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  3. Dear,
  5. From now on, Frsky will no longer supply goods for anyone who are selling Jumper T12/T16. Jumper T12 and T16 are copy of Frsky X7 and X10( pls refer the contents for details).  Copy and clone doesnot good to the RC industry , to the manufactures. Stopping provide goods for anyone who are selling Jumper T12/T16 not a threat,Frsky has no right to require any dealer to do something or not to do something, it is only our attitude to someone copy us.  If we don't do anything that means we default the existence of copy, what's the meaning of we take so much labor forces and financial forces to develop a new product?
  6. Frsky hopes find some partners who have long-term vision.  If you are selling T12/T16, but think Frsky have more valuable, hope you can remove the T12/T16, or pls let me know how long will you deal with the stocks.
  9. Quoted: The bottom line is, Jumper did a 1:1 copy of FrSky QX7. They didn't imitate and add some new function, they didn't make it better, or faster, or gluten free. They copied it and they are passing it off as their own creation. And, it looks like they have done the same thing with their "new" radio, and they did it so well the T16 will run the exact same yaapu telemetry scripts that run on FrSky Horus. Here's another tidbit for you: The T12 will run the yaapu scripts that run on FrSky QX7. This behavior is definitely by design and not the result of stupid dumb luck. They know what they are doing is wrong, but they are thumbing their collective noses and doing it anyway.
  10. The advertised specs and features of T12 are almost identical to those of FrSky QX7, just remove part of QX7 functions without adding any new ones. T12 can run QX7 firmware proves the hardware IO and connection are the same. Mike Blandford, the owner of ersky9x, made some comparison, only to find T12 is a complete copy, and it was not happened by accident but on purpose.
  11. The openTX team refused to support Jumper as it is a complete copy without any value at all. Kilrah, the main member and contributor of openTX, stately clearly that openTX does not support Jumper at all, and what Jumper is doing also violates GPL. Jumper just changed the openTX logo to JumperTX without changing anything else, including FrSky as the hardware designer and provider.
  13. FrSky and the openTX team have been working together to introduce new features and functions. Jumper only wait for our new firmware release, and keep getting the details of the latest code changes for output. Pls refer to the github to cross check the source codes for confirmation.
  17. Not to mention the same way of upgrade and high level of plagiarism of the instruction manuals.
  22. Now they are doing the same to T16 by copying FrSky Horus radio transmitter.
  24. The advertised specs and features of T16 are almost identical to those of FrSky X10, just remove the parts that have high value but need high investment costs like wireless module, S.Port, etc.
  26.  *Compatible with openTX firmware – the openTX team have already stated that T12 and T16 are pure hardware copies without values, and openTX does not support Jumper at all. T16 can run openTX firmware directly refers that its hardware connection is the same as FrSky X10.
  28. *Memory 16M is FrSky X10 specs, we only use this processor on FrOS while not use this on openTX. T16 copy the hardware without knowing the real function of it.
  30. The published pic of T16 used the same widget that yaapu released for Horus X10 and X12S, which is used for telemetry sensor data display.
  32. "Hi,
  33. I am the owner of the OpenTX, open source firmware for radio transmitters.
  34. This radio named "Jumpet T16" is NOT supported by OpenTX. By using OpenTX in both the body and the tittle of this description, your customers will believe we support it (or will support in the future), which is not the case and will increase our current flow of annoying questions / support (which we have to deal with during our week-ends and in our spare time). This is something we don't want. The GPL license is very clear about it. Please respect it.
  35. Also your description states this radio is powered by "JumperTX (based on OpenTX)". By copying OpenTX, this product has to publish its whole source code. And you have to provide a link to it for your customers. The GPL License is also very clear about it. So where is this source code?
  36. This is the second time a product from Jumper copies OpenTX without any respect for the people who made it. They are just making profit from our work for free. I will have to write to the Free Software Foundation and inform them about these facts.
  37. Regards
  38. Bertrand Songis"
  44. Thanks and best regards
  45. Frsky
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