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  1. am the Programmer you're looking for.
  3. To only the best women out there,
  5. I'm a sadistic kinda man, who likes nothing more than Programming with the right woman, and socialising with my good mate, Mo Farah, who admires my Impolite qualities.
  7. The first thing people usually notice about me is my smartass personality, closly followed by my smashing teeth. I can be a jerk when I don't know people well - with body parts like my teeth and my Eyes, I can afford to be.
  9. I work as a Programmer, helping Greedy roblox bastards. This allows me to exercise my skills: Leadership and wielding weapons. One day, I was just about to stop work when Mo Farah appeared from nowhere and congratulated me on a job well done. "Diamond, that was a job well done." That's the kind of thing people say to me on a daily basis. Of course, now, Mo Farah and me are best friends, and the praise runs like water. A lesser man would get a big head.
  11. My life goals include:
  12. Star in the next Star Wars film.
  13. Shoot a follow-up to the perfume advert I star in
  14. Become the best Programmer I can be
  15. If you're the right woman for me, you'll be interesting and witty. You won't be afraid to stand up to me and will have a healthy respect for perfection.
  17. My ideal date would involve Hacking in London, England with a tall woman by my side. While we're there, I evaluate your cancer free eyes, checking that you're up to my understandably high standards.
  19. Women only get one chance with me. For every woman who displeases me, there are another 111 waiting in the wings to replace you.
  21. May the force be with you.
  23. If you're worthy, get in touch!
  25. Diamond
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