Just Another Pie

Jun 4th, 2013
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  1. >Day Just Another Pie in Equestria.
  2. >Be Fem Anon working at Rarity’s shop.
  3. >It’s the end of the day, and you are cleaning up before going home.
  4. >Rainbow Dash streaks in.
  5. >”Hey, Anon!” She yells.
  6. >”Rainbow, you can’t just barge in. At least try to act like a mare your age.”
  7. >Rainbow rolls her eyes and ignores Rarity.
  8. >”Guess what, Anon? The Wonderbolts are going to do a show in town tomorrow.”
  9. “Who are they?”
  10. >”Who are they? They are only the best fliers in all of Equestria, and I have two tickets for us!”
  11. >Rainbow Dash displays two golden tickets.
  12. “I don’t know.”
  13. >”You simply must go. I remember quite vividly the last time I was at a Wonderbolt’s show. I was a young filly –“
  14. >”That was last year,” Rainbow protests.
  15. >”Just let me tell my story. I was a young filly and a very dashing Wonderbolt invited me the soirée after the show. Needless to say it was perfect. Every little detail was attended to. And then he looked me in my eyes and said, ‘I have to make you mine.’ Of course I couldn’t refuse. He was the perfect stallion.”
  16. “You little slut," you laugh.
  17. >”Don’t pretend you wouldn’t jump at the chance, Anon. Besides they need to let out a little steam once in a while. I was just helping him out. I am the Element of Generosity after all.”
  18. >She shakes her hips seductively.
  19. >”Yeah, then where is he now?” Rainbow asks.
  20. >”Oh who knows? He wasn’t…” Rarity moves in closer. “He wasn’t well proportioned if you catch my meaning. I have needs and he didn’t quite measure up. For all I know he is probably gallivanting about in Appleloosa.”
  21. >You don’t think you will ever understand Rarity.
  22. >She just bragged about how she threw herself at a ‘perfect stallion’ and then in her next breath says that he had a small package.
  23. 1/8
  24. >”I think our seats are over there,” Rainbow points to the second row.
  25. >She easily flies over the crowd as you slowly make your way to the seats.
  26. >”Oh my gosh, we’re just in time.”
  27. >
  28. >The show was even better than Rainbow Dash explained.
  29. >The Wonderbolts flew in formation and performed countless crazy stunts.
  30. >Then they took turns fighting in the air with blunt spears.
  31. >Rainbow explained that Spitfire always wins this part.
  32. >It’s a good way to train new Wonderbolts.
  33. >It was breathtaking.
  34. >
  35. >Be Soarin at the hotel bar after the show.
  36. ”She looks pretty cute.”
  37. >”Not this again, Soarin,” Spitfire says as she rolls her eyes.
  38. ”I just want to have a little fun.”
  39. >”We’re not supposed to mix with the locals. We don’t want any trouble.”
  40. “You’re too uptight, Spitfire. Learn to live a little.”
  41. >Spitfire scoffs and orders another drink.
  42. >”I know how you get after a show.”
  43. ”Hey she’s coming over,” you say as you poke your teammate.
  44. >”Just be on your best behavior.”
  45. ”Yeah, Yeah.”
  46. >”Oh my gosh! I’m like your biggest fan! You guys remember me right? Rainbow Dash.”
  47. ”Who’s your friend?”
  48. >”This is, Anon. She’s the only human in all of Equestria.”
  49. >The only one?
  50. >You smile at this exotic treat.
  51. >Rainbow sits next to Spitfire, and Anon sits next to you.
  52. “I’m Soarin.”
  53. >”It’s nice to meet you,” she says as she extends a hand.
  54. >You look at her outstretched limb.
  55. >She has fingers, like a Diamond Dog except longer.
  56. >You extend a hoof to meet her.
  57. >Her fingers engulf your hoof as you shake.
  58. >It’s a strange sensation as she squeezes you slightly.
  59. >You must to have her.
  60. >Just play it cool.
  61. 2/8
  62. >You are a Wonderbolt after all.
  63. “I’m sorry, but I’ve never met…”
  64. >”It’s alright. Most ponies don’t know how to react to me.”
  65. >You nod your head.
  66. “So what brings you to Equestria?”
  67. >”I don’t know. I just woke up here one day.”
  68. >She is a lost soul.
  69. >You look at her more closely.
  70. >She is taller than you, and has shoulder length hair.
  71. >Rainbow buys a pitcher of cider and you pour a glass for Anon.
  72. “Nice weather we’re having.”
  73. >”Yes, it has been nice.”
  74. >Get on with it, Soarin. She doesn’t want to hear small talk.
  75. “So how long have you been here?”
  76. >”Almost a year now.”
  77. >”Hey, Anon, you have to hear this story,” Rainbow interrupts.
  78. >
  79. >The party in the hotel bar continues for another hour.
  80. >You and Spitfire take turns telling stories about the Wonderbolts.
  81. >”And that’s how we beat the Griffin’s 3 to 2.”
  82. >Rainbow Dash is enthralled by Spitfire’s story.
  83. >Anon is starting to look tired.
  84. >You’d better make a move now.
  85. >You scoot a bit closer to Anon.
