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Dadonequus Discord Part 304

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  1. >At the end of the train ride. Twilight gently woke you.
  2.     >Returning to Ponyville. You decide to part ways with Twilight. Explaining to her you needed a moment to process everything that went on in Canterlot. She agreed, she felt the same way.
  3.     >And so you returned home. You had things to do. A crazy beholder monster to interview.
  4.     >When you bounce off your bed. You looked towards your window. Most likely. He was still floating right behind it.
  5.     >But first, you decide to peer over to your mirror.
  6.     >Ugggghhhh...
  7.     "I look miserable.Fuck, I really don't need this. Dammit Celestia..."
  8.     >You take a breath and head over to the floor door and open it. You peer down into the living room. It was empty.
  9.     "Ok, she isn't out and about. Allllrighty."
  10.     >You walk over to the window again. And pull open the blinds.
  11.     >And there he was. Staring directly through the window. And right at you.
  12.     >"Anon....open the window" he snarls at you.
  13.     >Seriously?
  14.     "Really? Are you still on that?"
  16.     >You smirk as you shake your head and look him right in his singular eye.
  17.     "Tell ya what butter ball. You answer my questions and I'll open the window for you"
  18.     >"HOW DARE YOU MOCK....wait...seriously?" The X-captain believed it, near instantaneously "That's the easiest trade I've ever made. World destruction will be...MINE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He cackled as he flailed his tentacles in the air.
  19.     >.....ok then. He's a fucking idiot.
  20.     "Yeah, ok speedy. Relax, just answer my questions and it'll be fine. You ready?"
  23.     >"I'm always ready you silly man pony freak thing! Ask your questions! And then witness your doom!"
  24.     >....christ
  25.     "Ok then. First question, what do you think of a changeling named Thorax?"
  26.     >"Thorax? HAH!" He scoffs "He's pathetic. We always had to push him, prod him, FORCE HIM. And he was still as pitiful as the runt, which is sad because unlike the runt. He had potential. And then he went AWOL. Good riddance I say, he had a lot of bad ideas"
  27.     >interesting.
  28.     "Bad ideas? Like what?"
  29.     >"Oh, ohhhh, hahaha" He snickered "He had it in his pathetic little head that changelings should be friends with ponies. That somehow, we should be able to produce love ourselves instead of taking what's ours. It's absurd. I've lived almost as long as our now useless queen. And it's never been done. It's totally impossible"
  30.     >ohhh no. You could see the road block ahead.
  31.     "Uh huh. Let me ask you another question. Why do you think it's impossible? Exactly?"
  32.     >"Because changelings DON'T love. We hate who we feed off of. They are our food! That's how it's always been. If there was a better way, sure, we'd do it that way. But there isn't. Not like I care anymore. Chaos is all I am, will be, and will BRING!"
  33.     "Ok, so let me ask you this. What would happen if a changeling WAS capable of producing love. and could eat their own love that they feel and share it with other changelings?"
  34.     >"Logically?" The X-captain rolls back a little as he scratches the side of his face with a tentacle "I guess changelings wouldn't need to use ponies as a food source. It'd mean the queen has been lying all our lives. And that all our starvation and suffering due to always being hungry was for nothing. But given no changeling has ever managed it. Then that's not possible"
  35.     "And why has no changeling ever managed it?"
  37.     >"Because!.....Because.....hrn" He seemed lost, he started to rub the underside of his neckless chin as he pondered "Nopony has ever tried I guess. Look, can you open the window now? I want to crush you already"
  38.     "No, listen. We're not done yet. Because we found Thorax, and his wings are not only changing for some reason. But he can produce love and feed off of it. I think. He definitely really doesn't need to really eat love anymore. Your replacement is almost the same way, sans the wings. So, what do you think of that? T-that's just a fluke right?"
  39.     >"Fluke? wait...what? WHAT?! NO! STOP LYING! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" The C-captain's eye suddenly goes from yellow to red, as he enters an instant rage "THAT'S IMPOSSSIBBBLLEEE!"
  40.     "Woah, woah! relax, just calm-"
  41.     >"SHE LIED! WHAT WAS THE POINT?! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF STARVING IF WE COULD HAVE JUST FED OFF EACH OTHER?! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT HURTS TO STARVE?! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! OHHHHH, OHHHHH NOW YOU'VE DONE IT ANON! FORGET TAKING HER CHANGELINGS FOR MYSELF. ALL OF THEM, ALL OF YOU! YOU ARE ALL MY ENEMY FOR ALL THE CRIMES YOU HAVE COMMITTED! EXCEPT FOR ME.....my crimes are ok. BUT ANYWAY! YES! DESTRUCTION! DESTRUCTION OF ALL! OPEN THE WINDOW NOW AS PROMISED SO I MAY DESTROY YOU, THE QUEEN, AND EVERRRYYYYTTTHHHHIIINGGG!" He was flailing about like a fucking retard. Unfortunately for you, it seems he didn't even know it was a possibility. Given his ignorance and his answers. Either Chrysalis had been hiding this from all the changelings, or she doesn't know it's possible, or she doesn't want to accept it. Ugh...either way. it's not good.
