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Jul 28th, 2019
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  1. ---MTF and Scientists are NOT to shoot Class D on sight---
  3. --MTF's goals;--
  4. MTF are to strip class D of items and help them get to safety or keep them in the facility. D-Class may be sacrificed during containment of SCP-106. ONLY SHOOT D CLASS if they refuse to comply, shoot at you, or if they are the only ones left alive (To end the round)
  5. MTF are forbidden from using the nuke to speed up the process of winning. Their job is to try and regain control of the facility, not blow it up. The only time they should resort to arming the nuke is if the SCP's are out of control and they are out numbered by chaos operatives to an extreme. Otherwise it should be their goal to disarm the nuke and stop chaos from arming it
  7. --Chaos' goals;--
  8. Chaos should take scientists captive and evacuate them from the facility for off-site imprisonment
  9. Chaos' goals are to do as much damage to the facility as possible and their main goal after saving all class D is to nuke the facility or at the very least take out all MTF and facilities staff
  11. --SCP's goals--
  12. Chaos victory is not a SCP victory
  13. Ultimate SCP goal is to kill everyone. This means doing whatever it takes to prevent being contained
  14. The nuke going off is seen as a victory for the SCP if they survive the blast
  16. ---Play logically and realistically---
  17. Value your characters life and don't purposely put yourself in harms
  18. Don't run in head first run and gunning
  19. Don't attempt to solo a whole team of opposing operatives by yourself unless you have no other choice; work as a team
  20. Don't arm the nuke and blow the facility knowing your own team is trapped inside
  21. Follow orders from operatives in your team with a higher rank
  23. ----------
  24. Out of character rules
  25. 1. No being rude.
  26. 2. No mic spamming
  27. 3. No music on the mic
  28. 4. Don't ruin immersion for others
  29. ----------
  30. Server Information
  31. US, Dedicated
  32. IP -
  33. ----------
  35. Other info
  36. FF is off.
  37. Server owners and admins are hidden for immersion and discreet rule enforcement
  38. Age 13+ only per STEAM:registered: SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT -
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