here," he sheepishly said. Star giggled and tucked herself against him, her eyes widening in surprise as she felt it against her.
  171. "You can go ahead and touch," she breathed. Marco swallowed and reached up to cup one small, pert breast in his hand, gasping as Star reached down and took him in her hand.
  173. "It's hot," she spoke to herself, her thoughts escaping her as she looked down at it, trailing her thumb over the head slowly. She felt him shake and take air, sharply exhaling as he tried to keep calm. She let out a small moan as he rubbed her breast, his digits ghosting across her nipple, the semi-soft bud tingling. She turned her head up and kissed him as she fully took hold of him and moved her hand slowly across, Marco shuddering against her lips as he put his other hand to her chest and gripped harder. They let themselves silently explore each other, gentle moans and grunts being the only sounds in the room as Marco let his hand trail down past her navel. His mind was filled and suppressed entirely by hormones, and Star gasped as she felt his fingers rest upon her vagina, blushing deeply as he pulled away with moistness on his hand.
  175. "G-Go ahead," she shakily said. Marco blinked a few times as he touched his fingers together, observing the clear fluid coating them, before returning his hand, Star panting as he trailed around her labia. She sped up her hand, firmly stroking him even as she cried out, Marco's thumb having found her clitoris. He pressed in out of curiosity, and Star felt fire shoot through her pelvis. She kissed him again to stifle her moans and greedily slipped her tongue to meet his, her own thumb vigorously rubbing his head.
  177. He was the first to finish, moaning loudly into Star's mouth as he came for the first time in months, Star's hand being quickly coated in his sperm. He clenched down out of reflex, and Star followed him into bliss as his jab against her clit sent her over the edge, her other hand flying to the back of his head, her stained crotch pulsing and quivering. They separated, falling back onto the bed in relief. Star brought her soiled hand up to her face and took in the sight of the thick white gel clinging to it.
  179. "Wow... you really let out a lot," she remarked as she leaned over to his nightstand, grabbing a few tissues to clean herself up. Marco said nothing, his beet red face speaking volumes. Star giggled as she wiped herself up and crawled up to the top of the bed, slipping herself under the covers. "Come on, don't be shy."
  181. Marco chuckled softly and let himself slide under the raised cover, his body meeting Star in the middle of the mattress. She pecked him on the cheek and shuffled up to him, drinking in his heat readily.
  183. "Feel better now?" she asked with a smile as his arm came down over her, his hand resting on her abdomen.
  185. "Yeah. I... I really needed that. Thanks, Star," he replied. "I didn't think you felt this way, too."
  187. "Do I need to say it a third time?" she shot back with a giggle. "I'm okay with seeing your sexual side."
  189. "I probably should listen... more..." Marco yawned, letting himself slacken against the mattress. "Man, that really took a lot out of me." Star rolled her eyes.
  191. "I suppose a nap wouldn't be a bad idea," she said. Behind her, she heard the sound of his slowed breathing and stifled a laugh. He'd always been a quick sleeper.
  193. "Marco, Star? We're home!"
  195. Both of them shot up in the bed, the blood in their veins freezing in fear.
  197. "Uh oh."
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