  42.     >You sigh as you begin to close the blind, sending the X-captain into a panic
  44.     "Nope"
  45.     >You close the blind
  46.     >Your ear twitched as his screeching was very barely audible through the blinds. He was pissed. But you never intended on letting him in no matter what.
  48. >Crap, crappity crap crap crap.
  49. >He didn't even fucking know
  50. >Was there really nothing you could do? At least, nothing you could do that wouldn't get you in trouble or ruin relationships?
  51. >For now, you'd have to leave it alone until either you could figure something out or run into something that would be useful.
  52. >Well, you could still be a friend. You could see how Chrysalis doing. See how she's doing after being drunk last night.
  53. >You sigh with a heavy heart as you open your floor door, go through the living room into the trap door, and enter the basement cavern. Looking into the dank abyss. You wondered for a moment why Discord made it a cave rather than an actual basement. Then again, an actual basement would be pretty normal now wouldn't it?
  54. >"Errgghh, right there Captain. Right there. ugh" You could hear Chrysalis groaning as you neared her Race Track Lair. "How is it possible a drink can cause such pain? I don't even remember half of what happened last night."
  55. >"My Queen" As you came down the stairs. You could see the changelings gathered around Chrysalis's throne. Some watching from inside her car as she laid to her side, hanging her head down as the runt captain massaged her head with his hooves "If I had known this was going to happen. I would have forbade Anon from serving you,erm, whatever he served you"
  56. >"Hush!" Chrysalis scorns for a moment, making the captain flinch. But she groans again and gives her head a slight rub to signal the Captain to go back to his massaging "ngh....Captain. Don't imply that I'm too weak to handle my drink. In fact, I consider this a learning experience. If humans can handle that kind of drink then so can I. I was caught offguard by how potent it was, that's it. I am the Queen!" Chrysalis rose up and raised her hoof in the air to defy her own pain "AND AS SUCH! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY MERE PAIN! egh" She flinched, then went back into her resting position "But, for now. I will enjoy this massage. I clearly deserve it"
  58. >You walk in with a smile, a chuckle even. That was pretty cute.
  59. "How's the hangover sis?"
  60. >But the Captain is the first to reply. Some of his acquired doggie senses kicking in as he bends forward and growls at you. "Anon! How dare you show your face after causing our Queen pain?!"
  61. >"Captain..." Chrysalis looks down at him with a deep stare. It was like a warning.
  62. >"m-mmm" The Captain backs off and resumes the massage. Huh, still overly protective of her even after what he's gone through. His wings. They were the same. It made you wonder.
  63. >"Anon, what is a hangover exactly? You mentioned it just now." Chrysalis asks in a rather pleasant tone...weird.
  64. "Oh, it's the headache that comes with getting drunk. Or really, after you got drunk. It's mostly common."
  65. >"Common. I see. Well, it doesn't bother me too much. But it makes me wonder. Why would humans drink these drinks if it causes "Hangovers" " It was kind of cute really. she was genuinely curious about fucking alcohol
  66. "Well, it's because some people drink them to feel good and don't care. Some people don't get hangovers. Others drink because their friends are drinking and it's part of "having a good time". Others just drink because it's something to drink. And..I dunno. People just drink it because it makes them feel good or it's a social norm. It's how it is"
  67. >"Really..." Chrysalis seemed confused yet enamored by the very idea that humans would drink alcohol so loosely despite it's effects. Then she chuckles. "It's a shame you aren't more like your brethren Anon. Even their party drinks are more fun than anything a pony can come up with."
  68. >You smirk as you approach her. You wanted to tease her a little. be friendly and act as natural as you could so she didn't detect anything wrong.
  69. "Oh, I know. So, how do you feel about chickens?"
  71. >Chrysalis's slight joviality drops when you ask this question. She raises an eyebrow at you. Wondering what kind of question was that. "You should know the answer to that."
  72. "Normally I would. I'd say you hate them. But what if their was a cute one with the name "Caramel" "
  73. >"Cara-" Chrysalis's eyes go wide for a moment, she realized what you were talking about. She rose up again, away from the massaging hooves of her captain as she brushed her mane back with her hoof and then looked at it with a bored expression "It's almost funny Anon. You're being specific as if it means something. But all you're doing is boring me. So much so that I might as well ask you to leave if you're just going to be stupid."
