Losers Brawl: Asterie VS Telly VS Terrell VS Rakhan

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  1. [22:14] Kifah Fadeleaf gave a sympathetic glance to Brenya, each arena that Tellindil was in seemed to always have her on edge. Then again the history had been pretty bad sometimes with the matches. Kifah looked over to Tellindil peering him over. "No neck wounds, or Hammers... Alright?" she stated softly.
  3. [22:15] Siran Saldothi slipped around to the edge of the platform, inching closer to peer over. "Will you ever fight in the arena?"
  5. [22:15] Brenya Liorentia 's expression grew amused once more following Rakhan's words. "I could barely walk for days. Be careful, he goes for the knees." She shot Rakhan a rather mischievous look before she turned towards Terrell. She leaned up on her toes to unabashedly brush a brief kiss across his nearest cheek. "For good luck. I suppose it's time I go above."
  7. [22:15] Siran Saldothi looked across the gap to Ragan.
  9. [22:16] Lord Rílaol Omani: "I intend to.  Sadly I could not sign up this season, but I have been assured that next season is open for me."
  11. [22:16] Rakhan Hunding couldn't help but snort and laugh as he brought a hand to his gut. "Only on your case, you're a squirrely thing."
  13. [22:17] Tellindil nods his head at Eish. "Fair night, Lady Eisheth."
  15. [22:17] Siran Saldothi looked back over to Rilaol, giving him her attention now that she was steppled in her place. "If you could fight anyone here, who would you choose?"
  17. [22:17] Ragan the Bold was slav-squatting right at the edge of the arena, his feet fully behind the edge, even if he was on the balls of his feet.
  19. [22:18] Lord Rílaol Omani let his arms cross over his chest as he pondered the question.  "I would love to test myself against the Serjo Praetor himself.  I am sure I would lose...but I would love the try all the same."
  21. [22:18] Eisheth Ravnore "I wish you the best of luck, dear ones. May your match be filled with cunning, skill, and of course violence. We don't want to bore the onlookers, yes? I will look for your showmanship." She claps her hands a couple times in punctuation of her declaration before moving for the stairs.
  23. [22:19] Tellindil: Hear hear. Shall we?
  25. [22:19] Asterie Ashtic glances briefly around the corner at the Lady Ravnore's voice before going to back to glaring, or as some would call it, sulking.
  27. [22:19] Rakhan Hunding bowed his head towards Eisheth as he seemed to extent a devious smirk. "So, if I were to win could I dedicate the victory to you, No Shira?"
  29. [22:20] Siran Saldothi extended a hand, asking him to help her up from the edge onto the platform above. It wasn't a fall she wan't to slip from. "That'd be an interesting match. I can't think of anyone here I'd want to fight." She widened her eyes.
  31. [22:21] Terrell Valeio "Thank you, my Lady," he said, looking between Brenya and Eisheth before looking at the Arena and taking a deep breath.  He smiled warmly at Brenya and began moving to the open space, black axe hilts gripped in both palms.
  33. [22:21] Brenya Liorentia shot Rakhan another glance, her eyes rolling as good-naturedly as she could manage in her nervous state. "Squirrely? I've never been called a rodent before. I'm not sure if I should laugh or be offended."  She jumped at Eisheth's clap, turning to hurry towards the stairs, but not before giving Terrell another lingering look.
  35. [22:21] Eisheth Ravnore responds with a short laugh and a lifted brow, "You may dedicate a victory to whoever you like, Tribune Hunding--within reason of course. No dirtmer gods please."
  37. [22:21] Maél Harcourt glanced to Ragan before strolling off to the balcony. "Evening.." He greeted the occupants before regarding Siran. "Lady Saldothi? Ah, I somehow expected to see you in armour.." He regarded the other Dunmer and gave him a polite nod, he'd glance to Rae but the woman seemed occupied. "Tell me, do either of you know the fighters today?"
  39. [22:21] Lord Rílaol Omani lowered his arms and took her hand into his.  Helping her up the platform.  
  41. [22:21] Rakhan Hunding snorts as he brought a hand up to his lips, trying his best not to laugh loudly before nodding. "Oh, certainly No SHira... Most certainly not them."
  43. [22:23] Siran Saldothi climbed up onto the platform with a grateful smile to Rilaol. She found a place between him and Mael. "Sir...I forget your name. I apologize. You were attempting to join the aristocracy, no?" She dipped politely to Lady Ravnore as she passed, then continued her talk with Mael. "I'm not a compatant really."
  45. [22:23] Siran Saldothi combatant*
  47. [22:24] Lord Rílaol Omani stepped up to her side as he looked over to the arena below.
  49. [22:24] Siran Saldothi motioned to the left for Mael's benefit. "That's Tellindil, the Master of Corrections. I'm uncertain who he's fighting."
  51. [22:24] Asterie Ashtic glares at the other arena members for her place on the wall. Not out of any sort of specific malice.
  53. [22:25] Maél Harcourt skirted aside to let lady Ravnore pass, offering her a polite dip of the ehad. "Maél.. No worries." "Ah, well I believe he is fighting ser Terrel.. Incidently I was just looking for him.."
