GiantAnon: Flooding Ponyville

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  1. >Wind whistles past as you fall out of bed.
  2. >Opening your eyes makes you immediately freak out, nothing but blue skys and clouds above you.
  3. >Either you're falling at an angle, or those clouds are moving fast.
  4. >*CRASH!!*
  5. >You feel dozens of sharp sticks poke into your bare back and yank at your boxers, before you come to a stop.
  6. >Sitting up, you get a good look around, and you nearly freak out again.
  7. >Everything is way too small.
  8. >The tallest trees are just as tall as you, mountains only twenty times your height.
  9. >Small animals flee from you, most barely visible.
  10. "Well, fuck..."
  11. >Sitting down causes all the nearby tree's to shake, and you try and lean against the largest tree in the area.
  12. >It groans and bends under your weight, but holds.
  13. "Well, this is fucked up." You groan, looking up at the sky.
  14. >Above you, a rainbow starts stretching across the sky, being formed by a small speck.
  15. >The speck curves around and reverses its trail before curving downward.
  16. "Wonder what that is?" You muse, looking in the direction it went.
  17. >Standing, you start off, following the speck's trail to wherever it went.
  18. >Soon, the trees thin and become smaller, and you can make out a small, almost medival looking town.
  19. >There doesn't seem to be any creatures, senient or otherwise in the town, likely all hiding, considering your footsteps probably shook the earth.
  20. >As you reach the edge, you sit down again and wait.
  21. >You catch faint glimpses of large eyes peering from windows.
  22. >After several minutes, one door opens and a small, barely palm sized teal pony  with a horn steps out.
  23. >Another, tan one runs out the door after it, but freezes as soon as they see you.
  24. >You lower your hand to the ground and lay it there, palm up.
  25. >The pony stops as you lower your hand, but when it sees you make no further move, it continues approaching.
  26. >When it reaches your hand, it leans forward and sniffs you, pokes your finger with a hoof and gingerly steps onto your hand.
  27. >Your fingers start to curl, making a sort of basket and the pony freezes in fear.
  28. >Carefuly, you lift it up to your face to get a look at it, and it looks back with fearful golden eyes.
  29. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." you whisper, and the pony's eyes change from fear to shock.
  30. >"Y... You can talk?!" It says in a feminine voice.
  31. >In your shock, you almost drop the pony but you quickly stabilize yourself.
  32. "Hi there, my name's Anonymous, whats yours?"
  33. >"My names Lyra." She says "It's nice to meet you Anonymous."
  34. >Almost out of instinct, you bring your other hand up and run a finger down her mane, and she freezes, before letting out a content sigh.
  35. "Sorry, you just kind of remind me of..."
  36. >"Do it again!" She exclaims, turning a bit.
  37. >With little hesitation, you pet her mane again, and she lets out more content sighs, sinking down onto your hand.
  38. >You quickly extend your petting to her entire back, and she suddenly rolls over, looking up at you with her big golden eyes.
  39. >Smiling, you start rubbing her belly and her tail goes wild, wagging like a dogs, before you feel a wet spot on your hand.
  40. >She shoots up, backing away into your fingers spouting appologies, until you silence her with a finger gently pressed to her face.
  41. "It's okay, it was an accident, so you don't have to worry.
  42. >She smiles, before asking "Could you let me down? I want to tell my friends you're not dangerous."
  43. "Sure." You say, slowly lowering your hand to the ground.
  44. >The tan pony, who has up until now stood stock still in the doorway of its house, comes rushing forward and collides with Lyra, forehooves wrapped around her in a hug.
  45. >They share a cnoversation, with many glances up at you before they split and start knocking on other doors.
  46. >Soon the whole town is around you, some poking you while others with tiny wings flit about your head.
  47. >A purple pony, a tan pony with grey hair and a yellow one step towards you and try and motion for your attention.
  48. >Setting your hand back down, the three climb on, the yellow one distinctly nervous.
  49. >As they all settle, you gently lift the three of them up to face level.
  50. >"Greetings giant Anon, My name is Twilight Sparkle" The purple one, who is also female and has a horn says.
  51. >"We would like to know why you are here?" She asks, and the tan one nods.
