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Feb 13th, 2017
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  2. ---This story is on a hiatus. I might actually scrap it for another as I realize this story has a lot of parallels with another. I'd rather pursue an original work than one that people associate with something that's already been written---
  5. >A pent up sigh of relief exits your lungs as you toss your keys and kick the door to your apartment shut behind you.
  6. >You totter over to the sofa, and with and unceremonious flop, you bury face into the nearest cushion.
  7. >Why.
  8. >Why did you think it was a good idea to take 5 classes this semester?
  9. >On top of your new full-time employment?
  10. >Never before in your life do you remember being so consistently tired.
  11. >You barely managed to make it all work, often finding yourself in sour mood by the time you’d finished your daily agenda.
  12. >At least it kept you busy though, even if it did leave you with very little, if any, free time for yourself.
  13. >Not to mention every second of your ‘free time’ was solely devoted to playing catch-up with your awful sleep schedule.
  14. >To everyone else you looked like a champion, but you felt like a mess.
  15. >Someday, though. Someday this would all pay off.
  16. >You don’t know where it went, but you were at least on a path that lead somewhere, and that thought alone was enough to put your mind at ease.
  17. >Your body struggles to retain its consciousness, the uncomfortable puddle of drool that’s collected on the cushion below is hardly a deterrent.
  18. >You find yourself half-asleep when a loud notification from your phone rouses your attention.
  19. >You wince.
  20. >Of course.
  21. >Lazily raising your head, you pull the phone from your pocket and swipe to view the alert.
  22. >’One New Message’
  23. >You roll your eyes when you notice it’s from your friend Andre.
  24. >The unruly type, if you were to give a curt explanation.
  25. >You flick open the message to read.
  26. >’Yo brother, give me a call when ur free.”
  27. >You lightly grind your teeth in annoyance.
  28. >The fuck does he want now? Let a guy sleep for once.
  29. >You elect to humor him, tapping the call button on his contact profile.
  30. >The phone offers you a couple rings before you hear that signature mexican accent you’ve come to hate
  31. >”Hey brother, what’s up?”
  32. “What do you need,” you grumble.
  33. >”Nothing much, just wanted to check with you to see if you were coming to the party tonight? Chu know, the one I’ve been hyping the past few weeks?”
  34. “No Andre, I’m no-”
  35. >”Anon I know you’re busy, you’re always busy, but hear me out. Just come relax for a night. Maybe letting loose will help you feel a little less… eh, dead?”
  36. >You sigh.
  37. >He’s got a point.
  38. >Like you said, the last time you had any time to yourself was a mystery.
  39. >It might nice to clear your head, if only for a couple hours.
  40. “Alright fine. Your place?”
  41. >”Yup! And don’t even worry about the booze, we got you covered hombre.”
  42. “Sounds good. I’m not doing any hard shit, just so we’re clear.”
  43. >He gives a cocky chuckle.
  44. >”Yeah yeah mister big shot. Drug tests and all. I’m not that stupid.”
  45. “Good, see you then.”
  46. >Before he can say a goodbye you’ve pushed the end-call button and have plopped your face back into the sofa.
  47. >A party.
  48. >A loud party.
  49. >With lots of people.
  50. >...
  51. >God damn it.
  52. >By the time the party rolls around, you’d been fortunate enough to squeeze in a two hour nap before making your way over.
  53. >You’d be a little late, but two hours of any sort of rest was a bargain these days.
  54. >Luckily Andre’s house was only a short walk across the park from your apartment.
  55. >His parents were pretty well-off, so he wasn’t confined to a small, paper-thin walled box like yourself.
  56. >Nope, he had a whole house to himself.
  57. >Albeit a small one, but a house nonetheless.
  58. >You give yourself a moment to long for a day where footsteps from careless upstairs neighbors don’t keep you wide awake at night.
  59. >Your walk to Andre’s is quiet, calm.
  60. >Birds chirping as the sun slowly rests itself behind the mountains in the west.