  74. >Ahh Chrysalis, you really were adorable sometimes. This was something you didn't want to lose. Who else could you talk to like this? She may be the queen of deception. But she really was the only one you could be one hundred percent real with and get the same in kind.
  75. "Alright alright. Sorry. Sheesh, thought you could handle a little banter."
  76. >"Are you implying that I can't? Do you know how many ponies I've crushed in debates? How many I've decimated when they tried to nab me as some sort of prize?" Chrysalis chuckles to herself as she remembers a particular memory "I've even overturned a peace treaty by calling a king a worthless clown. It was true too, as the "Future Princess" of the fallen kingdom of Stabledonia, my insult may have been a tad too much for the rivaling kingdom. Who was I to lie about such a fool."
  78. >"Erm, my Queen. Not to interrupt or anything. But wasn't that a failed campaign because everypony ended up hating each other? I-in fact, as your captain. E-even though I wasn't the captain back then. I apologize for not being there to take that table that hit your face after you insulted the rival king" The captain recalled. Wanting to remind his queen, worried that her believing it was a good thing was a mismatched memory. Not realizing she was just playing it up to counter you.
  79. >You snicker at that.
  80. "You got a TABLE thrown at your face?! Ha! So much for that, huh?"
  81. >Chrysalis looked down at Scrappy with a death glare. It made him immediately realize that he MAY have done something wrong. Making him cover his head "I'M SORRY! FOR WHATEVER I DID!"
  82. >You flinch when you see her raise her hoof at him. But she stops, grimaces from her head pain, and just concentrates on looking tough. "You're forgiven. I don't feel like striking anything anyway. It would ruin my mane. hmph. As for you Anon, give me a good reason why I shouldn't make your life a living hell back in Ponyville."
  83. >Fuck...dammit Chrysalis. She was moody when she had a hangover. She'd usually just toy with you. But she just wasn't in the mood to return the bantz.
  84. "Oh, erm. Actually. You wouldn't really have time to do that if we were say....watching a movie?"
  85. >"A movie?" That seemed to have struck a positive chord with her "...Why not another human documentary?"
  86. "Oh erm. It's sorta like that. It's a movie based off true and real events. And uh, takes place in our olden times. when we were kind of just less militaristic and more...just living life."
  87. >"Almost interesting. As much as I want to see humans acting out human things. It doesn't sound too interesting to warrant a watch. What's it even called?"
  88. "Goodfellas"
  89. >"Pass..." She swung her head down the side of her throne again as she called to her captain for another massage. An order he took very seriously.
  91. "Too bad.It's about the rise and fall of a man named Henry Hill. He was a gangster."
  92. >"oooh, a gangster. Thrilling" Chrysalis mocks as she shakes her hooves in the air before rolling her eyes "Anon, hate to tell you this but Equestria also has gangsters. So I already know it'd be filled with incompetency and annoying voices"
  93. "Maybe..."
  94. >You hop up on the small open space on her throne and cuddle up to her side as you rest your head on her belly.
  95. "Or maybe human gangsters get shit done, live like kings, and don't let anypony stand in their way. And I mean anypony"
  96. >"Hrn, in what way? Give me an example" Chrysalis asks.
  97. "A guy named Tommy shoots this kid for talking back at him."
  98. >"Shoots him? in the leg?" Chrysalis was now curious
  99. "He shoots him dead. He can't tolerate crap like that"
  100. >"Really...And he isn't punished?" Chrysalis started to gently shift to the side to give you more room to cuddle properly.
  101. "No, but other crazy stuff happens."
  102. >"Like what?" You can sense it, she was getting curious
  103. "Just going to have to watch.it"
  104. >You try to goad her into watching it with you.
  105. >Chrysalis stays silent for a couple of moments.
  106. >Then she slowly rises from her seat, moving you aside gently as she calls out to all her changelings.
  109. >Forced?
  110. "Really?"
  111. >Chrysalis snickers at you as you heard the buzz of wings and saw the movement of the walls. "sounds pretty good doesn't it? Now then Anon..." Chrysalis gently brushes her hoof down your head and back as she gives you a sweet smile "Work your magic, and do me proud"
  112. >maybe it was the fact that she was an older woman...mare...bug thing. But any affection she gave you, even if it embarrassed or angered you, always felt nice.
  113. >And looking at the fact that she was interested. You could look past her words. It was just nice to see her happy. Maybe you were being naive. But you figured this was her way of being appreciative.
  114. >You had one charge left anyway. So you can do this. You put the horn on your head and recreate the movie theater from before.