  86. “So, uh… are you dating anyone?”
  87. >Sweet Celestia you’re smooth.
  88. >”No. There aren’t any other humans around.”
  89. “What about ponies? We can be fun to date,” you say as you put a hoof on her hand.
  90. >She pulls it away.
  91. >”I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.”
  92. >Shit you fucked up.
  93. >That’s alright. You can fix this.
  94. “I think you are very pretty, Anon.”
  95. >”Aw that’s sweet,” she says as she shakes her head. “But I don’t date ponies.”
  96. ”I know, but I had to say it.”
  97. >She looks at you confused for a moment.
  98. >”Tell you what Soarin. If I ever decide to try, I’ll let you know,” she smiles.
  99. >No she won’t.
  100. >You’re a fucking Wonderbolt and she is just some monkey.
  101. 3/8
  102. >She should be begging to be yours.
  103. “Another round!”
  104. >”That would be awesome,” Rainbow replies.
  105. >”Maybe just one more,” Anon says.
  106. >This is your last shot, Soarin.
  107. >You order several more drinks.
  108. >You remove a small bag of powder from your suit’s pocket.
  109. >The pony who sold it to you promised that just a pinch would knock out anyp0ny.
  110. >Two pinches will probably be enough for her.
  111. >You put the drugs into Anon’s beverage.
  112. >You stir the drink around, and it dissipates quickly.
  113. >Alright, this is it.
  114. “Here, lets’ toast to new friends.”
  115. >You watch carefully as Anon drinks it.
  116. >A smirk creeps across your face.
  117. >
  118. >An hour later.
  119. ”You don’t look so good, Anon. Maybe I should walk you home.”
  120. >”No that’s alright. Rainbow and I should be heading out anyway.”
  121. >”We just got here, let’s stay just a bit longer,” Rainbow protests.
  122. >Spitfire excuses herself.
  123. >Anon starts to wobble slightly.
  124. >”Maybe I should lay down for a bit. I’m getting really tired.”
  125. “It’s kind of loud in here. Why don’t you rest in my room?”
  126. >”That’s really nice of you.”
  127. ”I aim to please.”
  128. >You show her to your hotel room.
  129. >It’s only one flight of steps away.
  130. >You made sure to get a room far away from Spitfire.
  131. >Anon leans against you for support.
  132. >Sweet Celestia, she smells good.
  133. “Here we are,” you say as you open the door.
  134. >”Great. I’ll just crash on the chair.”
  135. >You chuckle at this.
  136. “You are my guest. You can sleep on my bed, Anon.”
  137. >”Rainbow Dash did say you guys were the greatest.”
  138. >You lick your lips as she climbs into bed.
  139. >She doesn’t notice you locking the door.
  140. “I think I’m getting tired too.”
  141. >You slowly get under the covers with your prize.
  142. >You press your nose against her and inhale her intoxicating aroma.
  143. 4/8
  144. >”That tickles,” she laughs.
  145. >You ignore her and you begin to put your weight on her.
  146. >”That’s enough, Soarin,” she says as she tries to push you away.
  147. “Just one little kiss, Anon.”
  148. >”Will you leave me alone if I do?”
  149. “Maybe…”
  150. >She sighs before pressing her lips for you.
  151. >You don’t waste any time.
  152. >You meet her and try to force your tongue into her mouth.
  153. >Again she resists you.
  154. >”Hey, knock it off.”
  155. “Don’t be a tease, Anon.”
  156. >She looks at you confused.
  157. >”What?”
  158. >She struggles to keep her eyes open.
  159. “What did you expect when you climbed into my bed?”
  160. >”I thought you were being nice…”
  161. >She tries again to push you away but her strength has left her.
  162. “I am being nice.”
  163. >The moonlight entering the room only makes her more beautiful.
  164. >She is like a delicate flower.
  165. >And she is all yours.
  166. >Her eyes start to water.
  167. >You imagine she has finally realized what you are planning.
  168. >"What did you do to me?"
  169. >You feel a slight dampness as you move a hoof to brush away a wisp of hair from her face.
  170. >She turns away from you.
  171. >What a whore.
  172. >You almost feel bad about what you are about to do.
  173. >Almost.
  174. >You nibble at her neck as you gently caress her.
  175. >If only she wasn’t wearing this shirt.
  176. >You place your hooves at her hips and lift it up slowly.
  177. >No sense in ruining the moment.
  178. >Her soft supple skin is slowly revealed.
  179. >”Please stop, Soarin.”
  180. >You ignore her plea.
  181. >With your wings, you move her arms over her.
  182. >The shirt slips off easily.
  183. >She has another garment defending her.
  184. >It doesn’t move as easily as her shirt.
  185. >You bite the fabric lightly with your teeth and place it just above her mounds.
  186. >You’ve never seen a human’s body before.
  187. >These seem a bit high.
  188. >It is very exotic though.
  189. >Should you go through with this?
  190. >If she didn’t want this, then she wouldn’t have come to your room.
  191. >You move down slowly.
  192. 5/8
  193. >It’s easy to unclasp her belt buckle.
  194. >A hand tries to move you away, but you easily brush it aside.