  61. >A brilliant pink ray of light jutting across the open sky and reflecting off the white clouds, offering you and everyone below with a vibrant sunset.
  62. >The air was thin, but it was clear.
  63. >You award yourself a few deep breaths, each one filling your mind with the untroubled peace of nature.
  64. >That is, until you start to hear the thumping of an obnoxiously loud, muffled subwoofer.
  65. >Sigh.
  66. >Well, you were here.
  67. >You make your way through his somehow-still-clean front lawn and into his house.
  68. >Upon entry, you’re greeted with exactly what you expected.
  69. >Music, shouting, booze, weed, and even a puddle of what you assume to be somebody’s vomit.
  70. >Right next to the front door.
  71. >Classy.
  72. >After observing your surrounding, you walk yourself to the kitchen to grab a beer.
  73. >The only you’re going to enjoy this is if you don’t remember it.
  74. >”Anon! I thought for sure you were gonna dip on us!” you hear Andre shout as you round the corner into the kitchen.
  75. >You see your mexican friend standing in the corner with a couple of ladies at his side, probably wooing them with stories of his fabulous life back in California.
  76. “Well I don’t blame you. I hate parties” you respond, popping open a beer and raising it to your lips.
  77. >He offers a chuckle, and quickly shoos the two ladies away so he can continue conversing with you.
  78. >”Things been okay?”
  79. >You finish with a large swig of your beer, burping loudly in his face.
  80. “About as good as they ever seem to be.”
  81. >He keeps quiet for a few moments while you go about drinking, nervously tapping his palms together.
  82. >Well that’s not a good sign.
  83. >”Listen Anon,” he eventually continues. “I know you said no hard stuff, but hear me out-”
  84. “Damn it Andre, no. I work a job. I can’t be getting fucked up like we used to.”
  85. >”No, no! It’s not hard, I promise you. It’s like, weed and ambien AND xanax mixed together. No ‘hangover’, no side effects, nothing. Just chill.”
  86. >You sigh and shake your head.
  87. “I knew you were going to pull this shit, too. Why do you have such a problem with me trying to not be a fuck-up?”
  88. >”Whoa, those are some strong words amigo.”
  89. “No is no, Andre” you finish, raising your beer again to chug the remainder. “Now please for the love of god, let me get drunk.”
  90. >Despite the brief argument, he wears a grin and tosses you another beer.
  91. >”You got it boss.”
  92. >The night passes rather carelessly, and as much as you had to admit it, you actually find yourself having quite a bit of fun.
  93. >Dancing, grinding, more dancing, more grinding.
  94. >All was going great up until your very last drink.
  95. >You weren’t even three sips in before you began to feel your stomach burn.
  96. >Nausea brewed rapidly, and you began to sweat like mad.
  97. >Your balance was hardly there, everything felt disorientating as a dizziness clouded your mind.
  98. >Fearing iminate vomit, you hastily barge your way through the crowd to the restroom.
  99. >You reach for the handle only to find it locked.
  100. >”Occupied” a voice calls from the other side.
  101. >Fuck.
  102. >You feel another billow of sickness course through your body, your muscles visibly shaking now.
  103. >Without invitation, you rush your way into Andre’s master suite and into his private bathroom.
  104. >Empty.
  105. >Thank god.
  106. >You fall to your knees in front of the toilet and sit patiently for what you knew happened next.
  107. >Except it didn’t happen at all.
  108. >A wave of extreme pain racks your nerves and sends you toppling to your side.
  109. >What the fuck was this?!
  110. >You knew better than to mix liquor and beer, but you’ve never had this reaction before!
  111. >Again, another surge of agonizing pain, this one eliciting a small shriek.
  112. >Fucking hell!
  113. >You try to raise yourself back up, but another wave sends you right back to the floor.
  114. “H-Help!” you cry hopelessly.
  115. >With the deafening thumps of the subwoofer still blaring, you might as well be mute.
  116. >You attempt to crawl yourself somewhere, anywhere, but a shooting pain stops you in your tracks.
