Himiko Kamiya

Nov 3rd, 2016
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  1. Name: Himiko Kamiya
  2. Player: Shima
  3. Chronicle: Vigilquest
  4. Tradition: Dreamspeaker
  6. Character sheet:
  9. Description:
  10. Himiko is a 20 year old, Japanese-American living in the Kamiya Shrine located among the slums of Los Santander. She is most often seen wearing the traditional red/white haori of a miko, a japanese shrine maiden. Her long black hair is done up in a pony-tail tied with a red ribbon, and carries a long, bronze staff with six-rings on the far end of it when she goes out at night (normally used for ceremonial purposes but serves as a useful foci for her magic).
  12. Outside of the haori, she still prefers to wear a pony-tail with the red ribbon, but will wear long skirts, a t-shirt (she has numerous ones with country music themes), and a red, light sweater-jacket. Going out at night or during the day, she has a small satchel she keeps around her shoulder containing her smart-phone, a wallet (containing on average $30 dollars, her driver's license, and coupons she never spends but never throws away), her keys to the house, occasionally a small bag of freeze-dried silk worm pupae (Suihoshi's favorite delicacy in koi form), and incense/talismans to use as a backup foci if she is without her staff.
  14. History:
  15. Generations ago, when Los Santander was young and growing, and immigrants from the far east made their way to the West Coast of the US to seek the American dream, some of the Shinto faith would discover what they claimed to be a particularly spiritual area in what would eventually become the Asian-centric slums of the city. Taking great pains to build a shrine to the gods, the Kamiya Shrine was for many the sole center of worship for eastern beliefs, and its guardians, the Kamiya Clan, would raise each generation after the next to maintain and watch over the Shrine as a beacon of spirituality among the darkness of the corruption and gang-wars that plague the neighborhood.
  17. Himiko Kamiya is the latest of that generation. Born in Los Santander General Hospital and raised in the slums of the city, Himiko with her immediate family. This consisted of:
  18. Hiroshi Kamiya: Maternal Grandfather (74), wised and experienced priest of the shrine.
  19. Yusuke Fudo: Her father (49), a public defender who married into the Kamiya family.
  20. Daisuke Kamiya: Her older brother (25), a troubled youth who has taken to joining the 2nd largest gang in the slums.
  22. Himiko's mother, Chihiro Kamiya, raised Himiko until 10 years ago. Chihiro was an awakened mage of renowned spiritual power, far surpassing even her father much to his delight. She was able to call forth the spirits of those long passed, carry forth to them messages from the living, dispel evil presences in the streets, guide lost souls to the afterlife, and take on such spirits into her own mortal coil. The pride and joy of all the family, and an inspiration to those who visited the shrine, Chihiro's abilities would eventually garner the attention of the single most notorious gang leaders of the asian slums: Boss Cao Cao, master of the Yellow Dragons and yet another mage who's fists were as deadly as any fire arm. He had sent an invitation to Chihiro come to his hideout, and upon her arrival asked her to revive someone dear to him that had perished. Chihiro refused, saying it was not the will of the gods, but before she could summon any magic to protect herself, Boss Cao Cao struck her down with a furious series of blows in an instant, ending her life almost immediately.
  24. Her body was not retrieved for hours, for such fear did the neighborhood have of Cao Cao, and later that week a funeral was held within the shrine itself to honor her passing into the spirit world. None felt the loss more painfully than Himiko, who would pray longer and harder than any who visited the memorial they had made for her within the shrine. For months, she prayed, offering up her love and devotion to her deceased mother, wishing anything to see her just one more time. Eventually, her prayers were answered. Himiko had awoken her own latent abilities as a mage, and was tearfully greeted by the image of her mother descended from beyond to console her daughter.