  52. >The yellow one is cowering behind the other two, looking at you with a single teal eye, the other hidden behind her pink mane.
  53. "Truth be told, I don't know why I am here. Last thing I remember was sleeping in my bed."
  54. >The tan mare speaks up. "Well as mayor of this town, while I wish I could welcome you properly, we are incapable of providing you with anything, considering your, er... Stature."
  55. >You nod, seeing her logic.
  56. "Do you know of any places where I could stay then? Maybe a big cave or something?"
  57. >They look at eachother before nodding. "There's a cave, maybe an hours walk for you away from here. A dragon used to live there, but they are gone now, we believe."
  58. >You sigh, the air from your lungs ruffling their manes.
  59. "Well, If you could point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated."
  60. >The yellow one pokes her head out long enough for her to say, in a barely perceptible voice "Umm... I noticed you were hurt a bit. Could I look and see if I can help?"
  61. "Sure, but I don't feel anything wrong."
  62. >She flutters up and around behind you, so you lower your hand, letting the others off and you lean forward.
  63. >You can feel her stepping around on your back, and the occasional twinge as she pulls what must be splinters from your back.
  64. >After more than five minutes, she finishes, and you slowly stand.
  65. >In an amusing feat of co-ordination, the ponys all group up to form a rainbow arrow, pointing you towards a solitary mountain with others in the distance.
  66. "Thank you." You say, before setting off.
  67. >After only a few minutes of walking, you feel a familiar morning call, and you find a large tree to pop a leak on.
  68. >As you release, you hear a low growl from the bush you drench.
  69. >An angry orange/red lion chimera creature jumps out, and by instinct, you kick it against a tree.
  70. >You can hear its spine break on impact with a sickening crunch, and it collapses.
  71. >Picking it up by its strange, scorpion tail, you figure you might as well keep it for lunch.
  72. >fourty more minutes of walking and you can see the cave in the distance, and you are nearing the base of the mountain.
  73. >Just as you are about to start scaling the mountain, a loud roar is heard and a red mass comes flying down at you.
  74. >Managing to roll away, you watch as it slows right before hitting the ground, revealing it to be an angry looking dragon.
  75. >On your feet, you take up a defensive stance, and as the dragon lunges, you strike it first with your superior reach.
  76. >It moves back, before taking a deep breath.
  77. >If dragons here are anything like dragons from home...
  78. >You scrable aside as it shoots off a massive blast of flame, which char broils the lion things corpse.
  79. "Hey, that was my lunch." You say indignantly, hands on your hips.
  80. >A small snort of smoke shoots from its nostrils, and you grit your teeth.
  81. "Thats it, I'm kicking your ass."
  82. >Running forwards, you lauch the first of a flurry of blows, each pushing the dragon back, even when blocked.
  83. >Soon, its pressed to the mountain and you tackle it, holding it down and its head up.
  84. "Now, are you going to appologize for ruining my lunch, or am I going to have to take it out of you?"
  85. >The dragon chuckles, surprisingly higher pitch than you would have expected.
  86. >"You're a damn good fighter. How'd you like to be my roommate? I can get ya something to make up for your lunch."
  87. >The dragon, definetally a female smiles, looking at you.
  88. "Sure, you're not too bad yourself. The names Anonymous." You say, letting her up and holding out a hand.
  89. >"I'm Barb, nice to meet you, new roommate." She takes your hand and shakes it, sealing the deal.
  91. ~~~~
  93. >Turns out Dragons keep pretty neat caves, since there was litteraly nothing but her nest, her hoard and a small flame pit in the cave.
  94. >"So, I'm guessing your at least Carnivorous, how about gems? do you eat those?" She asks, popping a ruby into her mouth and crunching it like candy.
  95. "Nah, where I'm from, gems are so rare you wouldn't be able to eat em, even if you were able to. I'm omnivorous, but I doubt there are any plants large enough here that I could eat."
  96. >"Steak it is." She says, before taking off.
  97. >Relaxing against the cave wall, you realize you have absolutely shit all to do.
  98. >You contemplate looking through her pile of treasure, but decide against it.