  117. >Tears consume your vision as the agony becomes too much to bear, and you eventually surrender to it, curling your body into a fetal position hoping for it to stop.
  118. >But it doesn’t, it continues. Mercilessly.
  119. >You feel your skin burn like someone had set fire to your body.
  120. >Your bones and muscles snap and twist as if you were being stoned to death.
  121. >Were you dying?
  122. >Better question: did you even care?
  123. >At this point being dead might just feel better than this unwarranted torture.
  124. >The pain trails up to your face.
  125. >You wish you could pinpoint the areas affected, but it was everywhere, like an acid.
  126. >Everything hurt.
  127. >You would scream, but you couldn’t. The pain was so intense your vocals refused to respond.
  128. >Your entire body felt like at any moment it was going to give up.
  129. >The pain eventually reaches a maximum, and just as you swear you can see the bright light of the afterlife, it all stops.
  130. >All of it.
  131. >In one instant.
  132. >The muscles in your body collapse limply, every inch of you drenched in cold sweat
  133. >You take heavy breaths in an attempt to regain yourself, but your mind is clouded as it races frantically for an answer.
  134. >What on god’s great earth did that to you?
  135. >Was it an allergy?
  136. >Poison?
  137. >...Drugs?
  138. >Lying on this floor certainly isn’t going to give you any clues.
  139. >You needed to go to the hospital, like now.
  140. >In one swift movement, you swing yourself upward in an attempt to stand, but your body disapproves.
  141. >All you manage is a pitiful squirm along the tile of the bathroom floor.
  142. >What?
  143. >You try again, but you’re rewarded the same result.
  144. >Curiosity brings you to look down, and you wish you hadn’t.
  145. >Oh lord you wish you hadn’t.
  146. >In place of your limbs were... stubs.
  147. >Soft, brown… furry little stubs.
  148. >All poking out of what was now extremely oversized clothing.
  149. >What in the mother of…
  150. >You writhe wildly in your clothing, doing your best to shake it off.
  151. >After some effort, you’re able to escape your pants and underwear, but your shirt just wouldn’t give.
  152. >No matter, at least you can properly move now.
  153. >You try to hop up again once you’re mostly freed, but deja vu, your face finds the floor.
  154. >A high pitched whimper escapes your lips.
  155. >Right, well.
  156. >With some strength, and some serious determination, you’re able to hold the upper half of your body up with your front stubs.
  157. >Only problem is your arms don’t move at all like they used to.
  158. >They kind of look like…
  159. >Your eyes widen as your mind begins to connect the dots.
  160. >No. Oh no no no.
  161. >You turn your head to look over at the full-body mirror hanging on Andre’s bathroom door, and the creature that gazes back looks nothing like you.
  162. >Details are scarce, given your distance, but the mirror allows you to see what’s important.
  163. >Its coat is a very light brown, while the mane bears a complexion identical to dark chocolate.
  164. >It looks oddly reminiscent of a really small horse, and there’s a part of you that can swear you’ve seen one of these before…
  165. >Your daze is cut short though, as a crippling ‘BOOM’ vibrates through the walls and penetrates your eardrums.
  166. >The force of the noise sends you toppling over again.
  167. >Another ‘BOOM’ follows suit, and soon you’ve realized it’s the start to another song.
  168. >Did they turn the fucking subwoofer up?
  169. >BOOM
  170. NEIGH!
  171. >...
  172. >Did you just..?
  173. >BOOM
  174. >You can feel your ears squeeze against your skull, your eyes clenching shut as adrenaline pumps wildly into your bloodstream.
  175. >BOOM
  176. >You tense even more.
  177. >Logically, you knew exactly what these booms were, but your mind just didn’t seem to care.
  178. >BOOM
  179. >You shriek another loud neigh before scurrying yourself to all fours, somehow standing perfectly balanced on the tile.
  180. >BOOM
  181. >Each boom sends you deeper into a bestial panic, you dart your sight in all directions, desperately looking for an exit.