  115. >The love orb is set up for slushies. but you created a self serve popcorn stand just in case.
  116. >Each seat was filled by changelings. But you thought you'd change it up a little by adding balcony seats for you, Chrysalis, and the captain.
  117. >Chrysalis looked around with a smirk and clapped her hooves as she looked around the theater. You had made it even more extravagant with beautiful gold lined blood red drapes. Platinum gold walls, and a mural on the ceiling with beautifully drawn changelings flying about in the night black sky. A moon to illuminate their flight ever so slightly. "Going all out I see..."
  118. >You were, you wanted her to be comfortable
  119. "Only the best for the queen"
  120. >"Indeed.." She made herself comfortable on her seat and stretched her neck and she rolled her head about a few times.
  121. >"A little pain, but manageable." She said to herself
  123. >The Captain, Scrappy. Felt internally honored he got a seat next to his queen. Up in the balcony away from the other changelings. And he felt bad he snapped at you. He sighed and looked to you with a frown, across from Chrysalis. "I'm sorry Anon, I didn't mean-"
  124. >Chrysalis just shifts her eyes towards Scrappy without turning her head "Captain, don't do that. Have pride. Don't act like a pony and apologize. If you felt what you did was right, then it was right....unless I say otherwise. Understand? Your work is invaluable to me, but don't EVER let yourself succumb to the pony way."
  125. >"Y-yes my Queen...never" Scrappy saluted, but it was a weak one. He felt guilt in his heart. And conflict once again on how to feel when around Chrysalis. He loved her to death. But he loved Applebloom. Poor fella.
  126. >"Good, in fact. Bring me some of that popcorn. I wish to treat myself like a human does." Chrysalis pointed down to the first floor where the machine was.
  127. >But you took point, your horn was still on your head until the movie ended. So you used it's never ending magic to pop a huge bag of popcorn to her side. and a love slushie in her cup holder.
  128. >"Hrn? Oh!" Chrysalis smiled as she looked at her snacks "Now that's service. What could be better than sitting between my loyal captain and my soon to be partner watching a movie about humans. I feel so much better. Let's get started then. I'm really feeling anxious. Oh, I feel like, this is going to be even better than the documentary. I just feel it." Or maybe she was wowed by the service and the nicer room.
  130. "I'm doing this because we're friends. Don't go assuming I'm just going to give in."
  131. >"Oh don't be a killjoy Anon, just accept my word of praise and let's get started." She rolled her eyes at you before taking a sip of her slushie. "Besides. We're all friends here. You don't need to take it so personally. Just accept it, that's all"
  132. >You were about to object further. But, considering this could very well be your final moments...
  133. "...You're right. It doesn't mean anything anyway I guess. Future partners it is then. As long as you're happy, I'm happy. and I guess that's all that matters."
  134. >Chrysalis found that odd. Very off as well. "Really?"
  135. "Yeah, that's what friends want. For their friends to be happy. It's rare I ever get to do this with you. So I just don't want to spoil it."
  136. >"Hmmm..." Chrysalis ponders on that, It was like she wanted to say something. But held back. and kept it simple. "I suppose that's true. Even with the friendship we have."
  137. "Yeah...anyway, let's get the movie started"
  138. >The lights dim as the projector starts to roll. Presenting the movie to the buggy audience.
  140. >And what a start it was. You had forgotten it started somewhere near the middle timelinewise with the killing of Billy Batts. Well, the finishing off of him anyway.
  141. >The reaction from the changeling audience was instantaneous with gasps. What they were seeing looked much more cruel and crazy than anything in Starship Troopers considering how personal it looked.
  142. >Chrysalis was digging through the popcorn already. Excited by what she was looking at on screen. "Anon! This is already amazing and I don't even know what's going on!"
  143. >Well, at least she liked it
  144. "Just wait, that's just to pull you in"
  145. >"It did a good job already. Such viciousness. It's exciting" Chrysalis takes a sip of her slushie "Captain, take notes.; This should be how you deal with ponies."
  146. >Scrappy, who before would have been delighted. Must have been thinking of Applebloom when he spoke because he didn't seem so sure about it "Y-yes my queen..."
  147. >Chrysalis didn't notice as Henry's voiceover started and the movie actually begun. You could see Chrysalis near immediatly lose her excitement when she saw it was going to cover a young Henry Hill.
  148. >"What's this?! Where's the violence?! Anon, this better not be a bait and switch. I'm already losing interest. Why does everything look so old?"
  149. >You chuckle, letting your depression slide by as you let yourself be carried by the nolstalgia of the movie and Chrysalis's reactions.
