Beasts that slay each other

Apr 29th, 2017
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  1. Part 3 Beasts that slay each other
  2. Date: May 4th, 2017
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  5. Main paste: https://pastebin.com/kJx42ddA
  7. Discussion on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/nier/comments/6846ba/spoilers_spoilers_from_nier_concert_recital_drama
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  11. Performer:
  12. Ishikawa (2B)
  13. Hanae (9S)
  14. Akaya (A2)
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  18. tl;dr
  19. A2 discovered that she and the rest of her team were sent on Pearl Harbor Descent to die, and hated the Command for it. Number 4 sacrificed herself at the server room so A2 could live on (we know this already).
  21. After the Command discovered that A2 lived, they sent 2B and 9S to kill A2. A2 was surprised to see them sending someone who looked exactly like her. She fought 2B and 9S 4 times at least before their encounter in the Forrest Kingdom, and won them all, getting used to fighting a scanner unit in the process. And when they met in the Forrest Kingdom, 2B and 9S questioned why should they kill her if she was really the enemy. A2 longed for the day she dies and joining her dead comrades.
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  25. Act 1 Pearl Harbor Descent
  26. A2 (VO): Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped, in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment? I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle, and wonder if we’ll ever have the chance to kill him.
  27. 2B (VO): She is A2, Type Attacker Model 2. Experimental model of YoRHa.
  28. A2: The first time I was deployed was on, 8th of December on 11941, Pearl Harbor Descent of the 14th Machine war.
  29. We YoRHa were the deciding factor to take Earth back from machine life forms. The goal was to destroy the machine lifeforms’ server on Oahu Island. The server was in charge of all the network connection in the Pacific, and it would have a huge impact on the situation. But due to the heavy enemy attack beyond expectation, we suffered heavy casualty. Only one, one managed to reach the server while most of the team died…
  30. 2B (VO): And then inside the server room A2 learned of the truth of the operation. All the battle was designed by the Command. The real goal was to collect data for automatons. Bombs for self-detonation was inside all of the experimental units including A2.
  31. A2 (in despair): Inside my body….a bomb…will explode when all biological signs stop….how….how?
  32. 2B (VO): All the battle was designed. All the deaths were predetermined. Looking at a despondent A2, her teammates yelled, A2, I’ll detonate and destroy this place. You must…live on…
  33. A2 (crying and screaming): No!!! Number 4!!!!
  34. 2B (VO): She made a final attack by sacrificing herself. Flash filled the whole server room.
  35. A2: Number 4! (she kneels)
  36. 2B (VO): Enemy machine lifeform server was destroyed. All enemy fighting units within 250km radius went silent. Our territory in the Pacific region grew. And then…
  37. A2 (slowly raising her head): I lived. I lost my goal, I was betrayed by the Command who should have been trustworthy, and even so, I lived. My dead teammates….YoRHa units who were shot down, and the Resistance Force. I…I…
  38. 2B (VO): YoRHa unit type Attack model 2’s black box is still functioning. individual with critical YoRHa project information identified. In order to prevent the leak, terminate YoRHa unit type attack model 2.
  40. Act 2: Executioner
  41. 9S (VO): Type attack model 2. A2 she should have been honest and tender. She was worst at combat, most considerate of her teammates. Her logic board was not well suited for soldiers.
  42. A2: But, I lost many teammates during the First Descent, due to the cruel combat designed by Command. As I prayed for my departed teammates, I lost myself.
  43. 9s (VO): Having Escaped from YoRHa, A2 didn’t have anywhere to go. But she couldn’t give up on her life so easily since it was the result of so many of teammates’ life.
  44. A2: I fought machine lifeform all day, and I believed eventually I would win. Machine lifeform who murdered my teammates. I want to, I should, and I am fighting for myself.
  45. 9S (VO): Combat, getting injured, self-repair. This pain, this pain was the only positive that A2 is still alive. But one day, some enemies beyond A2’s imagination appeared in front of her.
  46. 2B (coldly): YoRHa experimental unit attacker #2, A2 right?
  47. A2 (surprised): And you are?
  48. 9S (VO): A2 was looking at the most advanced YoRHa, and the face was the exact the same as A2.
  49. A2 (surprised): Same face as mine….number 2….template…Does that mean they produced new type of YoRHa using my combat data?
  50. 2B: You are sentenced for execution by Council of Humanity on the moon surface on the ground of leaking and mismanagement of confidential information.
  51. A2: Execution…sentence?
  52. 2B: I am 2E, model 2 Type E. The base sent me for execution. Stop struggling and yield control to me. Otherwise I’ll destroy you.
  53. A2 (burst into laughter because of her anger): hahahahaha. Command sent you? Execution? By an E model? To hide their crimes, they specifically sent a YoRHa unit that looks just like me to kill me? Hahahahaha
  54. 2B: A2, I don’t have time to hear your explanation…
  55. A2 (loudly and angrily): Shut up! If you want to kill me to hide the truth, fine. I won’t be merciful either. Just regardless of machine lifeform, satellite base, Command, or Council of Humanity on the moon…kill them all.
  56. 9S (VO): That hand, holding the blade that should have been aimed at machine lifeform. The eyes, have lost the once-tender gaze. Now, it’s just an avenger filled with pain because of her loneliness, staring at “enemies”.