  182. >BOOM
  183. >That one sends you over the edge and your legs respond by frantically scampering toward the bedroom door you initially entered through.
  184. >You’re not sure how you managed it, but you suppose ‘fear has a way of teaching you to run’.
  185. >BOOM
  186. >This one causes you to trip over yourself, and you land directly on your muzzle just outside the doorway, yelping loudly.
  187. >BOOM
  188. >You’re quick to your fours, but the moment you’ve stood you catch sight of the crowd.
  189. >A few of whom have stopped to stare at you.
  190. >Their eyes, their gaze, only worsens the terror.
  191. >BOOM
  192. >You scream, falling to your haunches.
  193. >”Yo, who’s dog is this?” a man calls from the crowd.
  194. >BOOM
  195. >You’ve broken down into incoherent neighs of horror, falling to your side, squirming and kicking uncontrollably.
  196. >Someone leans down in an attempt to grab you, but a meaty blow confirms he’s only managed to get himself bucked.
  197. >”Fuck me!” he yells.
  198. >BOOM
  199. >Again, you squeal.
  200. >”Turn down the music, it’s freaking it out!” a girl shouts.
  201. >Thankfully her demands are heard, and the roaring booms quickly lower to a volume that’s tolerable.
  203. >A circle of curious eyes gather around you, and they gawk at your panic like it were a sort of party trick.
  204. >Your conscience screams ‘run’, but you can’t seem to move anything.
  205. >You’re frozen with fear, and the only function your body seems to be capable of is rapid, shallow breaths to keep up with your pounding heartbeat.
  206. >You hear disquieted whispers exchange questions while you lie helpless on the floor.
  207. >’Is it a dog?’
  208. >’Kinda looks like a pony.’
  209. >’I’ve never seen a pony like that before.’
  210. >’It looks familiar, though.’
  211. >’Who’s is it?’
  212. >Their whispers are soon muffled by a rustling from behind group.
  213. >”Move. MOVE.” a feminine voice grunts as she pushes through the assembly of confused onlookers.
  214. >She eventually breaks through and immediately directs her attention to you.
  215. >The two of you lock eyes, and your body feels a pang of distress when she slowly begins to approach you.
  216. >She notices this and, in turn, kneels down to appear less threatening.
  217. >”It’s alright little one,” she coos. “I’m not gonna hurt ya.”
  218. >The soft vibration of her voice offers some comfort, and she’s soon able to close the distance between you both without afflicting too much stress.
  219. >She gently rests a hand on your side and spends a few minutes running it softly through your coat, whispering sweet nothings near your ears.
  220. >This continues for quite some time actually.
  221. >Enough time to have bored most of the group at least.
  222. >Most of them had dispersed within the first few minutes, having already witnessed everything there was to see.
  223. >There were one or two left watching, but it felt a lot less terrifying than the group of bloodthirsty predators stacked around you from before.
  224. >And thankfully they refrained from turning the music up.
  225. >It takes a while, but with some effort she’s able to lower your heartbeat to pace she seems satisfied with.
  226. >Your breaths become less frantic and more relaxed.
  227. >Your eyes aren’t darting about.
  228. >And for the first time since your episode in the bathroom you feel like you had some control over your thoughts.
  229. >”See? You’re just fine,” she reassures with a few scratches behind your ear. Wow that feels… huh.
  230. >She takes a second to mull over your south-end, and you assume she’s just checking to make sure the rest of you is okay.
  231. >”Good girl~”
  232. >... Wait what?
  233. >The peace is broken in an instant however, as Andre rushes into the room with a few drunken stumbles.
  234. >”The fuck is going on? Someone told me there’s a goddamn horse in my house?”
  235. >The aggressive, gravely, tone of his voice causes your muscles to tense.
  236. >”Andre, chill, she’s terrified.”
  237. >”I don’t give a shit, I’m not supposed to have animals in here. Get whatever it is out of my house.”
  238. >”Well I sure as hell wasn’t stupid enough to bring my pet to a party like this,” she barks.