  55. [22:25] Rakhan Hunding couldn't help but smirk as he drew his blade and brought it to rest on his shoulder while he looked at the others.
  57. [22:25] Eisheth Ravnore "Fighters! Ready your weapons and begin!" the noble calls out into the wide space of the arena, looking down below upon the combatants.
  59. [22:26] Siran Saldothi "Rakhan, the Tribune, will also be fighting." She whispered to Mael. "He's the Redguard."
  61. [22:28] Rae Woods would nod to Mael when he glanced at her. As the rest of the audience members made their way upstairs, she would take a small step to the left in order not to get in anybody's way, crossing her arms and looking down at the fight that was shortly about to start.
  63. [22:28] Asterie Ashtic: moves from her place on the wall to lunge at the figure of Terrell in front of her, pulling both daggers out in an x-slashing motion as she reached him, furious at something.
  65. [22:29] Anastasia Olcain shifts her weight with eyes casting along those gathered at the overlook. The Colovian takes a step back slithering to the sidelines.
  67. [22:29] Ragan the Bold looks around and notices that basically EVERYONE ELSE is on the balcony. He then looks to the arena as Asterie begins.
  69. [22:30] Limenia Shadowgale stepped up to the platform, looking at the rather large crowd at the end of it, she raised her eyebrow slightly.
  71. [22:30] Maél Harcourt glanced to his right at Ragan. "I'll be damned... He outsmarted all of us for the view.."
  73. [22:30] Rakhan Hunding: quickly looked side to side, gauging all targets before he finally zeroed in on Chiquita Dave, grabbing the sword by the blade and using the guard instead the REdguard brought that blunt, smaller edge of the blade into the pit of his gut with a brutal swing.
  75. [22:30] Lord Rílaol Omani chuckled at Mael's words.
  77. [22:31] Tellindil: conjures a matching bound sword in to his left hand, for his bound armor, as Eish gives the go. He simultaneously also summons a clannfear in front of him which growls at Rakhan as he charges towards the summon, attempting to bit him as he goes to attack Telly.
  79. [22:31] Siran Saldothi glanced over at Ragan and snickered. Mael was right!
  81. [22:32] Limenia Shadowgale wrinkled her nose a bit before she wandered off to where Ana had gone, quietly stepping up beside the Colovian.
  83. [22:32] Terrell Valeio: caught two daggers to the back as he quickly jumped out of the way, lunging towards Tellindil and striking at his mid-section with two cleaving swings.
  85. [22:33] Eisheth Ravnore: "Sir Tellindil of Summerset, Tribune Rakhan Hunding, Sir Terrell Valeio, Asterie Ashtic!" she barks out above the din. "You have been given a second chance to prove yourselves in this arena! Show your House that you are worthy of it!"
  87. [22:34] Brenya Liorentia: Asterie lunges towards Terrell and is successful in hitting him with both her blades (2 damage to Terrell). Rakhan's strike misses the spindly Altmer, and the successfully conjured clannfear also fails to impact Rakhan. Terrell launches a successful attack on Tellindil, hitting him with one of the axes as the other misses (1 damage to Tellindil).
  89. [22:35] Asterie Ashtic: watches the two attack Tellindil at the same time and exclaims "Dicks" Almost offended for him. Regardles she runs after Terrell and attempts to dig one dagger into his back and the other into his thigh.
  91. [22:35] Anastasia Olcain: "Dame," greeting the woman coming upon her left the faraway tone moves in the direction to the platform.
  93. [22:35] Brenya Liorentia visibly cringes as Terrell immediately takes a hit. She folded her arms tightly together in front of herself, staring down at the unfolding fight with an intense focus.
  95. [22:36] Siran Saldothi watched lady Eisheth and then beyond her the fight.  She bit her lip a moment, before braving a question. "Lady Eisheth, is there one below that you favor today?"
  97. [22:37] Rakhan Hunding: quickly turned on his heel as he allowed Terrell take point attacking Telli while he swung the flat of the blade onto Ateric's knees trying to sweep her and take her down.
  99. [22:37] Limenia Shadowgale "Chatelaine." She had her gaze to the fight below, her hands resting upon her hips.
  101. [22:39] Tellindil: adjusts his footing as he is ganged up on, channeling magicka in his off hand as he aims a downwards diagonal strike at Terrell's right shoulder and follows this up by sending a lightning current at Rakhan. The clannfear makes oblivion noises and again tries to bite Rakhan.
  103. [22:41] Eisheth Ravnore The brutality below keeps the Vampiress' eyes locked upon the arena, but her ear cants to Siran's question. She turns her cheek mildly in Dunmer's direction, speaking conversationally, "I favor who proves themself the best fighter. There are many paths to victory--strength, cunning, tactics--and I honor whoever utilizes their strengths to step >>
  105. [22:42] Eisheth Ravnore >> "over the bodies of their foes. Why do you ask, my curious Mer? Is there one below that /you/ favor?"
