Obsolete Gamers SCPSL Info

KirbyTheGiver Nov 18th, 2019 (edited) 95 Never
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  1. <i><b><size=30><align="center">Welcome to Obsolete Gamers!</align></size=40></b></i>
  3. Discord: <link=><u><b>LINK</b></u></link>
  5. <u>Here are some rules:</u>
  6. 1] No team-killing without a good RP/IC reason.
  7. 2] Don't delay rounds.
  8. 3] Don't impersonate or disrespect staff.
  9. 4] Cheating or exploiting the game will result in a permanent ban.
  10. 5] Camping in inaccessible spots will result in a kick.
  11. 6] You may TK players who purposefully put you in danger.  (closing doors on you)
  12. 7] No ghosting.
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