  239. >Andre cups his hands around his mouth and turns to shout at the party goers in his home.
  240. >”Yo! Who the fuck brought their pony to my house!?”
  241. >...
  242. >The crowd remains silent.
  243. >”Seriously, someone own up to it or I’m kicking it onto the street!”
  244. >Again… silence.
  245. >”Alright! If one of you’s is missing a horse you can’t say I didn’t warn you!”
  246. >He turns quickly and looks down at you, extending his arms in preparation to pick you up.
  247. >The moment he begins to lean down your eyes widen and you kick your hindlegs in fear.
  248. >”Andre, stop!” the girl shouts.
  249. >”What!?” he throws his hands up defensively.
  250. >”I’ll take her out, jeez. You’re so heartless sometimes.”
  251. >He shrugs
  252. >”Do whatever you want with it, but do it somewhere that’s not here.”
  253. >She sends him off with a huff before turning to look back down at you, shaking her head in jestful disbelief.
  254. >”Well cutie pie looks like we’ll have to continue this outside. It’s a lot quieter out there, you’ll like it I promise.”
  255. >You feel her arms wrap awkwardly around your barrel.
  256. >”Sorry if this is uncomfortable, you’re at an odd angle.”
  257. >She then hoists you into her lap, giving a few brief pets before effortlessly standing with you still in her embrace.
  258. >The moment you two step out the door they’ve started the loud music again, but thankfully it’s far too muffled to disturb you.
  259. >She wordlessly strolls over to her car which appears to be a somewhat new Toyota suv of sorts.
  260. >She unlocks it remotely with her key and opens the passenger door, depositing you onto the leather seat.
  261. >Your entire body fits with some room to spare.
  262. >How small were you now?
  263. >A hand meets the side of your face and brushes your fur.
  264. >You look up to see her smiling down at you.
  265. >She didn’t seem totally sure of herself, though.
  266. >Her smile was tainted with doubt.
  267. >”What are we gonna do with you?” she sighed.
  268. >Your guess is as good as mine, stranger…
  269. >You just hope it doesn’t involve sending you off somewhere you don’t need to be.
  270. >You should probably tell her not to take you to some animal shelter or something.
  271. >That could be bad.
  272. >You’d probably be like, euthanized.
  273. >That’s what they did to lost, wild animals, right?
  274. >Unless they thought you were domesticated.
  275. >Wait.
  276. >Does this lady even know you can understand her?
  277. >You hadn’t really considered that until now.
  278. >If you did indeed look like the animal you saw in the mirror, you wouldn’t be surprised if she thought that’s exactly what you were.
  279. >An animal.
  280. >Probably best to tell her now.
  281. >You know, to avoid any confusion.
  282. >You open your mouth to address her but you only manage to cough out a small whicker.
  283. >What?
  284. >She giggles.
  285. >”That’s right, little miss.”
  286. >Hey no that’s not what you meant!
  287. >You flatten your ears and attempt to speak again, but a desperate neigh replaces your words.
  288. >No no no!
  289. >”Goodness me, someone’s talkative. Do you need something?”
  290. >You try repeatedly to say something, anything, but the only sounds coming from your muzzle are whinnies and neighs of distress.
  291. >”Hey, shh, shhh. You’re just fine. What’s got you so worked up?”
  292. >No this can’t be happening.
  293. >You collapse back into the seat.
  294. >You stare upward with a blank expression, void of emotion.
  295. >Of all the things that have this past hour that was the one thing that broke your mind.
  296. >You couldn’t talk.
  297. >You weren’t human.
  298. >You weren’t even fucking male anymore, apparently.
  299. >God forbid you look down to prove it.
  300. >As far as you’re concerned any hope you had of fixing this was slowly dwindling.
  301. >It’s as if life were purposely closing every outlet you had to turn to.
  302. >Why was this happening?
  303. >Why you?
  306. >You sit there, motionless, in a long bout of silence.
