VisualVanilla 1.4 Changelog (04-17-2022)

Apr 16th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. + Compatibility with v1.0.2545.0 (Contract Update)
  2. + Overall colors are now more consistent
  3. - No more black skies bordering the horizons at night and numerous inconsistent horizon colors seen on various weathers
  4. - Removed Light Pollution from the Core Mod, now the city looks more blue by default
  5. - Removed Old Gen Clouds by suggestion of Alex106 as they never worked properly so it's pointless to keep them now
  6. + Reworked Night Lighting (Bluer, less black), now much closer to vanilla colors with some improvements here and there
  7. + Reduced visibility of Stars in the city at night (because of the light pollution), thanks to "worthless piece of trash" (this is just his username!) from Discord for the suggestion
  8. + More vibrant sunsets and sunrise on various weathers
  9. + Improved ped lighting at night, as suggested by HeySlickThatsMe
  10. + Improved look of stars in the countryside (now not too bright/opaque)
  11. + FIXED vanilla bug on Blizzard, Snow, and Light Snow Weathers where some hours would look bleached out, oversaturated, and bright even during night time, and so on. These were, regrettably, carried over on previous versions of VisualVanilla. This has been put to rest now on the new version.
  12. + Reorganized the "Configure It!" folder
  13. + Replaced "Choose Your Clouds" to "Choose Your Starfields"
  14. + Improved a couple of ReadMe files and Installations instructions
  15. + Added installer and uninstaller for MP3 Skydome Texture
  16. + Small change to the E3 2014 Lens Flare, special thanks to Alex106
  17. + Changed  the "phone_cam12" Snapmatic filter with the "phone_cam" one, special thanks to Alex106
  18. + NEW OPTIONAL: RDR2 Starfield, special thanks to GreenAid
  19. + NEW OPTIONAL: Light Pollution (Adds light pollution to the city at night, visible on-foot and from a distance)
  20. + Updated Old Gen Sky Colors based on the changes from the latest updates on Old Gen Visual
  21. + ...and some more I probably forgot to list down, just enjoy the mod already, damn it!
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