  107. [22:42] Lord Rílaol Omani rested his hands behind his back as his crimson hues drifted between the fighters.  Watching with a great interest.
  109. [22:42] Terrell Valeio: attempts to roll around behind Tellindil, swiping at his hamstring with one axe and casting a ranged feeding spell towards Rakhan.
  111. [22:44] Brenya Liorentia: One of Asterie's daggers misses Terrell, but the one aimed for his thigh hits (1 damage to Terrell). Rakhan's sweep  misses Asterie extremely narrowly. Tellindil's diagonal strike hits Terrell's shoulder (1 damage to Terrell) and his lightning strikes Rakhan (2 damage to Rakhan), but the clannfear continues to be evaded by the redguard.
  113. [22:44] Brenya Liorentia: Terrell's strike misses Tellindil's leg, and the chaos surrounding the redguard also makes him unable to get a clear shot for the feeding.
  115. [22:45] Ragan the Bold seems to have no attachments, though he does note that only one chin is properly adorned, and yells in proper Ragan Fashion. "BEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDD!!!!"
  117. [22:45] Maél Harcourt decided to adress the Lady Ravnore while he attention was nearby."M ylady..  I find the underdog often gains my sympathy... I was a younger sibl---" Ragan roared and cut him off. "He speaks.."
  119. [22:45] Siran Saldothi bit her lips, stretching to catch sight of the blows being dealt below. "It's as you describe. I'm simply curious." She looked between all of the combatants, picking which one she might route for. It wasn't Tellindil. "Asterie is who I'd assume to be the underdog. I hope she surprises me. She's a fighter."
  121. [22:46] Asterie Ashtic: leaps over the blade at the last second, glaring at Rakhan. half-stumbling from her narrow save, she closes the distance, attempting to ge inside the range of his greatsword and swipe one dagger across his bare bicep, and send the other for his thigh.
  123. [22:46] Limenia Shadowgale "I take it things are well." She took her eyes away from the fight to look at Anastasia for a moment. "Well enough, that is."
  125. [22:47] Siran Saldothi looked away from the fight to stare at Ragan. She leaned into Rilaol, whispering. "His vocabulary expands."
  127. [22:47] Rakhan Hunding: turned his attention towards Telli with a soft hiss before sweeping his leg backwards and turning to face him while he swung his sword towards Asterie's ribs before rising his leg and throwing a kick to Telli's knee in the hopes to bring him down and render him prone for a moment.
  129. [22:48] Lord Rílaol Omani smirked to Siran, but his eyes remained at the fight.  "That is does, my dalder."
  131. [22:49] Tellindil: turns his full attention towards Terrell then and shoots a spout of flame at him, following it up with a thrust to the throat from his blade. And lastly having the clannfear get off Rakhan's ass to circle around to bite Terrell's ass instead.
  133. [22:50] Eisheth Ravnore casts a passing glance at Ragan's eruption, giving him a dirty look, but is otherwise unbothered by it. Where normally such outbursts would incite the Imperial, it seems she has tolerance of them in the chaos of the arena match. "He's a bit of a simpleton," she explains to Mael, nodding in Ragan's direction. "You favor the underdog? Not a poor >>
  134. [22:51] Eisheth Ravnore >> "choice. It is enjoyable to see a fighter defy apparent odds. Who do you believe that to be tonight?"
  136. [22:52] Terrell Valeio: attempts to conjure a swarm of bats to obscure him as a target, lunging for Tellindil and sending both blades flying towards him, one aimed for the neck - the other for his groin.
  138. [22:53] Maél Harcourt glanced briefly to Siran, smiling an apologetic smile as he stepped up to get a better view. "I wouldn't know, my lady.. I've never seen any of them fight, nor am I even an expert in martial arts... The woman brought knives to a meleé. Doesn't seem wise to me, especially as she is already short on range.. I wouldn't bet on her, but she can have my
  140. [22:53] Maél Harcourt >> sympathy.. It comes without charge." Studying the fight for a couple of seconds more, he stepped back, allowing the Dunmer a better view once again.
  142. [22:53] Siran Saldothi glanced to Mael, since she assumed the Lady's question was directed at him. She'd already declared her support for Asterie. "Oh no, not Tellindil." She feigned horror in a flat tone.
  144. [22:54] Siran Saldothi As the attack went for him.
  146. [22:54] Brenya Liorentia: Both of Asterie's courageous strikes miss Rakhan. Rakhan wounds himself minorly in his asasult on Asterie (crit fail, 1 damage to Rakhan) and then repeats the process in his attack on Tellindil (crit fail again, 1 damage to Rakhan). Terrell manages to evade both Tellindil's flame and stab, as well as the suspiciously ass-biting clannfear, before -
  148. [22:54] Brenya Liorentia: striking him across the neck with one blade (1 damage to Tellindil).
  150. [22:56] Asterie Ashtic: manages to dodge the strike towards her chest, the bandage still there from her last fight, though it had no blood on it and continues glaring at Rakhan before once more attacking with her blades, one for the neck and beard and the other once more to cut at his bicep.