  307. >Your mind wanted to race, sift through all the questions, answers, possibilities... but it just couldn’t.
  308. >You couldn’t.
  309. >All of it would be utterly useless.
  310. >You were here, and there was no changing that, or at least that’s what the world wanted you to believe.
  311. >Life had something in store for you, and apparently there was no way out.
  312. >Without the ability to speak you were essentially doomed to be stuck in this small horse’s body until ‘life’ decided otherwise.
  313. >You suppose there were other means of communication, but without fingers those seemed about as useless as not being able to verbally speak anyway.
  314. >You release a defeated exhale and look out toward the night sky.
  315. >It was calm, undisturbed.
  316. >Little pricks of light vibrantly shining through the mild light pollution of your little college town.
  317. >So vast, that a problem as life ruining as this one probably meant less than absolutely nothing to the universe.
  318. >But you still couldn’t shake the feeling that...
  319. >That something up there really hated you, and really, really wanted to show it.
  320. >”...Is somebody sleepy?”
  321. >Your ears perk up at her voice.
  322. >Oh, they move themselves too?
  323. >That’ll take some getting used to.
  324. >Sleepy huh?
  325. >You ponder the question for a moment before you realize what you’d just done.
  326. >From an outside perspective, it probably just looked like you were a tired and grumpy little pony.
  327. >Your neighs and whinnies could have easily just been your conveyance of exhaustion for all she knew.
  328. >”Hungry?” she continues.
  329. >You tilt your head
  330. >’Heh, right. Hungry? After that fiasco?’ you think to yourself.
  331. >You huff at her through your nostrils.
  332. >’Just leave me alone.’
  333. >”Hmm… do you need to potty?”
  334. >You reel back in surprise.
  335. >’Excuse me?’
  336. >”Is that a yes?”
  337. >’No lady. Just shut your mouth for like three seconds, please.’
  338. >She nods at you then slides her hands around your barrel again.
  339. >Oh for the love of…
  340. >She then carries you over to the patch of grass in front of Andre’s house before setting you down.
  341. >You struggle to keep yourself balanced on your new legs once your hooves meet the ground.
  342. >They shake a bit under your weight, and you feel like they’d give out if you made any sudden movements.
  343. >Well this is awkward.
  344. >You look over to her with pleading eyes.
  345. >’Please just put me back in the car, lady.’
  346. >She cocks her head.
  347. >”Do you need me to look away?”
  348. >’No. No don’t look away. Pick me up, and put me back in the damn car.’
  349. >She waits for a moment as if expecting some sort of response, but when all she receives is your silent staring, she nods again and directs her sight elsewhere.
  350. >Mother fucker.
  351. >If you could talk, the things you would say...
  352. >You huff at her through your nostrils again.
  353. >She ignores you.
  354. >Rolling your eyes, you take a small step in her direction and squeal a loud neigh.
  355. >That had a bit more volume to it than you expected.
  356. >She turns back around to find you staring up at her.
  357. >She sighs.
  358. >”C’mon pony, I don’t know what you want!”
  359. >’Well I can’t rightfully tell you either!’
  360. >Wait a minute.
  361. >You’ve got an idea.
  362. >With a snort, you grab her attention.
  363. >She looks at you inquisitively.
  364. >”What’s that?”
  365. > You then blatantly look at the car, then back at her, then back at the car.
  366. >She follows your gestures, looking toward the car as well before looking back down at you.
  367. >”You…”
  368. >Yes?
  369. >”Want to potty on my car?”
  370. >Oh good lord.
  371. >You fall back to your haunches and grunt a whinny of annoyance, which probably just sounded like any other ‘whinny’ to her.
  372. >You hear her quietly giggle.
  373. >’Yes, misfortune is hilarious. Thank you for understanding.’
  374. >”You know what I think?” she questions, sitting herself down in the grass next to you. “I think you’re just exhausted from being so scared earlier.”
  375. >Well, she’s not wrong.
  376. >That, and you might also still be under the influence of alcohol.