  195. >You quickly tug Anon’s pants down over her hips and thighs.
  196. >Her shoes slow you from your goal, but they don’t put up a fight.
  197. >And now the socks.
  198. >They match her white and pink striped panties.
  199. >You place a hoof against a foot.
  200. >What does it taste like?
  201. >You clutch it against your face.
  202. >You can tell that she’s been walking all day.
  203. >Her painted toes beg you to defile them.
  204. “Of course I will, my sweet," you say to yourself.
  205. >Your long tongue slowly explores her every wrinkle and crease.
  206. >She tries to pull her leg away.
  207. >You gently return it to its place.
  208. >You don’t want to hurt her.
  209. >Now her toes.
  210. >Your senses explode at her salty taste.
  211. >Anon protests with incoherent mumbling.
  212. >It’s so cute that she is still trying to stop this.
  213. >You take a few deep breaths to enjoy the moment.
  214. >Your hooves move on their own toward her waistband.
  215. >Her panties are so soft.
  216. >Almost as soft as Anon herself.
  217. >It only takes a second to remove her last defense.
  218. >You back away to view your now fully exposed prize.
  219. >She is so different from any pony you have ever seen before.
  220. >Her arms move to hide her body.
  221. >Again you easily place them at her side.
  222. “Stop moving so much.”
  223. >Your eyes start at her perfectly kept hair.
  224. >Her makeup is beginning to run.
  225. >Slowly your eyes make their way down to her delicate lips, and long neck.
  226. >You admire her lightly tanned skin.
  227. >Anon must work out.
  228. >Your eyes continue to her perfectly formed hips.
  229. >Not wishing to soil your surprise, you skip past her mound.
  230. >There will be enough time for that.
  231. 6/8
  232. >Her soft supple thighs beg you to part them.
  233. >Her long lean legs desperately plead for you.
  234. >And her feet – perfect.
  235. >You feel yourself engorging.
  236. >Again you lightly caress her.
  237. >She lets out a low moan.
  238. >You place several pillows beside her and roll her on top of them.
  239. >It takes a few tries to balance her limp form in place.
  240. >For the briefest moment, it almost seemed like she was presenting herself to you.
  241. >You could have any mare you wanted, but the one you need is right in front of you.
  242. >Not wanting to waste an invitation, you slowly mount her.
  243. >Your forehooves hang over her, and you pull her close.
  244. >”Please don’t,” she whispers.
  245. >You shift your weight before finding her folds.
  246. >Your member easily invades your delicate flower.
  247. >She makes the slightest protest as you enter her.
  248. “Shhhh… it will be over soon.”
  249. >You enter her slowly.
  250. >You don’t want to waste this by going too fast.
  251. >She feels so different.
  252. >Again you push into her.
  253. >Her insides beg you for more.
  254. >She’s colder than mares you’ve enjoyed before.
  255. >This excites you more as you hilt against her.
  256. >She makes muffled sounds as she buries her face in the pillows.
  257. >You close your eyes and imagine her begging for more.
  258. >Demanding everything from you.
  259. >You will give her what she wants.
  260. >You pump into her harder now.
  261. >Faster.
  262. “Oh, Anon.”
  263. >You quiver as you paint her insides with your seed.
  264. >It feels amazing.
  265. >You bury your face into her shoulder length hair and enjoy her scent one last time.
  266. >All good things come to an end, and you slowly pull yourself away from her.
  267. >You should return to the table downstairs before anyp0ny notices you’ve left.
  268. >You turn to the door and look at your princess one last time.
  269. >She is lightly sobbing.
  270. >Good thing you paid extra for the second room.
  271. 7/8
  272. >
  273. >The next morning.
  274. >Be Anon.
  275. >You have a throbbing headache.
  276. >Did you really drink that much?
  277. >You look around.
  278. >You are in a hotel room.
  279. >Somep0ny must have invited you back to their suite.
  280. >Who was it?
  281. >You were with Rainbow, Spitfire, and…
  282. >You sit up quickly when you remember the last pony – Soarin.
  283. >The blanket drops from your body and the cold air assaults you.
  284. >You never sleep naked.
  285. >Your clothes are carelessly discarded beside the bed.
  286. >Did you hook up with him?
  287. >You move a hand down, and caked residue confirms the deed.
  288. >Shit.
  289. >You don’t remember liking him enough to sleep with him.
  290. >Why did you have to keep drinking?
  291. >You slowly put your clothes back on.
  292. >He did seem nice, but not enough to spend the night with.
  293. >You never even considered being with a pony.
  294. >Did he rape you?
  295. >No.
  296. >There is no way he would do that to you.
  297. >Then why do you feel so bad?
  298. >Even if he did nopony would believe you.
  299. >You start to think about what to say to Rainbow if she asks where you went.
  300. >It was a gift.
  301. >You were being nice to a hard working stallion.
  302. >It was just a fling.
  303. >He made you laugh.
  304. >You never want to see him again though.
  305. >He didn’t measure up.
  306. >Yeah, they will believe that.
  307. >You try not to cry.
  308. >But you can’t help it.
  309. fin
  310. 8/8
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