  26. Since that day, Hiroshi has pushed Himiko to her limits in her training as a miko, which in turn increased her powers as a mage as well through the understanding of spirituality that Shinto offered. Her mother would guide her when needed, and by the age of 18, when she had finished high school, Himiko believed herself ready to take up her mothers' former duties: to seek out souls lost in the dark of the city and guide them to salvation, and to purify/banish those that were running amok. In this duty, she has served faithfully for the past two years, learning more about the properties of magic itself as she runs into more traditions and faiths throughout the city and becoming more experienced with time.
  28. Interractions with other Factions:
  29. -Order of Hermies:
  30. For the most part, simply aware that they exist. She knows they are the largest faction of western magicians, and the reason for the Council of Nine, and is aware that one of their order (Ahriman) is the most powerful mage in the city, but other than that her knowledge on the Tradition is minimal.
  32. -Celestial Chorus:
  33. Once, Himiko had heard rumors of something undead attacking civilians and went to investigate, prepared to tangle with a spirit, but was caught by surprise when she was met with one of the Kindred: a vampire. Her spirit and mind magic was next to worthless against the foe, and she would have perished if not for the timely arrival of the Celestial Chorus, the primary hunters of vampires in Los Santander. After her timely rescue, she met with the Sister of the Cathedral. It is from her she would learn more about the Celestial Chorus and other magical traditions throughout the city. She and the Chorus are on fairly good terms: they have never coordinated on any efforts, but meetings between them are mostly pleasant. Since that day Himiko has yet to fight another vampire, however.
  35. -Technocracy
  36. Due to their previous attempts on the Shrine, Chihiro taught Himiko much about the Technocracy, and more she uncovered as she explored the city. She knows of its goals and what it is, but doesn't understand their methods, hierarchy, or Conventions. She is familiar with two aspects in particular. Firstly, that they use Men in Black as field agents, either to talk or to fight (caught many snooping around or talking to her at the Shrine, usually claiming to represent something else though their motives are often clear). These agents are threatening, but no more so than any other man with a gun. Unless they're in numbers they can be opposed, or even reasoned with.
  38. She knows well the dangers of the HIT Marks, however. They are death itself: elite, power-armored agents called in to deal with the most heinous and vulgar of magical acts. They are merciless, and effective in killing what they were sent to kill. With them there is no reasoning, no discussion, no diplomacy, and no escape. As such, Himiko is made aware to keep mindful of how much effect her magic has on her surroundings to avoid such a fate.
  40. Backgrounds/Merits/Flaws:
  41. -Node 3: The Kamiya Shrine
  42. The Kamiya Shrine was chosen for being a place of powerful spirituality. Whether the original founders were sorcerers or even full-blown mages themselves, history does not tell, but what is known is why the spiritual power was so strongly felt: the Kamiya Shrine is a significant node within Los Santander, capable of powering several mages. So strong is the presence of quintessence that spirits have occasionally been known to casually breach the Gauntlet within its confines.
  44. Himiko meditates and summons spirits to act as her protector for the nights of soul-hunting at the Shrine every sun-down after the shrine closes to the general public, empowering her for a full evening. The shrine's power often makes it the target of the Technocracy, who seek to acquire it (legally for the most part). In fact, one of their closest calls to conquering the shrine was 30 years ago, when a loop-hole in the deed allowed for them to lay claims to the land it was built upon. Himiko's father Yusuke, however, seeking Chihiro's favor at the displeasure of Hiroshi (who had it out for the young man then, believed Yusuke not nearly devoted enough to religion to possibly consider a husband for his daughter), came to the rescue. His skills as a lawyer allowed them to beat the claim in court, and saved the Shrine from similar attempts in the future. Since that day, Hiroshi has lauded Yusuke as his own son proudly.
  46. -Allies 1:
  47. Himiko is not powerful herself, though her magic over the mind and soul do come through in a pinch, and so she relies mostly on diplomacy to quell spirits. When that fails, her best protection is a guardian she summons forth from the Umbra into the physical world. Most spirits are not immediately willing to work with her, and must be coerced/convinced/tricked into doing so through some effort on her part, but there is one spirit Himiko has learned to rely on.