  377. >You couldn’t really tell though, you weren’t sure how different being a horse was supposed to feel from being human.
  378. >You figure sleeping it off would help give you a better idea.
  379. >And who knows, maybe you’ll wake up and realize this was just some super strange nightmare.
  380. >That would be nice...
  381. >She extends an arm and begins massaging the back of your head.
  382. >A-ah~
  383. >”And since we can’t seem to find your owner, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if you came home with me for tonight. At least until Andre figures out who you belong to. Sound like a plan?”
  384. >You’re far too distracted by the euphoric shivers her fingers are sending through your nerves to acknowledge anything she said.
  385. >Not like you could anyway.
  386. >You wonder why she even asked you questions in the first place.
  387. >They were probably just rhetorical.
  388. >Like one might talk to a dog, if only to alleviate silence.
  390. >”Alright cutie pie,” she gives your head a conclusive pat before standing herself back up with a tired groan. “We should probably head out. It’s getting kinda late.”
  391. >You choke out a small whimper as her hand pulls away from your head.
  392. >Then your ears fall the moment you realize what you just did.
  393. >...
  394. >You’ve really got to get a handle on this body if want any hope of fixing this mess.
  395. >”I’m not really sure how I’m going to do this, since I’m not technically allowed to own any pets either. I guess we’ll just have to be extra quiet.You think you can do that for me?”
  396. >You stare at her blankly.
  397. >”Attagirl.”
  400. >The ride back to the her place was actually pretty relaxing.
  401. >There was plenty of space in her suv to sprawl out and wind-down, especially having been put in the back seat.
  402. >You were initially conflicted as to why she put you there, though.
  403. >Her reasoning being that you were ‘someone else's’ and she wouldn’t want you to get hurt if ‘anything happened’.
  404. >Yes, like you were child.
  405. >Oh well, you don’t blame her.
  406. >You probably would have done the same.
  407. >Well, actually, if you were in her position, you would have left ‘the pony’ with animal control by now.
  408. >You shudder at the thought.
  409. >Thank goodness she wasn’t as careless as you.
  410. >Though, you were still having a hard time figuring out why she’d even put forth the effort in the first place.
  411. >As a college student, the last thing you’d want on your plate was a needy, sapient horse.
  412. >In her defense, she didn’t know you were intelligent.
  413. >But that still didn’t change the fact she almost instantaneously volunteered to be the temporary caretaker of an animal she technically wasn’t even supposed to ‘own’.
  414. >Probably just some maternal instinct thing going on.
  415. >Or maybe she saw this as an opportunity to fulfill her childhood dream of having a little pony of her own.
  416. >Women...
  417. >You suppose it wasn’t very fair for you to try and consider any other perspective right now, given how tired and, consequently, grumpy you were.
  418. >Which you figure was a blessing and a curse,
  419. >On the down-side, you were way too tired to rationally think about anything that happened this evening.
  420. >On the plus-side, you were way too tired to rationally think about anything that happened this evening.
  421. >You hoped that maybe when you woke up tomorrow morning, this would all be over.
  422. >But if it isn’t...
  423. >Well, you hope that it doesn’t break you.
  424. >You hope that you don’t give up.
  425. >You were going to need to push through this, no matter how discouraging everything seemed, lest you end up stuck like this for god knows how long.
  426. >Easier said than done, of course.
  427. >Which is why you were worried if tomorrow you, the you that won’t be exhausted and drunk, can look at this all objectively.
  428. >”Alright sweetheart, we’re here,” her melodic voice rouses your attention.
  429. >You raise your neck to look out the car’s window, taking a moment to scan your surroundings.
  430. >Wow, that’s a... big house.
  431. >What did this lady do for a living again?
  432. >Heck, even the yard was huge!
  433. >There was easily half an acre between this house and the next.
  434. >Who pays to live in a neighborhood like this but is ‘not allowed’ to own a pet?
  435. >If you’re shelling out that much money for a house like this you should be able to own whatever you damn well please!
