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Mar 9th, 2019
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  1. Paranormal Project Wiki Guide.
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  5. 1.1 Getting Started.
  7. Starting in the game, you'll realise the world is a much more dangerous place, both at night and in day. Two ghost types can be found all over the world. The weaker of the two is the Shade. It has ten health, and the only part visible is it's two glowing eyes, making it rather hard to spot. It's attack strength is only three, so it shouldn't be too hard to deal with them. In a group though, they can be a threat. When a shade dies, it drops Ectoplasm, and rarely, it drops gunpowder.
  9. On the other hand, the Ghost is the stronger one. It's more visible, but it has thirty health and does five attack with each hit. Ghosts also drop Ectoplasm, but rarely drop Willow Sticks, a useful item in the mod.
  11. 1.2 Willows.
  13. Willow Trees are found naturally in the Lost Forest biome. They are an important part of surviving, but if finding a Lost Forest is too hard (or too dangerous, only hostile mobs spawn there!!) there is another way to get the logs.
  15. 1.3 Mutandis And Getting Willows.
  17. Mutandis is a useful tool, and is basically an improved bone-meal for the plants in the mod, though it's useful for transmutation with objects as well. To craft it, you need to place a bone meal in the center of your crafting table, and surround it in a diamond shape with Ectoplasm. You'll get two Mutandis in exchange.
  19. With Mutandis, you can get saplings for Willow Trees. To do this, you place a oak sapling in the tables center, and a mutandis below. You'll get one Willow Sapling.
  21. Willow saplings have a 3% chance of growing each tick, though it's recommended to not plant them too near your base as they can destroy blocks when they grow. If you have some, you can use Mutandis on the sapling. This will give a 50% chance to get the tree to grow.
  23. Willow trees look pretty, and their leaves can be used for hedges, but the logs are the most important. Putting a log in the crafting table will give three planks, and two planks ontop of eachother will give three sticks. Now you'll be able to advance.
  25. 1.4 Ectosticks.
  27. Ectosticks currently only have use in one tool, but as a simple item they will be vital in later versions for blocks, tools, weapons and items. The recipe is simple. Two willow sticks ontop of eachother, a Ectoplasm on top, and two on each side of the top stick.
  29. 1.5 Morals.
  31. In the mod, you have two paths that you can use to fight the ghouls, demons and supernatural elements of the world. There is Light, which focuses on holy objects, blessed tools, and angelic gifts, and Dark, which focuses on using the power of supernatural against itself. You can go down both paths free of any restrictions, and you gain different skills from each.
  33. 1.6 Starting the Light.
  34. To start down the path of light, you need four gold around a willow stick. This will make the holy amulet, a cool cross that'd look rather nice in a church. Then, if you place a bone above a Holy Amulet, you'll get four Blessed Bones. Blessed Bones are (as of Version 1) only used in crafting the Bane of Ghouls, but will have more uses in the future. To craft the Bane of Ghouls, you need an ectostick at the bottom, a blessed bone, and a Holy Amulet on top. The Bane does eight damage and sets mobs on fire for 15 seconds, but has very low durability.
  36. 1.7 Descending to the Dark.
  37. To start down this path, you need to get a willow stick, put a rotten flesh on top, and then iron ingots on the top and sides. This will make the grim idol. With the Grim Idol, you can turn chiseled stone bricks into Unholy Rocks. This doesn't consume the idol, as the rocks need to have further darkness added onto them to be able to do evil, however, as of Version 1, these further tasks aren't in game. Still, Unholy Rocks are a pretty nice decor object.
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