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Gearbest Points & Review Program

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Dec 2nd, 2017
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  1. for anyone wanting easy GBpoints (1000+) ask Gearbest for an invite to their review program, you can do this by opening a ticket within their Support system. (My Account > My Tickets) Once invited they will then ask you to review Gearbest on sites like Trustpilot or review the Gearbest app. This means you will have to include a order number with your review so Gearbest knows it's you, for the Gearbest app a simple screenshot of your review is enough. Gearbest has been known to award 500 points per review, GB points are good for an additional 30% off already discounted products (but doesn't work in combination with coupons) Gearbest support staff also suffers from amnesia so you can do this at least twice a year without them noticing you already did it, you can then just repost your reviews or simply give Gearbest your old screenshots.
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