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  1. 1.  As an individual, describe in no more than 500 words your personal experiences in some company/organisation.  You may wish to use the headings:
  3. a.  Introduction.
  4. b.  Type of business.
  5. c.  Business functions.
  7. 2.  As a member of a group of three or four students (cannot be less than 3 and definitely no more than four students), review what each member of the group has written in response to item 1.  Each review should be no more than 200 words. The review should identify strengths, weaknesses, omissions and opportunities relating to the piece of work and offer constructive ideas for improving the work.
  9. This element will contribute 30% of the 20 marks of Assignment Part 1.
  11. 3.  Re-work your individual summary in light of the reviews from other students in your group and any further ideas of your own to produce a final version of no more than 600 words.  You work should include references supporting business and function descriptions. All such references must use the Harvard Referencing
  13. This element will contribute 70% of the 20 marks of Assignment Part 1.
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