  436. >Not that you had any intention of staying with her, but still.
  437. >Opening the door nearest your seat, she carefully loops her arms around your body and pulls you into a cradle.
  438. >You do your best to not think much of it as she begins walking toward the house.
  439. >”Now like I said,” she whispers. “Be as quiet as possible.”
  440. >Quiet? Ha!
  441. >This house is like half a mansion!
  442. >No one’s going to hear you even if you tried!
  443. >Her worries come to light, however, as the door swings open and you’re met with a small child, looking no more than eight years of age, standing eerily right in front of you both.
  444. >Well that makes a little more sense.
  445. >Given the resemblance, the two were definitely related.
  446. >”Aubrey!” the child shouts. “Is that a dog!? Did you bring a dog home!?”
  447. >”SHH,” Aubrey hushes angrily. “Addy! Aren’t you supposed to be asleep? Why aren’t you in bed!”
  448. >”I was! But then I heard you come home!”
  449. >You can just feel the irritation radiating from Aubrey’s skin, her free hand raising to rub at her temples.
  450. >”Listen, I won’t tell mom and dad you were awake if you don’t tell them about the pony. Deal?”
  451. >Ah.
  452. >Sisters.
  453. >”THAT’S A PONY?” she shrieks.
  454. >You and Aubrey both flinch.
  455. >The little one’s got a pair of lungs, that’s for sure.
  456. >”Yes! Now please shush!” Aubrey whispers desperately.
  457. >”There’s no way I’m keeping this a secret! They won’t care about me staying up! You brought a pony home!”
  458. >Heh, what a little shit.
  459. >Aubrey spends another few seconds doing her best to lower her sister’s volume, all while still holding you tightly.
  460. >You eventually start to get uncomfortable in her arms.
  461. >Either you were really light for her to have held you for this long, or she was just really strong.
  462. >You try to send the message by squirming a bit.
  463. >”Listen, I’ll do anything you want, but please, just be quiet,” she concludes before gently depositing you to your hooves.
  464. >You almost immediately slip on the fancy, tiled floor though, falling to your side with a pained whimper.
  465. >”Aubrey you’re hurting it!” the little sister whines, rushing over to your prone position on the ground.
  466. >Your eyes almost immediately widen at the sight of her abrupt movement, ears falling flat in response.
  467. >She extends her arm, ready to make contact with you.
  468. >An instinctive reflex screams for you to run, but you couldn’t. You were nowhere near acclimated enough to perform such a task with your new legs.
  469. >So instead, your stomach sinks in fear, muscles tensing as she draws close.
  470. >You’re about three seconds from releasing a panicked yelp before Aubrey chimes in.
  471. >”And you’re scaring her. Addy, you can play with her tomorrow.”
  472. >Addy promptly stops her advancement and turns her attention to her sister.
  473. >”But Aubrey!”
  474. >”But what? Don’t tell mom and dad, and I’ll let you play with the pony all you want.Got it?”
  475. >Whoa wait what.
  476. >Do you get a say in this?
  477. >”Fine,” she huffs.
  478. >”Now go to bed, we’ll see you in the morning.”
  479. >The child marches off, and once she rounds the corner out of your sight, you release a repressed exhale you had no idea you were holding.
  480. >Aubrey looks down at you then widens her eyes in a comical ‘oh my god’ type of fashion.
  481. >The gesture would elicit a chuckle, but in place of laughter you just end up releasing a little snort.
  482. >She giggles.
  483. >”That’s right~”
  484. >She then steps her way over to you, careful to not make any hasty movements before kneeling down at a small distance.
  485. >She slowly reaches her own hand in your direction.
  486. >You’re unfazed by it, and once she realizes this, she begins to rub at your neck in long, gentle strokes.
  487. >You, for some reason, keep your eyes fixated on the corner the small one disappeared to, if only to cater to an irrational fear still left in your head.
  488. >Aubrey takes notice of your gaze and smiles.
  489. >”I agree, my sister is terrifying.”
  493. Continuing soon.
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