  152. [22:58] Rakhan Hunding: grabbed his blade with his left hand and quickly pushed the flat of it towards her throat before turning on his hip and swiping the pommel to her jaw as he stepped into her rather than backwards.
  154. [22:58] Tellindil: staggers backwards from the  blow to his neck, gritting his teeth and lunging at Terrell in response with an upwards diagonal swing aimed for his forward leg. Following this up with a fireball thrusted from his right palm at the man's face. The clannfear tries to bite him in the heel of his backwards leg.
  156. [22:59] Limenia Shadowgale "I hope to see you before I leave this coming week." She nodded to Ana before slipping back over to the others, stepping up beside Eisheth.
  158. [23:00] Siran Saldothi takes note of Limenia's approach and watches her warily.
  160. [23:00] Terrell Valeio: tried to dive between Telly and Rakhan, swiping at the back of Telly's neck with one blade and coming down towards the center of his back with the other.
  162. [23:02] Siran Saldothi bounced on her feet, delighted they were all going for Tellindil.
  164. [23:02] Brenya Liorentia: Asterie fails to harm The Beard or anywhere else on Rakhan. Rakhan tries to retaliate for the beard mutilation but winds up getting hit by a brutal counter attack by Asterie (5 damage to Rakhan). Tellindil's blade and fire both hit Terrell (2 damage to Terrell) and Terrell retaliates with a stab to the mer's back (1 damage to Tellindil).
  166. [23:02] Maél Harcourt glanced briefly between Siran and Limenia, hoping he hadn't come between a cat fight. Nodding to Limenia he gave a brief smile. "Evening."
  168. [23:03] Limenia Shadowgale didn't notice Siran's wary gaze, simply looking between Eisheth and Brenya. She nodded her head, turning it slightly towards Mael. "Good evening."
  170. [23:04] Brenya Liorentia seemed oblivious to Limenia's approach or anything but the fight below, simply staring intently. Her fingertips drummed a tense beat against one bicep as her eyes darted between each below.
  172. [23:04] Asterie Ashtic: ducks under the blade with a snicker as she jams the pommel of one of her own blades into Rakhan's face. Now that the two are close are comfortable Asterie twirls the blades in her hand and attempts to bring them, point down into his thighs, mirrors of each other.
  174. [23:04] Eisheth Ravnore "One of the peculiarities of open melees is how the choice of target affects the outcome. Where in a normal match that woman--Miss Ashtic--might be at a grave disadvantage, here she or another might benefit soley from the fixation of the other fighters upon each other." She pauses, head tilting at the beard-swing. "Then again, her current choice >>
  176. [23:04] Eisheth Ravnore >> "of targets is not likely to enamour our Redguard friend to her."
  178. [23:05] Siran Saldothi: "It is fascinating to see who they choose to go for. I wish I knew what they were thinking." She glanced to Brenya to see if she seemed very stressed or in plesant spirits from the fight.
  180. [23:06] Rakhan Hunding: twisted his blade once more as he brought the pommel of his blade onto Asterie's throat once morewhile stepping back and bringing the blade down onto her clavicle with  a side step backwards.
  182. [23:07] Brenya Liorentia was visibly tense as she focused on the swirling melee below. She had no idea Siran was watching her, and it showed.
  184. [23:07] Maél Harcourt nodded to Eisheth's words. "Often, it's wise to appear small and unimportant.. The enemy might be busy." Maél would give Limenia a smile. "So, would it be inappropriate to put wagers?"
  186. [23:07] Lord Rílaol Omani looked to Siran and followed he gaze before leaning in to whisper.
  188. [23:08] Limenia Shadowgale "My Lady." She said over to Eisheth, before turning at Mael again. "Do you have someone you want to wager on?"
  190. [23:09] Eisheth Ravnore "Dame," she nods in greeting to Limenia, attention still fixed upon the fight unfolding below.
  192. [23:09] Ragan the Bold leaned forward slightly, standing as if it would better his view all of a sudden.
  194. [23:09] Maél Harcourt peered a tthe fight from between Brenya and Eisheth. "I'm not quite sure. I'll happily wager with you, but I'd need to relocate to get a better view." He nodded to where Anastasia was standing. "If you're up for it, of course."
  196. [23:10] Siran Saldothi continued to watch Brenya, then the fight below as she listened to Rilaol. After a brief pause, she turned and nodded, whispering back.
  198. [23:10] Tellindil: tries to keep up with the quick Templar, as he adjusts his stance he is hit again much to his own annoyance. The altmer responds with a thunder bolt sent at Terrel's stomach whilst also aiming a diagonal downwards cut at Terrel's neck.
  200. [23:10] Limenia Shadowgale chuckled softly. "I just came from there, but sure. I, personally, will put 100 gold on Sir Terrell." She turned, her dress swishing slightly as she moved.
  202. [23:11] Lord Rílaol Omani nodded to her.  "Perhaps."
  204. [23:12] Tellindil: >the clannfear does more leg biting.