  150. "It's how it is, but trust me. We'll get to the adult stuff soon. Even then, just relax. You might enjoy this part"
  151. >"Hardly, look at him. A slave to his family while he works at that "Cab" place. Who cares about cabs? The ones we have and what a second what's this?"
  152. >Chrysalis started to notice they weren't so legit. And as Henry explained and the movie went on. She noticed it wasn't simply a cab place. It was a home of villainy,larceny, even people getting shot. Even as Henry's family disapproved of it. She only needed to watch further to see the gangsters deal with that.
  154. >"This, this is amazing. Whatever he needs they give him. Whatever they need he works to get it to them. And everypony...no...everyone bends to their will. Even the police!" Chrysalis was very astute in her observation. She understood. And she loved it.
  155. "Yeah, it's like a family sorta"
  156. >Chrysalis shakes her head as she looks at the screen with evil delight "No, those sniveling angry parents of his are a family. These guys, these guys? This whole thing? This is a hive Anon, it's a unified hive that controls evWHAT THE?! WHAT?! I THOUGHT THEY HAD CONTROL OF....ohhh" Chrysalis witnessed Henry go to court and then immediatly get out of it, and then get rewarded for not squealing "Yes...This is a hive alright. And Henry? He reminds me of you, if you were a little more of a go getter. See Anon? This is the kind of thing you can have if you join me. Even the humans know how good it is. How could you argue that?!"
  157. >Hearing Chrysalis get so into the movie already. even as she equates it to the "Game" you both play. It made you smile. Just for the fact that she enjoyed one of your favorite movies. It was like watching it for the first time all over again with a close family member.
  158. "I guess I can't. Still, it is but a movie. This is real life"
  159. >Chrysalis swung her hoof in dismissal "Whatever, at least I'll be able to see how things would be like if we were gangsters in the human world. Oh, we'd control everything. DO YOU HEAR THAT MY CHILDREN! EVERYTHING!"
  160. >Down in the audience, you could hear "shhh! I'm watching the movie!"
  161. >Chrysalis reached forward on the balcony rail and looked down in fury "WHO SAID THAT?! WHO! WHO DARES TELL ME TO BE QUIET DURING MY GLOATING! I'LL SHOOT YOU DEAD! I SWEAR IT!"
  162. >There was no reply. Some of them looked pretty scared or even sorry.
  163. >Chrysalis sighed and went back to her seat "Egh, I'll deal with it later....what?! They already grew up?!..hrn. This restaurant" She hadn't even noticed that things were proceeding right along.
  165. >Chrysalis observed the drinks. The atmosphere. She listened to Henry's monologue. Everyone in the restaurant looked like bigshots. Each one a ruler in their own right. She was amazed that they drink their drinks with reckless abandon like it wasn't any big deal. She knew she had to overcome her weakness to alcohol just by looking at everything.
  166. >And then there was Tommy.
  167. >"Who's this loud mouth? Ugh, he sounds like an angry pigeon" She groans.
  168. "That's Tommy, one of the main three guys of the movie"
  169. >"MAIN THREE?! BUT HE'S SOOOO ANNOYING! This whole "How am I funny?" bit has already grown tiring and hrn?"
  170. >she then witnessed Tommy play away a bill. Even attacking the restaurant owner without retaliation. It was amazing to her. "I take it back. This man, he does what he wants, when he wants, and gets away with it like it's nothing. I like him. I can already tell he's going places"
  171. >You smirk and keep yourself from spoiling anything. Poor Chrysalis. She was going to get preeeetttyyy angry later.
  172. "All kinds."
  173. >The movie progressed as you remembered. Chrysalis got more used to Tommy,Henry, and Jimmy. But the introduction of Karen irked her at first.
  174. >In fact, there was a question she asked you that made you bust out laughing when it came to the introduction of Karen's parents.
  175. >"Holy crap Anon, What is a jewish and why are they so annoying?! She's not shutting up! It's worse than that Pinkie Pie pony. Look, LOOK. It's so bad that Henry came home, and then left because of that nag of a jewish. Why doesn't he just shoot her and be done with it?"
  176. >Chrysalis looks at you, you were a laughing mess.
  177. >"What's so funny?"
  178. "N-nothing. Hehe, nothing. Y'know, I don't even know. He holds back sometimes. I dunno. I guess I'd shoot her if I had to deal with her"
  180. >Chrysalis chuckled at that remark as she continued to view the movie "Yes, I probably would too. Speaking of which. This Karen person reminds me a little of your marefriend. Not as pushy or rich. But more of the relationship side of things."
  181. >You cringe a little at one. You didn;t really want to be compared like that.
  182. "I mean I guess..."