  49. Suihoshi is a long, blue, serpentine water dragon that Himiko met along the shores of Los Santander when Himiko was on the hunt for spirits. Walking around the beach one evening, she saw a group of fishermen bringing in their nets just off the docks. As she passed them by, she heard in her mind a cry for help. A rare koi, caught and bundled among the other fishes called out to her, begging the shrine-maiden for her rescue. Himiko, in mild shock, nonetheless confronts the fishermen, angrily lying that the uniquely colored fish among their catch was endangered and must be released. Swearing and annoyed, the fishermen nonetheless relent when she threatens to tell the city, and toss it back into the sea. The next night, as she was again walking along the seashore, she sees lightning darting in the clouds above in the Umbra, and with her spirit she sees a dragon descend from the heavens, explaining it was the fish she so selflessly saved the prior night. In return for saving her life, and recognizing her religious station, the dragon Suihoshi swore to be her guardian whenever she should so call for her. She provided Himiko with a small blue jewel, and had promised to come to her aid whenever a prayer was made to it. She and Suihoshi form a strong team, and Himiko will often rely on the dragon for defense, combat, and flight along both the air and the ocean. However, Suihoshi can only maintain her dragon form within the Umbra: in the real, physical world of the living, she can only appear as a mere koi fish (though she retains her intelligence and ability to speak telepathically).
  51. -Mentor 1:
  52. Hirohsi Kamiya is Himiko's mentor: though he is not by any means a fully awakened mage, he is capable of minor rotes and spells that he enacts through talismans and prayer. He taught Himiko of Shintoism, and keeps her constantly disciplined as a shrine maiden with teachings in meditation, performance, maintaining the shrine, and the history/practices of their beliefs. These have helped immensely in helping her to reach her mother's level, and when his experience as a priest is at an end, Hiroshi is a wise (if grumpy) old man who has been around the block a few times, and has more time for Himiko working at the shrine than her father and brother.
  54. (As a note, Himiko's brother is also capable of minor magic feats, put into practice through combat/martial arts that he uses to fight subconciously. Himiko's father is the only member not remotely attuned to magic, though given his experience with his family he does not result in Paradox when he sees Himiko perform spells).
  56. -Mistaken Identity (Flaw)
  57. Chihiro had made quite a history during her duties as guide to the dead. And Chihiro, dressed in the same miko robes, is the spitting image of her mother. Many spirits who might have worked with Chihiro could easily mistake Himiko for her, and either ask her of things she might not be able to perform or hold grudges she is not due.
  59. -Conditional Magic (Flaw)
  60. In Shinto, the new moon is seen as a time where wishes are granted. This is because the sky is stiller and darker than at the full moon, and this allows your requests to be heard clearer by kami. However, for Himiko the new moon is a hindrance. The moon is often tied to spiritual power, and the Kamiya Shrine itself has one of its largest memorials dedicated to Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon. Most often, it is to him that Himiko will ask for power from when she meditates.
  62. As such, during a New Moon, when Tsukuyomi effectively disappears from the night sky to interract with his fellow kami, Himiko's power is limited. Performing any feat of magic becomes almost impossible outside of the shrine. Usually, this is planned for by Himiko: the new moon is seen as a time for, reflection, meditation and spellwork. It is a time in which we can quiet our minds and be thankful for what we have received in the past month. Himiko uses the New Moon as her sole 'night off' of the month, taking the time to meditate and reflect on herself, set goals, and prepare for the new month to come.