  99. >Rising, you begin exploring the cave in greater depth.
  100. >In the back, where there is little light, you find a small stream, maybe five feet across.
  101. >Also, you find a small stack of barrels, and closely sniffing one lets you know their contents.
  102. >Beer, and strong stuff to by the smell of it.
  103. >"So, you found my stash, did you?" The dragon says, landing at the enterance.
  104. "Yeah, but I'm not gonna mess with it. Its your stuff, and I'm cool with leaving it be."
  105. >She walks over, dropping whatever she was carrying and she gives you a soft punch on the shoulder.
  106. >"You're pretty cool man. Most guys woulda chugged at least one of em by now."
  107. >You smile and shove against her with a shouler.
  108. "I had little sisters. I know how annoying that shit is when they mess with your stuff."
  109. >She reaches down and grabs one of the barrels, and takes it back to the firepit, where she lights the pit with a quick flame.
  110. >She grabs what she dropped, which it turns out is a fuckhuge cow.
  111. "Damn, didn't know cows got that big." You comment, moving over and sitting across the fire from her.
  112. >She laughs, and skewers the cow on a stick. "You ain't got aurochs wher you come from?"
  113. "Nah, and besides, where I'm from, the scale of everything is different. 'Course this place could be a hell of a lot smaller than my homeworld."
  114. >She turns the cow befoer saying "Homeworld? Does that make you an Alien or something?"
  115. "I guess so." You say with a laugh, and she grins as well.
  116. >"This is awesome, My roommate is an alien, and he respects my stuff. Talk about lucky."
  117. >Taking the barrel, she pops off the top. "To new roommates." she says, taking a drink from the barrel before passing it over.
  118. "To a fucking awesome world." You cheer, and you take a small drink from the barrel.
  119. >Already the barrel is half gone, since it is hardly as big as your closed fist.
  120. >Passing it back, you can see the alchohol is already starting to take its toll on her.
  121. >Suppressing a laugh, you check on the auroch, and you can see its getting close to done.
  122. >She takes another drink, before setting the cask down.
  123. >"Hey, Being an alien and all, do you have things like guys and girls? I mean, I don't wanna go calling you a guy if you are a girl or otherwise."
  124. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure out stuff works the same. I'm a guy, and you're a girl, right?"
  125. >She nods, and pulls the stick with the auroch out of the fire.
  126. >Ripping it in half, she passes part to you, before going to town on her half.
  127. >The meat is bit tough, but decent, considering you havn't eaten since before you went to bed.
  128. >Surprisingly, the half an auroch is enough to fill you, despite its size.
  129. >Patting your stomach, you lean against the wall.
  130. "That was good. I'd bet that meat would make a solid Burger."
  131. >Barb extinguishes the fire before asking "Whats a burger?"
  132. "Its a human food. You take beef, cow, and you grind the meat up. Mix the ground meat with some onion, a bit of breadcrumbs and some herbs and spices."
  133. "Take that, cook it and you stick it in between two pieces of bread with some lettuce, more onion, tomato and other stuff."
  134. >You can see Barbs mouth watering, and you smile.
  135. "Not only that, its usualy washed down by an ice cold beer or two."
  136. >She looks at the cask of beer, maybe one sip left in it, and she seems to suffer an internal conflict.
  137. >"You want anymore to drink?" She asks, holding the cask out to you.
  138. "Nah, its your beer, you worked for it, so you should enjoy it."
  139. >"Anonymous, you are definite bro material." She says, holding out a closed claw.
  140. >Initiating the sacred ritual, you hold up your fist and pound hers with such pure awesomeness that down in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash suddenly feels a deep loss, like she lost a Bro she never knew.
  141. >She smiles, before letting out a hiccup, and you pat her on the back.
  142. "Looks like out alchohol tollerances are quite different." You say, and she glares.
  143. >"Oh yeah? I could easily down another barrel, no problem."
  144. "I could finish of your entire supply and only reach the point you are at now. But thats because of a difference in species, nothing personal."
  145. >She glares at you, before another hiccup makes her giggle.
  146. >"Lets get to sleep. I wanna see what you can do tomorrow." She says, stumbling towards her nest.