  183. >"Just look at them Anon. They care about each other. They protect each other. It's both disgusting and yet oddly satisfying at the same time. And listen to her. It really is like a hive. The entire gang do EVERYTHING together. It's beautiful. I just wish she'd stop being a nag sometimes. Henry has many things to do. Look, even nagging him for that paper money and...what is she doing?" Chrysalis found the part where Karen was about to suck his dick confusing.
  184. >You chuckle, surely she knew. Or maybe human passion escaped her.
  185. "She's about to go down on him. Y'know, suck his dick"
  186. >"Suck his dick...hrn" Chrysalis found that intriguing "I wonder if that works on Stallions. I'm sure there's a powerful and very lonely wizard somewhere out there willing to trade secrets" She snickered.
  187. >Wut?
  188. "You serious?"
  189. >Chrysalis laughed "No, that's just too degrading. Though, I was thinking back a bit on Paulie. And you know what? You do owe me some life debts so...Fuck you, Pay me!" She growls and then begins laughing at you
  190. >You chuckle nervously
  191. "T-that's a joke right?"
  192. >"Of course it is, don't take it so seriously. Speaking of seriously. You get him Tommy! You don't let him Bust your balls like that!" She cackled. "Billy Batts, what a fucking stupid ass name."
  194. >And then the movie went back to the start.
  195. >Chrysalis listened in on the monologue of "Made guys". But shrugged it off. "Who cares if he was "untouchable", he deserved it. The schmuck"
  196. "Say Chrysalis, if you had a chance, who would you beat to a bloody pulp?"
  197. >"Oh? Now that's a question I can sink my fangs into. But before I answer, Why don't you tell me who you would beat the shit out of first?"
  198. >G-guh..what?!
  199. "Erm, I-I dunno. I don't think I should answer that."
  200. >"Oh you don't want to answer that? Fuck you, pay me!" She smirked at you
  201. >Was she....was she serious?
  202. "A-are you seriously using one of the debts I owe you for this? Or is that another joke?"
  203. >"I'm not joking. This is worth your life. Now be truthful. Telll meeeeee" She chuckles softly as she gave you a gentle peck on the nose.
  204. >Fuck. Truthful huh?
  205. "Ummm, if I had to pick a pony at the moment. I'd say.....these two punks names Snips and Snails. They annoy the shit out of me everytime. Or maybe that news lady I met like twice. Because twice is all I really needed to put two bullets in her brain."
  206. >Chrysalis cackled at your words "Now thats what I like to hear. I knew you had some guts in you Anon. But a couple colts? Ohhh, that's pretty dark..." Chrysalis gives you a sultry stare and rubs the bottom of your chin with her hoof "I like it"
  207. >She was siphoning from you as well. You could feel it. Not too much. But enough to notice.
  208. "Yeah yeah. Ok, your turn"
  209. >you roll your eyes as you gently push her hoof away.
  210. >"Who do you think? That prick Cadance. I wouldn't have to worry about figuring out how she made all that magic if she just died."
  211. >Hrn. Maybe you should be careful. She was becoming more dirty mouthed and daring just from the influence of the movie. You just mumbled and nodded. And continued the movie.
  213. >The movie went on as things became more dire. Tommy becoming more daring. Janice. Karen becoming vengeful. Hell. When Chrysalis was viewing Karen holding a gun to Henry's face. She fell silent. slowly sipping and eating her snacks.
  214. >It was an intense moment. By the time it was over. She fell back on her chair. with some sweat going down her face. "That was insane. Humans are such powerful yet complicated creatures. Even having multiple females just because they can. It screams power. Almost makes me interested in romancing one." Chrysalis giggles girlishly "It could be fun."
  215. >No, it would be scary if she ever found a violent man to control. Ohhh. You shivered if she ever fucking romanced a crazy mongol or something.
  216. >When everyone went to jail. Chrysalis got angry. But only at first until she saw that even in jail. They had control.
  217. >"Simply amazing" She stared with a wide smile
  218. "Yeah, real neat stuff. So, you liking the movie so far?"
  219. >"Liking doesn't even describe it. This is the most amazing film I've ever seen. even better than the documentary. Humans are so fascinating."
  220. >That made you want to ask a question
  221. "Yeah. So, let me ask you this then. do you think I'm fascinating?"
  222. >"Chrysalis's eyes never left the screen as she answered "Yes and no. Ponies and that idiot Discord has tainted you some. But your good enough to at least be allowed around me. And have the friendship we have of course."
  223. >Thats a good answer. From her? That's a good answer. You liked that answer.
  224. >But as the movie went on. Things started taking a darker turn. You could see Chrysalis get worried. She was making enough expressions to show that the whole "We're all alone" part of the talk in prison made her worry. But she wanted to focus. So she didn't sau a word.
