Servant Assassin - Hassan of the Silver Throne

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  1. Source: Order of the Hassans
  3. Class: Assassin
  4. Other Names: Cyber Phantasy Hassan, Assassin of the 3rd Grail War, Old Man of the Mountain
  5. Alignment: Chaotic Good
  6. Place of Origin: Arabia
  7. “Servant, Assassin. Hassan of the Silver Throne. Are you my Master?
  8. Ah, my name? It is an odd story, but it ends with a new servant! With my suit, I am surely the strongest Assassin!”
  10. Parameters:
  12. STR: E (A)
  13. END: E (A)
  14. AGI: A+ (B)
  15. MGI: E
  16. LCK: B
  17. NP:  C (A)
  19. Height: 60cm (300cm)
  20. Weight: 15kg (2000kg)
  21. Likes: Mecha
  22. Dislikes:
  23. Attribute: Man
  24. Traits: Humanoid, Male, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
  27. A servant who was involved in a far-future grail war. Upon an unlikely victory, his wish was, “Let this mechanical foe be inscribed to the throne!”, and as such, this version of his Saint Graph is modified. A truly strange summoning...
  29. Class Skills:
  30. Presence Concealment A++ (E):
  31. His small stature makes him exceptionally suited to stealth, and he is impossible to detect without high level Clairvoyance or something similar. It is fundamentally useless inside such a mech, but he has attempted to keep the stealth aspect with dark paint and sound mufflers. It is very quiet as far as 10 foot tall robots go, but no servant will have any difficulty detecting it.
  33. Personal Skills:
  34. Territory Creation E:
  35. Rather than a traditional workshop made by a Caster, this is more of a garage. If supplied with mana, Assassin can modify the mech with upgrades and extra features. However, his low strength rank makes the work slow, and modifications take some time.
  38. Item Creation (Mechanic) A:
  39. The ability to engineer items, as opposed to creating them magically. Assassin can fashion a wide variety of technology for his own use or his master’s, but this requires a large amount of mana. Primarily used to augment his mech.
  40. Protection from Wind -:
  41. A necessary trait for desert dwellers, it protects the bearer from biting sand and terrible storms. Assassin has decided to forgo this skill so as to re-purpose it for his mech.
  44. Noble Phantasm(s):
  46. Zabaniya: Cyber Phantasy
  47. Type: Anti-Unit
  48. Rank: C
  49. Range: Touch
  50. Max Targets: 1
  52. Assassin’s original Noble Phantasm. If one of his hands can grab the head of an opponent, the target’s brain is turned to gunpowder and detonated, with such force that everything above the waist is destroyed.
  53. While he retains the ability even in such a strange summoning, this Noble Phantasm does not extend to the mech he pilots. As he has become used to using it as his primary method of dealing damage, the mech comes outfitted with short range high-explosive cannons embedded in the palms that accomplish a vaguely similar effect.
  56. Silver Throne
  57. Type: Self-Modification
  58. Rank: A
  59. Range: Self
  60. Max Targets: 1
  62. An mecha given to Assassin for winning a grail war. Standing three meters tall, it encases Assassin’s small body with armored plating, advanced weaponry, and a variety of gadgets. However, it cannot dematerialize into spirit form as a servant can, and while being used by Assassin, it continually drains mana at a low rate.
  63. When initially summoned, the mech is little more than a set of mana-powered armor, providing Assassin with enhanced strength and endurance at the cost of his agility. He will immediately seek to establish a workshop in a safe location and begin modifying the mech to suit the current war.
  64. While he can theoretically build any attachment he has the mana to produce, he tends to default to a few upgrades that he is practiced in creating and using:
  66. Reality Reactor D:
  67. A low level version of the cosmos generator used by other models, like MHXX’s. It uses futuristic advancements learned in previous summonings to emulate the Second Magic, drawing low levels of mana from parallel worlds. It provides constant generation of mana equivalent to rank A Independent Action, but anything beyond basic movement and combat will require external mana.