  147. "Bed? But its morning ti..." Looking out the cave, you see the sun near setting. "Fucking jetlag."
  148. >Turning, you see Barb curled up in her nest, and she motions you over.
  149. >"Since we don't have a place for you to sleep yet, you can use my stomach as a cusion. This is a one time thing though, don't think you're getting lucky or anything."
  150. >You smile, and lay down.
  151. "Thanks, this is realy cool of you."
  152. >Her stomach is softer than you'd expect, a bit like a firm pillow, and you relax against it.
  153. >Wether you are tired from the days events, or just needing sleep, you nod off quickly.
  154. >Barb looks down at you, folding a wing over your body as best she can, before drifting off herself.
  156. ~~~~
  158. >Whoever designed this cave made it so that the sun would take an extra bit of time before making it inside.
  159. >Thank you, cavemaker.
  160. >After a rather gentle awakening, you rise and stretch.
  161. >Barb is still asleep, so you give yourself a quick smell, and after holding down a gag, you step out of the cave.
  162. >Your stomach growls, but that can be dealt with later.
  163. >From your perch, you can see a few small rivers, and a lake.
  164. >Making your way to the nearest river, you take time to look at the trees around you.
  165. >Many of them have strange markings that almost look like faces.
  166. >None have flowers or fruit or anything like that, and you sigh as your stomach growls again.
  167. >The water flows fast and clean, and you strip off your boxers and slip into the water.
  168. >With no soap or anything, you use your hands as best you can.
  169. >Dunking your boxers, you scrub them out too, and hang them on a tree to dry.
  170. >You can't quite fully submerge yourself, but you clean everything as best you can before looking for a wide open place to air dry.
  171. >Nature calls, and you find another out of the way bush to empty yourself on.
  172. >Another fine piss, and you are feeling good, and mostly dry.
  173. >Heading back to where your boxers are, you round a tree and crash into Barb.
  174. >She falls back, and you land on top of her, arms on either side of her head to keep you from falling all the way.
  175. >"Anonymous, where did you go?" She asks, before realizing how close you are, especially down there.
  176. >Her wings flare out to the sides, narrowly missing your hands.
  177. >You realize the same, and the fact you are naked, making you pop an instaboner.
  178. >Quickly moving back, you grab your boxers and pull them up, before helping Barb up.
  179. "Sorry, I just needed to grab a bath, I was picking up some rank odours." She looks at you suspiciously, and you quickly add "Not from you, you actualy smell nice, it's just it's been..."
  180. >Her look cracks into a smile, and she starts laughing, so you give her a light punch in the arm.
  181. >"Alright, well, lets go get breakfast." She says before taking off.
  182. >Following her on foot, you keep an eye out for anthing and everything that may be usefull.
  183. >A pack of wolf looking things come out at you, but retreat instead of attacking.
  184. >Up ahead, you hear a loud screech, followed by a number of roars from at least two things.
  185. >You carefully edge closer, until you hear a earsplitting scream.
  186. >"ANONYMOUS!!" Barb calls out, and you run towards the source of the noises.
  187. >You find Barb being pinned by a large, bear that looks like its made of space.
  188. >Jumping on its back, it rears up, releasing Barb and starts trying to knock you off.
  189. >Arms tight around its neck, you keep squeezing, and its strugles weaken.
  190. >After another minute of fighting, it collapses, and you grab hold and snap its neck.
  191. >"Damn, we are going to be eating well for a while now." She says, limping over.
  192. >Ignoring the bear, you focus on Barb and pull her over.
  193. >Sitting her down you start running over her body, checking her injuries.
  194. "Geez, you damn near gave me a heart attack."
  195. >Looking up, you come face to face with her, your faces feet apart.
  196. >You stumble back, and her wings flare out again.
  197. >"Come on, you thought that thing was going to beat me?" She says, puffing up.
  198. "I beat you, remember." You say, standing. "Now how are we getting this thing back home?"
  199. >You both stare at it a while, before Barb exclaims "I know, we can cut it into sections after skinning it."
  200. "We could, but too much of it would go bad before we could move it."
  201. >You both stop again, before you have an idea.