  226. >In fact. as the drug trade stuff went on. Chrysalis started rubbing her forehead. even she could see Henry was fucking up "Oh no. Dammit Henry. Whatever that stuff is. Paulie told you to knock it off. You always listen to the leader of the hive..gang..whatever. Ugh. Come on. Anon, please don't tell me..no. never mind. Don't spoil. I'm sure everything will be alright"
  227. >She seemed in higher spirits about the upcoming heist. But the drug stuff. It didn't sit right with her.
  228. "You alright?"
  229. >"I just don't feel what Henry is doing is right. If Paulie said to stay away from it. stay away from it. But even the foalsitter..er..babysitter? Anon, this kind of thing? It can bring down an entire hive. Destroy it even. It's just not good:"
  230. >And you already knew what she meant. And for some reason. More than it ever has before. It started to bother you.
  231. >Though, as things started looking up in the movie. Chrysalis was put in a better mood. And with that. it put you in a better mood too
  232. >The heist, Tommy "being made", the call to whack the fucking wig man. Chrysalis had started to understand most of it at this point. She even understood why Jimmy started to cut off loose ends. No, she was excited for the big scene.
  233. >Tommy being made.
  234. >"Ohhh Anon, this is going to be great! I can't wait!" She was getting giddy
  235. >At first you were happy that she was happy. But the realization of the truth. And something else
  236. >Something else....
  237. >It was digging into your soul.
  239. >Then it happened.
  240. >Bang!
  241. >And Tommy was dead...
  242. >Chrysalis flew into an instant rage. She reacted more than even Jimmy. She was livid.
  244. >And thats when it hit you.
  245. >chrysalis's rage was drowned out by a stronger feeling.
  246. >Guilt
  247. >It was if you had pulled the trigger yourself.
  248. >Worse, as the movie entered it's conclusion with everyone betraying eachother and everything falling apart. You felt like a version of Henry Hill. And Chrysalis? She was Paulie. Probably the one who least deserved it.
  249. >Of course. Before that. Before the end. Chrysalis was angry, during the end, she was angry.
  250. >She couldn't sit still. And she kept yammering on on how Henry should have stayed away from the drugs. And even lamented that fact that maybe..just maybe..Tommy had gone too far.
  251. >"I can't believe this. All of this ruined because of a loss of loyalty. All of this destroyed because Tommy somehow went too far. Anon. I...ugh" chrysalis could feel the remnants of her hangover come on.
  252. >"M-my queen. A-are you alright?!" Scrappy jumped to attention. Ready to massage her at a moment's notice.
  253. >"Yes, Captain. I'm fine. Just a little overwhelmed by this film. It's been some time since I've felt such a mix of feelings. Anon, I'm glad we watched this together. It was a learning experience to be sure"
  254. >Chrysalis looked over the balcony at her changelings and sighed "I can only hope that in the end. My little ones will be strong and loyal Tommys. And not idiotic Henrys or just traitorous scum. And you know what? Anon?" She looked to you with a smile "You may be an idiot most of the time. But after watching this. I'd like to think of me, you, and the captain as Goodfellas. But without the terrible flaws."
  256. >You weren't listening. You were stuck on the fact Chrysalis was shaken for the last part of the movie. You looked at her now and even then. Her speaking in her nicer tone. And making you a "Goodfella" in such a way. She was shaken. She never wanted that to ever happen within her own hive.
  257. >But that's what was going to happen...wasn't it?
  258. >You could look anywhere but straight. You fucking monster.
  259. >What would even happen to Scrappy? It looked like nobody even gave a shit about him. Including you.
  260. >You should have done something.
  261. >But what could you have done? Chrysalis wasn't the only one hanging in the balance.
  262. >You wish you were put in witness protection right now. Just to get out of all this.
  263. >Anon, oh Anon. You were such a shit.
  264. >"Anon? Is there something wrong?" Chrysalis was in front of you. Looking at you, she looked...worried. Or maybe you were looking too deep into it.
  265. "I guess that ending always gets me. Are you alright? You looked pretty shaken after Tommy got shot"
  266. >"I've gotten over it. even if shooting him was a waste. It's just a film of a time long past after all. No reason to weep. Just have to learn from it. Both the good and the bad. I can definitly see some ideas in the movie that I can use in my current state. As can you captain, I'm sure you noticed a few ideas. Am I right?" She looked to Scrappy with a sly grin.
  267. >He saluted "Yes my Queen, I Think I noticed a few things. Erm...are you sure you're ok though?"
