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  1. <color=#00ff65><size=+60><align="center">Vandals SCP
  2. <color=#ff0000><size=+22><align="center">Rules
  3. <size=+15><align="left">1. MTF do not team with anyone expect Scientists and Guards.
  4. <size=+15><align="left">2. SCP'S are allowed to kill or team with D-Boys same with Chaos.
  5. <size=+15><align="left">3. Camping in any room for longer then 5-6min is declared camping.
  6. <size=+15><align="left">4. disarming teammates or locking teammates in room is not allowed.
  7. <size=+15><align="left">5. Turning the nuke off  if your not an SPC  to stall the game  is not allowed.
  8. <size=+15><align="left">6. Keep swearing to a minimum and do not direct it to others.
  9.  <size=+16><align="left">7. Any  racism, sexism , NSFW content, harassment of any kind is not allowed.
  10. <color=#0858e1><size=+14><u><link="">Discord</link></u><align="center">
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