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  1. [owasp-scan_daily-owasp-scan-6YQSI42VZ5DPTHRBYI5CVLUY5LOKOL32XD6D4H6YEDSUXKUJNDCA] Running shell script
  2. + ./dependency-check/bin/ --updateonly --dbDriverName org.postgresql.Driver --dbDriverPath ./postgresql.jar --connectionString 'jdbc:postgresql://*********' --dbUser **** --dbPassword ****
  3. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader (in module: java.base) cannot be cast to (in module: java.base)
  4.     at
  5.     at
  6.     at
  7.     at
  8.     at<init>(
  9.     at org.owasp.dependencycheck.Engine.openDatabase(
  10.     at org.owasp.dependencycheck.Engine.doUpdates(
  11.     at org.owasp.dependencycheck.Engine.doUpdates(
  12.     at org.owasp.dependencycheck.App.runUpdateOnly(
  13.     at
  14.     at org.owasp.dependencycheck.App.main(
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