  69. Shining Sword D:
  70. A sharp, metallic blade. It is designed to be used in one hand while the other remains available for the Cyber Phantasy cannon. The sword is covered in small, high power jets that allow him to propel the sword as if using Mana Burst. However, it is not a magical weapon, and damage comes mostly from the force of high velocity metal.
  72. Ruby Rockets C:
  73. Foot-mounted rockets that allow flight. Assassin values agility very highly, so rather than a larger back-mounted module, he uses gimballed engines on the feet. It raises his maneuverability and speed to keep up with faster servants, although not to the extent that he enjoys outside the mech.
  75. Howling Hurricane of Heaven A+:
  76. ‘Protection from Wind’ remade as an offensive Noble Phantasm type weapon. It allows him to concentrate mana at any point on the body of the mech before releasing it as a stream of energy, directed by the wind itself. The effective rank can be raised by increasing the amount of mana used, but at higher levels it becomes difficult to control. At maximum output, the burst cannot be contained, and the beam becomes a suicide blast centered on the mech itself. Assassin would never allow such harm to come to his creation, so a command seal is required to force the activation.
  79. Lore:
  80. Cyber Phantasy Hassan was originally born in a small village in Arabia. He dreamed of becoming a Hero of Justice, but such a path was denied since birth, as his small stature would never allow him to wield a sword and shield. As such, he took another route, becoming one of the Shia sect called assassins. His small stature and powerful Zabaniya made for a fierce assassin, and he became one of the few to live to old age, but he was never truly satisfied...
  81. In the far flung future, humanity retained its burning desire for power, wealth, and achieving the impossible - in short, the ability to wish. As such, the grail was never truly eliminated, for it would always be rediscovered, remade, and reborn. This Hassan once fought in such a war, and the unlikely servant formed an excellent duo with his master. Finally, with the grail in sight, only Saber stood in his way.
  82. That is, Saber and the very powerful master controlling it. That master had been something beyond a normal mage, using his massive fortune not just for an impressive catalyst, but for his own weapon - a mechanical suit he piloted. How could a mere assassin slay both the strongest servant and the most powerful master?
  83. As it happens, Cyber Phantasy is a versatile Noble Phantasm. In a last ditch effort to claim victory, Hassan viewed the mecha itself as his foe, and as if it was human, laid his hand upon its head.
  84. The resulting explosion was more than enough to kill the man of flesh and bone within. Without a mana source, his servant followed.
  85. Standing in the wreckage of the terrible machine, Hassan could not help but feel sadness at this. What a beautiful creation he had ended! Surely such an act was a sin in the eyes of God.
  86. As the grail came down to meet him, his wish was chosen. “As I am returned to dust, take this armor with me, and let me become a hero.” It was made so, and he became a new servant - Hassan of the Silver Throne.
  89. Personality:
  90. A fundamentally awkward servant. A master expecting a stealthy servant who strikes from shadows will be sorely disappointed to see the lumbering mass of metal awaiting them. Additionally, his mana requirements can be somewhat of an issue. As a Hassan, Assassin is the only class he fits into, but the creation of war machines is more suited to one such as Caster, and his master will be forced into the role of mana battery. This problem is made more difficult by Hassan’s new attitude as a Hero of Justice - killing innocents, whether for their mana or for some other strategy, is strictly against his moral code.
  91. Despite this, he is a powerful servant, given time. Despite being first and foremost a mech pilot, he is still an Assassin, well suited to information gathering. The grail has also blessed him with an incredible ability to create a vessel fitting any situation, and with enough modifications, he can easily compete with top class servants.
  93. Relationships:
  94. “Ah, that one is trouble, Master, but he reminds me of myself. Neither of us were content to play the hand destiny dealt us. Although, his contract was with a more literal demon than mine…”
  95. “‘To cometh so far in thine life, yet still be discontent? So mad that thee would trade thine own soul for material comfort? Fool. Hand over thy head.’
  96. what he would say, if he finds me. Master, I need help hiding the mech…”
  97. “I once fought in a war with two sabers, but to think there would be a saber with TWO swords... How strange.”
  98. “Ah, that knight in the dark armor - he must be powerful, Master! Truly, black is the color of great warriors such as myself.”
  101. My wish? Ah, you misunderstand, Master. I am already living it.
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