Jun 4th, 2013
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  1. >A few days ago, Equestria High got a new Vice Principal
  2. >She was supposedly Principal Celestia's sister, and actually used to go to school here
  3. >The more unbelievable part of the rumors was that she'd just gotten out of jail recently, but no one really knew what for
  4. >It really wouldn't make sense for someone to go straight from prison to Vice Principal, you thought
  5. >You were so much more preoccupied thinking about all the strange things going on these past few days, you didn't realize the teacher had been calling your name for the past two minutes
  6. >"ANON!"
  7. >"W-Wha?"
  8. >The teacher shook their head, a huge snarl on their face
  9. >"That's the fifth day in a row you haven't been paying attention in my class! Your behavior is unacceptable! Principal's Office. Now."
  10. >You shrugged and headed down to the school's administrative office
  11. >"I need to see the Principal," you said to the woman at the front desk
  12. >"She isn't in today. Vice Principal Luna will be able to take care of you," she replied, pointing to one of the offices behind her
  13. >You open the door, and Luna motions for you to sit down
  14. >You take a seat, and your eyes gloss over her chest
  15. >You feel your heart quicken, and you do a double take
  16. >"Okay", you think, "Try not to stare, Anon..."
  17. >"Sup, homeskillet," she says
  18. >You shake your head; there's no way she just said that
  19. >"I hear that you've been a fart-knocker in class lately. What's that all about?"
  20. >"Uh..."
  21. >Suddenly, all the trauma and unhappy moments of your life come flooding to the forefront of your mind
  22. >You just start spouting all the things that make you miserable through tears
  23. >"A-And my dad n-never seemed to really ever b-be proud of me!"
  24. >"Woah dawg, hold the phone. I'm not your guidance counselor"
  25. >"I'm sorry, I just wanted someone to talk to, and you seemed like you'd be a good listener.I'm sorry I wasted your time."
  26. >You get up, taking the moment to glance at her breasts before you leave
  27. >"Wait! You can't just go all outtie. I didn't mean to diss you, dawg. Sit down"
  28. >You sigh and take your seat once more
  29. >"Now, I just want to know what the dealio is with you being sent down here, Anon. That's my job, so feel free to spill."
  30. >You collect yourself, regaining composure
  31. >"Well," you say, "I haven't been paying attention in class lately... I've just been going through a lot," you say
  32. >Luna nods her head
  33. >"Lay it on me"
  34. >"Well, a few days ago, I was just hanging out with some friends outside of school, and some assh- guys came over and started threatening us. And it's just been going on for so long now...
  35. >"And my family life hasn't been a walk in the park either. My mom thinks it's too dangerous here in the city and wants me to move in with my aunt and uncle..."
  36. >Luna seemed to take a lot of interest in your plight
  37. >She reached over the desk and placed a hand on yours
  38. >"Anon, I know how it can be. Just chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool. Couple of guys up to no good start makin' trouble in your neighborhood. It can be rough..."
  39. >She gives you a sympathetic smile
  40. >"Somebody need a hug?" Luna asks
  41. >You feel pathetic, but you nod
  42. >You've never needed a hug more in your life, barely holding back the tears
  43. >She moves around her desk, arms outstretched
  44. >You jump up and embrace her, bawling into her shoulder
  45. >Her arms wrap around you, warm and inviting
  46. >For the first time in a long time, you feel... safe
  47. >"There there, Anon. I know that feel..."
  48. >You let your hands slide down her backside
  49. >"Anon?"
  50. >Your hands continue to run down her back, making their way to her plump ass
  51. >She pushes you away
  52. >"As if! That is NOT appropriate, Anon!"
  53. >"U-Uh... I got a little carried away, sorry..." you say, trying to turn the situation around
  54. >Luna shakes her head and sits back down
  55. >"But, uh, I guess it would be best if I actually told you about what was going on..."
  56. >"Please do. Don't gotta be keepin' this on the DL, Anon."
  57. >"Do you know Brad?"
  58. >Luna nods
  59. >"Well... He was the guy who's been threatening me lately..."
  60. >"Tell me more, Anon"
  61. >You try to stay calm as you recount the constant bullying
  62. >Luna nods as you tell your story
  63. >"... And he always has a guy walk around with a boombox that plays 'I Like Big Butts' wherever he goes... And he beats you up while he plays it! It's horrible..."
  64. >The Vice Principal sighs and looks at you, clearly concerned
  65. >"You should've told us about Brad's rank behavior earlier, Anon."
  66. >"Well, there's the thing..." you say
  67. >All these months of plotting, planning
  68. >Sweet sweet revenge
  69. >You couldn't just hold it in anymore
  70. >You had to tell someone
  71. >"I guess it's fine to tell you now that everything's been set into motion..."
  72. >"What do you mean, Anon?"
  73. >You chuckle, deeply, smugly
  74. >"I think you'll find that Brad didn't come to school today. Now, I wouldn't know why that is, of course. But, what I think, is that maybe he's not just sick today, or skipping. Maybe things went a bit south for Brad..."
  75. >You let the words drip from your mouth with menace
  76. >Luna leans back, eyeing you
  77. >"Anon..."
  79. And then the mods deleted it!
  81. >Luna leans forward
  82. >"Anon... What did you do?"
  83. >Now for the reveal
  84. >You spread your arms open theatrically
  85. >The scene you want to set is as grandiose as you are
  86. >"I didn't do anything. But, maybe someone cut the brakes in his car."
  87. >Luna was taken aback, horrified
  88. >"Anon, I... That's..."
  89. >"That's revengeance."
  90. >Suddenly, the brick wall behind Luna rips open, shattered rock flying this way and that
  91. >You see a half naked figure in the rubble
  92. >"B-Brad? But how?"
  93. >"Nanomachines, son."
  94. >You reach for your blade as Brad slowly walks towards you
  95. >"Anon!"
  96. >You're shocked back into reality
  97. >"You really do have a pretty whack attention problem. Now, you were telling me about how Brad would beat you up..."
  98. >"H-He would also suplex me... It was horrible... So, yesterday, I... I stole some drugs from this kid. I know he's in some gang, so I hid them in Brad's car and told them Brad stole their drugs..."
  99. >"Anon! That's terribad!"
  100. >"Well, you can't blame me... You just got of prison! You can't judge me."
  101. >Luna's fist slams onto the table
  102. >"How dare you!"
  104. And then again!
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