  206. [23:12] Siran Saldothi chuckled to herself, quietly.
  208. [23:14] Maél Harcourt sighed and shook his head. "It would be inappropriate for me to bet against Sir Terrel, wouldn't it? After all, I figure I'll be workign for him soon enough.." He glanced to the Mer again and then down to the fight, in truth he had no clue how the fights were going.. Tellindil had thrown fire earlier, that was impressive... "You're ready to lose <
  210. [23:14] Maél Harcourt > a hundred gold? The Redguard looks impressive.."
  212. [23:15] Terrell Valeio: threw up his wall of bats and lunged again at Telly, sending both axes at his midsection again and attempting to dodge near Asterie.
  214. [23:15] Limenia Shadowgale smirked a bit, her eyes falling back to the fighters below. "If you are working for him, you'd be assisting me as well, most likely. Tribune Hunding is quite the fighter as well, is that who you wish to bet on?"
  216. [23:16] Brenya Liorentia: Asterie's pommel hits Rakhan's face with a spray of blood (2 damage to Rakhan) while the other strike misses. Rakhan's strikes both missed the wily bald-mer. Tellindil's thunderbolt and clannfear missed Terrell but his blade impacted the side of his neck, returning the favor (1 damage to Terrell) One of Terrell's blades hits Tellindil (1 damage to
  218. [23:16] Brenya Liorentia:  Tellindil) but he inadvertantly injures himself in his roll towards Asterie (crit fail, 1 damage to Terrell).
  220. [23:17] Asterie Ashtic: feints backwards at the attempted throat hit, then, to avoid the clavicle strike ducks forwards and to  the right, as she does so, attempting to draw one blade across his calf, as she turns to face him in the same movement she attempts to swipe the other dagger across his right bicep.
  222. [23:17] Siran Saldothi glanced towards her fellow Dunmer. "And who do you want to see win of the group?"
  224. [23:17] Maél Harcourt waved a hand dismissivly. "Right then. One hundred darlings on the red guard. A fair and simple one-to-one bet." He crossed his arms as he watched the fight proceed, suddenly a stake was set. "Go on Hunding! Kill them all!" he shouted down into the arena, he didn't seem embarrased at the sudden outburst.
  226. [23:18] Limenia Shadowgale raised her eyebrow very very slowly as she looked at Mael and his outburst.
  228. [23:19] Lord Rílaol Omani simply shrugged at her answer.  "I am in mind with the nord.  I enjoy watching Rakhan fight."
  230. [23:19] Maél Harcourt gave Limenia an apologetic shrug. "I'm easily excited. It's a gift."
  232. [23:20] Limenia Shadowgale "Well, let's not get too excited, since we try to keep anyone from dying." She watched the man for just a bit longer before looking down below again.
  234. [23:20] Rakhan Hunding: stepepd back once more and brought the blade down parallel to the ground and thrusted the blade into her whiel put his weight into them. Once into her clavicle once more, then the other to pit of her stomach while he seemed to be breathing heavy.
  236. [23:20] Siran Saldothi snickered. "Because of the beard? That seems to be at the forefront of his mind."
  238. [23:20] Tellindil: adjusts his facing again, not seeming to bother with the other two, he again lets out a current of lightning at Terrell's torso right before lunging at him with a thrust to the inside of his leg. The clannfear makes oblivion noises as his master gets hit and charges at Terrel to try and headbutt him hard.
  240. [23:21] Lord Rílaol Omani laughed at that.  "Not because of the beard.  Out of all of them, I have interacted with him the most."
  242. [23:22] Terrell Valeio: slides left, attempting to bring his blade up between Telly's legs while casting a ranged feeding attack at Rakhan, leaning away from the strikes as best he can.
  244. [23:22] Maél Harcourt scoffed and shook his head. "I've got money on this now... how much money do you think I have? Wouldn't be dressed in green if I was a rich man. It seems black  is the fashion of the 'eve.." He had lowered his voice just a notch as he glanced over the crowd. "Except for the Dunmer.. But they are already dark-skinned, so that doesn't count."
  246. [23:22] Eisheth Ravnore "It seems the earlier presumption was correct--the weak one benefits mightly from the distraction of the others. If this were to the death I would really have suggested taking her out first. The weak ones die faster, but if you leave them to pick at you their spells or weapons can still put you in a precarious position. Ah well."
  248. [23:23] Limenia Shadowgale "I'm always in black." She said with a shrug. "And who knows, neither of us may win, if fate decides such."
  250. [23:23] Brenya Liorentia: Asterie's blade opens up Rakhan's calf (2 damage to Rakhan) but her other goes wide. Rakhan's strike just misses Asterie, likely due to his flagging strength. Tellindil's lightning and blade both hit Terrell but the clannfear continues to do nothing useful (2 damage to Terrell). Terrell's strike hit Tellindil successfully (1 damage to Tellindil)
  252. [23:23] Brenya Liorentia: but his feeding attempt fails to draw anything from the half-dead Redguard again.
