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Fire Tome

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  1. Key/Name: Gaspar
  3. Rank/Feature in Application: Fire Tome
  5. Rank/Feature in Past Applications: Oracle
  7. Purpose for Rank/Feature: Promotion of Magic within the world/Use of Magic Powers.
  9. RP Sample: Ruuki Madoshi(x) arose almost like a zombie from being recently awakened, her stiff body rising up levitating until she was back to her full height before collapsing from exhaustion in a postured of meditation, her body seeming to... pulse with untold energy gained from the state of being knocked unconscious by the hammering blows and kicks of Yalthos, the shock of the attacks causing a new evolution within the voidborne Ruuki, flames rising around her from subtle energy working itself into an inferno fueled from the magical energy which pervaded from her. The flame raising to encompasse her in the background while small flames sprout off from the woman and flutter around in orbit of her.
  11. Meanwhile one of the small flames began to grow in size, a blue energy bound around the flame as it grew and somehow began to manipulate itself into something other than flames - though fire would swath from the tome which had now formed before herself, runic text flashin in an instant to fill the pages of the tome in a deep red ink. The tome pulled close, an emblem embroidered on the cover, of a fireball. Hovering there, the tome lingered until her silken fingers wrapped around it and pulled it closely. and with that not only had she evolved on a fundamental level but had also awakened the first stage of her magic..
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