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2018 Speedgame Wishlist

Xem Nov 14th, 2017 325 Never
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  1. Ratchet speedruns:
  2. -UYA NG+ for sub 31
  3. -AGB for a sick time (57:xx?)
  4. -Rest of the bop project if possible (honestly not my biggest priority)
  5. -Deadlocked NG+
  6. -Into the Nexus NG+
  8. Others:
  9. -Still thinking about Cuphead but losing interest as the weeks roll by
  10. -Kingdom Hearts 2FM Crit Lvl 1 Data Org (If I end up loving this category, which I honestly think will happen, I'll grind for WR or something close to it. I don't know how optimized PS4 data org is but I have a feeling it's not nearly as optimized as PS2 data org. Will need a lot of time to learn/ascend at this since this category is brutal)
  11. -Odyssey if I ever get a Switch/SMS again if race file start ever becomes the norm
  13. When 2017 started, I thought to myself "I could see this being my last year of serious speedrunning"
  15. As 2018 rolls around, I wonder how I could ever stop.
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