  202. "Wait here and start skinning it. I'll go get firewood and stuff so we can cook it here and move it after."
  203. >"Sure." She says, and her sharp talons get to work slicing off the hide of the bear.
  204. >Moving to where you crash landed, you start grabbing uprooted trees and bushes.
  205. >Once you have a full load, you haul it back to Barb.
  206. >She has already skinned the bear and has started cutting chunks for cooking.
  207. >"Hey, how'd you get so much so fast?" She asks, taking some and setting up a fire.
  208. "Lets just say my landing here wasn't very soft."
  209. >You turn to head to get more, but are stopped by Barb grabbing one of your arms.
  210. >"Look, I just want to say..."
  211. >You turn to look at her, and she leans forwards, planting an awkward kiss on your cheek.
  212. >"Thanks."
  213. >With a smile on your face, you leave to gather more wood.
  215. ~~~~
  217. >"Ya know Anon, I'm so glad I met you." Barb says, leaning against you.
  218. "So am I" You reply, grabbing the last of your beer casks.
  219. >Popping it open, you take a sip and pass it to her, enjoying the burn of the liquid.
  220. >She takes it and downs the rest, a visible blush appearing on her face.
  221. >"I realy mean it. I mean... Umm..." She stutters, and you turn and pull her over on top of you.
  222. "I know exactly what you mean."
  223. >One hand reaches down, caressing her plot while the other grabs behind her head and pushes her into a kiss.
  224. >She melts into your arms, and you carry her deeper into the cave.
  225. >The two of you fall to the ground in a passionate embrace just beside the stream, your tongues intertwined.
  226. >"Ahn... Anon, please..." She rolls over, lifting her tail aside.
  227. >Your boxers are gone instantly, and you press your tip against her moist slit, revealed by her sliding scales.
  228. >She gasps, her body shuddering as it takes your girth.
  229. >Slowly, the two of you start moving in rythm, grunts and moans echoing through the cave and into the countryside.
  230. >Her moans quickly get louder, and wet flames start dribbling out of her mouth, sparkling against the floor.
  231. >She reaches her first climax, causing her arms to give out, falling to her elbows.
  232. >Her walls contract against your rod and a gush of fluids wash over your waist.
  233. >Inside, her walls start heating up, and as she releases a bit, you pick up again.
  234. >With her being on her elbows, you get deeper penetration, and you take full advantage of this.
  235. >Flames leak from her mouth like a leaky faucet and she can barely keep herself up.
  236. >Every few minutes, she lets out another gush of fluids and her internal temperature spike again and again.
  237. >Reaching forward with one hand, you pull up her head and start making out with her without slowing your pace.
  238. >As your climax approaches, you let her head drop and you take both hands to her curvacious hips.
  239. >Pushing as deep as you can, you let loose inside her, bringing her to her final climax of the night.
  240. >Due to the slope of the cave, her juices have all flown into the creek, meaning less for you to clean.
  241. >After a moments rest, you pick up Barb and take her to your nest, where the bearskin blanket lies and you curl up with her, sharing eachothers warmth.
  243. ~~~~
  245. >"Twilight, the Dam won't hold much longer, we have to evacuate Ponyville!" Applejack calls out, running back to the awaiting Twilight.
  246. >Together the two of you run back to town, red flares firing from your horn.
  247. >Behind them, earth shaking cracking sounds come from the dam, and leaks begin forming.
  248. >You spares a glance back, and the sight of the slightly red/orange liquid gives you some concern.
  249. >The Ponys have already moved uphill to Sweet Apple acres, and you and Applejack join them, just as the dam breaks and a torrent of the redish orange liquid over the town.
  250. >The denizens of Ponyville can only watch as their homes are swept away in a tide of strange colored water.
  251. >In the sea of red/orange, you spots a small cluster of white, raising further questions, until the pieces start clicking in your head.
  252. "Fluttershy, was that dragon cave empty?"
  253. >"Ummm...."
  254. "Let me guess, there was a dragon living there, and it was female, right."
  255. >"Yes..." She says, trying to hide within her mane again.
  256. "Ugh, no wonder that color is familiar."
  257. "Fucking Anonymous. Fucking Dragoness."
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