  268. >"Yes Captain. Don't do that. Alright? Focus on yourself and your work. If you become clouded by such meaningless feelings then those ponies will have you for dinner! Only worry if there's danger. Understand? I won't tell you again."
  269. >"Y-yes My queen..i-it won't happen again" Scrappy. Poor Scrappy. He was already taken in by Applebloom. And he's learned enough to worry about Chrysalis's most minor problems at this point.
  271. >Even weirder that she accepted you asking if she was ok over her captain. Then again. She expected that from you most likely. From him? She needed him to be diligent and cunning. So it made sense.
  272. >You tapped your horn. Disabling the theater spell and setting everything back to normal.
  273. >You sigh. It was enough to get Chrysalis's attention again. "Anon, come on. It's a movie you had to have seen a million times already. And if you're worried about my reaction then don't. You're setting a bad example for my children. Come on, where's that smile? hmm?" She smiles gently at you as she brings you close to herself. She then hugs you gently as she changes into her "Nymous" form. "Where's that love?
  274. >But despite her warm and inviting nature. Whether it be false or true. You couldn't get over the fact that the end of the movie was a reflection of what was about to happen. Not exact. But you were essentially selling her out by going along with Celestia's plan. Fucking...dammit.
  275. "I'm sorry. I guess watching it again just trudged up some bad memories. I am glad though. That I got to share the movie with you."
  276. >"It was good, I admit. But come on Anon, it's still but a film. I'm over it. And that was my first time seeing it. It was amazing though. I admit it. I'd like a Tommy of my own. But alas, it was not meant to be...unless you want to be my Tommy. hmm?" She started to gently play with your mane and rub your head. Suddenly, her voice became soft and sensual "Or maybe. We could reenact that one moment with Karen and Henry. Whatever your marefriend doesn't know won't hurt her, right?"
  277. >She was....trying to cheer you up in anyway she could. even tried to arouse you with an empty offer. But it just didn't work this time.
  278. "I'm sorry, I guess I'm really just not in the mood."
  280. >"Clearly" Chrysalis sighed as she reverted back to her buggy self "Why don't you just go to bed for now? Get yourself a nap. You're depressing when you're all mopey. And Captain? Return to your post. And try to keep an eye on the purple pest's import of books. The moment you notice anything useful, you let me know."
  281. >Scrappy saluted, again said "Yes, my queen!I will do you proud!" and scampered off.
  282. >"I'm so glad I made him captain. Never questions me and gives his life to get the job done. Not a single cowardly spot on his entire exoskeleton. If only he was tougher. He'd be perfect. Anyway, Anon. We really must do this again soon. I had fun, I noticed you had fun. And I'd like to have this kind of fun again. There, I admitted to something "fun" and "entertaining". Take it as you will."
  283. >You stay silent. And move close to her and give her a hug as you keep yourself from crying.
  284. >"Anon? What are you doing?" Chrysalis raised an eyebrow as she looked down at you. A little disgusted by your sudden display of affection.
  285. "I just...felt like hugging one of my best friends. Thats all"
  286. >"You really are out of it..Fine.." Chrysalis gives you a more affectionate hug. Secretly, she even refrains from feeding off the love that was finally pouring out of you. She felt a small hint of fear that all of a sudden it'd suddenly break you. She had no idea why you were acting this way. But she blamed the movie anyway. After a few moments. Longer than she herself would have liked. She slowly slides you away "That's enough. I'm the only one allowed to give affection around here. Remember that."
  287. "Y-yeah...still..thanks..."
  288. >"Hmmmm, Anon. Just go to your room and go to bed. Or go out or something. This is a little too ridiculous for me." She even wondered if her changelings were feeding off you. She didn't sense it. She just couldn't figure it out for sure.
  290. "I guess I just need some air. Umm, ok. But, I'll see you later soon. Ok? Promise. We can have a drink together. Like in the movie"
  291. >Chrysalis seemed fine with that for sure. She wanted to have another chance at holding her alcohol and it did seem like a fun social thing. She was also curious as to what YOU were like when drunk. It made her curious. And even anxious. She wanted this. But she played it off as something mediocre. "I guess we can do that. Just don't expect anything more out of it."
  292. >All you expected. Was just to enjoy her company for as long as you can.
  293. "I won't...take care Chrysalis"
  294. >"Mhmm, sure, fine..leave already. You're actually disrupting the love we have from the orb with your moping." She shooed you away. But deep inside. She was trying to figure out what exactly set this off. Maybe it was just a human thing. Like how humans acted oddly at times like in the movie.
  295. >And with that. you left. You left to your room.
  296. >or somewhere
  297. >who knows...you didn't care.
  298. >Sooner or later. It will all explode in your face.
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