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  1. The interpretation  of these rules is up to the Admins, Mods, and Owners. By saying that I mean please listen to us when we tell or warn you about something instead of trying to start a pointless argument.
  3. This is your one and only warning. Breaking these rules can result in a kick, ban from the server
  4. 1. Teamkilling is allowed to an extent
  5. It is considered teamkilling if:
  6. -You Indirectly get your teammates killed.
  7. -You team to get your teammates killed.
  8. It is not considered teamkilling if:
  9. -Person requested you to kill them.
  10. -D-Class can kill anyone they want
  11. -If you kill the person that is teamkilling.
  12. -If it's satire.
  13. Minimum Punishment: Warning
  14. Max Punishment: 1 Week ban
  15. 2. No Cross-Teaming
  16. Exceptions
  17. -MTF or Guards can detain D-Class.
  18. -Chaos can detain scientists.
  19. -D-Class & Scientist can team so that either one can be turned into chaos or MTF.
  20. *Minimum Punishment: Verbal warning
  21. Max Punishment: 1 day ban
  22. 3. No disrespecting staff or other players
  23. Minimum Punishment: Verbal warning
  24. Maximum Punishment: Kick
  25. 4. No IRL threats toward players or the server
  26. Minimum Punishment: 1 Warning
  27. Max Punishment: 5 day ban
  28. 5. Offensive language is strictly prohibited
  29. This Means
  30. -no homophobia
  31. -sexism
  32. -racism
  33. Minimum Punishment: 1 Warnings
  34. Max Punishment: 5 day ban
  35. 7. Don't spam intercom over and over again
  36. Minimum Punishment: Intercom mute
  37. Max Punishment: Mute
  38. 8. Don't be annoying with music, soundboards or anything of the sort
  39. Minimum Punishment: Mute
  40. Max Punishment: Kick
  41. 9. Listen to staff, if they tell you something listen to them.
  42. Minimum Punishment: Verbal warning
  43. Max Punishment: 5 Day ban
  44. 10. No requesting roles, items or respawn.
  45. Minimum Punishment: Verbal warning
  46. Max Punishment: 1 Warning
  47. 11. Staff imitation is strictly prohibited
  48. Minimum Punishment: Kick
  49. Max Punishment: Perm Ban
  50. 12. No hacking of any kind.
  51. Max Punishment: Ban from SCP:SL
  52. 13. No advertising of any kind
  53. Minimum Punishment: Verbal Warning
  54. Max Punishment: 1 Warning
  55. 14. Use of alt accounts is strictly prohibited.
  56. Max Punishment: Perm Ban
  57. 15. The Rules of the server apply to Everyone
  58. Rules Updated 1/7/2020
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