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Sizz-Lorr and Zim

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Sep 18th, 2019
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  1. Sizz-Lorr wondered why all of his plans failed. His plans to make his restaurant high class had failed spectacularly, ending up as a fast food place serving the worst customers he could think of. His trash food attracted trash species and to be serving trash meant he was lower than them. There was almost nothing he hated more to think about, unless his thoughts wandered to Zim. That horrible failed invader was truly the worst part of his job. Not only had he escaped the Great Foodening and left Sizz-Lorr to deal with the influx of customers alone. Zim almost did it a second time. Unfortunately for both of them the Great Foodening captured both of them this time. At first Sizz-Lorr hoped watching Zim deal with customers would be a pleasure. Now he knows he would rather have Zim outside of Foodcourtia than inside. It’s almost as if he actively tries to be terrible at everything he does. He can’t do anything right unless it involves screwing over the entire rest of the staff and even then what he considers “right” is always wrong. Sizz-Lorr thinks of new ways to mess with Zim in between waves of customers. Then one day he has a devilish plan.
  3. “Zim! Go to the back and work the food machines. You’ve messed up every order so far today and I can’t stand the shrill shrieks from the customers anymore.”
  4. “Yes Frylord!” Zim answers back quickly. Sizz-Lorr notes that even for a failure in every aspect Zim still does a good job at maintaining some military bearing. Zim hurries to the back and quickly moves trays around to catch all of the food falling from tubes and sends them off to the tables. For once it looks like he’s doing something correctly, and maybe the new punishment isn’t needed until Sizz-Lorr sees guests switching tables to get their correct orders. He realizes Zim is wildly sending them out without regard to where they go, a few even go directly into the trash beside the fryers. Even for Zim this is terrible, the punishment must commence. Sizz-Lorr tells the other two workers to work the back and the cashier while he and Zim cut meat in the back freezer. The look of betrayal on the two worker’s faces gives a small pang of guilt to Sizz-Lorr, while the mask of fear on Zim’s face washes those thoughts away.
  5. “Why are we in the back freezer cutting meat when we could be telling those filthy customers we’re closed? There’s better ways to be avoiding them.” Zim says on his way to the freezer. He opens the door and sees an empty, cold room. Confusion washes over his face before asking “Where’s this meat anyway? Does this mean I have to find it as well before cutting it?”. He begins to walk around looking in the obviously empty corners for traces of meat that needs to be cut. When he can’t find any he looks under a steel table with nothing under it. He looks at Sizz-Lorr, standing in the doorway, and searches the empty room again. Finally the thought dawns on him that there is no meat to be cut and he’s alone in a room with some one that hates him. He tries to run out the door, but Sizz-Lorr has already shut and locked the door.
  6. “I’m surprised at your stupidity Zim. After you searched the room for ten minutes I thought for sure you would know something was wrong, but then you searched for another twenty minutes.” Sizz-Lorr said as he took of his clothes. Now fully naked he demanded Zim take off his clothes. Zim ran across the ceiling towards the door before Sizz-Lorr’s large hand swatted him like a fly. He broke the legs emitting from Zim’s pak and once again commanded for Zim to strip. Seeing no other option Zim ran towards the door again. Sizz-Lorr grabbed him by his uniform and tore off his clothes and slammed him on the table in one motion. The impact knocked the air out of Zim’s lungs. Sizz-Lorr flipped Zim onto his stomach and open up his legs, searching for the entrance to the squeedlyspooch. Once found a finger was inserted, much to the detest of Zim. It’s soft and warm hole leaked some liquid that fell on the floor. A second finger was inserted and this time Zim let out a small moan before he bit his hand to keep Sizz-Lorr from hearing. Sizz-Lorr heard it and took it as an invitation to start moving his two fingers. They met with some resistance at first until he shoved them all the way in to be fully lubed. They freely slid in and out and the squeedlyspooch hole had expanded enough for a third finger to go in. Zim had stopped biting his hands and was now heavily panting with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. With every movement of Sizz-Lorr’s fingers Zim’s legs shook and his hips leaned into meet the base of the finger.
  7. Sizz-Lorr’s penis was hard at the sight of Zim becoming dumbfounded and drooling for something to fill his insides. He took out his three fingers and Zim whined. They were replaced by something much bigger. The squeedlyspooch tighten around Sizz-Lorr’s cock head while Zim’s mouth opened to let out a satisfying moan. There was some more resistance when Sizz-Lorr started to slowly thrust his hips. He would be lying to himself if he wasn’t somewhat worried about injuring one of his few workers, but the way Zim moaned and pushed his butt closer to Sizz-Lorr’s pelvis destroyed any thought of injury. It wasn’t long until the whole dick was inside. Sizz-Lorr slowly pulled it out until only the head remained and then slowly put it all the way back. He continued until the entire shaft was lubed and shiny. Zim wanted to tell him to go faster, and he almost did a few times, instead he just moaned or panted harder. Sizz-Lorr finally put both of his hands on Zim’s hips and forced them to stay in the same spot as he thrusted with all of his weight. Back and forth, back and forth he kept thrusting as Zim let out nearly continuous moaning. As Sizz-Lorr felt himself nearing orgasm Zim’s squeedlyspooch tighten around him as Zim orgasmed all over the table. The last few thrusts Sizz-Lorr made sure to try and go deeper than he had before. On the final thrust he wrapped his arms around Zim and pumped him full of Irken cum. Sizz-Lorr took out his flaccid penis and put on his clothes, fully satisfied with his creative punishment. Zim was laying on the table still recovering from the rough sex and the feeling of being empty. He looked fully conquered and that was greatly pleasing. Sizz-Lorr threw Zim a new uniform and opened the door.
  9. Sizz-Lorr sat at table five while on break. He knew what he did Zim would change their relationship. He hoped it would finally prove he is the one in charged and Zim wasn’t able to escape his grasp. But that look on his face as he left the freezer haunted him. Zim wasn’t broken, or crying. No it was something much worse. He was happy with what happened. Sizz-Lorr had never seen Zim look so content with anything and what he said was mush worse than that. “Sizz-Lorr could we maybe, um possibly do this again sometime?” The words and the implications echoed through his mind for the entire shift. Still the worse was yet to come. When Zim left the freezer he actually did his job right. He talked to the customers with a smile on his face, correctly took their orders, and even correctly served them. The result was baffling to say the least. Sizz-Lorr wanted to curse Zim, instead he just sat and drank a coke, reminding himself he should have known better. None of his plans ever worked out. Why would this on be different?
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