  254. [23:23] Siran Saldothi considered that and looked down. Which one had she interacted with the most. "If any were ranged that would surely have helped as well. They're so clustered."
  256. [23:24] Maél Harcourt looked her over before shruggin. "Black suits you. It suits everyone honestly.. Really... Black goes with everything." He pondered a minute. "Perhaps that's why it's always in fashion?"
  258. [23:25] Asterie Ashtic: once more goes for the neck, rage lighting up her eyes as she does so, attempting to step past him towards the other side, almost like she was taunting him for not having hit her. With her other dagger she swipes at his stomach.
  260. [23:25] Limenia Shadowgale "It'll look much different when the dye fades." She said, reaching up and brushing at her hair idly. It already seemed that strands of ivory hair were starting to mix in with the black.
  262. [23:25] Rae Woods kept her focus on the fight, her attention being taken every now and then at sudden outbursts or from over hearing conversations on bets being placed. She looked behind her at the benches and decided to head over to take a seat, where she would quietly remain for the rest of the fight. ((gotta be up early so I'm logging off :3))
  264. [23:26] Rakhan Hunding: hissed and pushed her back with the flat of his blade as she came in on him, not following the motion before he lowered his blade and looked up to Eisheth and giving her a soft nod.
  266. [23:27] Tellindil: tries to parry the unwiedly axe but it breaks through his defense and hits him on the arm, biting through the ethereal mail. Another grunt comes from under his helmet and he aims high with his sword, going for Terrel's neck again, and aiming low with his spell hand which shoots an ice spike in to the leg he previously had hit. The clannfear>
  268. [23:28] Tellindil: >after being useless tries to bite Terrel's legs. He has to bite them at some point.
  270. [23:29] Maél Harcourt inspected the hair, noting down the natural colour. "If you want, I can borrow you a paste I use for colouring my hair black. I use it for..." He gave a light shrug. "It's useful for work."
  272. [23:29] Limenia Shadowgale shook her head slightly. "No. It's time to bring back the hallmark of my clan. As much as I enjoyed the dark hair, it was a bit of a phase."
  274. [23:30] Eisheth Ravnore: "Tribune Rakhan has submitted! Combatants are no longer to engage him. He  will be assisted from the field of battle by medical staff!"
  276. [23:30] Terrell Valeio: dismissing any sense of pain, he channels the whole of dark intentions, plummeting behind Tellindil to rake both axes across his lower back in an attempt to throw him off-kilter.
  278. [23:31] Siran Saldothi gave an apologetic look to Rilaol.
  280. [23:32] Lord Rílaol Omani looked to Siran and smirked.  "You can't win them all, hmm?"
  282. [23:33] Brenya Liorentia: Asterie's strikes both miss Rakhan this time. Rakhan yields without dying, and Tellindil manages to wound himself (crit fail, 1 damage to Tellindil) before the clannfear finally yields a critical hit on Terrell (crit, 3 damage to Terrell). Terrell's strikes fail to hit Tellindil but he wounds himself again, likely due to his already grievous
  284. [23:33] Brenya Liorentia:  injuries (crit fail, 1 damage to Terrell).
  286. [23:33] Limenia Shadowgale "Well, there goes your horse." She said, waving towards Rakhan. "Now to see if my brother-Templar can still pull it off."
  288. [23:33] Siran Saldothi: "Well you can, you just have to prefer combatants they don't all go for. Or be lucky. Unfortunately for Rakhan, you don't appear to be lucky." she teased.
  290. [23:33] Maél Harcourt swore in old Bretic as his 'horse' yielded. His arms crossed he shook his head. "Well, shite.."
  292. [23:34] Asterie Ashtic: lifts her chin slightly, her eyes narrowing a half-inch for a just the briefest of seconds at Rakhan before she engages in Clannfear battle, attempting to strike the creature on both sides and have her blades meet in the middle.
  294. [23:35] Rakhan Hunding: quietly grabbed the sword the blade in one hand and limped his way out of the arena as he let out a soft painful grunt along the way.
  296. [23:36] Tellindil: spares no time to savor his victory over Terrell (or of Bren over Terrel), he quickly rotates around whilst maintaining his on guard stance to witness Rakhan limping off, meaning his next target is obvious. He opens up on Asterie with a thunder bolt aimed at her center before lunging at her with a horizontal swing aimed at her center also. The >
  298. [23:37] Tellindil: >bestests of clannfear roars and Asterie as she comes at him and tries to bit her in one of the swinging arms.
  300. [23:37] Ragan the Bold hunkered down again, rumbling lowly in the distance as Beard Bro limped away.
  302. [23:37] Eisheth Ravnore: "Templar Terrell has sustained grievous wounds! He will be escorted out of the arena by healers without further attempts of harm! Victory now lies between Asterie and  Sir Tellindil!"
  304. [23:38] Siran Saldothi subconsciouly took a step forward. More than anything she was rooting for Asterie now. She watched the elf, eyes wide and hopeful.
  306. [23:38] Limenia Shadowgale "there goes mine." She said with a slight sigh as Terrell departed from the arena. "No lightening of the purses tonight, Mister Harcourt."
