Jul 3rd, 2010
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  1. on $*:TEXT:/^[.!@](Topic|Pengs|Site|Rh|Fb|Ms|zybez|tipit|user|rs|reqs)/Si:#celestial_skillers,#celestial_skillers_staff: {
  2.   if ($me == Celestialskillersbot) {  
  3.     var %x $Regml(1)
  4.     if (%x == topic ) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) The topic is: $chan($chan).topic
  5.     if (%x == pengs) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) the penguin channel is #World60pengs which provides a list of current general locations
  6.     if (%x == site) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) our site is :
  7.     if (%x == rh) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) for a list of our members :
  8.     if (%x == fb) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) facebook is on
  9.     if (%x == ms) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) mystapce is on
  10.     if (%x == zybez) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) zybez is on
  11.     if (%x == tipit) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) is on
  12.     if (%x == user) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) There are currently $nick($chan,0) in $chan || Ops: $nick($chan,0,o) || HalfOps: $nick($chan,0,h) || Voiced: $nick($chan,0,v) || Regular: $nick($chan,0,r)
  13.     if (%x == rs) $iif(@* iswm $1,msg #,notice $nick) runescape is on
  14.   }
  15. }
  17. if ($1 == .reqs )
  18. Gold/General: 2100+ total and have attended 10 events.
  19. Silver/Captain: 1950+ Total and have attended 8 events. Been in the clan for at least 3 months.
  20. Bronze/Lieutenant : 1850+ Total Attended 6 events.
  21. Sergent: 1600+ total attended 4 events.
  22. Corporal: 1450+ total attended 2 events.
  23. Recruit: 1250+ Entry level.
  24. Smiley: Probation rank. - refer to Punishment post.
  25. For NonCb Skiller's (level 3's-70's):
  26. Rank will be based off of activity in chat and events.
  27. We take into consideration that 2100+ for a level three is damn near impossible and most events you would quite possibly be unable to attend.
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