  67. --Mind 2
  68. --Himiko is able to recollect upon the abilities/mental faculties of previous incarnations of her Avatar, and use those skills/attributes herself (strictly usable for 100% intellectually-based abilities)
  69. Attribute Buff:
  70. -+1 for every success past first [or every one if for just one turn]
  71. Ability Buff:
  72. -+2 for every success past first [or every one if for just one turn]
  75. --Mind 2
  76. --Himiko is able to practice Ṛddhi, and can delve into the minds of others through meditation. The DC is the willpower of whomever she attempts to mind-read, successes required is 2 for surface thoughts and 3+ for deep memories.
  79. --Mind 3
  80. --Himiko can use her spiritual powers to link the minds of others together into a short-range exchange of visual/vocal sensory input. Requires 1 success (DC 6) per 2 people (including herself) in the network and it only extends to a little past her senses limit (lasts a scene). IE: 1 success would let you communicate telepathically with 1 person for 1 scene
  83. --Mind 3
  84. --Himiko is experience in the use of Ofuda talisman charms, tags of paper with written spells on them used to ward off danger. Using this tag causes enemies to freeze up, unable to move. DC is Willpower, 3 successes to freeze for one turn, 4 for a whole scene.
  87. --MIND 3
  88. --Himiko has another tag used for causing mental anguish. Damaging Spells Success Chart:
  89. 1: 2d10, 2: 4d10, 3: 6d10, 4: 8d10, 5: 10d10, deals Bashing damage, DC 6
  90. --If a mook takes more than 3 wounds at once, he passes out from the pain
  93. --Mind 3
  94. --Himiko is able to transmit her mind and spirit into the world of dreams, passing into those of others in order to attack haunting ghosts or simply to explore their subconscious. DC 6, 3 successes required.
  97. --Spirit 1
  98. --Himiko has long been able to see and speak with the souls of the departed and of spirits that wander into our world from the Umbra. 1 success is required for a scene, and more extend it. Usually assumed always active.
  101. --Spirit 2
  102. --Himiko is also capable of reaching out and touching these spirits as though they were physically there, either for interaction or attack. DC 5, 1 success grants a turn, 2 a scene.
  105. --Spirit 3
  106. --Himiko can stretch her voice and prayers out across the Umbra, calling forth the souls of the dearly departed or to a specific kami (or even deities of other cultures) to either her location in the Umbra, or into the physical world.
  107. Summoning a spirit to a place in the Umbra is DC 6 and takes 2+ successes depending on the power of the spirit.
  108. Summoning a spirit into meatspace has its DC set by the Gauntlet Rules and takes 3+ successes depending on the power of the spirit.
  111. --Spirit 3
  112. --Himiko can use her tags or her six-ringed staff to attack spirits directly, causing them lethal damage through charms on spirits alone (not mortals). Damage chart
  113. 1: 2d10, 2: 4d10, 3: 6d10, 4: 8d10, 5: 10d10, deals Bashing damage, DC 6
  116. --Spirit 3
  117. --Himiko is able to take herself out of the physical world and enter the world of the Umbra on a whim, journeying into the spiritual realm to guide spirits home or to travel through Los Santander without garnering attention.
  118. DC 3 one success at a Node
  119. DC 5 two success deep wilderness
  120. DC 6 two successes countryside
  121. DC 8 three successes urban area
  124. --Mind 2, Spirit 2
  125. --Himiko's most utilized spell, one that takes advantage of both mind and spirit spheres: While summoning a spirit into the physical world is extremely difficult, simply using mind magic to let the spirit possess you and use your body instead is simpler. Using this ability gives Himiko the abilities of whomever she allows to take her body, and she usually summons Suihoshi to do so. Other spirits are riskier, as they could choose to not leave if Himiko's willpower is lacking.
  126. DC 6, successes determined by the power of the spirit (2 for Suihoshi)
  129. --Mind 3, Spirit 2
  130. -Himiko has the ability to open others' eyes up to the spiritual world around them, for a short time anyway, by pressing her thumb to their foreheads and concentrating on connecting their spiritual essence so they may see/hear what she does in the Umbra around them. DC 6, 2 successes required to cast. Every additional success grants +2 targets.
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