  58. Act 3 Pursuer
  59. 2B (VO): In order to prevent leaking of confidential information, Command ordered the execution of A2. Fighting against her pursuers and machine lifeform, A2 treated everything as enemies and had nowhere to run.
  60. A2: Dammit! Stop jumping around and dodging my attacks.
  61. 9S: hahaha those crude attacks won’t connect.
  62. A2: If you are a man, fight fair and square!!!
  63. 9S: I am a scanner, not really good at close range combat.
  64. A2: shut the hell up.
  65. 9S: See, you are not focusing and there is a weak spot in your defense.
  66. A2: you are lying….ahhhhhh (A2 got hit with 9S’ hacking attack)
  67. 2B (VO): A2’s self-moral defense was breached. It’s a space surrounded by white walls on all sides.
  68. A2: Where is this?
  69. 9S: Hacker space. The self data inside your brain have already been sealed. Say, YoRHa unit A2, experimental type attacker 2. You are sentenced for execution by Council of Humanity on the moon on the ground of leaking and mismanagement of confidential information and mismanagement.
  70. A2: ha, slave of Command.
  71. 9S: Don’t be so nasty. But no matter how hard you cry, you won’t be able to escape.
  72. 2B (VO): A black fog surrounded A2. They are traps for restricting self data.
  73. 9S: This defensive wall is stationary, but facing inward. You can’t escape this no matter how hard you try.
  74. A2: dammit.
  75. 9S: dammit dammit you swear too much.
  76. A2: What exactly did Command tell you?
  77. 9S: Told me? Just as I told you, execute you for desertion. It’s just that I don’t like being violent, so I want to send you back to Command just like this.
  78. A2: That’s it?
  79. 9S: Huh?
  80. A2: Just like that? You didn’t even investigate? And you call yourself a scanner?
  81. 9S (voice getting cold): Are you trying to fool me? This defensive wall was only planned for detention. But now I’ve changed my minds. I’ll follow my orders and crush you.
  82. 9S (reaches out): Now you’ll regret being so nasty.
  83. 2B (VO): 9S made cancellation command to A2. But a black fog started to surround A2, and it raises, but there is no direct reaction. Not only that, on the contrary, there some changes to 9S’ body. When he noticed it, his hands and feet were bounded by data like black serpents.
  84. 9S: What? Counter-attack theoretical defensive wall? How come stuff like this…?
  85. A2 (recover from injury): Simple, I got it from you.
  86. 9S: From me?
  87. 2B (VO): Chaotic data climbed on 9S. His self data had nowhere to run.
  88. A2: YoRHa unit type S model 9. This is the fourth time I’ve met you. At first, we fought bitterly. But after a while, I came to understand your scanners’ way. Your previous bodies used hacking as well. And then at last, you would terminate your opponent with hacking. At first, it was very dangerous. But after the second time, you started to use defensive wall. This is your insurance against the worst case scenario, right?
  89. 9S (painfully): How? Em, unlock the wall….
  90. A2 (coolly): That won’t work. The purpose of the defensive wall is to zip self data and inescapable, isn’t that right?
  91. 9S (being crushed painfully): ahhhhhh, ohhhhhh! A2!!
  92. A2 (coolly after 9S’ scream): This is the fourth time I heard this scream. Better pray there isn’t a next time.
  94. Act 4: We Meet Again
  95. 9S (VO): We were wandering around the place called “Forrest Kingdom”. Assassinating the Forrest King, the dangerous leader of machine lifeform. In a ruined castle, we found the form of a small infant.
  96. 2B (VO): We were confused. This is a machine lifeform incapable of walking, let alone holding a weapon. How can this be the Forrest King. “That” appeared, as she looked right through our hesitation.
  97. A2 (VO): It’s pure coincidence that I was there. He happened to be the leader of the machine lifeform. The machined looked so small, so fragile. But I attacked without hesitation. The cry of the machine lifeform vibrated through my sword. This is the enemy. This is the enemy. This is….the enemy. I told myself…
  98. 2B (VO): In her eyes, was total abandon.
  99. 9S: 2B! That’s an android! A YoRHa type android!
  100. A2 (VO): I know them, since I’ve killed them so many times. Of course they will execute me.
  101. 2B (VO): I do not recollect having met this individual. I don’t know why, but I deep inside my heart I feel dissonance.
  102. 9S (VO): We escaped at the cost of damaging another YoRHa unit. With this sense of guilt, I cannot help but question myself. Is this YoRHa in front of us really our “enemy”?
  103. A2 (VO): I have killed them so many times, YoRHa model 2 Type B, model 9 Type S. But this time their expression is different than before. I don’t really understand the reason, but, it’s as if they were looking at their old pals. Maybe it’s a sign. This may be an end, or a beginning. Number 21, number 16, number 4, I’ll join you when I die.
  104. A2 (VO): So please wait for me a bit longer.
  105. 2B (VO): We YoRHa units are weapons for war.
  106. 9S (VO): We YoRHa units are the insanity of killing.
  107. A2 (VO): This world is filled with curse. We are the chains that link the killing.
  108. 2B (VO): So, we have to fight.
  109. 9S (VO): So, we have to kill.
  110. A2 (VO): So, we will not give in, no matter how perplexing fate is.
  111. All (VO): Because, this is the meaning of our being.
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