  308. [23:39] Brenya Liorentia: Asterie shanks the clannfear to death in one fell swoop, butchering the daedric creature (5 damage to clannfear, dead). Tellindil successfully lands a brutal pair of hits upon Asterie (4 damage to Asterie). || (Since it's now down to 2 people feel free to take over rolls!)
  310. [23:39] Maél Harcourt grinned wide as Terrel departes. "And nothing of value was lost.." He looked to Limenia. "Ah, well. With the ice broken, the potential value of which was a hundred stags, I wonder if I might invite you for a drink. Nothing nefarious, have no fear. I just happen to think we have something to talk about. Later, that is."
  312. [23:40] Tellindil: sure) Lets skip initiative tho, keep the current order)
  314. [23:41] Limenia Shadowgale "Oh?" She seemed a bit taken aback at the offer, but just nodded. "Do we, now? What about?"
  316. [23:42] Asterie Ashtic: frowns as she practically has to crane her neck up to look at the other figure. As she is promptly struck for the first time that evening she lets out a soft groan before lunging towards the massive Mer and at the last minute attempting to dive between his legs and score cuts across the insides of his thighs with both daggers.
  318. [23:42] Brenya Liorentia huffed out a breath, seeming disappointed and worried--but at least she wasn't horrified as she'd been last arena. She shot a glance at Eisheth before she turned to hurriedly slink away in search of the injured Terrell.
  320. [23:43] Maél Harcourt nodded, the fight was largely forgotten, he'd never truly been interested and no money was on the line anyone. "Just work, nothing serious. Though I do find it's often easier to discuss things like that with a glass in hand."
  322. [23:44] Limenia Shadowgale nodded, looking back to the fight. "Very well, then."
  324. [23:44] Tellindil: motions his blade in to a low guard because he is fighting female David. He does not see the slide-between-legs coming and one dagger finds its way in to the mer's flesh whilst the other hits the plate and somehow injures the wielder. Yellow Goliath then swiftly turns around and shoots out and ice spike at the woman and following it up with a>
  326. [23:44] Maél Harcourt squinted his eyes. He looked down to the fight, it seemed the proper thing to do. "Perhaps I shouldn't refer to work as something unserious again.."
  328. [23:44] Tellindil: >diagonal strike aimed at her neck.
  330. [23:46] Limenia Shadowgale "It's no matter. Shall we move back over now that others have departed?" She looked at Mael, then towards Eisheth. "I need to speak with Lady Eisheth rather briefly."
  332. [23:46] Siran Saldothi bounced on her toes, hands folded together at her front, nervously fidgeting. Though she'd been more interested in talking early on, she now seemed fully fixated on the fight.
  334. [23:47] Siran Saldothi: "She looks so small comparatively." Siran mumbled.
  336. [23:48] Lord Rílaol Omani: That may be an advantage."
  338. [23:48] Maél Harcourt: "Would you believe, I have a show happening in an hour or so.. It'll have to be another day, I just wished to warn you."
  340. [23:48] Maél Harcourt: "I shall walk you out, however.. Even wait patiently as you speak with Lady Ravnore."
  342. [23:48] Asterie Ashtic: deflects the ice spike with longer dagger before ducking underneath and to the left of the yellow Goliath's blow, as she moves she sttempts to swipe another dagger across the outside of his thigh this time and bring the longer one forward in a straight thrust in an attempt to bury it inside the man's stomach.
  344. [23:49] Siran Saldothi glanced to Rilaol quickly, a hopeful glint in her eye before she looked back.
  346. [23:49] Limenia Shadowgale "Oh, very well then. You have a few days before I depart on a personal errand." She smiled at Mael before moving back over to Eisheth's side.
  348. [23:49] Eisheth Ravnore paces to a new angle on the circular vantage point, arms crossing loosely over her breastplate as she watches the last two standing. "One person stands between each of you and a chance at the real arena!" she challenges. "Will you let them stop you?"
  350. [23:50] Limenia Shadowgale nodded again as she moved next to Eisheth, leaning over and whispering something to her.
  352. [23:50] Tellindil: quickly moves his leg backwards and swings with his weapon at her arms to interrupt her attacks, leaving him unscathed. Telly smoothy redirects his ethereal weapon to try and thrust Asterie in the chest and bring his three fingered spell hand around to try and send a current of lightning throughout her body.
  354. [23:51] Maél Harcourt was about to speak, however Limenia leaned over to speak with the Lady Ravnore and he didn't want to interrupt.. Not to mention the chance of overhearing something useful. He stood slightly back, out of their field of vision.
  356. [23:53] Eisheth Ravnore leans in politely, lending her ear to the subtle whisper. Her raven brow arches higher, but otherwise she gives no outward sign. "Understood," she answers in a low murmur. "I will see it addressed. Thank you Dame."
  358. [23:54] Asterie Ashtic: let's out a primal scream at Eisheth's words and the lightening coursing through her. She attempts to duck underneath the Giant's blades and, having sheathed both her daggers as she did so, grasp the man's non sword arm and yank it down towards the ground with her, attempting to dislocate, or at least hurt it as she jumps off his greaves.
  360. [23:54] Siran Saldothi flickered her gaze past the fight to the two whispering. It caused her chest to tighten just imagining what they might be saying. She decided to put it out of mind and quickly looked back to the fight.
  362. [23:54] Limenia Shadowgale nodded and stood back straight again, standing almost stiffly as she stood next to the Vampiress, her head turning back towards Mael for a moment.
  364. [23:55] Ragan the Bold roars out in support of the tiny one as she goes in close and tries to disarm Telli.
  366. [23:55] Maél Harcourt smiled an innocent smile to Limenia, he had just been waiting, of course. "Ready to depart?" He inquired casually, he'd offer to walk her out after all.
  368. [23:56] Limenia Shadowgale nodded to the man. "I shall attempt to see you before I depart for Valenwood, my Lady."
  370. [23:56] Tellindil: does this time seem to react better to the eel-like woman but with a suprising show of strength she manages to pull Telly down far enough to make him bend through his knees as his arm is yanked. Though as he was not seemingly injured he simply channels and lets out a spout of flame from his palm aimed at Asterie and simultaneously adjusts himself>
  372. [23:57] Tellindil: >to swing his weapon at her when she presumably tries to evade yet again.
  374. [23:57] Maél Harcourt smiled and turned to depart. "Is it true Bosmer eat each other? I hear all sorts of rumours..."
  376. [23:57] Limenia Shadowgale ||with that she bowed to Eisheth, moving over to Mael to be escorted out.
  378. [23:57] Eisheth Ravnore "I will await your word of departure. Good eve to you, Dame."
  380. [23:57] Maél Harcourt: "Lady Ravnore.." He offered in departure.
  382. [23:57] Maél Harcourt: (parting.. I CAN SPEAK)
  384. [23:57] Eisheth Ravnore bows her head to Mael as well in passing.
  386. [23:58] Limenia Shadowgale: "And no, Mister Harcourt, it isn't. It was an old custom but not one currently practiced."
  388. [23:58] Maél Harcourt: "Unfortunate..
  390. [23:58] Maél Harcourt: "Imagine the fun you could have... Sheer intimidation."
  392. [23:58] Maél Harcourt: "I mean, I've already got at least half a dozen jokes ready, should it have been true."
  394. [23:59] Limenia Shadowgale raised her eyebrow, chuckling softly. "There are many other ways to intimidate one's enemies."
  396. [23:59] Maél Harcourt: "Why limit yourself.."
  398. [00:00] Asterie Ashtic: being quite literally holding onto the Giant's arm is unable to avoid the spout of flame, and when she tries, backs into the waiting blade. Still, she manages to slip out, her breath coming in pants as blood stains the back of her armor. Glaring at the man for a fraction of a second she brings knee up, way up, towards his crotch.
  400. [00:04] Tellindil: readies himself for another evasive manouvre and goes to lift up his blade as though to bring it down where-ever the slippery rogue would move towards. But instead she manages to hit him in the seedlings, somehow managing to do so hard enough to make a low pitched groan coming from the towering elf. Aswell as having him drop whatever attack he was>
  402. [00:04] Tellindil: >going for and has him falling on to his knees, reaching for his groin with his off hand and then falling on to his side. GOLIATH WAS SLAIN.
  404. [00:04] Eisheth Ravnore: "Sir Tellindil has been felled by his opponent! No further harm is to come to him! Medical personnel are to retrieve and treat him! Asterie Ashtic is our victor and will move on as the final challenger in the upcoming arena bracket!"
  406. [00:05] Lord Rílaol Omani let his hands drop from behind his back as he would clap for the half-mer.  "Well done!"
  408. [00:06] Asterie Ashtic: would almost feel bad except Eisheth is telling her she won. She roars out a victory screech, glancing around the arena as if looking for someone and seemingly not finding them, turns to see if Telly needs any assistance.
  410. [00:06] Ragan the Bold lets out a wild roar for Asterie as she fells bananaboi with a nutty finisher.
  412. [00:06] Siran Saldothi beamed, and clutched a handfuls of her dress at her sides, utterly delighted by outcome. "Then I guess we were rooting for the same person, Lady Eisheth."
  414. [00:07] Eisheth Ravnore "Congratulations, Asterie Ashtic, you have proven yourself both capable and clever. Though Sir Tellindil may not appreciate your quick wit just this moment."
  416. [00:08] Asterie Ashtic stands to face Eisheth, Telly being escorted off at pitch perfect parade rest. "Thank you My Lady." She calls out as a response.
  418. [00:08] Eisheth Ravnore offers Siran a cordial nod over her shoulder. "It seems we were."
  420. [00:09] Eisheth Ravnore casts a lingering look upon the last woman standing, the victor of the ring, inclining her head in respect before she turns to make her way out.
  422. [00:10] Siran Saldothi turned to Rilaol and squeezed his arm, keeping her voice low. "And that's what Tellindril gets for being rude."
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